Money VS Budget // Chanel VS DesignInVerso

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Trying out something new with this 'Money vs. Budget'-category. I hope you like it! 
I'm totally against brands who shamelessly copy a coveted it-item and even more when they claim it to be the 'real deal'. I remember walking into Sac d'Anvers a while ago, finding myself surrounded by fake Balenciaga's. There wasn't a Balenciaga-tag or anything like that, but they were exact copies. The fact that I was holding my own Balenciaga, made it even worse. Oh, the horror! 

I am, on the other hand, very aware that most high street brands take inspiration straight from the runway to design their own collections. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being inspired by someone or something. That's what I want to achieve with this new category on the blog: showing you an highly coveted item and telling you where you can find a similar version, inspired (not copied) by the real deal. 

Chanel's Boy bags have been around for a while now and I have a feeling they're here to stay. I love them, worship them even, but that bloody price tag... There's no way that it'll be hanging on my shoulder in the near - or far - future. While I was browsing the LuisaViaRoma-website (the bag section, to be more precise), I came across this bag from DesignInVerso. I immediately had to think about the Boy, without feeling sick to my stomach because of my 'copy issue'. Another bonus? It costs about 125 euros, which is kinda awesome compared to the 1000 + euros you - without a doubt - will pay for a Boy bag.

(However, if you're in the position of being able to buy an authentic Chanel Boy bag, I'd say... Go for it!)



Shark Attack Needs Help // Chloé Susan Boots

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So, I've finally decided to get the Chloé Susan boots. After lusting for them for ages, I saved up enough money. The nearest place where I can get them is Amsterdam, where they are being sold at Shoebaloo. I'm planning a trip with my mom to the Dutch capital; I'm hoping we can already go this week.

Now, I've studied the Shoebaloo-website and came to the conclusion that they're selling the boots in 4 different colors: grey, powder pink / nude, baby blue and black. I initially wanted the black boots with golden hardware, but I don't think they're being sold anymore. I'm kinda liking all of these colors and I already know that I'll be in the store for a couple of hours because of my indecisiveness. Yeah, I know, it all depends on how they look in real life and on how they look at my feet.

But still... I'm curious. Which color would you get?

x Krizia


Beauty // Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes By Eylure

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Glitzy pop singer Katy Perry designed a second collection for Eylure and it's even better than the first one. The pop art-packaging represents Katy's style so much more. This post was the perfect opportunity to use my Halftone-app again. :)

"Lashes AGAIN?", you might think... But hold it: they're not your average black lashes. Miss Perry - or should I say Mrs. John Mayer (lucky *tuut*) - wanted to add some "Superhero Power" to her collection and decided to design four sets of colored lashes to give that extra pop to your eyes. These subtle color injections will highlight the natural color of your eyes even more. 

I tried to apply a set of Perry's first collection before going to a party, but I already gave up after 3 minutes. Not because the lashes were bad quality or because they refused to say in place, but because I'm the most impatient person walking the planet. I might give it another go, though... These lashes are just too much fun! They remind me of her My Little Pony-hair and candy colored costumes. Fingers crossed!

It was kinda hard to capture the different colors in the pictures, but if you look real closely, I think you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about. Just click below to see the different sets that are available!

The 'Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes By Eylure' will be available at Di starting from February 2013 and will cost about € 8,50 each.


Shark Attack Loves... // Rihanna For River Island

I have to admit that I was kinda sceptical when I found that Rihanna would design a collection for River Island. There are so many celebs trying to make it in the fashion bizz, but only few succeed. Butttt... I was happily surprised when I saw Rihanna's debut show during London Fashion Week, I must say.

The main reason why I love her collection is because it looks like Riri kept two types of women in mind while designing: a woman who is more in touch with her feminine side and the bad ass grungy type of gal. Those who have seen the collection will know what I mean; it's not that hard to put the designs in one of these two categories. Another personal hit? The mix of different kind of colors, prints and fabrics: black, red, yellow, beige, flowers, tie-dye fishnet, see through... We all have at least one piece we'd love to have in our closet, admit it! 

I'll probably have to attend some extra pilates classes to look good in Riri's designs -- did you see those leg splits? Dayum! -- but I'll definitely be at the River Island-store on March 5th (if my schedule allows it). I can already see myself strolling around some festival in those asymmetrical dresses, combined with some bad ass combat boots. And I adore the cropped tops with the high neck. So nineties and I'm lovin' it! Can.Not.Wait.

You can relive the fashion show by watching the video below. I also managed to get my hands on a 'Behind The Scenes'-video and a vid that recaps all the highlights of Riri's River Island adventure!

Do let me know what you think about the collection. #Curious ;)

x Krizia


Outfit // Pink, It's My Favorite Crayon

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I'm so glad to pick up outfit shooting again, I've missed it so much! I'm not sure where to put this outfit... Casual chic? Sporty chic? Anyway, I mixed and matched a bit and I must say that I'm very pleased about the result. 

A while ago, my mom forced me to stock up on some winter sweaters, since they're nowhere to be seen in my closet. I stopped by at H&M to pick up this sweater, which I also got in mint and black. I've been switching between these three colors all winter now and I'm sure that people around here are thinking that I don't own any other clothes. As for the cap: I used to wear it all the time when I was a teenager. Lets just say that I have ZERO interest in Valentine's Day, which happens to be... today. I do, however, wish you and you loved one a nice day. 

And as for the title... I got inspired by Aerosmith's Pink for this one.

x Krizia

P.S.: Kinda picture overload, but I'm just loving these shots my mom took. #IDontHaveAPhotographerBoyfriend

Bag: VALENTINO thanks to Verso // Cap: ZERO // Coat: ZARA // Leather Pants: H&M // Sweater: H&M // Shoes: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA FOR H&M


Beauty // Make Up: Dia De Los Muertos

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I had no idea what so ever in which category I had to place this post, but since I'm wearing make up, I decided to go for the beauty section. My best friends and I went to celebrate 'carnaval', which is not to be compared as the ones in Brazil and Venice. In Belgium and Holland, people get dressed up in funny and goofy outfits -- no thongs or beautiful masks around here. We decided to go to Sittard, because the Dutch people take the celebration of carnaval to a whole different level. I know definitely know that carnaval is not my thing at all, but it was nice to see everybody's costume and to experience it for once. 

My friends and I got inspired by this post by The Cherry Girl during her trip to Mexico, where she got the awesome opportunity to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, which can be compared to All Saints' Day here in Europe. Thanks to the help of my talented friend Daniela, we were looking like some damn fine skeletons, if I say so myself. ;) Below are some pictures I snapped with Instagram (username: @Krizia_S)

What d'ya think?

From left to right: Myself, Dario, Stephanie & Giovanna.


Inspiration // Pink Fedora

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Photo: The Native Fox

Again, sorry for abandoning the blog. My grandfather passed away 4 days ago, so things are kinda hectic right now. It all happened so sudden and unexpected, but I'm finding comfort in the thought that he probably didn't noticed a thing when he passed away. His heart just... stopped beating. I'm happy and grateful that I got to have him with me for 23 years and that there are tons of memories I have of him.

Anyway, if I found the time to go on my laptop during these busy days, all I did was browse for inspirational pictures -- believe me, you don't want to see any of my outfits right now, but I promise I'll be back soon. 

I stumbled upon the picture above and thought I was looking at Blake Lively at first. Turns out, it's Jennifer from The Native Fox, which quickly has become my new favorite blog. As you all know, there's a 99 % chance that I'll love an outfit that contains black and leather, so this one isn't an exception. But what I love most, is the pink fedora hat, which adds the perfect amount of color to this outfit and seems to have the right shade of pink. In love! 

x Krizia

P.S.: If you have some extra 5 seconds left, it would be awesome if you could vote for a friend of mine, who's participating in the Miss Fashion Limburg-competition. All you have to do is like their page here and like her picture here. It would make both of us very happy! Thank you in advance. XOXO