Hair // Dip & Dye

With only having to hand in my thesis in August, my school career is (hopefully) almost over. I'm studying to become an English and history teacher, so I couldn't do anything crazy with my hair due to internships and all that. The only thing I did was shaving off part of my hair, but I could cover that up quite easily. As you can read in that post, I already had a dip and dye at 12 years old. I saw Beyoncé's pink dip and dye in 'Bootylicious' and decided to do the same... It almost got me expelled from school. Ah, the good old days. 

Anyways, I know it's a trend, blah blah blah and frankly... I couldn't care less. School has stopped me way too long, I wanted a dip and dye again with nobody telling me I wasn't allowed to and here's the result. It took me a 3 hour trip to the hair dresser and a soar back and booty of all the sitting, but I couldn't be happier with the result. Pink, purple, blue and even a bit of green: it's all in there! My parents love it and as for my grandfather... The poor fella almost got a heart attack.

x Krizia


NOTD // Fantasy Ocean by H&M

I might not be a beauty blogger, but that doesn't mean that I can't show you my new nail polish, right? While shopping at H&M a couple of days ago, I saw this pretty polish and decided to take it home with me. It's a turquoise/green metallic color with a golden shimmer. It really does it's name justice. If the Little Mermaid were real, her tail would have this exact color, I'm telling ya. 

The texture is rather thick, which makes it a bit more difficult to apply for amateurs like myself. If you're a pro, you don't have to worry. It was very hard to capture the exact color on camera, but I can say that this is my new favorite now. Plus, it's budget friendly: € 2,95. I'm always feeling kinda bummed when I see certain beauty blogs using expensive products only. 

Anyways, click below if you'd like to see the result.

x Krizia


Shark Attack Loves ... // Swatch Chrono Plastic

Aaah, Swatch... They never fail to impress me. I've been a fan of their Swiss watches ever since I was a kiddo. I actually still wear a purple plastic Swatch, which you can see here. And I'm still bummed that I never got one of those double band Swatches in pastel colors, which Annebeth wears on a regular basis. They're fun and easy to wear and the fact that they come in tons of colors makes it even better.

Swatch has now launched the Chrono Plastic collection, which comes in 10 different colors. I love the fact that they're made out of plastic ànd silicone. It's just so much easier and nicer to wear on a daily basis. No heavy, steel watches here but some quirky, fun and happy models and colors. Going from neutral colors such as white, black and grey to more popping colors such as pink, orange and red, I'm sure that everyone will have the choice to pick their favorite. The fact that the little numbers and buttons are in another color are an extra fun detail. My absolute favorite is the grey with pink Chrono Plastic watch a.k.a. 'A Touch Of Fuchsia'. It goes with a lot of looks and there's still a subtle touch of color in it. Which one's your favorite? 

I'd love to hear your opinion about Swatch watches and their new collection, so don't hesitate to leave a comment. 

Estimated price in stores: € 88
For more information and images, go to the Swatch website.

x Krizia


Outfit // Tell Me About It, Stud

Frenchy: "Hey Marty, are those new glasses?"
Marty: "Oh yeah, I just got them for school. Don't you think they make me look smarter?"
Rizzo: "Nah, you can still see your face."

As I told you in my previous post, this dress reminds me of 'Grease', one of my favorite movies of all times. Hair in a bun, some low Converse All Stars and my oversized Prada sunnies did the trick... For me, at least. These pictures were taken in about 3 minutes, in between the rain falling down every now and then today. What do you think? Too bad I couldn't find a Danny Zuko lookalike, that would've nailed it. 

I'm mentally preparing for the game tonight: Italy vs. Ireland. Actually, it's Spain vs. Croatia that I'm more worried about, since Italy's fate depends on their score. I guess I just have to try and make peace with the Italians getting kicked out of the European Championship. #Sniff 

x Krizia

Dress: BERNADETT PENKOV FOR ZALANDO COLLECTION thanks to Zalando // Shoes: CONVERSE ALL STARS // Sunglasses: PRADA thanks to Smartbuy Glasses


New // Gifts

Boy, I sure got spoiled this morning. I almost wanted to kill the person ringing my doorbell at 8.15 AM,  but surprise took over when I received not one, but two packages. Sorry for the grumpy face, Mr. Mailman. To see what's inside, just click below.

I'd like to thank the extremely nice people at UPR, UGG Australia and Zalando for the sweet gifts!

I don't have too much going on right now... Well, actually I do: stressing over Italy in the European Championship. Come on, guys, you can do better than thàt. And Balotelli, you sure as hell need to stop being such a stuck up. 

x Krizia


Outfit // Skulls & Crosses

First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the supportive comments and anonymous hate mails I received concerning my previous post. No hard feelings, whoever you may be.

This has to be one of my favorite outfits so far, since it reminds me of David in 'The Lost Boys', which has to be one of my favorite movies ever. He's probably one of the reasons why I ordered these asymmetric cross earrings. I have a feeling that this look would've been so much cooler if the the side of my hair still would've been shaved off, but who knows, maybe I'll do it again this summer. 

I really don't have that much to tell you today, except that I'll be supporting Italy's football team tonight. Can't wait! 

x Krizia

Shirt: ZARA // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Thanks to RIVER ISLAND // Earrings: ASOS (Similar here) // Rings: ASOS // Sunglasses: PRADA thanks to Smartbuy Glasses


Personal // Bloggers & PR

No outfit post today. This is just a post about something I need to get it off my chest ASAP. Before writing this, I took the time to do some research, if you can call it that. I spend some time sharing my thoughts with other individuals who thought the same way, analyzed social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, etc. and came to some sad conclusions when it comes to the interaction between bloggers and PR representatives. 

This post isn't about all bloggers, just so you know, but there are a lot of bloggers who think that PR agencies are nothing more than some kind of Santa Claus. PR isn't about just sending some packages and press mails to a bunch of bloggers and it's sad that the hardworking staff behind those agencies don't get the respect they deserve. There's no harm in contacting a PR agency, that represents one of your favorite brands for example, in order to receive press releases. Most agencies will be more than happy to send you press mails and will be flattered that you show some - hopefully genuine - interest in their brands. Sadly, a lot of bloggers - both fashion and beauty - aren't satisfied with press mails only. So, what do they do? They bombard tons of PR agencies for invites and free goodies. If they don't get the result they were aiming for, they unleash their frustration on Twitter or Facebook. Not professional, to say the least. I guess it's hard for them to understand that most agencies get a selected amount of items themselves, instead of being able to provide the entire blogger community. 

If PR agencies feel that your blog is relevant and interesting enough, they will contact you themselves, simple as that. They may contact you to send you a gift or to ask your contact information and statistics so they can add you to their contact list. Just make sure that you know the difference between page views and unique visitors, since that seems to be something some bloggers 'struggle' with too. PR agencies will know when you're trying to trick them, honey. Just don't expect it to happen if you've been blogging for a month. Be patient and your hard work will pay off someday. I received my first invite to an event after blogging for almost year. A year of blogging with a handful of readers, my sister and best friend included. Not that I cared, though. I blogged because I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it to the fullest. This should be the main reason one should start a blog, but that's not the case anymore. Because I feel my readers deserve to know it when I'm wearing an item I received from a PR agency or an (online) shop - I just feel it's the right thing to do - I'll always mention it on the blog. I then quickly receive emails from other bloggers (most of them just started their blog), asking if I can help them get the same item or invite. They'll always receive a polite answer, telling them that it's not up to me to do that and that I'm not a PR agency myself, but it has become very tiring. I can't even imagine the flood of emails the PR agencies must receive every day. To start a Twitter rant about certain brands / agencies because they didn't sent you an invite or item, or to bitch about the fact that bigger blogs get more opportunities, is just not done. Remember that the big blogs also started somewhere and that it's not their fault that their blogs get considered bigger than yours.

Even though I know this post will hardly have any effect, I just had to put it out here. All the issues mentioned above smudge the bloggers' name in general and it's not fair for those who do have respect for the PR agencies (and all the hard work they deliver) and don't stalk them for every single item or invite. 

That's all. 


New // Skull Cut Out Shirt

The hunt for the perfect 'cutted-out-skull-shirt' (Seriously, what's the right name / definition for this?) began ever since I saw the gorgeous Erin Wasson sporting a similar - and way cooler one - shirt by Zadig et Voltaire. Of course, I never found that exact shirt and other ones couldn't convince me... Until I saw Annebeth wearing a super cool skull shirt from the Zara. I decided to check out the local Zara around here and they happened to have one left in my size. It's in pink and even though I'm not your typical 'I love pink' girly girl, I'm kinda digging this color. It might not seem the most versatile piece in the world, but I can't wait to wear it with a simple pair of skinny jeans, a pair of shorts or tucked into a girly skirt, just to give your outfit that extra touch of edge. Sounds pretty versatile to me. Now all I have to do is wait for the sun to shine a little more and longer. 

x Krizia

Shirt: ZARA 

P.S.: The skull is on the back of the shirt. If you don't have any issues with showing your boobies, feel free to wear it the other way around. ;) 


Magnum City Hunt // The Event

Last Saturday, I took off to Hasselt for my 'job' as the Magnum City Hunt ambassador. One of my readers won a personal shopping trip and lunch with yours truly. It turns out that the winner was a boy (Who actually has a beauty blog for men, how cool is that? You can check it out here.), so I didn't know what to expect. It's not that I get to re-style a boy every day, so I was excited and a bit nervous at the same time. 

Turns out my worries were useless, 'cause Philippe and I had the best time. I even forgot to take pictures from time to time - bad blogger / ambassador - because we were too busy laughing and talking about our experiences as a fashion and beauty blogger. Thank God I'm an Instagram addict, so I did manage to snap some Instagram pics. 

I'd like to thank Magnum and S. & T. for giving me this opportunity and for all the help. #Sweet

Do you want to see what we were up to that day?
Just click below!

x Krizia


Inspiration // Picked Up Online

I've found some inspiring pictures while browsing around my favorite blogs, so why not share them with you? I'm starting to work again this weekend and I can't wait to buy some new goodies again. School has stopped me way too long. 

I've spotted this Givenchy Obsedia bag on Style Heroine and I might just have a new 'bag crush'. If only my budget would help me out ...


Magnum City Hunt // Introducing ... Bethsabee

Picture: Bethsabee Facebook Page

When I was looking at the list of the participating stores in the Magnum Pleasure City Hunt, I was excited to see Bethsabee on it. Whenever I'm in Hasselt, I always stop by, even if it's to do window shopping most of the time. Oh, the horrors of being a student! 

Bethsabee sells the most exquisite footwear of the most drool worthy brands: 
Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Balenciaga ... They also sell tons of Gucci and Miu Miu accessories. Sounds good, huh? Got a boyfriend / husband who's addicted to shoe shopping too? Maybe he'll find nice pair here as well, 'cause Bethsabee sells goodies for both sexes. 

I thought it would be nice to share some pictures I snapped at Bethsabee during the Magnum Pleasure City Hunt. A report of the Hunt is coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned! 

Click below for some serious shoe porn!

Kapelstraat 36
3500 Hasselt