Shark Attack Loves... // Lea T In Givenchy

Most of you will already have seen this picture, but I'm just literally obsessed with this outfit. Lea T, you know, the male-born-turned-female-model, looks flawless on her way to the Givenchy-show in Paris. Discovered by Riccardo Tisci in 2010, she quickly became his muse and made into the brand's ad campaigns. It's natural to say that most of the outfit above is Givenchy.

Anyway, the Rottweiler-shirt is totally badass and awesome, but those boots are just to die for. While they're just slightly over my budget, I've been searching for other great options. So if you spot a pair of lookalikes, holla at me. See how they turn the much hated skirt-and-leather-boots-outfit (which is a no no for a lot of people most of the time) into one of the best outfits ever? That's what I mean! 

P.S.: I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been working my ass off for the past month, which makes it almost impossible to blog. #SadFace

x Krizia


  1. I love this model ! Yes, i saw already this picture but it always a pleasure ! And Givenchy, is always good ! ;)

  2. Im a girl and she looks a million times better than me haha great post x

  3. I love this idea of the blog's name, header and so on! something original and unique. like your style. well done babe!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  4. Yes, these boots are definitely WAWZA! Would love to rock them too!

    Good look working babe, summer and blogging will wait for you to come back :-D


  5. J'aime beaucoup ce stile! Supe look! biz:)
    Angela Donava


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