The Devil Wears Prada

My one and only purchase from my shopping trip to Düsseldorf last
Saturday: these patent leather flats by Prada.
When I saw similar ones on Kate Moss here, I immediately fell in

This is the outfit I wore to my internship at Maasmechelen Village
today -- simple chic, so that it wouldn't be too much with the

I know that these shoes might not be everyone's cup of tea,
but I love them (obviously).
And I also know that these pictures are not the best, but it was 
the first time my mom took pictures with my digital reflex camera,
and well, lets just say that she wasn't used to using this type of
camera. :D

Have a lovely evening!

x Krizia

Jacket: H&M // Shirt: RUE BLANCHE // Jeans: LEVIS // Shoes: PRADA



Yesterday I went shopping at Düsseldorf with my mom, my sister and my brother-in-law. 
I've never been to Düsseldorf before, but I found it a very vibrant city with some 
amazing stores!

I finally got the chance to wear my Chloë-boots, but it wasn't a good idea to wear 
them on a shopping spree of several hours. I must admit my feet hurt by the end of 
the day. My bad.

I'll show you what I bought tomorrow.
Here are some random pictures.

x Krizia

Jacket: MANGO // Jeans: LEVIS // Shoes: CHLOË // Bag: CHANEL // Ring: YSL


Feature: For The Love Of Balenciaga // 2

Another feature on my favorite Balenciaga-blog: 
For The Love Of Balenciaga
Thanks J.!

Now that I see this picture again, I'm longing for summer even more!

To see all of my features, you can have a look at the Press / Features-section HERE.

Have a great weekend!

x Krizia


New In My Closet // 2

During my internship at Maasmechelen Village, I got the 'order' to go around and 
snap some pictures of nice items that still are on sale, since these are the last 
days the sales are going on (they'll end on the 31st of January).

When I entered BCBG Max Azria, I saw this wine red clutch, and knew I had to have 
it. It was such a nice bargain -- I couldn't resist.
I love the color, the shape, the locket, ... Everything.

What do you think?

x Krizia

P.S.: Sorry for the lack of updates, but this internship (and other work for school)
is keeping me very busy!


New In My Closet

Today, I wanted to sleep in, getting some rest after my last exam - but my mom 
persuaded me to go shopping in Maastricht. And boy, am I glad I went with her.

First thing I bought, is this Chanel 'Black Pearl'-nailpolish, which matches 
perfectly with my sister's necklace.

The second thing I bought... Well, see for yourself! :)


Feature: For The Love Of Balenciaga

Today, I've been featured on For The Love Of Balenciaga, a site about, obviously, 
everything you need to know about Balenciaga.

Apart from the official Balenciaga website, to me, For the Love Of Balenciaga is 
the best documented website I've found. I've been checking this website for quite 
some time now, so that I'm always up-to-date!
The author, 'J', also gives some helpful advice, like how to repair the leather 
strings of your Balenciaga-bag, for example.

Thank you so much for the feature!

x Krizia


London Calling

Picture: www.zimbio.com

After I posted my previous post regarding Kate Moss, 
Femke from Me And My Ego, commented: 'I love her husband!'.

Unfortunately, Kate's cute man, Jamie Hince (see the picture above), 
wasn't on the picture, so Femke and I started to share our favorite 
pictures of him, and other cute English men, via Facebook.

Ok, I admit, most of these men aren't THAT handsome, but it's 
their style which makes them look goo-ood.
A tight jeans, a nice jacket, preferably a scarf / hat ... and voilà, 
there you have it. 

I know not every woman will appreciate this type of style, but I 
love it -- So I told Femke: 'I have to get to London ASAP!'.

So ladies, I want to know: Hit or miss?

P.S.: My exams will end this Friday, and I'll start my two-week 
internship at Maasmechelen Village - an outlet centre - next Monday. 
So I'm sorry if there will be a lack of (outfit) posts for the coming days, 
but I will do my best! 

x Krizia


I Love You, Kate

Picture: www.cocoperez.com

How's it possible that Kate Moss is able to look so effortlessly 
chic in everything she wears?

I love the outfit on the picture above, which she wore to celebrate 
her birthday. It's perfect, not too much.
Oh, what I'd give to ask her how she puts together an outfit every 
morning. I'd love to know her secret.

What do you think of her outfit?
Hit or miss?

x Krizia


Plaid & Classics

No 'full body'-pictures today, since I still have a cold which makes me look like 
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. ;)
So, here are a couple of pictures which show you parts of today's outfit.

A tomboy-ish outfit mixed with some 'classics', like my Chanel-bag and YSL Arty-ring. 
I also wore some heels to still look a little bit girly.

Have a great day, everyone!

x Krizia

Plaid Shirt: H&M // Tanktop: H&M // Jeans: Levis // Shoes: NEW LOOK // Ring: YSL // 
Bag: Chanel

Window World by Karl Lagerfeld

I love Karl Lagerfeld's short movies.
When I heard Mr. Lagerfeld had created another one, I thought it would be the 
perfect moment to take a break from studying and see what 'his genius highness' 
had done this time.

The short movie features Magdalena Frackowiak, Barbara Dvorakova and, of course, 
Baptiste Giabiconi.
I love the mysterious atmosphere in the short film, and even more the 'horror movie-music'. 

I read some reactions about this short film, and a lot of people didn't appreciate it, 
saying it was irrelevant.
I, personally, like the short film. It has that something, even if I can't put my finger 
on what that something actually is.

What's your opinion?

P.S.: Seeing Baptiste Giabiconi makes me nostalgic about my trip to Paris a couple of 
months ago. I had the chance to meet him -- You can see the picture of our encounter HERE.

Enjoy the weekend, while you still can!

x Krizia


Today's Outfit

Sorry for the boring post-title, but I'm having the biggest cold ever and it seems 
to have taken away my inspiration. :(

Tonight, I'm going out to dinner -- The perfect opportunity to dress up again 
after spending days in my PJ's because I have to study for my exams.

I decided to match this Christopher Kane-shirt to this classic high-wasted skirt, so 
that it would have a 'raw' edge.
It's been a long time since I wore this crocodile-printed shirt, and I fall in love 
with it all over again every time I take it out of my closet.

I wish you all a great weekend!
I'll have to study again starting tomorrow. :(

x Krizia



Lost & Found

Here are two lost and found-pictures from the River Island-event I attended last 
month, where I had the chance to have a preview at the Spring / Summer '11-collection.

Now that I see these pictures, I'm not so sure anymore about the red lipstick. 
I think it might be too much for my pale skin.
What do you think?

I also changed the left side of the blog a little bit,
since I thought it became too 'crowded'.
I removed the Twitter & Facebook-boxes, and added direct links instead.
I also added an 'About' and 'Press / Features'-section.

What do you think about it?

x Krizia


Spotted: Sugar For Your Closet

It was only yesterday that I came across the Belgian online shop / blog: 
Sugar For Your Closet.
There aren't that many online fashion shops in Belgium (or not that I know of), 
so I love to discover new ones.

It's not a secret that I'm a fan of big, gold, chunky jewelry (the more, the better), 
so you can imagine my happiness when saw the type of jewelry Sugar For Your Closet is selling.

The online shop sells the following brands: 

Mawi // Zoe & Morgan // Finsk

That's right, the popular Finsk-shoes, which have been spotted at the feet of 
Andy (Stylescrapbook), Sabrina (after DRK), Chiara The Blonde Salad and Bryan 
(Bryanboy)are being sold by Sugar for Your Closet!

For the moment, Sugar For Your Closet only ships to Europe.
Hurry up, because there are sales going on!

Now I only have to find someone who wants to buy me one (or more, of course) of 
these beauties - I'm studying for my exams, which means I have no income at the 
moment. Boo! 

Click below to see some of my favorite jewelry.
Which one is / are your favorite(s)?


Things I Can't Live Without

I had my first exam this morning, and I think it went well, but I won't talk about 
it too much, because I don't want to jinx it.
I got up at 6 a.m., and I literally look like *tuut*, so no outfit post today.

The title of this post says it all, I guess. Here are some things I definitely 
cannot live without. The idea to write this post popped up in my head when I got 
home from school.
How come? Just go to the Blackberry-section and you'll understand. 

The first thing I can't live without is, of course, my blog. I never imagined it 
would become such an important part of my life.


Fashion Literature

While studying, I decided to take a small break and write a post about some things 
I like to read more than my history books. Besides fashion, reading is one of my 
other passions, so I wanted to share my 'fashion literature' with you.

1. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman
2. L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
3. Style by Lauren Conrad
4. Sex And The City 2 by Eric Cyphers
5. Influence by Mary-Kate Olsen


Mad Hatter

I finally bought a more decent camera, and here are the first results. 
I can really notice quite some improvement in the quality of the pictures, can you? 
I'm still learning, though...
I bought the Sony Alpha 290, and it's very easy to use, which is perfect for 
beginners like me. 

This isn't a 'total' outfit post, but when I saw this hat at H&M,
I immediately saw Mary-Kate Olsen in front of me, who is a frequent 'hat wearer'.

I found the black Converse All Star during the sales at a very good price. I couldn't 
resist buying them, since they're the perfect shoes for a casual outfit or to go to 
school - the infrastructure at my school makes it impossible to wear heels. :D

Now I'm off studying *sigh*.
I wish you all a great weekend!

x Krizia

P.S.: Sorry for the overload of pictures, but I was so happy about the results, 
I couldn't choose. :)

Hat: H&M // Jeans: LEVIS // Shoes: CONVERSE ALL STAR


Wanted: Leather Vest by Balenciaga

I have a soft spot for everything that's leather or snake-inspired, so this vest 
wasn't exception.
I like the combination of the quilted pattern on the shoulders,
and the snake-skin pattern on the rest of the vest.

And I don't know if the vest would have been as special as it is
now, if it would have been all black.
Seriously, the blue color is to die for!

I'm not sure if I would match it with the blouse on the picture,
but with the right outfit & accessories, the total picture could
turn out amazing. 

Picture: www.carolinesmode.com



I've been spending the last 2 days in my PJ's, studying for my exams. 
Unfortunately, my PJ's aren't fashionable enough to make it to the blog. ;)
Tomorrow, I'm going out to dinner with my colleagues, which means I'll have to dress 
up a bit, so I hope I can take some outfit pictures...

I love watching pictures of the past, and seeing the changes I, and the people I love, 
have been through. We all have those embarrassing pictures of our teenage years, but 
I'll spare you those. ;)

I hope you can appreciate these kind of posts, even though I'll
do my best to post some more 'fashionable' pictures soon!

P.S.: The first picture is me on my 1st birthday. ;)


New Year's Eve: The Outfit

First of all, again: Happy New Year!
I hope you all celebrated it with the people you love and care
about, and that you all got home safe.

I went out to dinner with some friends and went to a party
afterwards. The roads are still filled with ice and snow, so I
decided to stay in town.

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you know I already wore
this dress to a Halloween-party here. I didn't had the chance to
go shopping due to my work and studying for my exams, so I had to
recycle. I think this red dress is festive enough for NYE, so I
decided to wear it again. :D

What did you do on NYE?

x Krizia

Dress: UNKNOWN // Shoes: NEW LOOK // Headband: SWAROVSKI