New // Isabel Marant Renell Jeans

My first Isabel Marant-item is a fact. While on a shopping trip to Antwerp with my boyfriend, I managed to get my hands on the Isabel Marant Renell Jeans, also known as the Navajo pants. They're from the Fall/Winter 2011/2012-collection and are those type of jeans you either love or hate -- I've loved them ever since I saw them all over Fashion Week.

I found them at the Graanmarkt 13 store and I know I would've regretted it if I didn't buy them, especially since they were the last pair in store. The fact that I got them at a 20 % discount makes it even better. I can't wait to wear them and have already been brainstorming on an outfit. I love them in white too, but since I rarely wear white (and they didn't have them at the store anymore), I decided to go for my beloved black. I advise you to visit the Graanmarkt 13 store if you're in Antwerp. Not only do they have the best items and brands, but the girls working there are also very helpful.

My boyfriend likes the pants too, which kinda took me by surprise. Well, I won't complain about that matter. ;)

So, what do you think?
Tell me your thoughts in the comment box below. Can't wait to hear them. :)

P.S.: The pictures were taken when it was dark outside, so I had to use the flash (which I usually never use, since I hate 'flash-pictures'). I just couldn't wait to show you the pants. #blush

x Krizia


Personal // Christmas

While wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance in my previous post, I am now wishing you a belated Merry Christmas! I hope you all had an amazing time with your loved ones and I wish you all the best in the world.

My Christmas consisted out of family, friends and TONS of food -- That's what you get when you come from an Italian family. A couple of days ago, I was invited to a friend's Christmas party, which meant I got to spend the night with some of my closest friends accompanied by tons of food (again).
That's me after dinner in the first picture -- Totally tired of eating and resting to let everything sink in.

I wanted to show you some pictures of the Christmas party, ft. three of my closest friends. There are  other friends worth mentioning too, though. Friends who were at the party and of which I didn't  manage to take a picture and friends who were not there, but whom I still keep close in my heart. I'm going to start with them first:

Sabrina: My best friend since high school. She and I are the perfect example of the fact that you don't have to see or hear each other every day to know that you can count on each other, no matter what.
Hille: She's been there for me in some critical moments. We've been through so much together, I couldn't live without her.
Giovanna: The hostess of the Christmas party and someone who's become a close friend over a short amount of time. We've known each other since high school, but we never really hung out together -- Until a couple of months ago. I'm so happy that I got to know her better.

I feel blessed to have such amazing friends and I hope that you also have those few close friends of which you know they will always be there for you (and vice versa, of course).
Ready to see the faces of my other three close friends?
Click, click, click below!


Detail // Feather

I got inspired by one of my all time favorite musicians for this detail: Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.
He's well known for wearing feather earrings, feather extensions and God knows what else and I've been kinda digging it for a long time.

I've been on the search for 'the perfect pair of feather earrings' (Djeez, what a description) and after quite a long search, I found these red ones. What I like most of the combo with my long hair is that the feather comes peeking out once in a while and isn't visible all the time. It's funny to see people look at your right ear while they're talking to you and see them think: "What the hell is THAT?" 

Even though I was obliged to buy them in pairs, I only wear one earring. Don't ask me why, I just think it's more fun. I'm still looking for some feather extensions and my mom is trying to talk me out of it, saying I'll "look like a chicken" -- She already knows I won't listen, though. Sorry, mom!

To see my beloved Steven Tyler rocking his feathers, just Google 'Steven Tyler feathers' and you'll get a gazillion pictures.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance, hoping you'll all get to spend it with your loved ones.

 x Krizia


Fashion News // Alice Dellal for Chanel

Pictures: wwd.com & fashioncopious.typepad.com

Yes, yes, yes! One of my favorite IT-girls ever, Alice Dellal, will be the new face of the Boy Chanel handbag collection. I literally can not wait to see the results of the campaign starring the tattooed and pierced Brazilian model, which is expected to launch in March next year.

As a sign of 'confirmation', a sneak peek appeared on the Internet, showing Alice Dellal being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. Dellal, former model for Mango and Agent Provocateur, is seen in a girly ensemble, which is a nice change from her leather, ripped tights and spiked filled outfits.

Alice, who has Charlotte Casiraghi from Monaco as her sister-in-law (how cool is that?), was my inspiration to shave a part of my hair. You can see the result here. I love how Chanel always manages to find a balance in being young and edgy, but still classy.

What do you think of Lagerfeld's choice?
Hit or miss?

x Krizia

P.S.: I'd like to thank one of my favorite stores, the SN3, for personally tweeting me the news on Twitter. So sweet!


Outfit // Powder Pink

Hi everyone!

Notice anything different? Apart of wearing my contacts again - I do still wear my glasses, though - I decided to try something different with my hair. Inspired by Mary-Kate Olsen in this picture, I decided to try out her hairdo ... And I kinda like the result! Do you? It's also the perfect way to hide the left side of my head / hair, which I shaved last Spring and is growing back now, making it a total disaster.

This kimono-like blouse is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. Even if I like leather, skulls and everything 'rock-ish', I still am a girl, so I like girly things from time to time too. ;) The clutch was a birthday gift and I never got around to wear it, until now (obviously).

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this hairdo. :)

x Krizia

Blouse: ZARA // Skirt: H&M // Booties: SAM EDELMAN // Clutch: MARC BY MARC JACOBS


Outfit // Faux Fur & Leather

You might notice something different ... I'm wearing glasses from now on - orders of the eye specialist. I've been wearing glasses ever since I was 7 years old, but I switched to contacts as soon as I was allowed to. Well, that wasn't such a great idea ... My eyes are damaged of wearing contacts non stop, so I have to wear glasses for 6 months straight. My eyesight is really bad (I have - 11 on both eyes now), so the lenses of my glasses are really thick. Just so you know, in case you were wondering why my glasses are deforming my eyes / head. I know that almost everyone is wearing these type of glasses now, but because of the thick lenses, I had no other option. What do you think?

As for the outfit, I opted for faux leather pants, a faux leather jacket and a faux fur vest. I'm also wearing knee high leather boots and I like the fact that they kinda blend in with the pants, making them almost invisible. Temperatures are staring to go down at a high speed now, but as long it isn't snowing, I won't complain too much. My dad bought me this bag when we were on a holiday in Sicily three years ago. The bag's shape is totally ruined (which is my own fault), but I still love it.

x Krizia

Faux Fur Vest: H&M // Faux Leather Jacket: THANKS TO VERO MODA // Faux Leather Pants: THANKS TO VERO MODA // Boots: UNKNOWN // Belt: GUCCI // Bag: DOLCE & GABBANA MISS MARYLOU BAG


Random // Winter Blues

I've been meaning to shoot some outfit pictures for a while now, but this sh*tty weather sure is one hell of a party pooper. I absolutely detest winter and I hope that it will be over ASAP. And as for snow ... Well, lets just say that I am not hoping for a white Christmas. #sorry

Since I couldn't shoot new pictures, I thought it would be fun to do a post with pictures of old and more recent outfits I took when the weather gods showed more mercy. Followers who have been reading my blog for a while might recognize most outfits while new followers will have a nice summary of some of my favorite spring and summer outfits.

I hope you'll enjoy this post!

x Krizia


New // UGG Australia Classic Short Sangria Boots

Do you still remember that I recently attended the opening of the UGG Australia-store at Maasmechelen Village? Well, I was gifted a pair of UGG-boots by the friendly people from UGG Australia, Maasmechelen Village and Oona that day.

Let me get things straight first ... I find it important to be honest with my readers, so here we go:
I usually would never buy these shoes myself. They just do not fit my personal style. But I always was curious about their secret, since I saw so many people wear them. People in my home town, at school, celebrities on the set of their new movie / TV-show / whileshopping ... They all have 'em.

I initially chose a pair of black UGGs with a zipper on the sides. You know me, I will always have the urge to turn to black. When I tried them on, the first thing I said was: "OMG, look at my feet!". UGGs tend to give your feet a ... well ... lets say 'different' shape. But I got over it and I found (and still find) them extremely warm and comfortable. Believe me, they might not be the most flattering shoes on earth - I am aware of that - but they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own at the moment.

So I wore them non-stop to go to school or to walk around the house and in my enthusiasm, I managed to break the zipper. I went back to the UGG-store at Maasmechelen Village and got to choose a new pair -- Thank you all, once again. Due to the hundreds of people invading the store on a daily basis ever since the opening, my size was almost sold out, except for a pair of classic short sangria-colored UGGs. After doubting and debating for almost an hour and my mom reminding me that I keep saying that I want to add some extra color to my closet, I decided to get them.

My dad, sister and brother-in-law think they're 'UGGly', my mom thinks they're cute and my boyfriend thinks they are 'okay' (I think that he doesn't wants to hurt my feelings).

How do you feel about UGGs?
Share your thoughts in the comment box below... I'm so curious!

x Krizia

Boots: UGG AUSTRALIA thanks to Maasmechelen Village & Oona.


Detail // Marni Wedges

With the news of the Marni for H&M-collaboration flooding the Internet this morning, I suddenly remembered that these Marni-wedges are hidden somewhere in my closet.

I found these wedges in Maastricht at a 70 %-discount, but I must admit that they are quite painful. These are the type of shoes that make your feet feel as if they've been run over by a truck or something, but are way too special / fascinating not to wear. I always get tons of looks and compliments when I'm wearing these and I'm already thinking about when I can wear them again. Lets just pray that it won't snow any time soon!

What do you think about the Marni and H&M-collaboration?
You can see a sneak peek-video HERE. I literally can not wait to see the entire collection

x Krizia


Wanted // Burberry Silver Metallic Pants

While shopping this weekend, I spotted these pants by Burberry and I instantly fell in love with them. Now, € 750 for a pair of trousers is quite a lot, but they've been stuck in my head ever since I saw them and I already started a piggy bank to save the money.

I'll probably get tons of weird looks wearing them, but I've already brainstormed on how to wear them. 
I think one of my gazillion leather jackets and my leather peep toe booties will do the trick.

What do you think?
I really wanted to show you these pants and know your thoughts on them. :)

x Krizia


Beauty // Cat Eyes

If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you should know that I rarely blog about beauty. Why? Because I hardly wear make up and I'm not very creative when it comes to powdering my nose.

I was willing to make an exception for this post, since eyeliner cat eyes are my signature look when I go out or go to events. I finish the look with some red lipstick and voilà, I am ready to go. Now, applying eyeliner is not the easiest thing to do. It took me months before I could apply it somewhat decent.

While checking one of my favorite blogs - Belmodo.tv - I stumbled upon an amazing and very easy tutorial to create the 'Cat Eyes'-look. Do you want to know how to do it?
Click below to see the tutorial I took inspiration from and to see pictures of me doing the same.

P.S.: Excusez-moi for the blurry pictures, but I took them with the Photoboot application on my Macbook.

P.P.S.: Yes, I only have one 'eyelinered' eye in the picture above, since I took pictures while fancying the other one.

So, what do you think?
Worth trying or still too difficult?

x Krizia

Event // Opening UGG-store @ Maasmechelen Village

I finished my internship yesterday and is there any better way than to celebrate that with a fashion event? I think not! Yesterday, I got invited to the opening of the UGG-store at Maasmechelen Village a.k.a. the outlet shopping walhalla in my home town. Most events I get invited to involve a one hour drive (at the least), so whenever I get invited by Maasmechelen Village, I try my very best to be there.

When I arrived there at 4 p.m., I saw a huge line of people waiting outside. Since we were considered 'press', we got to enter the store immediately. I also apologize to the woman complaining that we got to enter first: Sorry, ma'am!

While talking with some other bloggers, thinking I would have tons of time to take pictures, they let in the first customers. I have never experienced something like that in my life. Women, men, boys and girls were all pushing each other to get their pair of UGGs first. I saw a couple of poor guys holding 6 or 7 boxes, while their ladies were running all over the store searching for more furry goodies. I almost got run over a couple of times, which made taking decent pictures quite impossible. So I decided to show you some pictures of the total chaos going on in the store.

The credits for the other (decent) pictures go to Maasmechelen Village (click HERE to see all images).

The UGG-store offers a big choice of shoes and accessories for women, men and children.
You get a 30 % discount on the original price. Not too bad, right?
Interested? You'd better hurry! The UGG-store is opened 'till March 2012.

I'd like to thank Oona and Maasmechelen Village for having me and for always making me feel so welcome.

P.S.: That's one smiley me in the last picture. Can you imagine the look (and smile) on my face when I was told that I got to choose a pair of UGGs to keep and try them out? Those who follow me on Twitter already got a sneak peek of the pair I've chosen. For those who don't have Twitter ... I will show you my choice ASAP and will also tell you how I feel about them. :)

x Krizia


Feature // Styletoday.nl

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a party at Maasmechelen Village to celebrate the fact that they are providing my little home town with some fashionable stores for 10 years now. I got snapped by the Style Today-crew, but totally forgot about it. Thank you, Valerie, for letting me know!

So, that's me on the right and I was wearing my sequined blazer by Maje, a white tank top from H&M, a bag by Chanel and some H&M-pants and New Look-pumps which (obviously) aren't visible on the picture.

My internship will end this Thursday and I promise you that I'll be more than back then!

Have a nice weekend, y'all!

P.S.: To see the whole article, click HERE.

x Krizia


Event // Customisez-Moi: Backstage + Show

Last Friday, I took a break from all the preparations for my internship and went to Brussels for the Customisez-Moi fashion show. I had a great time hanging out with some fellow bloggers / friends whom I hadn't seen for a very long time.

Remember when I told you about a collaboration for Coca Cola Light? Well, I'll tell you more about it once I get all the details myself, but this event had something to do with it. Customisez-Moi offers young and upcoming designers the chance to show their talent and designs. Besides the main collection, some designers also designed different silhouettes with all kinds of Coca Cola Light-materials.

We got the chance to go backstage and preview the Coca Cola Light-collection and also got some front row seats at the fashion show. Backstage pictures are always fun and front row seats just mean better pictures -- Not that my photographic skills that great, front row or not. ;)

Here are some shots I took backstage and some of my personal favorite items of the collections.
I hope you like it!

WARNING: Picture overload.


Help // Asos Gift Card

Hi everyone!

Yes, I am still alive. I've just been super busy with my internship -- One week down, still two to go. Since it is a national holiday tomorrow, I decided to do absolutely nothing for school tonight.

My friend Hille gave me an Asos gift card for my birthday (you can never go wrong with some Asos) and I decided to focus on the tops and shirts. I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to online shopping, because I always think something will go wrong with the delivery or fitting of the items. So I thought that tops would be the safest when it comes to sizes. I have made my top 3 staying in the price range of the gift card, but I need your help, because I can not choose between these three items at all!

Which one do you prefer?
1, 2 or 3?
Please help me!

x Krizia

1. ASOS Maximal Sequin Jumper
2. ASOS Jumper With Neon Hedgehog Design
3. ASOS Jacquard Sleeveless Shell Top

P.S.: Thank you for all the birthday wishes in my last post!


New // Hermès Carré: 'Jungle Love'

Another birthday gift, this time given to me by the best sister and brother-in-law in the world! I couldn't believe it when they gave me a big orange Hermès-bag this morning. Inside, I found my very first Hermès Carré scarf, called 'Jungle Love'. And oh boy, am I in love with it! I couldn't have wished for a better gift. Now lets hope the rain will stay away just a little bit longer -- We don't want to ruin this baby, now do we?

Oh, and before I forget...
Thank you al so much for all the birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook!
You're the best!

x Krizia


New // Marc by Marc Jacobs Goodies

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have read that I went to Maastricht to  do some pre-birthday shopping with my aunt. My birthday isn't 'till this Saturday, but since my aunt owns a restaurant, she hasn't got that much free time to go out. We had a lot of fun spending some one on one quality time together. When we got to Aim, my aunt bought me something which I was on my wish list for quite some time now. Aim sells brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Patrizia Pepe, See by Chloé ... and is definitely worth a visit if you're in Maastricht.

Do you want to see what my aunt got me?
Click below to see more pictures!


Feature // Interview for Social Wardrobe

Hi everyone!

A while ago, I was contacted by Charlotte from Social Wardrobe to do an interview about Shark  Attack. What makes it a bit more special, is that she interviews Italian fashion bloggers. As you may, or may not know, both of my parents are Italian. I know, I don't look like your typical Italian girl - no Sammi Sweetheart or Deena lookalike here - but nonetheless, I'm still proud of my roots.

So you can imagine that I didn't need too much time to think about whether I would do the interview or not. Well, my first 'Italian' interview is a fact now! I must thank my mom though, since she helped me writing it. When it comes to the Italian language, my talking skills are better than my writing skills.

I know most of you won't understand a word of the interview, but for those who are still curious, you can have a look at the interview HERE. I'm talking about why I started with the blog, my fashion icons,  about how I personally think fashion blogging will evolve in the future, the beauty products I use, ...

I hope you had fun celebrating Halloween yesterday!

x Krizia


Outfit // Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone!

I wish you all a happy and (not too) scary Halloween! I'd love to celebrate Halloween in the USA some 
day, since the Americans are some die hard Halloweeners. Since I have to prepare a major internship during the holidays, I'm not going to dress up tonight. I might go out with some friends, but nothing too special. After the holidays, I have to teach English and history at my old high school for 3 week straight and it takes a lot of time to prepare all of the lessons I have to teach. I'd already like to apologize for all the trees I'll kill during these 4 weeks while copying, typing my lesson preparation forms, preparing tests / tasks ..., but don't worry -- You will be used well.

Due to my internship, I'm not sure if I'll be able to post a lot, since school is a bigger priority, whether I like it or not. So please bare with me -- I hope you'll understand and I also hope that I'll still see all of you again when my internship is over. I do have an exciting event on 11th November, which involves a collaboration with Coca Cola Light, but I'll keep you updated on that matter. :)

I leave you with some pictures of last year's costume -- My friend Hille and I went clubbing and we were the only two with Halloween-costumes, along with these other two fellas a.k.a. George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden. We won a prize for 'Best Costume' (which is not that hard if only 4 people are wearing Halloween costumes) and we were given free drinks all night long. Definitely one of the best nights ever!

What are your plans for tonight? Is any of you going trick or treating? If you're dressing up as a skeleton, a ghost or something else, do let me know! I'm always curious for things like that!

 x Krizia


New // Film & Fashion

Yesterday, I went shopping in Maastricht where I found these two fashion documentaries for only 16 euros. It was such a bargain, that I couldn't leave them in the store, especially since the left one is a DVD-box containing 3 DVD's with documentaries about the lives and careers of Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino. The DVD about Valentino is the famous documentary 'Valentino: The Last Emperor'. I never had the chance to see it before, so I'm glad to own it now.

The second DVD is called 'Signé Chanel', which is a documentary about Chanel (duh!), but more specifically on how Karl and his employees create the haute couture collections. They give you a detailed look on the first sketches drawn by Karl himself, to the many seamstresses pulling some all nighters to get the items ready and to the models finally presenting the clothes on the catwalk.

Has anyone of you already seen one of these documentaries?
Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on them in the comment box below. :)

x Krizia


Outfit // Peter Pan

Wearing a Peter Pan-collar and a Tinkerbell-bun -- I got my clothing and hair inspiration from my two favorite characters out of one of the best Disney-movies ever. The sun is still shining these days, giving me the chance to wear this shirt designed by my friend and co-blogger Tiany Kiriloff. This shirt was one of the first items that caught my eye when I had the opportunity to have a preview at her collection last spring.

If it weren't for the cute collar and color, I'm not sure if I would have bought it. I also bought it in white, which is a basic item that goes with almost everything and will never ever go out of style. Because of the popping color of the shirt, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple.

x Krizia

Trenchcoat: BURBERRY // Shirt: TIANY KIRILOVE FOR VERO MODA // Pants: COS // Flats: CHANEL // Bag: CHANEL // Sunnies: PRADA


Wanted // Part 3

Most of you will probably be tired of seeing the Yves Saint Laurent Arty Rings all over the Internet, but I could look at them forever. Already owning the dark blue and light blue Arty Rings, I thought I'd be more than satisfied... But I'm not. The new collection of Arty Rings hit the (online) stores, and I've fallen head over heels for this dark red beauty.

I love big, chunky, gold jewelry and the fact that this ring looks like it comes from an ancient treasure makes it even better. You'll probably think I'm crazy, since I already own two of them but to me, these rings are one of those items of which you'll never have enough. My dad's probably going to kill me for buying another one, but knowing myself, I won't be able to resist. All I have to do now is save up some money... And not to forget that my birthday is coming up soon! I can't believe I'm turning 22 on the 5th of November, but I'm trying not to think of that too much.

What do you think? Yes or no?

x Krizia

Picture: myfashdiary.com


Outfit // The Doors

For today's outfit I got inspired by one of my all time favorite bands: The Doors. Their lead singer, Jim Morrison, used to wear these type of outfits all the time, meaning leather pants, leather boots, chunky belts, a white or black shirt and a leather jacket.

I can still remember the first time I heard a song of The Doors. I think I must have been 14 or 15 years old and I was watching a movie called 'The Lost Boys'. In the movie, they play The Doors' song called 'People Are Strange' during one of the scenes. There was something about Morrison's voice that got me completely hooked and I still am today.

Last spring, I finally got to visit Jim Morrison's final resting place. He's buried in the Père Lachaise-cemetary in Paris. I had been waiting for this opportunity for years and I found it so strange how I could feel so sad about a person I'd never even met or known in my life. I guess it shows how much music can affect us. I've put one of my favorite songs in the end of the post, called 'The End'. This music might  not be everyone's cup of tea, but I still wanted to share it with you, since music is a big part of my life too.

x Krizia

Jacket: BERSHKA // Blouse: H&M // Pants: VERO MODA // Boots: ACNE PISTOL BOOTS // Bag: CHANEL // Ring: YVES SAINT LAURENT // Belt: GUCCI // Sunnies: PRADA

P.S.: I'll announce the winners of the give away tomorrow!


Backstage // Strijk A Pose-tour

Hi loves!

As promised: the backstage pictures of the Strijk A Pose-tour with Belmodo.tv and Philips. I had a great time and was well taken care of, thanks to Angelique from Belmodo.tv and a professional team of photographers and make up artists.

The day started with taking a picture of my 'Before'-outfit. Then, it was time to hit the Vero Moda-store in Hasselt to select some outfits for the photoshoot. I'd also like to thank the sweet girls who work at Vero Moda for helping us out with everything the crew needed! There were so many items to choose from, but we somehow managed to create some outfits pretty fast. After that, it was time for hair and make up. I normally don't wear any make up besides some mascara and lipstick, adding some foundation and eyeliner if I have a party or special event / occasion to go to. Nonetheless, I loved the make up and I can't wait to try it out again.

And last but not least: the photoshoot. It was my first time to be part of a professional photoshoot. My mom always takes my pictures, so posing for a 'stranger' all of the sudden took some adjustment, but everything went smoothly in the end.

Here are some backstage shots, they're too fun not to share them with you!
All pictures are taken by Siska Vandecasteele.

x Krizia

P.S.: If you'd like to vote for me in the Strijk A Tour-comeptition, click HERE for all the information.
P.P.S.: If you're living in Belgium, you can enter the Giksmode-give away HERE.


Contest // PerfectCare Lady


Hi everyone!

As I told you before, I teamed up with http://belmodo.tv and Philips to promote their new PerfectCare iron. And tadaaa ... You can see the results above:
First, there's the 'before' picture and outfit of the girl we picked out on the streets (right) and myself (left). Below is the 'after' picture, after the styling and make over at the Vero Moda-store in Hasselt.

What do you think? If you like my outfit, you could do me a huge favor by voting for me in the PerfectCare Lady-competition!

All you have to do is click HERE, click on my picture and fill in:

- your name;
- your email address;
- and how many votes you think they'll collect throughout the whole competition.

If you participate, there's a chance that you'll win a PerfectCare iron yourself. I know ironing is not the most fun activity to do, but the PerfectCare iron will definitely make it a lot easier. Still not convinced? Well, maybe you can take a chance to win one for your mom. ;)

The voting ends on 18 October.

Thank you so much!

x Krizia

P.S.: I'll show you the backstage pictures in the next post.
P.P.S.: If you live in Belgium, don't forget to enter the give away HERE!


Give Away // 3 x 25 euros by Giksmode

My Belgian readers who listen to Q-music, may have heard it:
Belgium has welcomed a new Belgian online webshop called Giksmode. Giksmode offers various brands, such as Vero Moda, Esprit, Mexx, Only, S. Oliver, Garcia, Tom Tailor and many more for him, her and / or your (teen) kids.

In honor to celebrate this, Shark Attack is giving away 3 vouchers worth 25 euros each.
What do you have to do to win?

1. Live in Belgium.
2. Follow Giksmode on Facebook.
3. Follow Shark Attack on FacebookTwitterBloglovin' or Google Friend Connect.
  (Free to choose)
4. Leave a comment with your email address in the comment box below.

The give away will end on 15 October.
I'll use Random.org to choose the 3 winners.

P.S.: To my international readers - Don't worry, there will be international give aways in the future!

Good luck!

x Krizia


Project // Shark Attack with Belmodo.TV & Philips PerfectCare

As you can tell from the picture above, I'm not a fan of ironing -- And I think I'm not the only one. ;) I must admit that I've never ironed in my life. Shame on me! So when Belmodo.tv contacted me for a project with them and Philips to promote their new PerfectCare iron, the first thing I thought was: "Wow, talk about major contradiction!".

But apparently, the PerfectCare is the new it-iron among all irons:
you can iron all fabrics with it at once - no need to sort your clothes out before ironing - and if you forget the PerfectCare on a blouse (or other item), don't worry. Somehow, the PerfectCare doesn't burn your clothes when you forget to turn it off. Being as clumsy as I am, that might be a plus. That's why I said 'yes', to see it all with my own eyes. And who knows, maybe I'll enjoy ironing after this. ;)

To promote the PerfectCare, Belmodo.tv and Philips are going on a Strijk A Pose-tour in Belgium, searching for 12 girls of which one will become the ultimate PerfectCare Lady. They will stop in 6 cities and each city is represented by a fashion blogger and a 'random' girl they'll spot on the streets. Both girls will get a Vero Moda-make over and will get a street style shoot where they'll have to pose with the PerfectCare. When the tour is over, there will be an online voting which will choose the ultimate PerfectCare Lady.

Guess what? On Saturday 8th October, I'll be the representing fashion blogger  of the PerfectCare / Strijk A Pose-tour in Hasselt! If you happen to pass by the Vero Moda-store in the Hoogstraat, beware, 'cause we might pick you to represent Hasselt with me.

If you're the chosen one, you will get some fabulous prizes:

* a Vero Moda-make over, including 200 euros shopping budget and getting your hair and make up done;
* a street style photo shoot with some professional people;
* some Philips goodies, but I'll leave that as a surprise;
* and a chance to be chosen as the ultimate PerfectCare Lady.

The online voting will go from 10th October 'till 17th October on the Strijk A Pose-website and they'll choose the PerfectCare Lady on 18th October.

Are you the PerfectCare Lady? Lucky you, 'cause you'll get:

* the PerfectCare iron, of course;
* a personal 'ironer' who'll come to your house and iron your clothes for two months;
* 4 tickets to the Weekend Fashion Awards in Brussels on Thursday 20th October -- Perfect for a girls night out!

I'm so excited for this project and who knows ... Maybe we will pick you!
See y'all there! 

x Krizia

P.S.: The iron on the picture is NOT the PerfectCare!


Personal // Unpublished

There are a lot of pictures I take that somehow don't make it to the blog. I was going through them on my laptop and I thought it would be nice to share them with you. I'd also like to apologize for 'neglecting' the blog lately. School has started again, so I'm kind of busy with that.

As for the Clinique-contest, I'd like to already thank those who voted for me. For those who'd still like to vote, this is the last chance. You can click HERE to vote for Shark Attack.

I also have some exciting news concerning a project together with Belmodo.tv and Philips, but I'll tell you all about it in the next post!

x Krizia


Personal // Random

With my beloved Immi from Style For Guys at the launch of the Monar online store in Antwerp.


Vote & Win // Clinique Beauty Coaching with Shark Attack

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to announce a collaboration between Clinique and Shark Attack.
I've been using Clinique products for quite some time now and was introduced by my sister who is a huge fan of Clinique. Thanks to her, I started using the products myself and I couldn't be happier with the results.

So when Clinique asked me to test the '3-step-plan', I immediately said 'yes'. My experiences were nothing but positive, and I advise you all to get your skin type tested at the beauty store, so that you can get the products appropriate for your skin type.

Now, for the best part:
Together with 3 other bloggers, we had to write a review on the products. The reviews are online now, and the blogger with the most votes can win a Beauty Coaching at the Clinique Head Quarters. But that's not all... The winning blogger is allowed to bring 7 Belgian readers with her!

So, do you live in Belgium and do you want a chance on spending a day with me getting pampered at Clinique? Go to the FACEBOOK-PAGE and click on 'STEMMEN'. You can vote 'till the 26th of September and the Beauty Coaching will take place on the 15th of November! 

I hope to win so that I can finally meet some of my Belgian readers!
I'm sorry for my readers who aren't living in Belgium, I wish you could all participate. :(

x Krizia


Give Away // Winners!


I finally found the time to choose the winners of the Chanel give away using Random.org.
The winners are:

Dorien for the Péridot nail polish.
Laura for the Graphite nail polish.

You should have received an email by now.

For those who haven't won, don't worry.
There will be lots of give aways in the future!
Especially my Belgian readers should keep an eye on my blog starting from Monday. ;)

x Krizia


Outfit // Bling Bling

A little bit of sunshine and no rain was enough for me to finally wear these glitter wedges I got during my holiday in Crete. While they look like killer machines, they are actually pretty comfortable. The high-wasted pants are my latest purchase. I got them at COS a couple of days ago. I wasn't too sure about them, but my mom persuaded me to get them. They're slowly starting to grow on me...

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, which also shows on these pictures - sorry for that. Some people asked me why I always look down on most of my outfit pictures, and to be honest:I really don't know why I do it. I guess it's my signature pose or something? :D

Remember, it's the last day to enter the Chanel give away HERE and to vote for me on the Bloggers' Wardrobe-comeptition HEREGood luck and please help me out one last time!

Blouse: ZARA // Pants: COS // Shoes: BOUGHT IN CRETE

x Krizia


New // Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have read that I "bought an amazing fashion book at a ridiculously good price." Since it is a gift for my sister who just moved into her new apartment (hence the protection foil on the cover), I couldn't reveal the title on Twitter.
Well, now I finally can:

'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty'.

The cover shows a picture of a skull which transforms into Alexander McQueen's face, depending on how you look at it. I think this book will look great on my sister's coffee table, don't you?

Not being able to go at the 'Savage Beauty'-exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art at New York, this book is a great option giving a close and detailed look at all the pieces which were displayed at the exhibition.

The photographs in the book were taken by the talented Sølve Sundsbøaccompanied by inspirational quotes from McQueen himself. The items displayed at the exhibition were taken from McQueen's Graduation Collection, from his time at Givenchy and from the Alexander McQueen Archive as well. At the end of the book, you'll also find an interview with Sarah Burton, who's the Creative Director of the brand Alexander McQueen today.

I still can't believe Lee Alexander McQueen is really gone, but with great initiatives like these, I'm positive he will never be forgotten. Below are just a couple of the many great photographs and items in the book. It's a must have for every fashion / Alexander McQueen-admirer out there. I'm sure you'll love it! 

x Krizia

P.S.: One day left to enter the Chanel-give away HERE.
P.P.S.: Also one day left to help me with the Bloggers' Wardrobe-comeptition. You can find all the info HERE.


Event // Miele Catwalk 2011

Last Thursday, I had the honor to attend the Miele Catwalk 2011-event at Brussels.
It was as if the whole Belgian fashion 'world' came together to have a look at Belgium's famous, but also new and upcoming designers' collections.

This was probably one of the most fun events I attended in my blogging 'career':
I got the chance to talk with Edouard Vermeulen, designer of one of Belgium's most famous fashion houses Natan, who's a really charming and friendly fella. I even spotted Prince Laurent, a member of our royal family. As you may know, I'm not a big fan of anything close to royal families (and everything that comes with it), but it's always strange to bump into a Prince who blended into the crowd as if he weren't any royalty at all. Plus, I was in great and fun company, which is always a great ingredient to have a fun night.

I was sitting at the 3rd row, and it was kinda hard to take decent pictures, since the people in front of me kept moving all the time. Nonetheless, I did my very best and I hope you can appreciate the pictures.

Below's a 'selection' of my favorite items of my favorite collections.
Let me know which one's your favorite!

P.S.: Still 5 days left to enter the Chanel give away HERE.
P.P.S.: Also 5 days left to vote for me in the Bloggers' Wardrobe competition! I'm not a fan of shameless self promotion, but since it's a concept I actually like, I'm willing to make an exception. You can find all the info on how to vote for me HERE.


Outfit // Knitted

I finally got my hands on this knitted cardigan, designed by my friend and co-blogger Tiany Kiriloff. Some of you may remember Shark Attack attending the preview event of the Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda-collection. This cardigan immediately caught my eye that day, and I'm glad to own it now. I'm usually not a big fan of winter clothes at all - and I don't own that many either - so this cardigan is a great addition to my winter closet.

The Aerosmith band shirt is one of my purchases during the Forever 21 store preview last week. I'm such a sucker for band shirts and every time I see one of my favorite bands, I must have it.

P.S.: Don't forget to enter the Chanel give away HERE.
P.P.S.: Please vote for me in the Bloggers' Wardrobe competition on Facebook, if you want. You can find out how HERE.
P.P.P.S.: And thank you to Lisa from Liesewiesje for writing a post about the competition, trying to help me win. That's so sweet of you!
P.P.P.P.S.: I have some serious issues when it comes to selecting pictures... Just so you know and you can't say I didn't warn you when you see another picture overload.

x Krizia



Give Away // Chanel Graphite & Péridot // CLOSED

Hi everyone!

Are you ready for a new give away? After searching for these Chanel nail polishes for quite some time now, and always hearing 'Sold out, sorry', I finally managed to get my hands on two of them: Graphite and Péridot.
This also means there will be not one, but two winners!

What do you have to do?

* Follow Shark Attack on BLOGLOVIN'.


* Follow Shark Attack on FACEBOOK & update your status with "I want to win  @Shark Attack - Fashion Blog's Chanel give away." (A link to the Facebook-page should appear after following Shark Attack on Facebook.)


* Follow Shark Attack on TWITTER & tweet "I want to win @Krizia_S's Chanel give away on http://krizia-shark-attack.blogspot.com".

(You may choose between Facebook or Twitter, but following with Bloglovin' is obliged.)

* Leave a comment with your name, email, where you're following Shark Attack and which color you'd like to win: Graphite or Péridot.

The give away will end on 16th September.
I will choose the two winners with Random.org on 17th September.
The give away is open world wide.

Good luck to all of you!

P.S.: Don't forget to vote for me in the Bloggers' Wardrobe competition on Facebook. You can find all the details HERE.

x Krizia


Competition // Bloggers Wardrobe - Part 2

Hi everyone!

Remember the competition about Bloggers Wardrobe I talked about you HERE
Well, I made it to the second part! But, I really, really, REALLY need your help! 
What do you have to do?

- Like the Bloggers Wardrobe Facebook-page, which you can find HERE.
- Like my picture (number 112), which is the picture above, HERE.

I think I'm the only Belgian blogger participating, so lets show them what Belgian bloggers are made of and help me to get the Belgian blogosphere more out there. It's our time now!

The competition will end in 14 days.

Thank you so much!

P.S.: More info about the give away tomorrow! 

x Krizia


Personal // Random


Hi everyone! 

Here are some random shots from the past days, to show you what I've been up to lately. I've got some exciting projects coming up concerning Shark Attack, so stay tuned! Some hints? Well, here are a couple of key words: contests, events, a project with two other Belgian bloggers and a give away. 

I would also like to thank you for your constant love and support. This couldn't nor wouldn't be possible without your help and I feel blessed to have the best readers ever! 

x Krizia


Feature // Forever 21 - The Skinny


Featured along two of my favorite friends / co-bloggers on Forever 21's official blog, also known as The Skinny. I'm still honored each and every time someone comes up, asking if they're allowed to take a picture of my outfit. Plus, it's a nice opportunity to show you what I wore to the F21-store preview, since the outfit-pictures I took weren't the best.

From left to right: Afrodite - Tiany - Myself
You can see the whole article HERE.

Blazer: MAJE // Top: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: NEW LOOK // Bag: LONGCHAMP


Event // Forever 21 Preview

One of the most talked about events in the Belgian blogosphere this year has to be the opening of the two F21-stores in Belgium: one in Brussels and one in Antwerp. Yesterday, I had the honor to have a preview of the F21-store in Antwerp (the official opening will take place this Saturday). 

I started the day with meeting up with my fellow bloggers ImmanuelAfroditeKimGilles and Stéphanie. We did some pre-shopping and had a delicious pizza at Da Giovanni. I think we set a new world record called 'Eating a pizza in the fastest way possible' or something, since we only had 10 minutes left to make it at the F21-store in time.

The store is H-U-G-E: it's a 5000 m², 3-level shopping paradise. I only had an hour to spend at the store, since I had to catch my train, so I bet I looked like a whirlwind running all over the place. I need to move to Antwerp ASAP. As for the clothes, there were a lot of ethnic / indian prints, gem colored items such as sapphire and amethyst, rock inspired items and much more. As for the curvy girls among us, they also have the Forever 21+ collection. A saleswoman told me that they deliver new items every day, and that they deliver every item only once, so they'll always have something new. 
My bank account's not going to like that...

Due to limited time and the unbelievable size of the store, it was hard to capture everything all in once. I hope my pictures will still give you somewhat an idea of the store, but it's up to you to discover what the F21-store really has to offer! 

The store is located at:

Forever 21
De Meir 42 / 46
2000 Antwerp

P.S.: I'll show you my outfit and what I bought in the next 

x Krizia


Detail // Moschino Love

Moschino... Probably the first 'famous' brand I can remember.
Coming from an Italian family, fashion and looking neat and tidy has always been important and, patriotic as Italians are, my sister and I were always dressed in Italian brands such as Benetton and Moschino. When I was 3 years old, my mom bought me a dotted Moschino-dress for a party. Don't ask me how I did it, but I managed to rip the dress after wearing it for about 10 minutes (Sorry mom!).

My dad bought me these Moschino Love-sneakers on a trip to Sicily. I've had a hate / love-relationship with these shoes for years - I've only worn them once - but now that I found them again (hidden in the back of my closet) they're starting to grow on me. I know these sneakers are those type of shoes you either love or hate, so I'm extremely curious to know your thoughts. These are not what I usually wear, but I guess they're okay for a relaxing day doing nothing special.

P.S.: I've added a new section in the left bar of the blog called 'Agenda'. I thought it would be nice to let you know which events I'll attend the coming weeks. And I must admit that it's also a little reminder for myself. There are so many events / projects going on, that I tend to mess up my entire schedule!

x Krizia