Life // Things To Know Before Moving In Together

After spending almost 27 years at my safe haven - aka home - I decided it was time to leave the nest and move in with my boyfriend of 1,5 years. A logical step, but still a big one. Sure, we spent all of our free moments together and yes, we went on that much feared first holiday -- because you know, "that's when you really get to know each other". Even though you are indeed together 24/7, moving in a house or apartment is slightly different than going to the beach and sipping cocktails for a week. My boyfriend and I moved in last weekend, and here are the top 5 things I think you need to know.

1. Where are you going to live?

My boyfriend used to live 20 minutes from here, so the first big question was: will I move to him or will he come this way? Since I already bought a house before we met and it would spare him 20 minutes to get to work , our decision was easily made and he moved to my hometown. 

If you both live and work in the same place, you'll probably know the answer to this question immediately. But if one, or both, of you work somewhere else, it might be more practical to move somewhere in between. On the other hand: some people find it difficult to be away from family and friends. Have a thorough, deep conversation on this subject before you move on to anything else. Be clear and tell each other what you want (and especially what you don't want).


Beauty // M.A.C. Liptensity Lipsticks

Meet M.A.C.'s new lipstick line called Liptensity, created in collaboration with Maureen Seaberg. While M.A.C. usually makes an appeal to celebrities to work with them, they now asked a tetrachromat to help them out. Not sure what I'm talking about? Don't worry, I wasn't either at first. 

A tetrachromat is someone with "the genetic ability to see up to 100 million hues imperceptible to the average naked eye" -- in other words: someone who sees 100 times more colors than the average person. With the help of Maureen Seaberg and the High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments technology , M.A.C. was able to create a lipstick line of 24 unseen, intense colors. 

Someone told me that they have a matte finish - insert angel voices singing - so I can already predict surviving on water and bread after being able to make it to the M.A.C. store again. To see all shades and their names, click below.

Do let us know which one is your favorite! 


The M.A.C. Liptensity collection is now available online and hits stores in October.
They sell for € 25 each.

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Review // Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products

MAKE UP LOVERS REJOICE! Anastasia Soare aka Anastasia Beverly Hills has finally set foot on Belgian soil with her world famous brow products. After reading about her in tons of magazines, seeing her all over TV and the Internet, us Belgians can now finally jump on the bandwagon as well. Curious on where you can find Anastasia Beverly Hills products in Belgium? Keep on reading! 

Anastasia's career was launched way back in 1990, when she had to replace a friend in a famous beauty salon in Melrose Place. With tons of clients coming back for her brow treatment, she decides to start her own business and rents a space in the salon. After opening her very own salon in 1997, gaining the 'brow guru' status and appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show, her popularity skyrockets -- literally. As of then, Jennifer Lopez, BeyoncĂ©, Madonna and many others, find a way to her salon. 

As if an A-list clientele wasn't enough, Anastasia also created the unique and patented Golden Ratio method: she studied bone structures, hair structures and facial proportions to create the perfect brow for everyone. She developed 5 stencils based on simple measuring points, giving you the chance to discover the perfect eyebrows for your face and structure. 

I received a couple of her best-selling products to try out: the Brow Wiz, the Perfect Brow Pencil and the Brow Powder Duo. If you're planning to order some products online, but you're in doubt about which color to choose, go to the Great Beauty bar-website and find out which color will suit you best with the 'Choose Your Shade' scheme.


* The Brow Powder Duo (2 x 0,8 g / 0,030 Oz) sells for € 29,90.
* The Brow Wiz (0,085 g / 0,0003 Oz) sells for € 28,90.
* The Perfect Brow Pencil (0,95 g / 0,034 Oz) sells for € 28,90.

All products are available at Planet Parfum or on the Great Beauty Bar-website.

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Shark Attack Travels // Crete 2016 Instalooks


ZARA dress // ZARA wedges

I've been a little MIA lately, since I spent the last 10 days in Crete with my boyfriend (who is making his blog debut in this post, hehe). Since we both worked full time for over a year, we wanted to go on an ultimate relax holiday, so I didn't want to bother him or myself with taking pictures using my big, heavy reflex camera. I did ask him to take some pictures of my poolside and evening looks, which I posted on my Instagram account and decided to do a little recap post here on the blog.

Which one do you like best?