Shark Attack Loves... // Essentiel S/S '15 Shark Clutch

There I am, laying on the couch battling the WORST. COLD. EVER., when I receive a press mail in my inbox introducing the newest Essentiel S/S '15 Flash collection named Can't Talk, Gone Fishing. I have always loved Essentiel for their fun prints, bright colors and excessive use of rhinestones and sequins and I love them even more now... Because they have a Shark clutch! 

Judging by the name of my blog, it's needless to explain why I'm so excited -- but I'm going to do it anyway in a nutshell: I love sharks because they have been roaming the oceans and seas for millions of years, they are some fierce creatures and unfortunately often very misunderstood. It's my dream to swim with them one day. Anyway, this isn't a biology blog so I'm going to shut up now. 

Conclusion: this clutch, I need. 

The Flash collection will be available from 18/04 in all Essentiel boutiques and online



Detail // Summer Proof

What to do when it's raining outside and you can't take any outfit pictures? Improvise and start thinking about summer, I guess. Sunglasses are one of my addictions (next to shoes, bags and lipsticks) and an accessory that can pimp even the simplest of outfits. Here are two new sunnies from Polette and Tavat to get me prepared for summer.

The Polette sunnies reminded me of the Dolce & Gabbana ones and I can totally see me wearing them to the festivals I'm planning to attend this summer. The silver frame and shape are just to die for. Polette has the best choice when it comes to more particular sunglasses and for a very fair price as well. I love sunnies that are more 'out there' and immediately catch your eye and that's where Polette comes in. I already wrote about them before here.

Tavat is a brand that I discovered just recently. It's an American company, but their craftsmen are based in Italy -- a fact that immediately caught my attention. Italy is known for their high quality sunglasses, so you know you've got something good when it's Made In Italy. Their sunglasses are said to make your eyes feel less tired, to improve the contrast and natural display of colors and to block out 97 % of the damaging HEV light. My eyes are very sensitive and my eye sight is -10, so protection is very important to me. I can't wait to try them out and to discover the difference myself. 

Which one is your favorite?

Sunglasses: POLETTE c/o // TAVAT 'EDGE I' c/o


New // Chanel Boy Bag

I gave birth to a boy! A Chanel Boy, to be precise. I now finally have a man in my life and by my side forever. And what's even better: this fella won't cry, scream, nag or bug me out in any way, hehe. After hopelessly looking for the classic black Boy bag with silver hardware for months and getting to hear that it was almost impossible to find a one these days, I decided to go for another classic but different piece.

So, here's my Boy! Black, medium size, with silver and gold hardware and with black and grey stitching. Slightly different than the classic one, but still a timeless piece. Throwing a baby shower would be a little bit too much, but I'm so happy with my choice. Time to take my Boy out for a walk and enjoy the sunny weather! Ciao! 



Outfit // Fresh Popcorn

These pictures were taken in Antwerp by Annebeth before an event. It was one of the first sunny days of the new year, so I decided to finally wear the Fresh Popcorn shirt by Filles À Papa that I got a while ago. My dad hates it, but I think it's too cool. Filles À Papa can do nothing wrong for me -- literally. I decided to combine it with two other items that I hadn't worn in a while: the Stella McCartney Falabella bag that my mom got me as a graduation gift and my beloved Chloé Susanna boots. 

I've been quite happy for the past couple of days. Q-Music has been playing the Top 500 From The 90s non stop on the radio and it brings back so many memories! It got me dancing and singing all day long, to the point that it's driving my friends crazy. I also got tickets for the I Love The 90s party next month. Peter Andre and Hanson are going to perform. I repeat: PETER ANDRE AND HANSON ARE GOING TO PERFORM! I used to have a major crush on Peter Andre when I was in my early teens and everyone has danced and sung to MMMBop at least once. Don't you dare to deny it. I'm so excited and I'm already thinking about my 90s outfit; big hoop earrings, super dark lipliner, pink eyeliner, high wasted jeans ... It's so difficult to choose just one 90s trend. What's your favorite memory / trend / song ... from the 90s?


Jacket: BERSHKA // T-Shirt: FILLES À PAPA // Jeans: LEVIS // Shoes: CHLOE // Bag: STELLA MCCARTNEY // Sunnies: TOM FORD 


Lifestyle // Terhills Hotel @ Maasmechelen

I'm feeling like such a proud momma right now -- my hometown Maasmechelen has another hotspot to add to the list. I'm presenting you Terhills Hotel, located in a gorgeous building that used to be the former headquarters of the mines. I love how both of the province and town that I live in try to keep the mine history of our region alive, because both of my grandfathers have worked there and I've heard numerous stories of what went down there. 

The hotel is located right next to the two mine shafts that still stand proudly together and became a symbol for the flourishing mining period in Maasmechelen, before being closed in 1987. Maasmechelen is aiming to flourish once again, focusing on tourism, shopping and nature this time. It has every element to succeed, thanks to its splendid location: shopping paradise Maasmechelen Village is located right next to the hotel and hikers can enjoy the beauty of nature in the national park that is situated nearby. Adventurers will be happy to know that the hotel is located in the Euregio, where three countries come together, meaning that the hotel is located on a 30 minute drive from Hasselt (Belgium), 20 minutes from Maastricht (the Netherlands) and an hour from Antwerp, Brussels, Liège (Belgium), Düsseldorf, Cologne and Aachen (Germany). Curious yet?

I was given the chance to stay the night at the hotel and to discover everything it has to offer to the fullest. No need to ask me twice, so I took my partner in crime Dario along with me and we had the best time. While we were driving to the hotel, we were so excited as if we were going on a holiday abroad, but we were going on a holiday in our own hometown instead! 

Click below to find out more about my stay at Terhills Hotel. 

© Images by Terhills Hotel and Shark Attack - Fashion Blog (taken with both iPhone 6 and professional camera)