Event // Stiletto Bloggers Run - Part Two

Time for the second part of the Stiletto Bloggers Run-experience!
These pictures were all taken by Gilles from Wood And Rags, who was kind enough to be our personal photographer for the day. 

And I just love the picture above! I had a great time with these ladies!
From left to right: FarahKim, Myself, KimAfrodite & Hanan.

P.S.: To see the SBR-post on Belmodo.tv, click HERE.


Event // Stiletto Bloggers Run - The Real Deal

(Picture by Elien) 
Left to right: Kim, Myself, Hanane & FarahKimAfrodite & Tiany Kiriloff.

Hi guys!

Yes, I'm still alive after the Stiletto Bloggers Run! First of all, I would like to congratulate Hanan from Fashion Fabrice for winning the Run! Respect, you were so fast I couldn't even believe it! You totally deserved it.

Secondly, I'd like to thank the following people for all the support, laughs and lots of love:

My sister Tiffany, her boyfriend Koen, my cousin Tony, Hille, the Belmodo-crew, Kim # 1, Kim # 2, AfroditeHanan & Farah and Gilles.

I met up with all the bloggers and had a drink to calm ourselves a bit. Afterwards, we went to the Fashion Museum of Hasselt to get our shoes inspected and to get our registration number. The director of the Fashion Museum gave us a short briefing, explaining the rules for the last time. After the briefing, we had to 'catwalk' pass the judges so that they could choose the 'Best Dressed'-contestant. Then ... It was time for the real deal: the Run *scary music*. First, we got our feet and shoes taped together so that our shoes wouldn't fall off while running. We all lined up, waiting for the 'Ready? Set? GO!!!'-tune by our hostess Tiany Kiriloff.

I must admit that I really underestimated the run and especially the 300m distance. And I also now realize that my condition is way below zero and that I need to exercise again ASAP. Nevertheless, I really had a lot of fun. Plus, I'm also glad and relieved that none of the bloggers fell. We went to get a drink with all the bloggers and the Belmodo-crew after the Run, re-living the funniest and most memorable moments of the day.

And last but not least, I'd like to thank YOU, my readers, for all the supportive and sweet comments on the blog, Twitter and Facebook! You're the best!

They've also shown the Run on the Belgian news! Although it's in Dutch, you can see some great images of us bloggers running together. Can you spot us?

To see the video, click HERE.
To see more images and a self made video, you can click below.


Outfit // Stiletto Blogger Run

Today's the highly feared day... In a couple of hours I'll be 'running' in the Stiletto Bloggers Run among KimKim # 2, Kim # 3, Afrodite and Hanane and Farah from Fashion Fabrice. Here are some quick outfit shots of what I'll wear during the run! Of course, I'll post a full report of the Stiletto Bloggers Run ASAP!

Gotta run (literally), talk to you later!

x Krizia

Jacket: BERSHKA // Blouse: ZARA // Pants: H&M // Shoes: NEW LOOK


Outfit // Tea Party

Here are some quick outfit shots of the outfit I wore to the Tiany Kirilove Tea Party last Tuesday. I've had this skirt for about 3 or 4 years now, but I've never worn it 'till now. I thought this skirt would be perfect for the tea party and it also reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all times: Grease. Trying to not look like a total Miss Goodie Two Shoes, I decided to give the outfit an 'edgy' look by adding my leather jacket and lace up peep toe booties.

What do you say? 

x Krizia

Jacket: BESHKA // Tanktop: H&M // Skirt: FORNARINA // Booties: RIVER ISLAND // Bag: CHANEL


Event // Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda Tea Party

Yesterday, most of Belgium's press and bloggers came together in Antwerp to attend the preview of the Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda-collection. I'm so honored I had the opportunity to be there too. I wrote about Tiany Kiriloff, Belgium's leading lady in fashion, a couple of times before but this time it's on a whole new level. Tiany had the amazing opportunity to design her very own collection for Vero Moda - Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda - and gave us a preview of what will hit the Vero Moda-stores in September 2011. We were there... And saw it was good! 

To see Tiany's website, click HERE.
To see a report of the event, click below.


Opinion // Following

Hi everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for all the good luck wishes concerning my upcoming exams. I wish you the best of luck too!

This post is different from the ones I usually publish on Shark Attack, but it's about a matter I'd like to talk to you about. I noticed that I get a lot of comments who go like this:

"Great blog! If you follow me I will follow you!"

I really have mixed feelings about comments like these. To me, they don't seem sincere at all. They're just a platform to gain a lot of followers and I refuse to take part in this. I don't have any problems with my readers leaving the link to their blog in a comment (I do it too) and I love discovering new blogs. But there's a difference between leaving a nice comment with a link to your blog and leaving a comment which only says: "Follow me". Looking at comments, it's usually easy to tell who actually read your post and who just commented with the hopes that you'll follow their blog.

Right now, I have 209 followers on Google Friend Connect and 106 followers on Bloglovin'. There could have been many more if I also commented with "Follow me and I'll follow you", but I want people to follow me because they actually like my blog and not because I asked them to. So I'm very pleased with the 209 followers I have here instead of having thousands who probably don't even look at my blog with sincere interest. :)

I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings with this post, but it was something I really had to share with you. I'd also like to know your opinion on this. Shoot!

x Krizia


Outfit // Casual & Chic


Hi everyone!

Here are some quick shots of my outfit today. I decided to mix and match some casual and chic pieces. Casual because I have to study today, and chic because I also have an interview today. A friend of mine is studying journalism and she asked me if she could interview me, to which I said 'yes' of course. 

I'm having the worst bad hair day today, so I decided to make a braid, or at least tried to. I'm really bad at trying new hairdo's, especially if I have to make them myself! 

Have a nice day, everyone!

x Krizia

P.S.: I have absolutely no idea what's going on with my left leg on the last picture. :'D

Blazer: ZARA // Shirt: COS // Leggings: H&M // Flats: MARC BY MARC JACOBS // Necklace: CHANEL // Bag: CHANEL


Random // Inspiration

In these days full of studying, it's hard to take some outfit pictures since I wear something comfortable to study. But I've got two exciting events coming up, like the Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda tea party and the Blogger Stiletto Run. You can expect a full report of these events of course, but for now, I leave you with 
some pictures I like and which I found while surfing the web.

x Krizia


Outfit // Not Sure


Behold, the outfit my mom styled for me. I wasn't sure about which shoes to wear with this outfit, and when I asked my mom about it, she said: Why don't you wear the pair you bought yesterday? My answer: Brown, white and pink? Are you, like, crazy? My mom kept telling me she liked the combo and even asked: Shall I take some pictures? I'm normally the first to ask, so I guess she was quite confident about her choice. She said I shouldn't wear my Steve Madden-pumps, because I always wear them with this type of outfit, which is true. I guess a little mix and match (?) can't hurt...

I now know I'm in desperate need of a pair of white heels. The ultimate search is coming up, because I find it so difficult to find a nice pair of white heels who don't look cheap and tacky.

So, what do you think of this combo?

x Krizia

Blazer: ZARA // Top: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: H&M // Bag: BALENCIAGA


New // Zara - H&M - COS


Yesterday, I went on a shopping trip to Antwerp with a friend and this is what I managed to score:

- A salmon pink blazer at Zara.
- A hot pink shirt at COS.
- Hippie like / Clog like heels at H&M.

I'm wearing the blazer right now and it's so ridiculously soft that I don't want to take it off anymore. The shirt will match perfectly with my See by Chloé-sandals. I've worn the heels all evening yesterday and they're so comfortable, you wouldn't even believe it!

And now... I have to start studying for my exam, which will take place on the 6th of June. I'll do my best to update the blog on a regular basis 'till then, but I'm not sure if I'm going to make it. 

Have a nice day!

x Krizia


Event // Stiletto Bloggers Run

Picture: Belmodo.tv

Remember the risky event I told you I'm going to take part in? 
If you follow  Shark Attack on Twitter or Facebook you'll already know what I'm talking about: the Stiletto Bloggers Run.

Tiany and Patricia from the Belmodo crew literally had to persuade me into participate. Why? The bloggers have to run 300 m on stilettos which are min. 9 cm high. Since my exam's on the 6th of July, I didn't want to participate out of fear of breaking something. But a lot of tweets and calls later, the Belmodo crew finally got me to say 'yes' (HELP). The prize? Free New Look-shoes for a year - not bad, right? This was one of the arguments they used to make me accept: "Think about all the shoes!"

Ever since I accepted two days ago, I've been wearing my heels non stop to 'practice' a little. Other contestants will be my dear friends and fellow bloggers Kim and Afrodite. If you want to see the bloggers running and hopefully not breaking something on stilettos, you're more than welcome to join us! We could use a bit of support. :D

Time and place?

Sunday, 29th of May

The race takes place outside the old prison of Hasselt.

Modemuseum Hasselt
3500 Hasselt

4.30 PM - Start: 5 PM

I hope to see you there!

x Krizia


Inspiration // Mary-Kate Olsen

Source: Olsens Anonymous

Gosh, how I love the Olsen twins - not really for their acting skills but for their sense of style. This outfit of Mary-Kate Olsen... Do I need to say more? The Miu Miu shoes, the pants, the Prada stole (which I'm dying to have but probably costs a fortune). Like the French say: J'adore! 

I've got some exciting meetings and events coming up which I'll talk about very soon. One event even contains a hint of risk, but I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

x Krizia


Outfit // Meow


With animal prints being one of the trends this moment, you literally see it everywhere. I like animal prints in outfits, unless it's not too much, since it can look tacky in a second. So I decided to keep the print low key, only adding it to my accessories. These safari pants are one of the best purchases ever: comfortable yet versatile - I love 'em!

Are you a fan of animal prints? 

x Krizia

Shirt: ZARA // Pants: ZARA // Wedges: H&M // Bag: BALENCIAGA // Glasses: DOLCE & GABBANA


Feature // Belmodo

I was relaxing at my aunt's place when my sister tweeted me that I'd been featured on Belmodo, which is one of Belgium's biggest fashion websites. Well, okay, it's only a slight mention of my name and blog, but the fact that I'm on the website in an article written by THE fashionista herself is quite an honor. Brains and beauty behind Belmodo is Tiany Kiriloff: Belgium's biggest fashion addict & fashion journalist for as long as I can remember. I've had the chance to meet Tiany on several occasions now and I'll meet up with her again when I'm going to a special tea party of which I'm hoping to tell you more about very soon. The fact that my first feature was on Belmodo makes it extra special.

The article itself is about the fact that Tiany and other bloggers are still in love with the Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring (including me, owner of two Arty Rings and indeed still in love with them), but that we're in for something new (also true!). So Tiany introduces the gorgeous Immortal Ring by ManiaMania (see picture above) which are available HERE. As you all know, I'm a big fan of chunky jewelry, so these aren't an exception!

And last but not least, I'd like to thank you all for your love and support once again. It's unbelievable to see the amount of followers growing every day, to read all of your kind words through the comments and emails ... It all seems so surreal. Okay, time to quit nagging and leave y'all alone! ;)

Have a great day!

x Krizia 


Outfit // Contradiction


A casual outfit to show my family who came from Italy around here and at the same time the perfect opportunity to wear my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse flats! I thought it would be funny to wear the flats with this shirt, causing a bit of contradiction. Nevermind, Mr. Jacobs, you know I love you...

Shirt: RIVER ISLAND // Leggings: H&M // Flats: MARC BY MARC JACOBS // Bag: BALENCIAGA // Sunglasses: RIVER ISLAND


Feature // Sprinkles On A Cupcake

It's always amazing to see yourself featured next to some of your favorite bloggers on a blog you read frequently. This is what happened to me when Petra featured me next to Jelka and Sofie in an article about color blocking. I can't explain what it means to me when I see others appreciate the things I do.
Thank you for the feature, Petra!

x Krizia

P.S.: I'll show you an outfit with my Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats in the next post! 
P.P.S: To see more of Shark Attack's press and features, you can click HERE.


New // Marc By Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

The only thing I bought in Paris: the famous Mouse Flats by Marc Jacobs. I was planning to buy a new Chanel or Balenciaga-bag, but due to lack of time and choice, I decided not to. I'd rather save up some more and wait a bit longer until I really find a bag worth buying.

I already wore these flats a couple of times and already got a lot of compliments, even from the boys! I know these flats aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I find them adorable yet subtle.

Have a great day!

x Krizia


Trip // Paris: The Photos


Hi everyone!

I'm back from Paris, but I wish I could stay there forever. Hille and I went as real tourists this time: an organized bus trip which took us along Paris' most famous and beautiful places. Together with two other people, we were the only ones below the 25 year range - All the others were above 50 years old. And let me tell you: I had the best time hanging around with the elderly people! 

These pictures aren't even one third of all my pictures, but showing them all would be a little too much for you, so I decided to make a selection of my personal highlights of the trip. I enjoyed Versailles and Père Lachaise most and took most pictures there.

WARNING: These are very touristic pictures! :D