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Two pictures that caught my eye this week.

First of all, how damn cute are those Balenciaga-bags? I swear I almost fainted 
when I saw all of those colors. 
And even though I always wear golden jewelry, I really like this picture - It 
intrigues me in a strange way...

x Krizia

New // River Island Clutch

Going to Antwerp (see previous post) without being able to shop was very hard for me.

So when the others grabbed something to eat, I rushed to River Island to see if I 
found some goodies I liked. I only had about 5 minutes, so fitting clothes wasn't 
an option. Focusing on accessories, my eyes immediately noticed this pink and gold 
clutch. I think this clutch will give a nice pop of color to the black and gold 
outfits I wear often. 

Now I'm off brainstorming about what I'm going to pack for Paris Fashion Week 
this Friday.
Any suggestions?

x Krizia


Trip // Antwerp

I don't know if I told you before, but I'm studying to become an English and 
history teacher -- Shame on me if I make any mistakes here on the blog! ;)

Some fellow students and I have to organize a study trip to Antwerp for a history 
project, so we had to go there ourselves first to figure everything out.
It was the perfect opportunity for me to take out my camera again, since Antwerp is 
one of my favorite cities ever. 
Besides shopping,it also has a lot to offer for history lovers like myself.

Here's a small 'documentary' of my (history) trip!

P.S.: Since I was the photographer that day, you won't see me in the pictures + My 
fellow students didn't really know how to take proper pictures with my camera. :D


Wanted: La Fille d'O // Subtitles

Seriously, how cute is the bra in the picture above?
My history with La Fille d'O goes way back - My sister used to model for the brand 
a couple of years ago.

Based in Ghent, designer Murielle Scherre has created an amazing business all by 
herself. Did you know that Roisin Murphy (Moloko) and Alison Goldfrapp wear her 
Everything is Made in Belgium, so you won't wear any mass production items made 
in sweatshops. 
Another thing I love about Murielle, is the fact that she also uses curvy models 
for her campaigns. She really loves feminine curves, and it shows in her designs 
as well. 

I own several La Fille d'O-bras and undies - Maybe I'll do a post about them too, 
what do you think? - and I love the sometimes naughty, yet playful and girly edges 
in the designs. 

* For other collections and selling points, you can visit the website HERE.
* For more pictures of the Subtitles-collection: there's more after the jump.

Let me know what you think about it!

x Krizia


The Collection

As I promised you in my previous post
I went looking for the missing pieces in my collection and I found them.

I'm sorry for the absence on the blog, but school has been taking in a lot of my time!

x Krizia


Lost & Found: J'Adore Dior

When I was younger, I used to collect Dior's collector items -- They designed one 
every season.

I don't know why or when I quit collecting them, but somehow I did and I lost 
my items out of sight. Today, I found this keychain again, which includes two 
colors of lipgloss. As you can see, I never used the lipgloss. I'm not sure if I 
can use them now, since it has been a couple of years since I bought this keychain. 

Now lets hope I can find the other collectors items too!

x Krizia


Paris Fashion Week: Showroom Belgium

Since I officially booked my trip yesterday, I can finally tell you that I'll be at 
Paris Fashion Week on the 4th of March!

I'm invited to attend the Showroom Belgium-event, where 12 upcoming Belgian designers 
will present their collections -- I'm thrilled to see that Belgian fashion is finally 
exploring its horizons and I think Paris Fashion Week is a great start.

The 12 designers were selected by the Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI) and 
Wallonie-Bruxelles Design/Mode (WBDM). The designers who are taking part are jodevisscher, KIMSTUMPF, Katrien Van Hecke, Joanne Vanden Avenne, WOLF. by Sofie Claes, CĂ©line Pinckers, 
Conni Kaminski, Eric Beauduin, Filles a Papa, Monsieur Bul, Niyona and The Cookie Therapy.

I'm very excited to see their collections!

Anyone else of you who will be attending the event too?

x Krizia


The Color Purple

Channeling my inner Oprah with the title of this post, but it was the first thing 
that popped up my mind when I noticed all of the purple items my sister and I own. 

Above, my Versace shoes, which only appeared on the blog once and which I'll have 
to wear more often.


Outfit: 12/02/2011

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick post of yesterdays outfit. The sun was shining,
so my mom and I decided to go out shopping -- Didn't find 
anything, though. 

I decided to go for the 'chic-meets-rock' look, finally wearing
my favorite leather jacket again. 
I'm a big fan of leather jackets combined with dresses. 
What about you?

x Krizia

P.S.: As you may notice, I have the habit to twirl my hair when
I'm taking outfit pictures. ;)

Jacket: BERSHKA // Dress: ZARA // BELT: GUCCI // Bag: CHANEL //



Some random pictures taken this morning before heading out.
As you can see, the sun is shining and I've never been so happy
to see it.
I've also decided to paint my nails purple, in the same color as
my Balenciaga. Like it?

Too bad I have to be at school in about two hours, so I won't be 
able to enjoy this sunny day as much as I would like too!

Have a nice and sunny day!

x Krizia

Hat: H&M // Scarf: H&M // Leather Jacket: MANGO // Shoes: PRADA //



Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines ... 
That's all what it is about in my life the past days. I hope I'll
have some peace and quiet next week, so that I can take some 
outfit pictures again.

So, here are some pictures I found while surfing on the Internet
which inspire me.

I hope to be all yours again soon.

x Krizia

P.S.: I received an exciting email, I hope I can tell you more 
about it soon!


Helena Christensen & Chris Isaak: Wicked Game

You have Naomi Campbell featuring in Michael Jackson's 'In The 
Closet', there's Claudia Schiffer featuring in Westlife's 'Uptown Girl'.

But my favorite 'model-faturing-in-a-music-video'-video, must be
the one of Helena Christensen for Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game'.
I recently re-discovered the video again and totally fell in love
with Helena again -- No, I'm not afraid to say I find a woman beautiful out loud.

Just look for yourself, isn't she amazing?

x Krizia

Feature: For The Love Of Balenciaga // 3

Hi everyone!

First of all, sorry for the absence on Shark Attack. As you may
have known already, I interned at Maasmechelen Village for the 
last 2 weeks. My internship ended last Friday, but now, I have
a lot of deadlines for school.

I finally got the chance to sleep in today, which didn't happen
for the last 2 months. I feel like I'm re-born.
And is there a better way to wake up and notice you've been 
featured on one of your favorite websites for the 3rd time

Once again, a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the lovely J.
founder of the amazing website For The Love Of Balenciaga.

On the picture, I'm carrying my Raisin City-bag, which was one of
my best purchases ever.
And yes, that's Audrey Hepburn on the painting behind me!

Now I'm off working for school again.
Have a great Sunday!

x Krizia


Do You Know?

'Girls can wear jeans, and cut their hair short, because it is
OK to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.
Because you think that being a girl is degrading. But secretly,
you'd love to know what it's like, wouldn't you? What it feels
like for a girl?' - Madonna // What It Feels Like For A Girl

By now, you've probably already heard of Andrej Pejic, the (now)
famous androgyn model which had all eyes on him during Jean Paul 
Gaultier last show.
Jean Paul used Andrej to walk during the men's collection, but 
also to show a pretty, furry wedding dress.

I was absolutely stunned when I saw Andrej walking down the 
catwalk in the dress - I think he's absolutely gorgeous.
A lot of my friends on Facebook couldn't see why I find Andrej
handsome, because 'he looks like a girl'. Madonna's intro from
'What It Feels Like For A Girl' immediately popped up in my head.
Well, I can imagine why most people react this way, since he is
not the average male model

So, I wanted to know your opinion on Andrej Pejic.
Yes or no?

x Krizia