Outfit // Voodoo Child

Well, nothing new to say about this outfit. Most of you know that I'm a sucker for band shirts, so when I saw this one at the H&M men's department, I had to get it. To make something clear: I do love and listen to all the bands that are pictured on my shirts. I'm allergic to people who wear band shirts of one of my favorite bands and that can't name even one song. 

Another fact: I love blue and gold combos. I thought it would be fun to add some bold jewelry and a classic bag to this rather casual outfit.

Sorry for the awkward poses, but it was freezing when we shot these pictures.

What'd ya think?

"If I don't meet you no more in this world then 
I'll meet you on the next one. 
And don't be late."
- Jimi Hendrix // Voodoo Child

Shirt: H&M (MEN'S DEPARTMENT) // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: CONVERSE ALL STARS // Bag: FENDI (thanks to Verso) // Bracelet: HERMÈS // Ring: YVES SAINT LAURENT // Nail Polish: 'ACOUSTIC PURPLE' BY GIVENCHY


Beauty // Guerlain

I was sent these Guerlain goodies by the sweet people at LVMH as a Christmas gift and even though I'm not the best beauty blogger out there, I wanted to share this with you. Among other things, like adorable mini Dior towels, I got to try out two lipsticks from the Rouge de Guerlain-collection and their famous Météorites Perles

Lipsticks & Powder Pearls: GUERLAIN thanks to LVMH


Merry Christmas!

I wish that I could show you a picture of my Christmas tree, but my mom decided not to set one up this year. I guess you'll have to do with a picture I've found on Tumblr

Anyway, back to the original purpose of this post...
I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas, with lots of love and happiness! You know, all the super cheesy stuff, but I'm not going to bother you with that. I'm planning on spending the night at home with my family and some friends, talking and stuffing myself with tons of food. What are your plans?

x Krizia


Shark Attack Video // Verso

So, here's my video of one of my personal hotspots: Verso in Antwerp. 
As I already told you in my previous post, I always visit the store whenever I'm around... Not only to drool over all the new goodies, but also because I'm hopelessly in love with the location. This might sound strange, but you see, Verso happens to be located in a beautiful mansion which dates all the way back to the 16th century. You have to see it for yourself to believe it, no joke. 

With some of my favorite brands being sold there - Alexander McQueen, Dior, Givenchy, Love Moschino & Yves Saint Laurent - you can imagine the damage it does to my bank account. My favorite part of the store is where the accessories are being displayed: they have the best selection when it comes to bags, sunglasses, jewelry and shoes. And even though we didn't shoot there, Verso also has a men department. #ExtraFun

Anyway, I'm done talking for now... Time to show you the video! I don't have a personal camera crew at my disposal, so I'm sorry if your hawk eyes detect some beginner mistakes. My sister and brother-in-law were a major help in editing this video and we decided to speed things up, so we could give you as many teases as possible. Now hit that 'Play'-button and do let me know what you think!

x Krizia

Lange Gasthuisstraat 11
2000 Antwerp


New // Valentino & Tom Ford

Santa came early this year and decided to gift me two of my favorite fellas. I got these two items at Verso, one of my favorite multi brand stores in Antwerp. They have the best selection when it comes to brands such as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Moschino, Valentino, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and way more. I was allowed to shoot a video in the store, which I'll post here as soon as I finished editing it.

The Valentino-bag was on my wish list for a while now. Studs and leather: my favorite combo. I like the fact that it it's black, it fits my style perfectly, I can wear it every day and that I can throw all my shit in there.

Bag: VALENTINO thanks to Verso // Sunnies: TOM FORD thanks to Verso


Shark Attack Loves... // Dita Von Teese & Cointreau

Let me introduce you a collaboration that makes my heart go boom boom boom: Dita Von Teese & Cointreau.

I've been a fan of Dita ever since I saw her perform a burlesque act in a giant champagne glass. After that, she married one of my high school idols: Marilyn Manson. I still love the shock rocker and his music, but I'm not that obsessed about him as I used to be. Oh, and did I mention that I'm absolutely jealous of Dita's make-up, which always seems to be flawless? Eye liner and red lipstick are her signature look, which happens to be my all time favorite too. Just holla at my Instragram (@Krizia_S), lol. 

Anyway, Miss Von Teese and Cointreau - the yummy orange-flavoured liqueur - teamed up for a project called: My Cointreau Evening Bag. Dita wanted to design a bag which holds all kind of secrets and surprises and she nailed it head on. The bag contains a bottle of Cointreau (obviously), three different kind of spices (to spice up your cocktail, of course), a powder box (which actually is a tea box), a spoon (with a vintage look to it), a 'jigger' (a glass to measure the right amounts of ingredients) and last but not least: a secret book of recipes which contains all of Dita's best cocktails and how to create them.

Oh, and did I mention that you can remove all of the parts inside, so that you can carry Dita's design as an actual bag? Now, since I've been a verrry good girl this year, I'm secretly hoping that Santa Claus will think of me and Miss Von Teese. 

If you've been a bad girl or if you just want to gift yourself something pretty, you can go to Smets Premium Store (Brussels), Baby Beluga (Antwerp) or Eva Bos (Ghent) to purchase one of these beauties.

Click below to see more pics of the stunning Dita Von Teese and her pretty Cointreau Evening Bag.


Personal // Instaweek

My dad's turning 50 today! Happy birthday, Dad. I love you!

Follow me on Instagram: @Krizia_S


Outfit // Uniform

God, it feels so good to write a new post. I feel so bad for abandoning the blog, but I want you to know that it's not my intention. The last couple of days were filled with teaching my students the last things they need to know for their exams, setting up those exams -- which took me 'till 2 am to finish them -- copying them and so on. I'm more than ready to see those kiddos sweat over the questions I'm asking them. #EvilGrin
Anyway, the Christmas holidays are coming up, which means I'll have 2 weeks off, which means I'll have time to blog on full force again. 

My mom and I shot these pictures when it was drizzling. I love December for the Christmas spirit, but I detest it for the weather that comes with it. I received this jacket - and some other stuff - by Very Simple, an Italian brand which sells the cutest items to wear. As a full blooded Italian, I'm proud to wear items to support up and coming Italian brands and designers. The jacket reminded me of a school uniform jacket in a way, but I decided to add a touch of 'badness' by wearing my beloved leather pants. I've been living in them for the last couple of months, I just love them. To find the nearest Very Simple-store in Belgium, you can contact FAMS at +3222675186. To find the nearest one in Europe, you can mail at info@verysimple.it! 

As for the booties... Do you remember them? I already have them in green (see here), but the sweet Sharon from Hippe Schoenen also sent them to me in black. Loves it! I'm also happy to announce that I'm one of the ambassadors of the brand, so I'm very excited to see how that will turn out.

Aangezien ik één van de ambassadrices van Hippe Schoenen ben, krijgen mijn Belgische en Nederlandse lezeressen 10 % korting! Je kan hiervoor de kortingscode sharkattack12 gebruiken. Laat me zeker en vast iets weten als je een paar schoenen gekocht hebt! Happy shopping!

x Krizia

Jacket: Thanks to VERY SIMPLE // Pants: H&M // Boots: Thanks to HIPPE SCHOENEN


Outfit // Simplicity

Some things I wanted to share with you:

- Here's a quick outfit post of what I wore today. Yes, I finally had the chance to wear the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M boots.

- Forget what I said in my previous post: these boots aren't that comfortable as I thought they were and they do hurt. 

- I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible, so the boots would get the attention they deserve. Even though it's fun from time to time, you don't always have to pull out the craziest outfits to look good.

- Sorry for my blouse and all the wrinkles. I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw these pictures. I was wearing the blouse for about an hour when we went out to shoot. I have no idea what I did to ruin it like this.

- I'm not feeling too well, which means: no close-ups. 

- Need to get a new lens / camera. I don't like the quality of my pictures at all lately. 

That's all.

x Krizia

Blouse: ZARA // Leggings: H&M // Shoes: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA FOR H&M // Ring: YVES SAINT LAURENT // Bracelet: HERMÈS


New // Maison Martin Margiela For H&M Booties

The search is over! I've finally found the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M ankle boots with the see through heel in black. Most of you will already be sick of seeing them, but I just absolutely love them.

I wasn't able to wait in line for the launch, because I had to work. When I went to the H&M-store in Hasselt in the weekend, they were already sold out. I felt kinda bad, because it was the first time that I really wanted an item from a H&M-collaboration. Anyway, when my mom told me that she wanted to go to Maastricht this morning, I was secretly hoping that someone would've returned the boots for some reason. We entered the store, only to find out that there were still tons of items left, including the booties! 

I tried them on, took them for a walk around the store, decided they were comfortable enough - really, they're so easy to walk in - and took them home with me. Happy!

If you're looking for the boots and happen to be near Maastricht, do stop by. They have tons of stuff left! 

x Krizia



Shark Attack Loves... // The Bold And The Casual

Meadham Kirchoff S/S '13

I'm still struggling to find a balance between working and blogging. I can't find the time to shoot outfit pictures, since I have to prepare the lessons that I want to teach my students, have to correct tests and so on. Plus, the things I'm wearing to teach aren't that special. Anyway, because of all that, I only find myself browsing for inspirational pictures like the one above -- for now. I'm positive that, once I've found my way into the teaching world, I'll be back into my old routine. I hope y'all will still be here with me. 

Looking at the picture above, I kinda want to slap myself for not buying that emerald statement necklace at Zara a while ago. I loved it, was holding in my hands while doubting... And I decided to leave it there, because I thought I wouldn't wear it that much. Of course, it's sold out now. It popped up on tons of blogs in no time. But I'm still keeping my eyes open, searching for another pretty statement necklace. If you have any advice on where to find them, do let me know! The mix between bold and casual is absolutely perfect. 

I found this picture while browsing on Tumblr. You can follow me here if you want. Leave me a comment with your Tumblr-profile too. I love to discover new profiles. New profiles = new inspiration!

x Krizia


Event // UGG Accessories Pop Up Store

Remember when I was invited to the opening of the UGG-store in Maasmechelen Village? And remember when I was allowed to choose a pair of UGGs and I went for the 'Classic Short Sangria'-boots? I still know how hesitant I was about these shoes, boots, whatever you want to call them... I never would've bought a pair myself, but I must admit that, when I tried them on for the first time, I was completely hooked. 

I now wear them around the house on a daily basis and when I have to run some errands. They're warm, cosy and comfortable. However, I don't wear them during summer as I see a lot of people do. It just doesn't seem healthy to your feet.

Anyway, I was happy to discover the new UGG Accessories Pop Up store at La Bottega in Hasselt. Next to the classic boots, you can also find hats, gloves, earmuffs, wallets, phone cases, etc. I even got the chance to pick a pair of warm gloves, which will be perfect for the cold winters we experience here in Belgium.

And I was just dying over the electric blue pair of UGGs. They're perfect to spice up even the simplest of outfits!

x Krizia

P.S.: I'm sorry for the absence on the blog. I landed myself a teaching job for the coming two weeks (and it could be for more weeks to come), so I'm still trying to find the balance between my working and blogging life. 


Outfit // Repeat Offender

Yes... I'm wearing the same T-shirt and trousers as in my previous post. I never understood bloggers who have a 'wear it once and never wear it again'-policy. Like, I paid 195 euros for this T-shirt. So hell yes, I'm going to wear it 'till there's nothing left of it. And a pair of Converse, a long coat and a hat really can change an outfit, don't ya think? 

The coat was a birthday gift from my dad. Every time winter is coming, he starts complaining about the fact that I don't own a proper winter coat -- which is true, but I just don't like winter clothes. They make me feel trapped. Anyway, after hearing it ONCE AGAIN, I told him: "Then you buy me one." We made a stop at Zara and after scanning the store, I spotted this coat. I knew this was da one. The leather details add that rock 'n roll touch that I love. I must admit that winter clothes aren't so bad after all, 'cause this coat's actually kinda cosy and warm. 

Anyway, my mom and I shot these pictures in literally 3 minutes and I loved them all. I had a hard time selecting my favorite pictures and not creating a picture overload - thinking: if Chiara is allowed to post a dozen of pictures, then so am I - but I think I did a nice job after all. 

x Krizia 

Hat: H&M // Coat: ZARA // T-Shirt: BALENCIAGA // Pants: H&M // Shoes: CONVERSE ALL STARS // Ring: YVES SAINT LAURENT // Bag: CHANEL


New // House Of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Necklace

A while ago, I was contacted by the sweet people at Winston & Celeste, asking for a collaboration with Shark Attack. I'm always quite hesitant about things like that and I only accept if the brand represents items I would wear myself. So, I clicked around their website and I was immediately hooked.

Winston & Celeste focuses on high-end American jewelry brands which are hard to find in Europe. They even add photos to show you which celebrity wears the same bracelet, necklace... you're about to purchase. Lets be honest: it's always exciting to see a Hollywood starlet wearing an item you own too, right?

Anyway, when I saw that they sell House Of Harlow 1960, I couldn't be more exited. I've been a fan of Nicole Richie ever since she starred in The Simple Life. Even though those colored extensions were the shit back then, I must say that I like her gypsy/bohemian style more. And since I'm a huge fan of big golden jewelry, her designs have found a way into my heart in no time. So I decided to click the well known Sunburst Necklace home. I received my package after 3 days (one holiday included), which was a big plus, since I'm not the most patient person to be around. I think it's safe to say that I have a new favorite piece of jewelry!

If you see something you like on the Winston & Celeste-website, don't forget to enter 'SHARK10', which will give you a 10% discount! They ship all over Europe and if you live in Belgium, shipping won't cost you a penny. 

Happy shopping and let me know what you got!

x Krizia

Necklace: HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 thanks to Winston & Celeste


Event // Shark Attack For Mexx Metropolitan & Fashiolista

Here's a recap of one of the most fun events I've been to so far: the presentation of the Mexx Metropolitan-collection. Like, no joke, they sure as hell know how to throw a party. The sweet people at Fashiolista emailed me to ask if I wanted to be their reporter at the event. Who would say no to that? I was asked to snap some pictures to capture the fun atmosphere there.

Mexx has been taking it to whole different levels lately, with the Metropolitan-collection as their newest addition. They wanted to create a collection which was fun, stylish and quirky ànd which could be worn to work or for a night out with colleagues. The Metropolitan-team did a great job and I think that the tri-colored dress with leather details is my ultimate favorite. I love the efforts Mexx is taking to keep evolving and to keep moving forward. The collection was shown on 'live mannequins', who were strutting around the venue laughing and having fun. I think it's safe to say that they started the party, along with the world famous  Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer. To be able to witness such a talented musician in such a private, cosy venue and atmosphere is impossible to describe. And kudos to the other singers and musicians who came along with her. You did an amazing job as well! 

I also met up with my girl Afrodite and we had a blast in the photo boot, as you can tell from the first picture above. The whole night was about music, drinks and bites, laughing and dancing... And enjoying the new collection, of course. 

Here is just a 'small' selection of the pictures I managed to snap that night. I still have tons more, but those will be shown on the Fashiolista website and Facebook-page in one of the following days. Even though I say small, I still have to warn you for a picture overload, though.

So, what d'ya think? Did I manage to complete my 'capture the atmosphere'-mission or not?

x Krizia

P.S.: I'd like to thank Maddie for this opportunity and Femkje for the warm welcome at the event. 


Outfit // Egyptofunk

If you're a regular follower of the blog, you've probably noticed my collection of printed T-shirts by now. Some might think they're childish, but I just can't stop the urge to buy one more every time I see 'em. So when Balenciaga's Egyptofunk collection hit the runway, the hunt for one of these T-shirts started. I failed miserably hunting down Givenchy's Rottweiler-shirt and when I started seeing the Egyptofunk on all fashionistas possible during Fashion Week AGAIN, my fear of them being sold out started to grow stronger every second. But fear not, my friends! 'Cause I've found the Skyline Vegas Shirt at  Handsome in Hasselt. Some might think they're an 'it-item' which will only last for this season, but I don't give sh*t. Printed shirts are my thangggg, y'know?

Anyway, the futuristic prints remind me of 'Back To The Future'. Totally love that. But I also link them with those bad ass Wonder Woman heroines -- don't ask me why. Since most heroines wear tons of leather, and I happen to own tons of leather, I decided to go for an all leather suit while wearing the shirt for the first time: my totally worn off leather jacket, my new high waisted leather pants from the Lana Del Rey-collection at H&M (whatever Lana loves, I love too, lol) and my leather boots -- which, combined with my leather pants, look as if I'm wearing bootleggings or leggingboots. None of the two previous mentioned terms actually exist, but I think you get the picture. Since there's some purple in my shirt, I decided to take out my purple Balenciaga-bag. A bit of matchy matchy, but not too much. 

As for the hair, I cut and dyed it. It was very necessary, even if I don't like the result. As for my eyebrows... Don't even ask. I have to draw them with a pencil 'cause I managed to get half of my brows waxed away during a 'waxing malfunction' (another non-existent word) and lets just say I'm not so good at drawing. It's not like I have another option, so yeah.


P.S.: 4 days left to enter the give away HERE


Shark Attack Loves... // Chanel Boy Mini Bag

I was browsing on my Instagram-app (which I do every 5 minutes or so -- totally addicted) when I stumbled upon this picture that Miroslava Duma uploaded. Apparently, she gave birth to another baby boy, since she quoted: "Meet my Chanel baby boy, I'm a mother of 3 now."

I quickly found myself gasping for air, since I'd never seen this version of the Boy bag. The royal blue color and bright gold combo give that overall baroque feeling that I absolutely love. I can already picture myself wearing this little fella with a pair of bad ass leather trousers and my worn off leather jacket. Ah, well... Excuse me... I'm off crying some more, because I know that ain't gonna happen.

x Krizia

P.S.: To the Belgians and Dutchies: don't forget to enter the Hippe Schoenen give away HERE


Give Away // Hippe Schoenen & Shark Attack

Hi guys!

I have a surprise for you. Remember the blogpost in which I wore my new booties thanks to Hippe Schoenen? Well, because I received so many compliments on them, we decided to give away a pair! Well, that's not quite true, because you'll be able to win your favorite pair on the website. If you see another pair that you like more, no problemo. ;)

So, what do you have to do to win?

1. Like Hippe Schoenen on Facebook --> HERE
2. Like Shark Attack on Facebook --> HERE
3. Go to Hippe-schoenen.nl and choose your favorite pair.
4. Leave me a comment with your name, email address and which pair you'd love to win.

The give away will end on 30 October and is open to my Belgian and Dutch followers.
I will pick the winner with Random.org.

Good luck!

x Krizia


Shark Attack's Favorites // Maison Martin Margiela For H&M

The highly anticipated collection by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M has been teasing us for a couple of days now and I must say that I'm very pleased with the results. That typical Margiela touch didn't get lost and the collection looks like it has come straight of the runway. 

There are two particular items that caught my eye: the shiny silver leggings and the burgundy boots with see through heels. The leggings are just pure rock 'n roll to me and the boots would look fab with a pair of leather trousers. I'm really thinking about waiting in line for once -- and getting up early to make sure I'm the first one. I never felt the urge to do so with the previous H&M-collections, but there's something about these items that's changing my mind. And the coat in the first picture is perfect to survive the Belgian winter, so I might get one of those too. 

Since Martin Margiela himself was born and raised in Genk (which is located in Limburg and hey, I'm from Limburg too), I'm reeeaaaallllyyyy hoping that the collection will be available in Genk or Hasselt. Most of the time, the H&M-collections are only sold in Antwerp and Brussels, which is a one hour drive from here. I think it's only fair that this collection is being sold here in Limburg too. Pretty please, H&M?

Are you going to wait in line for this collection?

x Krizia


Commercial // Brad Pitt For Chanel N°5

Brad Pitt's much talked about commercial for Chanel N°5 is finally here. He's the first male model ever to star in a campaign for the perfume, so it kinda was a big deal when the news came out. I'm still not sure what to think about it - Estella Warren's commercial as a Chanel Little Red Riding Hood is still my favorite - but the fact that Brad Pitt seems to maintain his good looks forever (despite the facial hair thing), is kind of a good thing.

I've already read tons of comments on YouTube, going from "lame" and "boring" to "genius" and "a masterpiece". I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!
Drop a comment in the box below.

x Krizia


Outfit // New Boots

I guess the title says it all... I woke up to the doorbell ringing and received a package from Hippe Schoenen. Inside were a pair of studded loafers and these beautiful suède ankle boots with a patent tip. The moment I started to put together an outfit to wear these boots with, I thought of this shirt by Zara. The blue/green color of the boots also appears in the shirt, even if it is in small details. I also threw on my new faux leather leggings and there you go! 

I know I'm more talkative most of the time, but I really don't have anything else to say. Or maybe I do. I went to see Taken 2 yesterday and as much as I love Liam Neeson, I still think my dad is way cooler. Love you, dad! 

What d'ya think? 

x Krizia

Blouse: ZARA // Leggings: CALZEDONIA // Shoes: Thanks to HIPPE SCHOENEN


Detail // The Snake

If you're following me on Instagram (username: @Krizia_S), you'll probably know that, the day before the collection hit the stores, I received a couple of items of the Anna Dello Russo for H&M-collection.

Among the items was this snake necklace. It's funny how the sweet and generous people at H&M know my style exactly. I'm a big fan of golden, chunky and bold jewelry, so I was totally digging this collection. Unfortunately, I live in this little shit hole and the nearest H&M-store to sell the collection is 1,5 hour drive away. I wasn't sure what to do... Getting up in the middle of the night to drive 1,5 hour and to wait  for the store to open in the pouring rain? This surprise definitely made things a lot easier for me.

Another reason why I loved this necklace in particular, is because I love snakes. It's my Chinese horoscope. I have always wanted a snake as a pet, but my mom never allowed it -- I still haven't forgiven her. My boyfriend is afraid of snakes and sharks (hence the name of this blog, héhé). Plus, they're just amazing, beautiful and mysterious creatures. And it matches my turquoise YSL Arty ring and coral lipstick from Estée Lauder perfectly. Yeah, I pay attention to things like that, probably because I don't have anything better to do. 

I'm leaving you with this detail shot -- It looks as if the snake is going to strangle me, I love it! -- because my photographer is out for the day. A white, transparent blouse, black leather leggings and boots. And this necklace. It spices up the most basic outfit in a heartbeat. I also decided to wear my hair in a bun, so that the necklace gets the attention it deserves. 

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to get my fashion shower. 

Necklace: ANNA DELLO RUSSO FOR H&M thanks to H&M 


Event // Bloggers Closet Sale

As some of you might remember, 10 Belgian bloggers - myself included - took part in the Bloggers Closet Sale during Antwerp Fashion Night. I dragged my parents with me, so that they could help me to carry the suitcases filled with clothes, shoes and accessories. My dad was even kind enough to build some clothing racks for us. 

Location: the beautiful Huis Happaert. I shared a room with my blogger besties: Annebeth (and her gorgeous sister Naomi), Kim 1Kim 2 and Sabina. We set up our clothes, indulged ourselves with cupcakes by Patty Cake and drinks by Tao and prepared ourselves for some heavy fashion madness. And madness it was sometimes, with tons of people going to our clothing racks, asking questions, trying on our stuff. But it was amazing. I had the best time and most of my clothes even found a new home, which was the entire purpose of this Closet Sale.

I'd like to thank everyone who came out and turned this evening into a success. You can find some pictures of the event after the jump: our crew, my clothing rack, food and drinks... I didn't bring my camera, because I was afraid I would lose it (and if I'm honest, also because I forgot) but there's an advantage of being around bloggers: there's always someone taking a picture. ;)

Pictures by KimAnnebeth, Oona and someone I can't remember (sorry!).


Outfit // An American Poet

Another day, another Jim Morrison-shirt. I spotted this one at H&M's men's section and I couldn't resist taking it home. I had to explain my mom what was so different about this one (since I already own a couple of Jim Morrison-shirts) and I simply answered: "The colors. And I love his music and poems, so what's the big deal?".

Anyway, here's a better look on the graduation gift I received from my mom: Stella McCartney's Falabella bag. It is, together with my Balenciaga, the most practical bag I own. I've been wearing it non-stop ever since my mom gave it to me during our shopping trip in Milan. I guess I have a new love.

Have a nice evening, y'all!

x Krizia

Jacket: BERSHKA // Shirt: H&M // Pants: COS // Shoes: NEW LOOK // Bag: STELLA McCARTNEY


Event // Christian Louboutin & Cinderella

Once upon a time, a simple girl, living in a small town in Belgium, received the invitation above. How could she ignore that? She couldn't, right? She loves Disney - her parents got her a bunch of Disney DVDs on her 18th birthday - and she loves Christian Louboutin (well, duh).

Disney & Louboutin... Combine these to together and what do you get? An interpretation of Cinderella's glass slipper by Mr. Louboutin himself, to celebrate the worldwide release of Cinderella on Blu-ray and DVD. The shoes are light, transparent and beam pure beauty. Butterflies, lace and Swarovski-crystals complete the realization of one of the world's most famous pair of shoes. 

Belmodo organized a competition in order to win a pair of these gorgeous shoes - of which only 20 pairs are made. Five lucky ladies were picked by Christian Louboutin himself as the ultimate finalists and one of them would be the one and only Belgian Cinderella. So, I dragged my parents to Brussels (I'm not driving in Brussels, oh hell no!), where the event was taking place at the gorgeous Warwick Barsey Hotel, to see which ridiculously lucky girl would be the modern day Cinderella.

Come and have a look with me! 
Just click below and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo... You'll see the pictures.

(Pictures by Disney and myself.)


Event // Bloggers Closet Sale

Guuuuurl, time to get those dollah dollah bills woppin'!
Sorry, I was just channeling my inner Honey Boo Boo Child. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about this fun event 9 fellow bloggers and I are organizing: our very first Bloggers Closet Sale!

Just think about strolling through the house Happaert in Antwerp, sipping on some drinks by Tao and nibbling on some yummy cupcakes by Patty Cake. Not to forget: the tons of clothes you'll be able to purchase, coming straight from our closet! Dresses, trousers, jackets, accessories... You name it, we'll have it. Who knows, maybe you'll even have the chance to purchase a designer goodie? 

And last but not least: Antwerp will transform into Antwerp Fashion Night on the 28th of September, so after you've raided our closets, you can continue your fashionable journey through Antwerp.

I hope to see y'all there!  

x Krizia


Advertorial // Esprit & Royal College Of Art

1 Esprit + 3 upcoming talents of the Royal College Of Art = 1 unique, yet wearable F/W '12-collection.

That's one hell of an easy sum to summarize the 2nd collaboration between Esprit and the Royal College of Art in London. I love to see brands which support upcoming talent. It one of the main reasons why I wanted to write this post. It's hard to make a name in the ever changing fashion industry and it's even harder to stay there - unless you're name is Karl Lagerfeld or Donatella Versace. 

The collection, named 'Esprit RCA Limited Edition', focuses on creativity and style. But most of all, it focuses on durability. It was one of the main questions the postgraduate students at the RCA had to keep in mind while designing their collection: "Can fashion be durable?" Plus, they also had to focus on a collection that was suitable for the buyers and customers at Esprit. So, the students started designing, sketching, sewing... until Esprit had found the 3 winners:

Julia Mackenroth, Rachael Hail and Ryan Mercer.

Their creations will be transformed into real collections and will go international thanks to Esprit. The Esprit RCA Limited Edition-collection consists out of sweaters, coats, blouses and trousers and will be the main theme in the newly renovated Esprit-store on Regent Street, London. It will also be available in 11 selected stores around the world and online, of course. The Belgian fans will be able to buy the collection in Antwerp (Meir, 9) and online on Esprit.be

So, I'm curious to read which collection is your favorite!
They all have their own charm and personality, but based on my personal style, I would go for Ryan Mercer's collection.

Click below to see the three winning designers and their creations.


Shark Attack Travels... // Luxembourg Photo Mix

After coming back from Milan, I took off to Luxembourg with my boyfriend for the weekend. I didn't know what to expect, since I didn't know much about the country and city (only that gas and cigarettes are quite cheap there). After spending two days in Luxembourg city, I think it's safe to say that I completely fell in love with the place. 

The combination of churches, castles, forests and houses looking as if they could be toy doll houses, turns this city into a picturesque place to stay at. It felt as if we went back in time. The only thing I can do is to recommend everyone to visit this beautiful city. 

Since a picture says more than a thousand words... Click below to see some images I managed to snap during my stay there.

P.S.: Beware of major picture overload! 


Shark Attack Travels... // Milan Photo Mix

I'm back from my city trip to Milan! It felt amazing to be back in Italy. I hadn't been there for years and neither did my mom. She has to take care of my grandfather, so it's hard for her to go on a holiday. It was so emotional to see her enjoy even the simplest of things. This break was exactly what she needed, even if it was for only three days. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures... I was too busy shopping and doing other things, that I didn't even think about my camera. I'm a bad blogger, I know. As for the outfits I was wearing: don't expect too much. As some of you may know, I fell and hurt my knee kinda bad, so I couldn't wear any jeans. I was obliged to wear leggings and T-shirts during the entire trip. 

Anyway, we did tons of shopping and when we wanted to visit the Duomo - which was the only 'cultural' thing we were into visiting - my sister wasn't allowed to enter because her skirt was too short. We had a good laugh about it: with all the pedophiles and scandals surrounding the Catholic Church, they're going to make a scene about a skirt that's too short? Ah well, we aren't religious anyway, but my mom really wanted to see the Duomo from the inside. Bummer.

Here are some of the pics that I managed to snap here and there. I hope you like them! Now I'm off to relax a little bit, because I'm leaving on a 3-day trip to Luxembourg with the boyfriend tonight. I'll try to take some decent pictures there!

x Krizia


Beauty // Shu Uemura Volume Maker Review

When the sweet Ilke from L'Oréal contacted me to ask if I wanted to thest the Shu Uemura Volume Maker brush, I must admit that I'd never head of volume powder before. Sure, I've seen the commercials about all types of hairsprays and gels, but powder? Anyways, since my hair is flat like sh*t - like, no volume at all, for real - I was rather curious about this product.

The instructions are actually very simple: click, apply and model your hair with your fingers. I can do that! The click button takes care of the right amount of powder getting into your hair. So I started clicking and powdering and here's the result...


Outfit // Spikes & Stripes

If you're following me on Twitter, you've probably read the good news... I finally graduated! I still can't believe it! I'm officially an English and history teacher now and I'm allowed to teach in high school. I've had quite some struggles along the way, but I'm glad I kept on going. This wouldn't be possible with the unconditional love and support from my family and friends, so I owe them big time. I'm not sure what I want to do now: working or taking another class? Anyway, I want to enjoy my graduation for the first couple of days. There will be plenty of time to think later. ;)

My mom took these outfit shots when we were visiting my grandfather. We were shooting for about 3 minutes when my grandfather's friend stopped by and well... You know how it goes with Italian old men: lots of loud talk, lots of arm waving and so on. We decided to call it a wrap and enjoy the sun for a bit. As for the outfit, what can I say? A lot of black and studs, just how I like it. I think I'm going to wear this outfit to my graduation tonight. Why change into a cocktail dress that isn't really my thing, if this outfit represents my style perfectly? The only thing I'm kinda bummed about is that my sister and brother-in-law can't make it to my graduation. They're on a well deserved holiday in Portugal right now. 

Plus, I can't wait for next week to start. I'll be in Milan with my mom, sister and brother-in-law from Tuesday 'till Thursday and in Luxembourg with my boyfriend from Friday 'till Sunday. It'll be nice to get away from my home town for a while. I'll bring my camera, of course, so you can expect tons of pictures when I'm back.

x Krizia

Blazer: ZARA // Blouse: SONIA RYKIEL FOR H&M // Trousers: H&M // Boots: Thanks to RIVER ISLAND // Sunnies: PRADA thanks to Smart Buy Glasses


Feature // She.be

Some of the most amazing experiences about blogging - but one I still have to get used to - is getting featured on websites and in magazines. When my friend Esmée told me that she'd seen my picture on She.be, I was totally surprised. 

The article is written in Dutch, but it was somewhat emotional to read that the authors at She.be find me one of the most important and most famous bloggers in Limburg, the region where I live. It's completely surreal. I definitely don't see myself that way and it wasn't the reason why I started the blog. But nonetheless, it's very, very sweet of them. Other things the article talks about is my interview with Scott Schuman a.k.a. The Sartorialist (see here). It was my first big event and I was so nervous, I can't even describe it. I start to cringe now that I see my early lay out and writing. I definitely need to fix the lay out in my early posts ASAP. :D Another event they talk about is my interview with actress Elizabeth Hurley (see here) and my meeting with top model Anouck Lepère (see here).

Looking back on these events, I can't believe the opportunities I got thanks to this blog. Blogging is hard work, but I haven't regretted it for one single moment. The experiences I've been through, the people I've met... they are totally worth the tons of work and efforts I put into Shark Attack. 

I'd also like to thank you, my readers. If it weren't for you, Shark Attack wouldn't have been what it is today. The sweet comments, tweets, emails... That's what keeps me going in the first place. God, I sound like a total cliché, but you know what they say: most of the clichés are true. So once again: thank you! 

For the entire article, click here.
For all the press and features about Shark Attack, click here.

x Krizia


Shark Attack Travels... // Milan City Trip

Since I should be officially done with school - I'm getting my grades on 5th of September, I'm sooo nervous - and I haven't had a proper holiday in nearly 5 years due to re-examinations and all, my mom, sister, brother-in-law and I decided to book a city trip to Milan next week. I haven't been in Milan for years and I'm so happy to go back for 3 days filled with food, shopping, strolling around and doing whatever we feel like doing.

But now, I need your help... I'm not really familiar with Milan, except for the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, so if you have any tips on where to eat / drink / shop / ..., drop a comment in the comment box below.

It would be so helpful and it'll give me the chance to discover new places, which is always fun, right? I can't wait to read your recommendations! I thank you all in advance!

x Krizia

Picture via Wikipedia.com


Personal // Instagram (Random)

My make-up for my aunt's wedding. Eyeliner and red lips is my to go for look when I have to go to an event or party.


Beauty // 'Golden Jungle: Crocodile Leather Effect Nails' by Dior

The 'cracked effect' nail polishes have been among us for quite some time now, but for some reason, I always felt that they weren't my thing. While strolling around at Planet Parfum yesterday, I took a look at the Dior section and spotted the words 'Crocodile Leather Effect Nails'. Curious as I am, I asked the sales woman for more information and she told me that it was nail polish similar to those who cause the well known 'cracked' effect, but that the big difference was that this one would create "the crocodile skin effect" on my nails. I still didn't know what the hell she was talking about, but she definitely triggered something inside of me. Not really sure what to expect, I decided to buy the polishes anyway and asked my mom for help, since my nail polish applying skills aren't the best. 

I found a tiny manual inside - thank God - and here's what I had to do:

1. Apply a base coat. Very important, children!
2. Apply a coat of the gold nail polish and wait a maximum of 2 minutes. The first coat should still be slightly wet when proceeding with step 3.
3. Apply a single thin layer of the khaki top coat. After several minutes, the khaki crocodile leather effect will progressively appear on top of the gold base coat.
4. Add a top coat. Very important too.

And so I did. I applied. I waited. And I freakin' loved the result! 
All I've done for the past few hours is staring at my nails. Yup, I've got a new favorite.

Do you want to see the result too?
Just click, click, click below!

x Krizia


Shark Attack Loves... // Choupette & Laetitia Casta For V Magazine

Move over, Baptiste Giabiconi, and meet the newest love in Karl Lagerfeld's life: Choupette. After conquering every Lagerfeld-loving heart after a picture hit the web where Choupette's playing on her very own iPad, the fluffy little starlet has a new accomplishment to add to her resumé. Choupette has landed her first editorial in a fashion magazine: a black and white spread with none other than French actress and supermodel Laetitia Casta. The editorial breathes and screams Paris and Laetitia is absolutely gorgeous, but lets face it... It's Choupette who's the real star here. Oh, and did I mention that it was Karl himself who took these pictures? 

Not bad for a kitty cat who has her two own maids, a 600 page diary to keep Mr. Lagerfeld updated on her activities for when he isn't around and a Twitter-account with almost 15.000 followers (@ChoupettesDiary). 

To see the whole editorial, click below.

x Krizia

Pictures via Designscene.net


Shark Attack Loves... // Hanneli Mustaparta For Vogue.com

Hanneli Mustaparta... One of my main sources of inspiration fashion wise, even if her style is completely different from mine. The Norwegian model-turned-blogger/street style photographer knows how to make my heart go boom, boom, boom. Not only does she seems to have a radar to snap the best street style material on camera, she also knows how to put together the best outfits. Always original, but never over the top. She's also the reason why I decided to get the crystal bra -- Just google 'Crystal bra + Hanneli' and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

The jungle printed shirt is from H&M, apparently. I always love it when a celeb isn't too stuck up to shop some goodies at high street labels. The leopard printed belt, to stay in the jungle spirits, matches this outfit perfectly. Even after following her for years, she still manages to blow my mind away. Other people to complete the list are Kate Moss, the Olsen Twins, Clémence Poésy, Erin Wasson, Lana Del Rey, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Jamie Hince, Pete Doherty and Steven Tyler. Whoever said that women can't be inspired by  men?

Now, I'm curious... Who inspires you when it comes to fashion and style? 

x Krizia

Picture via Hanneli.com


Outfit // Life Is A Joke

Finally, an outfit post! Since it's rather chilly outside today - damn you, wind - I decided it was a great opportunity to take out the military jacket I bought at Zara a couple of days ago. While it seems as if I smoked some funny grass on these pictures, I can assure you that it's not the case. Due to the extreme sensitivity of my eyes, even the tiniest amount of bright daylight is enough to make me squeeze my eyes together and make them look puffy. Anyways, back to the outfit.

The Kate Moss Moustache-shirt was another gift from Zalando. I love the quote written on it: Life Is A JokeEleven Paris makes the best shirts. I decided to take out my mom's Chanel bag to match my outfit. I love the contrast between the tough rock 'n roll vibe and the classic bag. Plus, the silver hardware matches my shoes! ;)

Have a nice day, y'all.

x Krizia

Military Jacket: ZARA // Shirt: ELEVEN PARIS thanks to ZALANDO // Shoes: SACHA // Bag: CHANEL


Personal // Instagram (Random)

Here are a couple of pictures taken with Instagram, to show you what I've been up to (Username: Krizia_S). I hope I can go back to the usual outfit posts ASAP! In the meantime: thanks for still following. :)

Sooo, I was in for a big surprise last Wednesday... I got a car! My amazingly sweet Dad found this Fiat 500 - the cutest cars ever, imo - and surprised me with it when I was ready to go to work. My Mom, Dad and best friend pranked me and I hopelessly bought their act. I still can't believe it and I'm trying to find an excuse to go out every 5 minutes, just so I can drive my baby around. ;)


New // Chanel Large Shopping Bag

My mom's 50th birthday... An event that couldn't go unnoticed. In order to celebrate this, we decided to get her this large shopping bag with caviar leather and silver hardware by Chanel. My mom shared her love for this bag multiple times and she really needed a nice, yet practical bag. But my mom's the eternal doubter. She will always find an excuse not to buy something and would rather spend the money on my sister and I, rather than spending it on something nice for herself. 

So, my dad, boyfriend and I took off to Antwerp for a little trip to the Chanel store. As we entered, we only saw this bag in a grey/taupe color. The saleswoman told us that it was a limited edition color and that they didn't had the black one in stock. Now, I know my mom: she will always go for black. It's practically the only color she wears. But my dad really wanted to gift her the bag and after he heard that my mom would be able to trade the bag if she wanted another color, he decided to go for it. I was still hesitant, but then again, who am I? 

When my mom opened her gift - after yelling at us that we shouldn't have gotten her something - I could tell that the color just wasn't her (even if she tried her best to hide it). I made her very clear that it's not "just a bag" (I sound like a White Chick now) and that she should get the one she wanted. So, the day after, my mom went on to Antwerp to order the black one. It turns out they did have a black one with silver hardware in stock. Needless to say that I was not amused, 'cause it could have saved my mom a one hour-trip to Antwerp.

I put this post in the 'New'-section, because there's no harm in borrowing the bag from time to time, right? ;)

Anyways, what do you think? Do you like the black or grey bag (which you can see in the last picture) more?

x Krizia

P.S.: The last picture is taken with Instagram. My username is Krizia_S


Shark Attack Loves... // Lea T In Givenchy

Most of you will already have seen this picture, but I'm just literally obsessed with this outfit. Lea T, you know, the male-born-turned-female-model, looks flawless on her way to the Givenchy-show in Paris. Discovered by Riccardo Tisci in 2010, she quickly became his muse and made into the brand's ad campaigns. It's natural to say that most of the outfit above is Givenchy.

Anyway, the Rottweiler-shirt is totally badass and awesome, but those boots are just to die for. While they're just slightly over my budget, I've been searching for other great options. So if you spot a pair of lookalikes, holla at me. See how they turn the much hated skirt-and-leather-boots-outfit (which is a no no for a lot of people most of the time) into one of the best outfits ever? That's what I mean! 

P.S.: I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been working my ass off for the past month, which makes it almost impossible to blog. #SadFace

x Krizia


Outfit // My Babies

Yes, I'm still alive. I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been crazy busy with work. I've got to earn some money to maintain my blogger lifestyle, right? ;) As you can see, my spray tan and dip and dye already disappeared. Back to my old self! I'm thinking about going for a pink and orange dip and dye soon. 

Anyway, I finally got the chance to snap some outfit shots with my new babies: my Isabel Marant sneakers. I've been wearing them non-stop, even though it's too warm outside. Since, for me, there are no rules in fashion, I couldn't care less. The same thing goes for leggings: I know most people out there feel that they aren't meant to be worn as pants. But then again, whoever said so? Wear what y'all like, people. 

To be back on topic: I love the contrast between the classic jacket and the sporty shoes. I don't work out at all, but I like to think I do now that I own these sneakers, lol. And there's nothing wrong with hitting the gym - or the mall, in my case - in style, right? ;)

I feel like I'm babbling all over the place, so I'm going to shut up now.
Have a nice day!

x Krizia

Jacket: PINKO // Tank Top: H&M // Legging: H&M // Sneakers: ISABEL MARANT


Random // Smells Like Teen Spirit

N7zgaX on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Here are a few lessons in dip and dying (or just one): if you dye your hair a lot, you should know that blue and purple will turn into grey in no time. It has happened to me already and I'm loving it. But I'm quite sure that some aren't too fond of grey hair, so don't say I didn't warn you, children. So, now my hair is a mix of the bright pink that survives the longest, grey and a little bit of violet, baby blue and mint green in between. It already got me 'My Little Pony' as a nickname... And I'm loving it! 

My mom wanted to take some shots to see my D&D's evolution (I know, totally crazy) and we decided to do one of those overly girly, 'spontaneous' photo shoots. Even though she told me to feel free and pose however I wanted, I could secretly tell she wasn't too fond of the suicide gun and middle finger poses. Hah, sorry mom! I decided to put the pictures together in a GIF, liked the result and here you are. As for the shirt... What more is there to say? 

Shirt: Pimkie

x Krizia


New // Isabel Marant Anthracite Bekket Sneakers

The wait is over. If you're following me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (Username: Krizia_S), you've probably read that I've finally received my Isabel Marant sneakers. I ordered them months ago and the people at Graanmarkt 13 told me that they'd "probably arrive in July, August or September". So when I was told that the sneakers arrived three days ago, I forced my dad to drive me to Antwerp. (Thanks, dad!)

I decided to go for a more neutral color, which I'll be able to combine with numerous outfits. Even though the sun is shining non stop outside, I'm already wearing them. I know, my feet will probably be ruined by the heat in a couple of hours, but what I always say is: Patience isn't a virtue. It's a waste of time.

I'll try to upload an outfit post ASAP!

x Krizia


Hair // Dip & Dye

With only having to hand in my thesis in August, my school career is (hopefully) almost over. I'm studying to become an English and history teacher, so I couldn't do anything crazy with my hair due to internships and all that. The only thing I did was shaving off part of my hair, but I could cover that up quite easily. As you can read in that post, I already had a dip and dye at 12 years old. I saw Beyoncé's pink dip and dye in 'Bootylicious' and decided to do the same... It almost got me expelled from school. Ah, the good old days. 

Anyways, I know it's a trend, blah blah blah and frankly... I couldn't care less. School has stopped me way too long, I wanted a dip and dye again with nobody telling me I wasn't allowed to and here's the result. It took me a 3 hour trip to the hair dresser and a soar back and booty of all the sitting, but I couldn't be happier with the result. Pink, purple, blue and even a bit of green: it's all in there! My parents love it and as for my grandfather... The poor fella almost got a heart attack.

x Krizia


NOTD // Fantasy Ocean by H&M

I might not be a beauty blogger, but that doesn't mean that I can't show you my new nail polish, right? While shopping at H&M a couple of days ago, I saw this pretty polish and decided to take it home with me. It's a turquoise/green metallic color with a golden shimmer. It really does it's name justice. If the Little Mermaid were real, her tail would have this exact color, I'm telling ya. 

The texture is rather thick, which makes it a bit more difficult to apply for amateurs like myself. If you're a pro, you don't have to worry. It was very hard to capture the exact color on camera, but I can say that this is my new favorite now. Plus, it's budget friendly: € 2,95. I'm always feeling kinda bummed when I see certain beauty blogs using expensive products only. 

Anyways, click below if you'd like to see the result.

x Krizia


Shark Attack Loves ... // Swatch Chrono Plastic

Aaah, Swatch... They never fail to impress me. I've been a fan of their Swiss watches ever since I was a kiddo. I actually still wear a purple plastic Swatch, which you can see here. And I'm still bummed that I never got one of those double band Swatches in pastel colors, which Annebeth wears on a regular basis. They're fun and easy to wear and the fact that they come in tons of colors makes it even better.

Swatch has now launched the Chrono Plastic collection, which comes in 10 different colors. I love the fact that they're made out of plastic ànd silicone. It's just so much easier and nicer to wear on a daily basis. No heavy, steel watches here but some quirky, fun and happy models and colors. Going from neutral colors such as white, black and grey to more popping colors such as pink, orange and red, I'm sure that everyone will have the choice to pick their favorite. The fact that the little numbers and buttons are in another color are an extra fun detail. My absolute favorite is the grey with pink Chrono Plastic watch a.k.a. 'A Touch Of Fuchsia'. It goes with a lot of looks and there's still a subtle touch of color in it. Which one's your favorite? 

I'd love to hear your opinion about Swatch watches and their new collection, so don't hesitate to leave a comment. 

Estimated price in stores: € 88
For more information and images, go to the Swatch website.

x Krizia


Outfit // Tell Me About It, Stud

Frenchy: "Hey Marty, are those new glasses?"
Marty: "Oh yeah, I just got them for school. Don't you think they make me look smarter?"
Rizzo: "Nah, you can still see your face."

As I told you in my previous post, this dress reminds me of 'Grease', one of my favorite movies of all times. Hair in a bun, some low Converse All Stars and my oversized Prada sunnies did the trick... For me, at least. These pictures were taken in about 3 minutes, in between the rain falling down every now and then today. What do you think? Too bad I couldn't find a Danny Zuko lookalike, that would've nailed it. 

I'm mentally preparing for the game tonight: Italy vs. Ireland. Actually, it's Spain vs. Croatia that I'm more worried about, since Italy's fate depends on their score. I guess I just have to try and make peace with the Italians getting kicked out of the European Championship. #Sniff 

x Krizia

Dress: BERNADETT PENKOV FOR ZALANDO COLLECTION thanks to Zalando // Shoes: CONVERSE ALL STARS // Sunglasses: PRADA thanks to Smartbuy Glasses


New // Gifts

Boy, I sure got spoiled this morning. I almost wanted to kill the person ringing my doorbell at 8.15 AM,  but surprise took over when I received not one, but two packages. Sorry for the grumpy face, Mr. Mailman. To see what's inside, just click below.

I'd like to thank the extremely nice people at UPR, UGG Australia and Zalando for the sweet gifts!

I don't have too much going on right now... Well, actually I do: stressing over Italy in the European Championship. Come on, guys, you can do better than thàt. And Balotelli, you sure as hell need to stop being such a stuck up. 

x Krizia


Outfit // Skulls & Crosses

First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the supportive comments and anonymous hate mails I received concerning my previous post. No hard feelings, whoever you may be.

This has to be one of my favorite outfits so far, since it reminds me of David in 'The Lost Boys', which has to be one of my favorite movies ever. He's probably one of the reasons why I ordered these asymmetric cross earrings. I have a feeling that this look would've been so much cooler if the the side of my hair still would've been shaved off, but who knows, maybe I'll do it again this summer. 

I really don't have that much to tell you today, except that I'll be supporting Italy's football team tonight. Can't wait! 

x Krizia

Shirt: ZARA // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Thanks to RIVER ISLAND // Earrings: ASOS (Similar here) // Rings: ASOS // Sunglasses: PRADA thanks to Smartbuy Glasses


Personal // Bloggers & PR

No outfit post today. This is just a post about something I need to get it off my chest ASAP. Before writing this, I took the time to do some research, if you can call it that. I spend some time sharing my thoughts with other individuals who thought the same way, analyzed social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, etc. and came to some sad conclusions when it comes to the interaction between bloggers and PR representatives. 

This post isn't about all bloggers, just so you know, but there are a lot of bloggers who think that PR agencies are nothing more than some kind of Santa Claus. PR isn't about just sending some packages and press mails to a bunch of bloggers and it's sad that the hardworking staff behind those agencies don't get the respect they deserve. There's no harm in contacting a PR agency, that represents one of your favorite brands for example, in order to receive press releases. Most agencies will be more than happy to send you press mails and will be flattered that you show some - hopefully genuine - interest in their brands. Sadly, a lot of bloggers - both fashion and beauty - aren't satisfied with press mails only. So, what do they do? They bombard tons of PR agencies for invites and free goodies. If they don't get the result they were aiming for, they unleash their frustration on Twitter or Facebook. Not professional, to say the least. I guess it's hard for them to understand that most agencies get a selected amount of items themselves, instead of being able to provide the entire blogger community. 

If PR agencies feel that your blog is relevant and interesting enough, they will contact you themselves, simple as that. They may contact you to send you a gift or to ask your contact information and statistics so they can add you to their contact list. Just make sure that you know the difference between page views and unique visitors, since that seems to be something some bloggers 'struggle' with too. PR agencies will know when you're trying to trick them, honey. Just don't expect it to happen if you've been blogging for a month. Be patient and your hard work will pay off someday. I received my first invite to an event after blogging for almost year. A year of blogging with a handful of readers, my sister and best friend included. Not that I cared, though. I blogged because I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it to the fullest. This should be the main reason one should start a blog, but that's not the case anymore. Because I feel my readers deserve to know it when I'm wearing an item I received from a PR agency or an (online) shop - I just feel it's the right thing to do - I'll always mention it on the blog. I then quickly receive emails from other bloggers (most of them just started their blog), asking if I can help them get the same item or invite. They'll always receive a polite answer, telling them that it's not up to me to do that and that I'm not a PR agency myself, but it has become very tiring. I can't even imagine the flood of emails the PR agencies must receive every day. To start a Twitter rant about certain brands / agencies because they didn't sent you an invite or item, or to bitch about the fact that bigger blogs get more opportunities, is just not done. Remember that the big blogs also started somewhere and that it's not their fault that their blogs get considered bigger than yours.

Even though I know this post will hardly have any effect, I just had to put it out here. All the issues mentioned above smudge the bloggers' name in general and it's not fair for those who do have respect for the PR agencies (and all the hard work they deliver) and don't stalk them for every single item or invite. 

That's all.