Review // Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mono Eyeshadow In '07 Caftan'

About the Couture Mono eyeshadows on the Yves Saint Laurent website:

"Yves Saint Laurent presents all day wear and the highest chromatic power, now in 16 iconic shades. No crease, no migration, only intense color pay off that makes a statement. Available in matte, satin, metallic and shimmer finishes. Presented in an elegant gold compact with two applicators - a foam tip for blending and a brush for precision - ensure effortless color control. "

I'm not the best when it comes to applying eyeshadow - I usually go for some mascara and eyeliner - but I do follow a lot of beauty bloggers. So, I've managed to pick up some tips here and there and when I received a gem from the Couture Mono collection by Yves Saint Laurent, I thought it was time to put these tips to use. Want to know more? Click below to see my review and an eye look that I created. 

EYESHADOW: Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mono '07 Caftan'

The Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mono collection is now available in stores ($ 30 / € 28,35 - 2,8 g).

This product was sent to me by a PR company / brand.
This does not affect my opinion in any way. 


Lifestyle // Discover The Neuhaus Duo Chocolates

"What's your flava? Tell me what's your flava?" I'm sorry, but Craig David's song immediately came to my mind when I started to write this post. The Belgian chocolate house Neuhaus created a new type of chocolate called the Duo and I was lucky enough to try them. Binging on chocolate for the blog? I've had worse. Not only was Neuhaus founded in 1857 (over 150 years ago, say what!) but they are also the official trader for our royal family, which makes it safe to say that you know you've got some pretty good chocolate in your hands.

Being the total sweet tooth that I am, I was more than willing to help the Neuhaus team out. From the moment that the mailman delivered the box of Neuhaus Duo chocolates to my house, my family immediate took a jump to claim them. The deal I had to make with them? I was allowed to try one of each and had to leave what's left for them. Totally unfair. Anyway, I tried them out and I'm telling you what's my flava after the jump.

If you're planning to visit a Neuhaus store for yourself, have a look here. They have 1500 selling points in 5 continents, so I'm sure that there's one around for everyone.

The Neuhaus Duo collection will be in stores from 7 April 2015 for a limited period of time.

*This blogpost is in collaboration with Neuhaus*


Review // Nivea Sensitive Skincare

When I received the Nivea Sensitive Collection in my mailbox, I posted a picture on my Instagram and I immediately received the following comment:

"Ooh, the Sensitive daydreams soooo good! My skin can't support a thing, not even the expensive brands, but this one isn't a problem for my skin at all! <3"

Needless to say: my curiosity was triggered in a heartbeat. My skin has always been one of my weak points - I suffered from bad acne as a teenager - and I have come to the understanding that I will have to live with the imperfections on my skin for the rest of my life. Even though the acne disappeared (Thank you, birth control! Or is this TMI?) I still suffer from other things, such as redness on my cheeks, for example. So the bad skin and the more than positive comment made me more than happy to try out the Nivea Sensitive products. 

Before I tell you my personal opinion, let's have a look on what Nivea has to say about the Sensitive collection:

"Almost 60% of our female compatriots declare to have a sensitive skin. Especially for them, Nivea developed the 'Nivea Sensitive Collection' for the sensitive skin: a series of mild nursing products without perfume, parabens and colorants. The power of these series is hidden in the soft ingredients. The products are enriched with licorice extract, that has a anti-irritating, anti-inflammatory and inti-bacterial effect and grapeseed oil, which is a nutritious oil known for its calming function. The result of this ultra effective series? Bye bye redness, dryness and tight feeling!"

To discover more, just click below! 

These products were sent to me by a PR company / brand.
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Shark Attack Loves... // Eleven Paris 'Family Capsule' Collection

Leave it to Eleven Paris to always add one extra item to my wish list from the moment their new collections hit my mailbox. Founded in 2011, the French brand has conquered the whole world with their funny slogans and cool prints -- and my heart as well with this dope Homer Simpson shirt. Their vision is to never take the celebs too seriously and to never be taken seriously yourself as well. As they like to say it: Life is a joke.

Their newest collection, called Family Capsule, focuses on celebrities and their statuses within your family. Kate Moss, Coco Chanel, Mike Tyson, Kanye West, Iggy Pop, Christian Grey and more all made the cut. Even though I consider myself an atheist, I do come close to worshipping Kate. And to have Karl Lagerfeld as a dad? I can't even! I love my father to bits and wouldn't want to trade him for anything in this world, so I will take Karl as a godfather instead, if that's okay.

The Eleven Paris 'Family Capsule collection is unisex and will be launched in mid-April. 

Which T-shirt is your favorite? Or would you adopt another celebrity instead?

© Images by Eleven Paris


Personal // I Have Snapchat!

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As you may have seen on my Instagram, I started to use Snapchat not too long ago. And boy, I'm so obsessed! I never really saw the use of this app, not even after all of my friends got it. I don't know why I waited so long to create an account! I'm now documenting everything all day, every day and even my parents don't look at me with a strange look anymore when I start talking to my iPhone. Even though Instagram is all about 'live updates' as well, I try to keep that account more clean and calm, if you know what I mean. Snapchat, on the other hand, is the perfect medium to go crazy all the way.

Here's a first sneak peek into my Snapchat account, with some of my favorite moments up 'till now. Have a look into the Easter dinner with my family, to my sister walking away with that WTF-look when I start singing to her, to me lip-syncing to two of my favorite 90s songs, to my adventures at the I Love The 90s event where I saw my two teenage crushes Peter Andre and Hanson perform and to the moments between my best friend Dario and I (that I wouldn't want to miss for a thing in this world).

And do you know how I always to a Instagram-recap on the first of each month? I'm thinking about adding a video with my favorite Snapchat moments of that month in there as well. I know that some of my readers don't have Instagram and Snapchat, so this is a nice way to keep them updated as well. What do you think? Is it something you would like to see up here? Well, I know that I love this type of voyeurism into other people's lives. Admit it, we all have a stalker level inside of us.

Anyway, if you want to see everything without having to wait for an entire month:
my Snapchat-account is Krizia_S and Dario's account is Dario_Genova.

If you have Snapchat as well, drop you account in the comment box below!


Personal // Redecorating My Bedside Table

Hey guys! I have some news... I bought a house! Yes, I'm definitely growing up now. The house belonged to my grandparents and after they both passed away, we had to decide what to do with it. We quickly came to the conclusion that we didn't want any strangers living in the house my mother aunt, sister and I grew up in, so my sister and I decided to buy it. It feels kinda scary, since it is a very big step, but I'm so glad that we did it.

Everything that belonged to my grandparents is still in there and when we were cleaning up, I found a couple of silver trays. My mom wanted to throw them away, but I thought it would be perfect to display all of the jewelry that I wear the most. I love mixing the old with the new and even if it is 'just' a tray, it belonged to my grandmother, so it's nice to keep it around. One thing led to another and suddenly, I found myself redecorating my entire bedside table.

My bedside table used to be stacked with little statues from Disneyland (Tinkerbell, the Little Mermaid), trolls (don't ask) and jewelry boxes that are too small to actually put some jewelry in. I gave them all a new home across my room and decided that, next to my jewelry, I wanted my daily make up on there as well. And voilĂ , you can see the result above and below. 

What do you think about it?


Outfit // Boy

Well, well... It looks like spring is finally hitting Belgium! Time to take my Boy out for his first photoshoot! It feels so good to be a mom, hehe. I haven't worn another bag ever since I got this one -- it's been a long time since I have been in love this much. Superficial much? Probably. After keeping a spring cleaning in my closet, I rediscovered these Isabel Marant pants that I got a couple of years ago. They're very low and expose practically everything when I sit down, but I still don't have the courage to part from them. Overexposure it is, then! Oh, and totally-worn-off leather jacket is another item I can't say goodbye to... Not until I have found a notable replacement. 

Now that the sun is shining, I finally had the chance to try out my Tavat sunnies. My eyes are very sensitive; whenever the first rays of sun come out or the streets are covered with white, bright snow I get teary eyes, a burning feeling and a headache as soon as I step outside. The symptoms go away after a minute or ten, but it has made me much more aware of eye protection. Tavat is know for their melanin lenses, which block both harmful UV rays and violet-blue light. I'm going to spare you all the technical details (you can read them on their website here) but I have noticed that, when wearing the Tavat sunglasses, I don't have to squint my eyes so much anymore. My eyes will always be a weak point, but it's nice to actually notice a difference. 


Jacket: BERSHKA // T-Shirt: H&M // Pants: ISABEL MARANT // Shoes: CHANEL // Bag: CHANEL // Sunglasses: TAVAT c/o



Beauty // Subtle Ombre Lips

I was playing around with my lipsticks, trying to create my own interpretation of the ombre lip, and I though it would be fun to set up a super quick tutorial on how I did it. The ombre lip has to be the easiest and quickest way to add that extra something to your look. For this tutorial, I went for very subtle ombre lips. It's perfect for both day and night, even though I prefer something stronger and more 'out there' when I go to a party. And the colors are super appropriate for spring and summer; if only the weather would co-operate here in Belgium. I stepped outside with the lips above and a couple of people told me that there was something about my face, but that they could put their finger on it. When I pointed out my lips, they were all very positive about it and they asked me how I did it. Mission accomplished! Ready?


Personal // Instagram March 2015

This month was all about staying at a new hotel, macarons, Snapchat, a Chanel pregnancy and new shoes. To be the first one to have a sneak peek into my personal life; my username is @Krizia_S.