Event // Shark Attack For Mexx Metropolitan & Fashiolista

Here's a recap of one of the most fun events I've been to so far: the presentation of the Mexx Metropolitan-collection. Like, no joke, they sure as hell know how to throw a party. The sweet people at Fashiolista emailed me to ask if I wanted to be their reporter at the event. Who would say no to that? I was asked to snap some pictures to capture the fun atmosphere there.

Mexx has been taking it to whole different levels lately, with the Metropolitan-collection as their newest addition. They wanted to create a collection which was fun, stylish and quirky ànd which could be worn to work or for a night out with colleagues. The Metropolitan-team did a great job and I think that the tri-colored dress with leather details is my ultimate favorite. I love the efforts Mexx is taking to keep evolving and to keep moving forward. The collection was shown on 'live mannequins', who were strutting around the venue laughing and having fun. I think it's safe to say that they started the party, along with the world famous  Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer. To be able to witness such a talented musician in such a private, cosy venue and atmosphere is impossible to describe. And kudos to the other singers and musicians who came along with her. You did an amazing job as well! 

I also met up with my girl Afrodite and we had a blast in the photo boot, as you can tell from the first picture above. The whole night was about music, drinks and bites, laughing and dancing... And enjoying the new collection, of course. 

Here is just a 'small' selection of the pictures I managed to snap that night. I still have tons more, but those will be shown on the Fashiolista website and Facebook-page in one of the following days. Even though I say small, I still have to warn you for a picture overload, though.

So, what d'ya think? Did I manage to complete my 'capture the atmosphere'-mission or not?

x Krizia

P.S.: I'd like to thank Maddie for this opportunity and Femkje for the warm welcome at the event. 


Outfit // Egyptofunk

If you're a regular follower of the blog, you've probably noticed my collection of printed T-shirts by now. Some might think they're childish, but I just can't stop the urge to buy one more every time I see 'em. So when Balenciaga's Egyptofunk collection hit the runway, the hunt for one of these T-shirts started. I failed miserably hunting down Givenchy's Rottweiler-shirt and when I started seeing the Egyptofunk on all fashionistas possible during Fashion Week AGAIN, my fear of them being sold out started to grow stronger every second. But fear not, my friends! 'Cause I've found the Skyline Vegas Shirt at  Handsome in Hasselt. Some might think they're an 'it-item' which will only last for this season, but I don't give sh*t. Printed shirts are my thangggg, y'know?

Anyway, the futuristic prints remind me of 'Back To The Future'. Totally love that. But I also link them with those bad ass Wonder Woman heroines -- don't ask me why. Since most heroines wear tons of leather, and I happen to own tons of leather, I decided to go for an all leather suit while wearing the shirt for the first time: my totally worn off leather jacket, my new high waisted leather pants from the Lana Del Rey-collection at H&M (whatever Lana loves, I love too, lol) and my leather boots -- which, combined with my leather pants, look as if I'm wearing bootleggings or leggingboots. None of the two previous mentioned terms actually exist, but I think you get the picture. Since there's some purple in my shirt, I decided to take out my purple Balenciaga-bag. A bit of matchy matchy, but not too much. 

As for the hair, I cut and dyed it. It was very necessary, even if I don't like the result. As for my eyebrows... Don't even ask. I have to draw them with a pencil 'cause I managed to get half of my brows waxed away during a 'waxing malfunction' (another non-existent word) and lets just say I'm not so good at drawing. It's not like I have another option, so yeah.


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Shark Attack Loves... // Chanel Boy Mini Bag

I was browsing on my Instagram-app (which I do every 5 minutes or so -- totally addicted) when I stumbled upon this picture that Miroslava Duma uploaded. Apparently, she gave birth to another baby boy, since she quoted: "Meet my Chanel baby boy, I'm a mother of 3 now."

I quickly found myself gasping for air, since I'd never seen this version of the Boy bag. The royal blue color and bright gold combo give that overall baroque feeling that I absolutely love. I can already picture myself wearing this little fella with a pair of bad ass leather trousers and my worn off leather jacket. Ah, well... Excuse me... I'm off crying some more, because I know that ain't gonna happen.

x Krizia

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Give Away // Hippe Schoenen & Shark Attack

Hi guys!

I have a surprise for you. Remember the blogpost in which I wore my new booties thanks to Hippe Schoenen? Well, because I received so many compliments on them, we decided to give away a pair! Well, that's not quite true, because you'll be able to win your favorite pair on the website. If you see another pair that you like more, no problemo. ;)

So, what do you have to do to win?

1. Like Hippe Schoenen on Facebook --> HERE
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3. Go to Hippe-schoenen.nl and choose your favorite pair.
4. Leave me a comment with your name, email address and which pair you'd love to win.

The give away will end on 30 October and is open to my Belgian and Dutch followers.
I will pick the winner with Random.org.

Good luck!

x Krizia


Shark Attack's Favorites // Maison Martin Margiela For H&M

The highly anticipated collection by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M has been teasing us for a couple of days now and I must say that I'm very pleased with the results. That typical Margiela touch didn't get lost and the collection looks like it has come straight of the runway. 

There are two particular items that caught my eye: the shiny silver leggings and the burgundy boots with see through heels. The leggings are just pure rock 'n roll to me and the boots would look fab with a pair of leather trousers. I'm really thinking about waiting in line for once -- and getting up early to make sure I'm the first one. I never felt the urge to do so with the previous H&M-collections, but there's something about these items that's changing my mind. And the coat in the first picture is perfect to survive the Belgian winter, so I might get one of those too. 

Since Martin Margiela himself was born and raised in Genk (which is located in Limburg and hey, I'm from Limburg too), I'm reeeaaaallllyyyy hoping that the collection will be available in Genk or Hasselt. Most of the time, the H&M-collections are only sold in Antwerp and Brussels, which is a one hour drive from here. I think it's only fair that this collection is being sold here in Limburg too. Pretty please, H&M?

Are you going to wait in line for this collection?

x Krizia


Commercial // Brad Pitt For Chanel N°5

Brad Pitt's much talked about commercial for Chanel N°5 is finally here. He's the first male model ever to star in a campaign for the perfume, so it kinda was a big deal when the news came out. I'm still not sure what to think about it - Estella Warren's commercial as a Chanel Little Red Riding Hood is still my favorite - but the fact that Brad Pitt seems to maintain his good looks forever (despite the facial hair thing), is kind of a good thing.

I've already read tons of comments on YouTube, going from "lame" and "boring" to "genius" and "a masterpiece". I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!
Drop a comment in the box below.

x Krizia


Outfit // New Boots

I guess the title says it all... I woke up to the doorbell ringing and received a package from Hippe Schoenen. Inside were a pair of studded loafers and these beautiful suède ankle boots with a patent tip. The moment I started to put together an outfit to wear these boots with, I thought of this shirt by Zara. The blue/green color of the boots also appears in the shirt, even if it is in small details. I also threw on my new faux leather leggings and there you go! 

I know I'm more talkative most of the time, but I really don't have anything else to say. Or maybe I do. I went to see Taken 2 yesterday and as much as I love Liam Neeson, I still think my dad is way cooler. Love you, dad! 

What d'ya think? 

x Krizia

Blouse: ZARA // Leggings: CALZEDONIA // Shoes: Thanks to HIPPE SCHOENEN


Detail // The Snake

If you're following me on Instagram (username: @Krizia_S), you'll probably know that, the day before the collection hit the stores, I received a couple of items of the Anna Dello Russo for H&M-collection.

Among the items was this snake necklace. It's funny how the sweet and generous people at H&M know my style exactly. I'm a big fan of golden, chunky and bold jewelry, so I was totally digging this collection. Unfortunately, I live in this little shit hole and the nearest H&M-store to sell the collection is 1,5 hour drive away. I wasn't sure what to do... Getting up in the middle of the night to drive 1,5 hour and to wait  for the store to open in the pouring rain? This surprise definitely made things a lot easier for me.

Another reason why I loved this necklace in particular, is because I love snakes. It's my Chinese horoscope. I have always wanted a snake as a pet, but my mom never allowed it -- I still haven't forgiven her. My boyfriend is afraid of snakes and sharks (hence the name of this blog, héhé). Plus, they're just amazing, beautiful and mysterious creatures. And it matches my turquoise YSL Arty ring and coral lipstick from Estée Lauder perfectly. Yeah, I pay attention to things like that, probably because I don't have anything better to do. 

I'm leaving you with this detail shot -- It looks as if the snake is going to strangle me, I love it! -- because my photographer is out for the day. A white, transparent blouse, black leather leggings and boots. And this necklace. It spices up the most basic outfit in a heartbeat. I also decided to wear my hair in a bun, so that the necklace gets the attention it deserves. 

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to get my fashion shower. 

Necklace: ANNA DELLO RUSSO FOR H&M thanks to H&M 


Event // Bloggers Closet Sale

As some of you might remember, 10 Belgian bloggers - myself included - took part in the Bloggers Closet Sale during Antwerp Fashion Night. I dragged my parents with me, so that they could help me to carry the suitcases filled with clothes, shoes and accessories. My dad was even kind enough to build some clothing racks for us. 

Location: the beautiful Huis Happaert. I shared a room with my blogger besties: Annebeth (and her gorgeous sister Naomi), Kim 1Kim 2 and Sabina. We set up our clothes, indulged ourselves with cupcakes by Patty Cake and drinks by Tao and prepared ourselves for some heavy fashion madness. And madness it was sometimes, with tons of people going to our clothing racks, asking questions, trying on our stuff. But it was amazing. I had the best time and most of my clothes even found a new home, which was the entire purpose of this Closet Sale.

I'd like to thank everyone who came out and turned this evening into a success. You can find some pictures of the event after the jump: our crew, my clothing rack, food and drinks... I didn't bring my camera, because I was afraid I would lose it (and if I'm honest, also because I forgot) but there's an advantage of being around bloggers: there's always someone taking a picture. ;)

Pictures by KimAnnebeth, Oona and someone I can't remember (sorry!).