Event // Forever 21 Party

Yesterday, I got the honor to attend one of the most talked / tweeted about party of the last couple of months: the Forever 21-party. The party was hosted to celebrate the fact that two F21-stores will open in Belgium this summer (in Brussels and Antwerp). Some key words to describe the party: holograms, cocktails, music and a lot of bloggers. It was nice to see so many of my fellow bloggers / friends again.

The evening started with a fashion show for the press and VIP's, where we got to see a sneak peek of the  F21-collection. The only difference with a classic fashion show was the fact that the models were 'hologrammed' on stage. It was very hard to take pictures, so I decided to put a video I found on YouTube at the end of the post - it's a video of the hologram fashion show of the F21-party in Vienna. After the show, the winners of the Tumblr-contest joined the party. Teddiedrum took care of the music, but unfortunately I left the party just before their performance.

P.S. In the next posts I'll show you my whole outfit and a cool gift I got from Cointreau.

I would like to thank Oona and Forever 21 for a great party and for having me there.
Now I'll stop babbling and let the pictures do the talking. ;)

x Krizia


Inspiration // The Coveteur

Every time I'm looking for some inspirational pictures, The Coveteur is one of the first websites I look at. I bet most of you have heard of or already checked out this website, but if you haven't: The Coveteur gives you a sneak peek into the closets of the most influential artists, designers, fashion (magazine) editors and fashionistas around the world, photographing their most coveted items. I must warn you, though... Looking at this website can make you frustrated, leave you breathless and / or make you obsessed with winning the lottery.

Below are just a few of the many pictures in my 'The Coveteur Inspirational Folder':


Detail // Big

ALFBxs on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Since most of you asked:
Here are some quick shots of me wearing my new my Prada sunnies. They aren't the best pictures, but I was in a hurry, so sorry for that! I finally managed to create a GIF, which is a nice option to show multiple similar pictures, don't you think?

And now... *drumroll* ... Your opinion! Shoot!

x Krizia


Shark Attack Meets... // Anouck Lepère

As promised, my picture with top model Anouck Lepère at the '10 years Maasmechelen Village' event. Maybe I should have listened to Patricia (on the right) when she said: "It's never a good idea to stand next to a top model." And ... she's right! Isn't Anouck gorgeous? This reminds me of those typical chick flicks, when the prettiest girl in school enters and everyone else fades to the back ground. I'll keep Patricia's advice in mind next time. :D

A lot of you also asked some shots of me wearing my new Prada sunnies... I took some quick snaps this morning and I'll upload them tomorrow!

x Krizia


New // Prada Sunnies

Say hello to my new Prada-sunnies from the Minimal Baroque-collection!
I know, most of you will already be tired to see these sunglasses, since they're all over the Internet / blogs. I've been in love with them ever since I saw them in the ads and campaigns, but I couldn't find them in my home town. While I was shopping in Maastricht, I finally found them, but I didn't buy them since my sister kept telling me I looked like Willy Wonka. Today, I was shopping with my mom in Genk, when I saw them again. I literally spent an hour in the store, debating on the pros and cons, ignoring my mom's laughter every time I tried these on. That's when I thought: 
"What am I waiting for? I like them,  I want them, I'm the one who has to wear them so I'm gonna buy them. Nevermind what everyone will think." 
Afterwards, even my mom admitted they aren't that bad once you get used to them. I also tried the famous white and blue-glasses, but those didn't suit me at all. These will do just fine, though. They're much more wearable, but still have that extra something.

P.S.: It's now also known that Versace will design a collection for H&M. I'm not the biggest fan of these collaborations, but from what I've seen, I find myself curious to see more. On the other hand, I'm still not sure if I'm willing to wait in line for hours. Wait and see, I guess.


New // Neon

Warning: Maybe it's better if you put on a pair of sunglasses.

I bought these neon yellow and pink bras at H&M yesterday. It was difficult not to look at them, since I could see them from a mile away. Trying to take a break from my all black-wardrobe, I find these two a great addition. I'm thinking about wearing them with a tanktop and some shorts / jeans. Celine from The Shoe Girl shows exactly what I mean. Click below to see her picture. :)

What about you? Are you a fan of neon lingerie?

x Krizia


Video // Yours Truly At Tiany Kirilove

Remember when I posted about the Tiany Kirilove Tea Party (if not, you can see the post HERE)? 
You can find a video of the event above, which was shot by Vogue Moment & AMREC. A lot of my fellow friends and bloggers are featured: TianyAnnebethJelka, KimHananFarahSabina and Patricia. You can spot me at the 2:24 and the 2:38 mark. It's nice to see videos like these, they bring back so many nice memories!

I also got some exciting project coming up, like a couple of trips with some fellow bloggers. I'm really looking forward to it! I'll keep you updated, of course. This wouldn't be possible without your love and support, so thank you!

Have a nice day!

x Krizia


Event // Marlies Dekkers At Brussels

Yesterday, I was invited to discover the Fall / Winter 2011 and the Undressed-collection by Marlies Dekkers. The event took place at a beautiful restaurant in Brussels, called Belgo Belge. I loved the interior of the restaurant - looking at interiors is a tic I inherited from my dad - and the snacks were delicious, so I'm definitely going back.

If you would ask a woman to give one typical detail of a Marlies Dekkers-bra, I'm sure she'd say: the multiple strings attached to the bra above the breast(s). While wearing a loose blouse or a transparent blouse (like I was wearing to the event), those multiple strings can peek out from time to time, which I like. Just don't expose too much, since the label 'trashy' is always around the transparent blouse + visible bra combination.

Those typical details are also present in this collection. While I'm a fan of 'neutral' lingerie - like the black, pale pink and white sets - I also immediately noticed the pink set with the black bows print. The real girly girl in me pops up from time to time. A lot of prints, no prints, bras, corsets ... I love the variety of choice.

I would also like to thank Puck and Sandra from the Marlies Dekkers-crew for inviting me and to thank GillesTitiaAngelique and Michaël for the nice evening.

The event took place at:

Belgo Belge
Vredestraat / Rue de la Paix 20
1050 Elsene (Brussels)

Click below to see more pictures of the event.


Random // Daily Shots

Hi everyone!

Here are some random shots of things happening in my life of the past days:

1. I finally found Chanel's yellow Mimosa nail polish.
2. The result.
3. One of my best friends gave birth to a baby boy: Diego. Congrats to the happy parents!
4. I finished Lauren Conrad's second book 'Sweet Little Lies' too. Now off to the third one.
5. If everything goes well, I should attend the presentation of the new collection by Marlies Dekkers tonight. I hope to make it in time!
6. I found this vintage 70's dress in my late grandmother's closet. I can't wait to wear it, but I need to tailor / adjust it a bit first.

Have a nice day!

x Krizia


New // La Fille d'O Still Stands Bikini

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday I went to Ghent and bought this bikini by La Fille d'O. I've told you about this Belgian brand a couple of times before, and I cannot express my love enough. When I was in Ghent, I visited Maison La Fille d'O, which is basically their head quarter. The designer herself, Murielle Scherre, is present most of the time to personally help her customers. She did a great job helping me out with the different bras and bikinis.

Actually, a lot of her designs are a bra and bikini in one. While the item I bought is normally a bikini, I can totally see myself wearing it underneath a transparent shirt. I love the front, which reminds me of Batman in a way, the see through fabric to tease a little bit and the double 'locks' on the back.

Again, an item not everyone will like. I love La Fille d'O's unusual designs and the fact that they're so comfortable at the same time.

For more info and images, you can go to the website HERE.

Picture: Lafilledo.com


New // Alice By Temperley-jacket

Yesterday, I got this Alice By Temperley-jacket and the first key words that popped up in my head were:
military, Michael Jackson, music band and circus manager. I love military jackets, and with Balmain being just 'slightly' over my budget, this jacket will do just fine. While I'm aware not everyone will like this jacket and it's not one to wear everyday, I think it's perfect to wear for a night out or to an event.

Any thoughts?

x Krizia



Video // In The Background

Here's a video of the 10th anniversary of Maasmechelen Village with Anouck Lepère which I told you about yesterday. I'm in the video too, can you see me?

For those who didn't find me:
I'm the girl walking in on the background after 30 seconds, totally oblivious and pulling my skirt down for everyone to see, lol. :D Since I didn't get the chance to shoot some outfit pictures, this will give you somewhat an idea of what I was wearing. A thank you to the sweet Valérie of Oona for escorting me to the event & another thank you to the whole Oona and Maasmechelen Village crew for having me there.

x Krizia


Event // 10 Years Maasmechelen Village With Anouck Lepère

Party in my little hometown Maasmechelen today: Maasmechelen Village, Belgium's most famous outlet centre, turned 10 years 'young' today. I had the honor to join the festivities along with Belgium's top model Anouck Lepère. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her black and blue dress / suit and Nicholas Kirkwood-shoes. We all love Nicholas Kirkwood, don't we?

Due to school, I had to pass on the press conference, but I did make it in time to attend the private dinner. I finally saw Patricia again and got to meet Elspeth from the Belgian magazine Glam*it. When we finished our lunch we had the opportunity to take a picture with Anouck. I could feel my self esteem sink to the deepest bottom when I was standing next to her - I should receive the picture very soon, I'm so curious to see how I look next to her. :D

Afterwards, it was time to cut the birthday / cupcake cake, which were so delicious even the people working at the stores of Maasmechelen Village came to get their share of the sweet goodies. It was funny to see all employees walking around with tons of cupcakes. Anouck also let up a bunch of balloons, which all held a card. For every card returned by the person who found the balloon, money will be donated to charity. It's nice to know that, besides only celebrating, Maasmechelen Village and Anouck Lepère are concerned about those who are in need.

Click below to see some pictures of the event.


Wanted // Balmain Dress

Ever since I saw this ridiculously gorgeous Balmain-jacket I can't stop thinking about it. It's so perfect, I can't even describe it. Of course, it's way out of my budget, so I guess I'll be staring at the picture for a long, long time.

Kristen Stewart wore the 'dress version' of this jacket at the MTV Movie Awards and she looked smashing in it, even though if I would have chosen other shoes to go with it. But hey, who the hell am I? Gosh, now that I'm almost over the jacket, I fall in love with the dress. I'm not a big fan of Kristen Stewart - the fact that she got to play Bella along that damn fine Edward probably has something to do with it - but I think the dress suits her perfectly.

What do you think?

Click below to see Kristen Stewart in the Balmain dress.


Feature // Love And Laughs

In these days full of studying I'm literally stuck inside with my PJ's without something interesting happening. Until today! I got featured twice!

The first feature is on one of my favorite blogs Ella And Louise. One of the 3 bloggers behind E&L is one of my dear friends Kim and she wrote this post. I think it's so sweet of her and I'm just loving my nickname! Lots of love right back at ya, Shaniqua! :D
I love the fact that I have such great friends which are also bloggers, instead of all the rivalry that's going on between certain bloggers right now.
To see the whole post, click HERE.

The second feature is on Dressology HQ. It's an article on the Stiletto Bloggers Run I participated in last Sunday. Thank you so much for featuring me, Sada! 
To see the whole article, click HERE.


Interview // Belmodo.tv

Here's the official Belmodo.tv-video on the Stiletto Bloggers Run and you can see a part of my interview around the 2:10 mark. It's still so strange to see and especially hear myself on camera. I live in an area in Belgium where they laugh with our accent - they say we talk slow and that we 'sing' while we talk - and now that I hear myself talk, I definitely understand what they mean. ;)
I also think this is a nice way to see me 'for real', since I mostly post pictures on the blog.

I'm sorry it's in Dutch, but I'm basically saying that it's the first time I'm participating in the Run, that I don't know what to expect, but that I'm sure we'll have a good laugh.

And I promise, this is the last post on the Stiletto Bloggers Run! :D It's just that it was such a nice experience and I really wanted to share it all with you!

x Krizia