Outfit // Dressed Up Saturday

Am I the only one who hates having to find an 'appropriate' title for every post?
Anyways, since it's Saturday and I'm about to go shopping with my dad in a bit, I decided to call this post 'Dressed Up Saturday'. God, that sounds so lame.

I don't really have that much to write. Not being able to shop forces me to be creative with the items that are already hanging in my closet and I must admit that I'm not very good at it. It took me an hour to put this outfit together. I do like this dark look, though. Dark's my thing, I love it. I didn't want to go back to my 'goth' phase I had in second grade, so I added these flower printed pants. The sun isn't shining that bright, but I really wanted to wear my new sunnies, so here you go.

x Krizia

Sheer Blouse: ZARA (Similar herehere and here) // Floral pants: H&M (Similar here and here) // Booties: Thanks to RIVER ISLAND (Similar here) // Ring: YVES SAINT LAURENT // Bracelet: HERMES // Sunnies: PRADA thanks to Smart Buy Glasses

P.S.: The winner of the Supertrash give away is Kelly Lenssen. Congrats!


Personal // Gifted And Wanted

I bet you've all heard about the Jean Paul Gaultier and Coca Cola Light collaboration by now and I must admit that I like this collaboration more that the Karl Lagerfeld one -- Don't worry Mr. Lagerfeld, I still find you a genius in every positive way possible. My first memory of Mr. Gaultier must have been when Madonna wore the famous cone bra / corset - designed by Gaultier, of course - during her Blond Ambition Tour in 1990. I was a tiny one-year-old back then, but the impact of that particular tour (and bra) should not be underestimated. I don't think that there's even one human being walking this surface who doesn't remember that piece of legendary lingerie.

Later on, I got to know Jean Paul Gaultier as one of the 'enfants terribles', shocking the fashion world by using older men, overweight women, over the top tattooed and pierced individuals as his models and as someone who wasn't afraid of playing with traditional gender roles. Aaah, and not to forget his world famous commercials, using amazingly cute (and tattooed, you know I love tattoos) sailor men as the center piece.

Being one of the Coca Cola Light Style Reporters, I had the honor to receive two collector items of the Jean Paul Gaultier for Coca Cola Light collaboration. These babies will definitely get the special place they deserve. Thank you, Coca Cola Light, for this amazing gift and thank you, Mr. Gaultier, for being yourself and for doing what you want in a world that's filled with criticism and narrow mindedness. 

Oh yeah, I've also added a major wish list in this post, so just click, click, click below to see what goodies I've bumped into while browsing on the web! 

x Krizia

P.S.: Als je in België woont, vergeet dan niet om aan de  Supertrash give away mee te doen!


Interview // Maasmechelen Village Chic TV

Video by Maasmechelenvillage.com

Remember this post about the Stijn Helsen and Francis Ferent store openings at Maasmechelen Village last month? Well, there's also a video giving perfect coverage of the event and I finally managed to get my hands on it!

You can spot yours truly at 0:12 (the Shark Attack crew arriving #wink), at 1:05 (I should totally practice on keeping a nice face while taking photos, ahahaha) and giving a short interview at 2:59. I'm sorry it's in Dutch, but I'm basically saying that I'm happy about Stijn Helsen coming to Maasmechelen Village and that it's nice to see that they support Belgian fashion designers.

I was wearing a jacket by Alice by Temperley (similar here and here), striped pants by H&M (similar here), a sheer blouse by H&M (similar here and here), bow pumps by New Look (similar here) and a Chanel bag (similar here). 

I'd like to thank Maasmechelen Village for this super fun video!

x Krizia

P.S.: Als je in België woont, vergeet dan niet om aan de Supertrash give away mee te doen!


New // Prada Sunnies, Part II

Remember when I got my first Prada sunnies from the Minimal Baroque collection here?
Well, thanks to Smart Buy Glasses I had the chance to choose a second sunny. The friendly people at Smart Buy Glasses offered me the chance to choose one of their sunglasses, which wasn't easy, since they have one hell of a big collection. You can find brand sunglasses of previous collections there, at a reduced price, of course. They have Ray Ban, Gucci, Tom Ford, Prada, Chloé ...

From the moment I ordered them, I was able to track my order down, getting an email the moment it was shipped to my home address. A nice plus: the shipping's free and you get a care kit, worth € 15, with your sunnies for free. Be sure to check their website out!

I can't wait for the weekend - and the sun to finally shine - so I can take these babies out. My dad already told me he hates them ... Whatevs. Now all I need is for my Isabel Marant Willow sneakers in anthracite to arrive, so I can wear these two babies together.

So, what do you think?
Hit or miss?

Sunglasses: PRADA thanks to Smart Buy Glasses

P.S.: Als je in België woont, vergeet dat niet om aan de Supertrash give away mee te doen!


Give Away // Supertrash Dress Or Top


Ready for a new give away? Shark Attack teamed up with Dresses Only and guess what ... The tube dress on the left or one of the two tube tops on the right could be yours. Kim Kardashian and Rachel Bilson were both spotted wearing some Supertrash items and now you can own one too. 

What do you have to do?

1. Live in Belgium. (To my international readers: don't worry, there will be international give aways soon!)
2. Like Dresses Only and Shark Attack on Facebook.
3. Subscribe for the Dresses Only Newsletter
4. Leave a comment with:

* Your name.
* Your email address.
* Which one of the three items above you'd like to win. 
Be careful: You have to give me the official name as stated on the Dresses Only website. You can find all Supertrash items here
* Your size: XS/S or M/L.

The give away ends on Sunday, 29 April 2012

Good luck!

x Krizia


Outfit // Bad Hair Day

I totally thank God for letting me find this hat, since it's a total life saver every time I have a bad hair day -- As in, like, today. I decided to take my Isabel Marant Navajo / Renell pants for a spin again. I paid quite some money to get my hands on these babies, so I better get as much use out of them as possible. I opted to go for a casual, tomboyish look. My mom said that it looks as if I ran out of a Spanish Zorro movie. Totally loving it. I'm also wearing a Marlies Dekkers bra, but it's not visible in these pics. Bummer.

HAT: H&M (Similar here and here)  // Blouse: ZARA (Similar here)  // Pants: ISABEL MARANT // Shoes: ACNE PISTOL BOOTS // Bag: CHANEL (Similar herehere and here) // Ring: YVES SAINT LAURENT // Nail Polish: DIOR VERNIS 537 RIVIERA


Random // This And That

Some of my favorite items from the online web shop Shoeby, which has a free shipping service 'till 29 April. Unfortunately, it's only for Belgium, but I bet they'll expand it in the future. The half leather coat would fit my rock 'n roll soul perfectly, the red bag would be perfect to put all of my unnecessary stuff in, the sunnies have the best shape ever and I'm totally digging the dotted print on the sleeves of that blazer. So, if you're living in Belgium: start benefiting of the free shipping, 'cause Shoeby has the best affordable prices! 

1. COAT: € 69,95
2. BAG: € 29,95
3. SUNNIES: € 6,95
4. BLAZER: € 49,95


NOTD // Dior Vernis 537 Riviera

Now, let me start by getting things clear first: 
I am nowhere near to being a beauty blogger, but ever since I removed my artificial nails, I can actually start using my nail polish stack. As you can see, the artificial nails completely ruined my actual nails and as if that weren't enough, I thought it would be a great idea to remove the fake nails myself - As in biting / tearing them off. Now, there's no need to tell you that it was the worst idea I've ever had (see that poor pinky of mine?), but the damage is done and there's isn't really something I can do about it ... Except for trying to hide it with some nail polish. So I thought it'd be nice to show you my nail polish from time to time, because I can change it as much as I want to from now on. #HappyDance

My mom had some gift vouchers left, so I stopped by Ici Paris XL today and got me this Dior nail polish. I also got a new Chanel polish, but I'll show you that one in one of my next posts. I must admit that this is my first Dior nail polish ever. I do read some beauty blogs from time to time and most of the bloggers are quite pleased with its quality and the result. I decided to go for the 537 Riviera, which is an bright orange / peachy / I don't really know kind of color. I've had it with this gloomy weather, so I decided to bring some Spring into my life myself. 

The Dior Vernis polishes have a large brush, which is a synonym to less stripes. Being a total loser at applying nail polish, this is always a plus. I added two coats - and totally smudging on my hands when I had to use my left hand to paint my right hand - and believe me, the result is still kinda okay if you know my relationship with nail polishes. I've also added a top and base coat, of course. The polish dried very quickly - Another plus, yay! I can't tell you about its durability yet, but if it's as good as everything else, I may have found myself a new favorite nail polish brand! 

P.S.: Excusez-moi for the tired face. The only thing I did this week was preparing my internship and teaching a bunch of teenagers English and history. Only five weeks to go, hooray! Now, the kids I have to teach to are quite attentive and co-operative, I must say, but it's still a very demanding job. Teachers have gained my eternal respect from now on.



Outfit // Paris Fashion Week A/W '11

Photobucket All pictures by Ellaandlouise.com

I'm so in love with these pictures Kim took of Sofie (on the right in the picture above) and I during Paris Fashion Week, outside of Dior. It was my first fashion week and I was so happy to bump into Sofie, since I didn't knew anybody there. I also got to meet Kim, who has quickly become a dear friend of mine. Thanks for the pictures, baybay!

x Krizia

Jacket: BERSHKA // Shirt: CHRISTOPHER KANE FOR TOPSHOP // Shorts: H&M // Booties: NEW LOOK // Bag: CHANEL // Faux Fur Tail: H&M


Personal // Follow Me On Instagram

If you want to know what I'm up to - personal and blog related a well - you can always follow me on Instagram - and Twitter, of course. My Instagram username is Krizia_S. Ever since I switched to iPhone, I'm totally addicted to this app. If you have Instagram, drop me a comment with your username in the box below. I love to discover new people to follow! 

Top Left: My newest studded booties from Zara.
Top Right: My jewelry: Hermès bracelet and Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ringt (+ Chanel 'Coco Blue' nail polish).
Bottom Left: My adorable kitty cat.
Bottom Right: My sister's Balenciaga. Since she never wears it anymore, I decided to take this baby out for a spin. 

x Krizia 

P.S.: What are your favorite iPhone apps? 


Wanted // 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Satin Crepe Pants

Photobucket Picture by Styleheroine.com

My heart just stopped ... How ridiculously perfect are these pants? One of my favorite bloggers, Evangelie from Style Heroine, is wearing them in the most perfect way possible and I can't stop thinking about them ever since. Too bad they come with a $ 450 price tag, but I'm planning to play on the lottery in a couple of hours, which will give me the chance to win € 53 million. Fingers crossed! ;)
You can find these gorgeous, perfect, two legged babies here and here.

Now I'm off, so I can continue to stare at these pants some more. Bye!

x Krizia


Feature // Une Fée Dans Les étoiles!

I was checking out blogs my readers left me in my comment box, when I suddenly saw myself popping up in one of them. I didn't know I was featured, so it's needless to say I was very surprised. I got featured on Une Fée Dans Les Etoiles and if I'm not mistaken, it's being run by Kim, a blogger from Wallonia, since she writes in French too. So, dear Kim, thank you so much for the kind words! They literally made my day, since all I'm doing is working for my internship. 
To check out the whole article, you can click HERE.

I have a question to ask you, guys. I was wondering how you feel about fake tattoos -- Remember the Chanel ones? When I got my tattoo - you can click here to see more - a lot of my readers told me they liked tattoos, but were too afraid to get one. Would you consider a fake tattoo to go to a party, for fun or just to see what it looks like, as the one in the picture below? You'll know why I'm asking you this soon. ;) (No, I'm not getting another tattoo ... Yet.)



Outfit // Happy Easter!

First of all: Happy Easter!
I hope you'll get buried in chocolate eggs and that you'll get to spend this holidays with your loved ones. Here are some snaps of my outfit, taken in between preparations for today's family lunch. I decided to match one of my favorite band shirts with a pencil skirt, creating a rock chic look. What do you think? :)

Plus, I treated myself on a little Easter present ... I decided to get a .com, which means my URL is http://www.sharkattackfashionblog.com from now on. I wanted to use 'Shark Attack', but it was already taken and I guess it's a nice reminder that people looking for defense against sharks should not click on my URL. ;) Now, I installed it that way that, while inserting my old URL (http://krizia-shark-attack.blogspot.com), you should be redirected to the new URL, but it doesn't work for me. Does anybody know if it takes some time to adjust or ...?
Thanks in advance!

Enjoy the weekend!

x Krizia

Shirt: URBAN OUTFITTERS // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: NEW LOOK // Bracelet: HERMES // Ring: YVES SAINT LAURENT // Nail Polish: CHANEL COCO BLUE


Detail // Still Stands

After spending the week in PJ's to prepare my internship - and only making an exception when going to see Titanic 3D - I decided to dress up today. I'm going out to dinner with the boyfriend tonight and I'm so looking forward to it. It feels like the walls start to crawl up on me -- I'm not the type to stay indoors and the fact that I'm forced to because of school right now, doesn't make it any better. ;)

Y'all already know I'm a fan of see through blouses and I since we can't eat meat today, why not show some? I'm so in love with the bra I'm wearing, which is actually a bikini, but I wear them both ways. That's what I love about La Fille d'O lingerie and / or bikinis. You don't really know which is which, since you can mix and match them underneath your clothes and on the beach as well. What do you think? :)

I wish you a happy Easter in advance, with tons of chocolate eggs and bunnies.

x Krizia



Must Read // A Polaroid Story by Elisabeth Ouni

'No Balls, No Glory. A Polaroid Story' is the full (of wisdom) title of Elisabeth Ouni's blog. Now, this is NOT a fashion blog - yes, I do have other interests too - but is sooo worth sharing with you. 

Half Tunisian, but Ostend (Belgium) based, Elisabeth is the face / writer / polaroid photographer behind her one of a kind blog called 'No Balls, No Glory. A Polaroid Story'. Reading her blog for quite some time now, I would describe her as: creative, original, driven, passionate, focused, patient and all synonyms possible. You're probably all wondering what's so special about her blog, right? Well, this is what Elisabeth herself has to say about it:

"Snapping hiphop, rap, soul, rnb, blues, jazz artists on polaroid, is not so easy as you might think... I'm not a journalist, a professional photographer nor am I a groupie... The thing is, polaroid does nòt like movement, so the artists hàve to pose and that is the tricky part. This blog explains how I succeed òr fail in my ultimate hunt for that one polaroid while facing hardcore fans, managements, bodyguards, heavy security and protective entourage."

Since Polaroid stopped producing films, the final question will be the following: Who will be the final artist in the series that is caught on polaroid? Only time will tell ... For now, enjoy the ride."

So cool, right? Elisabeth came up with this amazing idea when she was at a festival for her birthday, trying to snap a polaroid of - the extremely good looking, I must say - Pharrell Williams, which you may know from N.E.R.D. I'm usually not a big fan of hip hop / rap / RnB artists, but I did discover some new artists I'm kinda digging now. Thanks, E.! 
Reading her stories, you will definitely understand why I call Elisabeth (and lets not forget her partner in crime - or her P.I.C. as she likes to call it - Jules) driven, passionate, focused and patient. To get the  Pharrell Williams polaroid, she tried to approach him about 4 times. The Snoop Dogg polaroid got her a busted knee the first time and a whole lot of waiting the second time, but she did succeed. She got to chit chat with Coolio in his dressing room and was asked for an interview by Mark Ronson. Yeah, that's right, HE asked HER for an interview. Hell, she even managed to snap a polaroid of Lionel Richie in a Parisian night club! 
I'm not going to give too much away, but you should D to the Efinitely check this blog out. Not just for the artists Elisabeth managed to get on polaroid, but also for the fact that this blog is first hand proof that if you want something, you will eventually get it. You might have to wait for it to come to you for a long time, driving you to extremes to the point where you're ready to give up, but don't... Because remember: No Balls, No Glory.
Click below to see some of my top 5 favorite polaroids / stories and let me know what you think about the blog! 

P.S.: You think Elisabeth's just some wacko selling some sh*t? Hold it right there honey, 'cause she got proof. Proof, I tell you! Just read her stories, will ya?
Pictures are all courtesy of Apolaroidstory.wordpress.com


Personal // Careless

My mom recently found these pictures of me and I thought it would be fun to share them with you. I'd give anything to go back to the days where I'd only worry about the scratches on my knees or which game I'd play next. I'm absolutely petrified about growing older and having to deal with everything that comes along with that. Am I the only one with that issue? They say that every age has its charm, but I'm still trying to find peace with the fact that I'm going to graduate soon (hopefully) and that I'll be thrown into the adult world. 

Anyways, the picture above was taken at my grandparents' place. They had a big field next to their house and my cousins and I used to play there almost every single day. Even when it was snowing. I have so many great memories there and I'm so bummed about the fact that the field isn't there anymore. They've built a couple of houses on it during the years. 



Say hello to the newest addition to my jewelry collection: the YSL Small Arty Brass Cuff with Coral Details
My aunt went to Paris a couple of days ago and instead of buying me another Arty ring - she totally hates them - she decided to buy me the bracelet. Since I'm a huge fan of big, chunky, golden jewelry, you can imagine my face when I opened the box. I'm not going to wear it with my Arty rings, though. That would be way too much. 

I'd also like to tell you that there might be a lack of posts during the coming weeks. After the Easter holidays, I have a 6 week internship coming up which will take most of my time. I'll have to teach a bunch of kiddos English and history. I'll try to update as much as I can, but I can't promise anything. Hopefully, you'll stick with me and I'll see you again afterwards!

To see my Arty 'collection', you can click below! :)

x Krizia

P.S.: I'd like to thank you for the sweet comments and tweets regarding my feature in the news paper, in which I talked to you about in my previous posts. You guys are the best!