Beauty // Clinique Superdefense SPF 20

One of my New Year's resolutions was to obtain a healthier lifestyle, trying to cut as much sugars, fats and carbs as possible. For breakfast, I used to have bowls of cornflakes or cookies. Not anymore! I switched to fruit, oatmeal, yoghurt and smoothies -- that's actually part of my breakfast in the picture, héhé. I would be a liar if I said that I'm this sugar detox is easy peasy, but my body was definitely telling me that I needed to change my ways. 

The same goes for skincare: I'm trying to do what's necessary now, instead of being the lazy twat that I am and going to bed with make up on. Yes, I used to do that. Shame on me. I now give my skin a healthy start of the day by using the 'Superdefense SPF 20' moisturizer by Clinique. The new formula contains hydration, antioxidants and sun protection, which are the main ingredients to kick it off the right way beauty- and skin wise. I've been using the Superdefense moisturizer for a couple of days now and I can already tell that this is what my skin needed. 

Interested in changing your beauty habits for the better too? Clinique is giving you that opportunity through their temporary promotion: buy their Superdefense SPF 20 moisturizer in 15 ml for € 12,40... and if you're hungry for more, get a € 12,40 discount when you purchase the Superdefense SPF 20 in 50 ml. Sounds good, right? You can purchase the Superdefense moisturizer at the beauty store or on Clinique.be or Clinique.nl. This promotion is valid for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?


Shark Attack Loves... // Cadeaubox.be

I wanted to take the time to write to you about one of my most favorite ways of giving gifts, since I suck at it -- big time. Every time the holidays or a birthday is coming up, I switch to panic mode when I start to brainstorm about which gift would be best to give. Anyone else who's feeling me here?

When the sweet team behind Cadeaubox.be asked me if I wanted to try out their services, I replied with a loud and clear "Hell yes!". They offer gift boxes for all occasions, literally. Plus, their concept and way of working are easy peasy:

- You surf to Cadeaubox.be.
- Pick out the category you prefer >> Action & Lifestyle, Culinary, Weekend ... 
- Choose the gift box that's most suitable for the person you want to give it to. The options are endless: you could pick the 'Thank You' gift box, for that special someone who has done something extraordinary for you. Or you could surprise your best friend with a 'Friends Moment' box, which contains tons of activities for some extra bonding time between you and your best friend(s). Looking for a gift box to give to someone who likes to go out for a nice dinner? Check! Or do you want to surprise your loved one with a weekend getaway. Double check! You'll definitely find something suitable for every occasion.
- Put the gift box of your choice in your shopping cart.
- Pay for it.
- Click it home and wait for it to arrive.

Since I'm a total bookworm (Books, comics, magazines... You name it, I'll read it), I went for the 'Newspapers & Magazines' gift box. You've probably already guessed it: this gift box gives you the opportunity to get a subscription on one of your favorite newspapers or magazines. How long the subscription lasts, depends on which magazine or newspaper you choose.

I decided to get a subscription on Elle Belgium, since it's one of my favorite magazines and, well, it couldn't hurt to get a monthly update on everything fashion related as a fashion blogger. I got my first copies this month and it's the perfect excuse to plan some me-time in between blogging and working.


My I-can't-find-the-perfect-gift-moments are totally over. You could never ever go wrong with this one, since the person you give this gift box to will eventually pick out the actual gift himself / herself. Thumbs up!

P.S.: The Cadeaubox.be gift boxes are only available in Belgium, but I'm sure that tons of countries have companies that offer the same concept. So if you're one of my foreign readers, just hit Google and you'll definitely find something similar for your country!

This article is an advertorial.


New // San Jose Sharks Cap

Experiencing a major bad hair day today, which is the perfect opportunity to wear this San Jose Sharks cap that I bought a while ago. I don't know a lot about sports, but I do know that the Sharks are a hockey team from San Jose, California and that they play the Jaws theme song as an intro during their home games.

My mom rolled her eyes when I showed her this cap and I could already hear what she was thinking: "You're never going to wear that." My arguments?

- At least I know a teeny tiny something about the Sharks, as mentioned above.
- Sharks are part of my 'Favorite Animals'-list.
- I named my blog after these gorgeous creatures.
- The cap is by '47 Brand, a company and brand founded by two Italian immigrants - and twin brothers - in 1947, named Arthur and Henry D'Angelo. I'm Italian, gotta support my people, right?

What do you do when you have a bad hair day?

x Krizia

Cap: '47 BRAND


Fashion News // How Much Do The Chanel Couture Sneakers Cost?

ChanelCoutureSneakers Collage: Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

The whole fashion scene has been buzzing about Dior and Chanel combining haute couture dresses with sneakers during their Spring '14 shows in Paris. I absolutely love it. That's the thing I like most about fashion: it keeps on changing and evolving, giving you the opportunity to experiment endlessly. Rules? What rules? Raf Simons and Karl Lagerfeld showed - once again - that rules are made to be broken. 

Now, we all know that haute couture is all about handmade and très exclusive items. The sneakers were made by hand by the craftsmen at the Massaro atelier and took 30 hours a pair to finish. That kind of work comes with a price tag, my dear...

A 3000 euros a pair price tag, to be precise. 

Since I don't go to the gym - Miss Lazy right here! - I'm not devastated, for once. However, I do like the sneakers on the far left and far right and since my parents are nagging that I need to start to work out, they could be a nice motivation. Nah, just kidding, I'd rather save up for a nice Chanel bag. 


Personal // Instagram (Random)

It's been a while since I shared some of my Instagram account and since I'm on the couch in my PJ's - feeling a bit under the weather - I thought it was time to share some of my favorite shots of the last couple of months. Not everyone is on Instagram and I share a lot of personal parts of my life on there, things that don't make it on the blog or my Facebook page. I got tired of having to crop my pictures, so I'm using the Instasize app now. This way, I can resize my pictures without having to cut something or someone off, hehe. 

You can follow my account by searching for @Krizia_S or by clicking HERE


Fashion News // Kate Moss Turns 40


One of my style icons is celebrating her 40th birthday today. The model who was scouted at 14 years old and managed to break through with a height of 1m70 (or 1m67, as some sources say -- Will we ever know for sure?). The one who dated two of my favorite men: Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty. The one and only who gained ten times more success after being caught snorting cocaine. The good friend who never stopped believing in the fallen designer John Galliano and let him design her wedding dress, even when the whole fashion industry casted him out. The rebel who knows that rules are meant to be broken, but is also a loving mother and wife at the same time.

The great Kate Moss.
Happy birthday.


Outfit // Debutantes

Two items are making their debut on the blog today: this awesome faux fur coat I got at H&M last year (!) and the Isabel Marant 'Scarlet' boots I managed to score during the sales. The coat was shown during the first F/W '13 show during Paris Fashion Week, I absolutely loved that collection. My dad got me this coat as soon as it hit the stores and even though I fell in love with it immediately, I never found the right moment to wear it, as if something wasn't right. When the boots found their way into my closet, I knew that they were meant to be worn with this coat. I'm usually not a fan of too matchy outfits, but it felt right for me in this case.

Faux Fur Coat: H&M F/W '13 COLLECTION // Shirt: ZARA // Pants: H&M // Shoes: ISABEL MARANT 'SCARLET' BOOTS // Gloves: BURBERRY // Lipstick: RIHANNA HEARTS M.A.C 'PLEASURE BOMB'


Shark Attack Loves... // Emma Watson In Christian Dior @ The Golden Globes 2014

EmmaWatson Photo: Tumblr

I'm usually not one to go crazy over pretty gowns and dresses at award shows, not because I don't like them, but because there usually isn't anything excited or refreshing going on there. The same happened while watching a recap of the Golden Globes 2014 show - even though I don't think that Jennifer Lawrence's dress was that bad, not bad at all, actually.

And then Emma Watson walked down the red carpet in Christian Dior. I saw the front of the dress and was like: "Yawn, nice color, but that's about it." And then she turned around. The sexy, but classy, open back. The black skinny trousers underneath. This I like. Of course, Emma's getting a lot of criticism through social media (surprise!). I'm sure she sticked to the dress code, she just decided to add her own personal twist to it. Who ever said that there are rules in fashion? To me, fashion is all about experimenting, doing your own thing, expressing your personality and so much more. Just wear what you like and like what you wear.

What are your thoughts on this look?


Shark Attack Loves... // Chanel N°5 Perfume Bottle Bag

ChanelPerfumeBottleClutch Photo: Tumblr

Charlotte Olympia  and Lanvin started it during their S/S '13 collection, plus Lanvin having an extra special occasion with the 85th celebration of their Arpège perfume. Then Chanel presented us with its Resort '14 collection and they continued with it: transforming their iconic perfume bottles into evening bags. 


New // Balmain & Isabel Marant

My parents and I went to Liège to do some serious sale shopping and I think we succeeded. We stopped at our two hotspots we always visit when we're in town, had some lunch and went back home. There were already 50 % discounts in stores, always fun!

First stop was Irina Khä, where I bumped into the yellow Balmain jacket at 50 % off. My dad got it for me as a gift "for my next 3 birthdays", as he said so himself. Fair enough, hehe. The picture doesn't really does the color justice. It's a canary, almost fluorescent, kinda yellow. Since I own about a dozen of black leather jackets, I think it was time for a change. I'm thinking a tank top, skinny jeans and killer heels or a pair of cool sneakers.

Next up was Ygreque, where I found the Isabel Marant Scarlet boots at 30 % off. They were on my wish list ever since the F/W RTW 2013 fashion show, but always out of my budget. I wanted the all black boots at first, but my size was already sold out. My mom managed to convince me to try on the black and white pair above, since I was a bit hesitant. I tried them on and I fell in love head over heels. 

What do you think?
Did you managed to get something from you wish list during the sales? I wanna hear all about it!

x Krizia


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Outfit // Leopard Coat

Introducing the new leopard coat I found at Zara during the sales or my pimp coat, as I like to call it. I've been searching for one for quite a while now and I like them if they look super fake. The faker / tackier, the better! Plus, the coat is super soft. I was wearing it yesterday night during a visit to my favorite pub and everyone kept rubbing my arms and back, héhé. 

I don't have that much to say. I'm invited to a dinner in about 10 minutes, so I gotta run!

x Krizia

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Coat: ZARA (Sale) // Blouse: ZARA // Pants: H&M // Shoes: ACNE 'PISTOL' BOOTS // Hat: H&M


Outfit // Best Of 2013

Cap: ZERO // Coat: ZARA // Sweater: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA FOR H&M // Bag: VALENTINO thanks to Verso

First of all, I'd like to wish you all had a happy New Year and wish you all the best for 2014 (and 2015, 2016, ...). I'm a little bit late with this recap from my outfits in 2013, but I took some time off the blog to hang out with my family and friends.

So, here they are: all of my outfits from last year! Looking at them, I made some resolutions:

- Invest in a better camera / lens. Blogger and Photobucket turned a lot of my pictures into pure crap and it's just recently that I found a solution to it (thanks to some fellow bloggers who were dealing with the same problem). Nonetheless, I still want to get an even better camera.

- Change my background more often. I know, I've said it a gazillion times already. As you know (if you didn't, you do know), I rely on my mom for outfit pictures. I'm single, so there's no photographer boyfriend to help me out. My mom's  a working girl, so we usually have to squeeze a photo shoot somewhere in between. I'll try to work on it, though! Pinky swear.

So, which outfit is your favorite?

x Krizia

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