Win // 2 x 'Outlander' Verrassingspakket

This give away is only for my Belgian and Dutch readers.
There will be more international give aways soon! 

Heb jij tijdens deze donkere wintermaanden ook enkel zin om onder een dekentje te cocoonen? Dan ben je niet alleen! Ik doe deze avonden niets liever dan vanuit mijn zetel naar een goede film of serie te kijken. Als ik een leuke serie ontdek, hou ik meestal enkele avonden na elkaar een heuse marathon, met als gevolg dat ik om de X aantal weken alwéér op zoek ben naar een nieuwe serie. Na misdaadseries zoals Narcos, The Killing en The Following, was ik nu wel toe aan iets totaal anders. En dat heb ik nu ook gevonden! Maak kennis met Outlander.

De serie Outlander is gebaseerd op de bestseller 'De Reiziger' van de auteur Diana Gabaldon. Volg de Engelse verpleegster Claire, die na haar terugkomst van de slagvelden in WO II weer met haar man herenigd wordt. Tijdens haar tweede huwelijksreis loopt ze door één van de oude steenkringen op de oude Britse eilanden en komt ze ineens in het Schotland van 1743 terecht, dat door een oorlog en gevechten tussen de wilde Highlandclans wordt verscheurd. Terug in de tijd geworpen door krachten die ze niet begrijpt, komt Claire in een wereld van gevaarlijke intriges terecht én wordt ze van spionage beschuldigd. Door omstandigheden wordt Claire gedwongen om met een vogelvrij verklaarde Highlander te trouwen en wordt ze verliefd om hem. Ze ziet zich opeens verscheurd tussen twee mannen in totaal verschillende tijdsperiodes, waardoor haar leven en haar hart in gevaar komen.

Outlander heeft drie Golden Globes nominaties op zak, waaronder die voor Beste Drama. Om jou ook kennis te laten maken met deze super spannende serie, geven Shark Attack en Sony 2 Outlander verrassingspakketten weg! Ja, ja, twee pakketten betekenen dus ook twee winnaars! In beide pakketten kan je de volgende items vinden:

* DVD Seizoen 1 / Volume 1
* DVD Seizoen 1 / Volume 2
* Een speciale collector's item tas
* Het boek De Reiziger van Diana Gabaldon, aangeboden door Uitgeverij Boekerij. Dit is het eerste deel van de best selling boekenserie waarop de serie gebaseerd is.

Zin om je kans te wagen? 
Laat dan onder dit artikel een comment achter met je naam en email adres. De twee winnaars worden op dinsdag 5 januari 2016 via mail gecontacteerd.

Onder dit artikel vind je ook nog foto's van de prijzen en de trailer van het eerste seizoen, dus neem zeker nog een kijkje. Ik wens iedereen alvast veel succes en heel fijne feestdagen! 

© 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
© 2015 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
© Deze wedstrijd is in samenwerking met Sony Pictures Television Inc.


New // Fendi Bag Bug

First of all: merry Christmas! I wish you all the best in the world and hope that all of your wishes come true. And I hope that you got to spend the holidays with all of your loved ones. Lots of hugs and kisses for all of you!

Meet Marshmellow, my new best friend. I got to know him at the Fendi store in Rome, but we didn't  get to hang out until Christmas. I was eyeing these bag bugs for a while now and got to choose one as a Christmas present. They are one of those love or hate items, I know. Anyway, Marshmellow and I are besties already and he and my Boy are inseparable as well. 



Shark Attack Loves ... // O'Rèn #TEAMBELGIUM Collection

If it glitters, it's a yes. If it represents your teeny tiny - but awesome - country as well, it's a double yes! You may have heard of Belgium for its waffles, French Belgian fries and national football team, but let me introduce you to the newest kid on the block: O'rèn. The brand has already conquered the Belgian fashion scene with their first - but quickly sold out - collection and just recently dropped a follow up, called #TEAMBELGIUM.

O'rèn knows not to change a winning team and decided to stick with their well known sequined parts and slogans. The #TEAMBELGIUM collection is a mix of old and new slogans, plus some other novelties such as the shopping bag, the baseball T-shirts and the ripped jeans. The sequined sweaters are perfect to add a casual chic touch to your look!

This collection is selling out quickly once again, so if you want to snatch an item in time for the holidays, I suggest you make your move now.

Which one is your favorite?

For more info, prices and selling points: www.o-ren.be

© Images: O'rèn



New // Céline 'New Audrey' Sunglasses

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I added another pair of sunglasses to my  collection. I was eyeing a pair of Céline sunnies for quite some time now and when I went on a citytrip to Rome with my family over the weekend and spotted this pair of gorgeous sunnies at the Céline store, I was sold in a heartbeat. However, adding another pair of big, black sunglasses to my already bulging collection was something I had to think about first.

My rule: if I still love them on the last day of my citytrip and they're still available (they were the last pair of this model), I'm going to get them. So, I returned to the store during my last day, asked for them, was told that they were still in store and decided to get them. In the end, they are a classic pair of sunglasses that will last a lifetime. Or that's what I tell myself, hehe. 

These are the Céline 'New Audrey' Sunglasses and I'm guessing they are a renewed take on the original, highly coveted Céline 'Audrey' sunnies, even though I'm not 100 % sure. Anyway, purchasing something that has been inspired by Audrey Hepburn is always a great purchase in my book. All I have to do now is wait for that winter sun to shine. 




Outfit + Win // #HRCBrusselsFashion T-Shirt Campaign

Hi guys! 

Those who follow me on Instagram, might have gotten a little hint that I did a photo shoot in collaboration with Hard Rock Cafe Brussels! Together with Dorothy and Luigi, I was chosen to be one of their fashion ambassadors and was given the challenge to style their iconic T-shirt in three different outfits: a party outfit, a festival outfit and an outfit that I'd wear to work. Those who follow my blog definitely know that I love myself a fine dose of rock 'n roll, whether it's in my personal style or in my taste of music. Challenge accepted! 

We were invited to do a photo shoot at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels and it was so much fun! The crew was amazing and truly welcoming, we got food and cocktails (always a plus in my book), we got our make up done and we got to work in the most relaxed atmosphere, with some of my favorite songs playing in the background. Oh, and I also got to prepare a surprise for you, guys!

The campaign focuses on the iconic Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt: the logo itself was created by Alan Aldrige back in 1971, a celebrity artist who's best known for his work with The Beatles. They first wanted to choose the colors red, white and blue to complete the logo, but they decided not to because   it would become an American overload. The world famous T-shirt itself was created in 1974 by accident. The Hard Rock Cafe in London (which was the first one to open) sponsored the local football team and created the T-shirts for the football players. The extra T-shirts were returned to the cafe and were then given away to loyal customers. The T-shirt became such a great hit among the public, that Isaac and Peter (the Hard Rock Cafe founder's) decided to sell them, which was a golden move. Reports say that at one point, more people would show up to buy a T-shirt rather than to sit and have a bite. Today, the retail section makes approximately 40 % of the Hard Rock Cafe business.

And like I said: I have a surprise for you!

One of you has the chance to WIN a dinner for two at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels! Here's what you have to do:

1. Upload an outfit of you wearing your favorite Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt. It could be a T-shirt from HRC Barcelona, HRC Rome, HRC Amsterdam ... It's up to you! 
2. Tag @HRCBrussels and @Krizia_S in the picture and / or in the description, so that we can find your outfit.
3. Use the #HRCBrusselsFashion hashtag.
4. Make sure you can go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels for the dinner.

I will announce the winner on 20th December 2015 on my Instagram account! 

Be creative and don't hold back! I can't wait to see all of your entries and to pick my favorite outfit. For now, I leave you with some of my favorite pictures that were taken during the shoot.

Good luck!


Christmas Tip // www.luxedy.com

November has come to an end, which means that we officially can kick off Christmas season! I'll be playing Last Christmas by Wham on repeat starting today, which is my yearly tradition. Unfortunately, December (to me, personally) also means that dreadful experience of finding the perfect Christmas presents. I'm the worst at it: I always start my search way too late and I never have the inspiration to come up with something unique or original.

Luckily, my search got a little bit easier when I bumped into Luxedy quite some time ago: my personal online hotspot whenever I want to buy one of my girlfriends something pretty. The website is stacked with gorgeous and affordable jewelry. I recently got these adorable Juli Dans Jewels bracelets and I love them! My wardrobe mainly consist out of black clothing and the bracelets add the right pop of color to my outfits. 

The Rigid Clover bracelet (top) is my favorite and is perfect to give to your girlfriend, mom, sister ... for Christmas. With a clover symbolizing good luck, it's the perfect lucky charm to give or receive. Another fun thing to know: all of the Juli Dans Jewels are gold-plated with 18 carat gold. 

Have fun shopping! 

Info & Details:

For more gifting inspiration, visit the Luxedy website.
To shop Juli Dans Jewels, click here.
To shop the Rigid Clover bracelet, click here.


Beauty News // MAC x Dita Von Teese Collaboration

Say "red lipstick" and you have my attention. Say "matte red lipstick" and you have my heart. MAC has announced another collaboration and this time, it's with none other than my longtime woman crush Dita Von Teese. I've loved Dita for her raven black hair, pale skin, red lips, perfect eyeliner and pin up lifestyle for as long as I can remember and loved her even more when she married (and sadly, later divorced) my teenage idol Marilyn Manson. 

After being the MAC Viva Glam spokesperson in 2006 and 2007, MAC and Dita are collaborating once again and this time, they're launching her signature red lipstick. Can you hear the angels sing? I sure can! Both parties have already released their statements about the collab:

"I've always loved MAC and we've remained close after working together almost 10 years ago for the MAC Viva Glam campaign. MAC Cosmetics celebrates individuality and supports people who dare to be different. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to create my signature red lipstick. My MAC Von Teese shade evokes glamour and confidence."
- Dita Von Teese

"Dita epitomizes femininity, beauty and sexuality. She has been a friend of our brand for many years, being one of the faces of our Viva Glam VI campaign. She is the perfect combination of glamour and femme fatale. Her lipstick in Von Teese is the perfect shade of red for your more seductive side."
- James Gager (MAC Senior Vice President / Group Creative Director)

© Images: MAC Cosmetics


New // Chanel Ankle Boots

A gift from to me for my 26th birthday. I fell in love with these Chanel boots ever since I saw them in the Chanel Métiers d'Art fashion show in Salzburg and posted the pink version on my Instagram account. After visiting every Chanel store possible without any luck, I kinda had given up on them; and then I visited the Chanel store in Brussels. 

I asked about the boots and it turns out that they had one pair left, in my size. Coincidence? I think not! They might not be the pink ones that I initially wanted, but I think that these grey ones will give me the opportunity to wear them way more often. Even though I realize that the shoes might not be everyone's cup of tea, I love that they are classic and bold at the same time -- the golden, quilted heels are everything! I think that the model and color are timeless, something I always think about whenever I'm about to do a big purchase.

Plus, I'd like to thank Chanel Brussels for the excellent service. 



New // Balmain x H&M Emerald Green Dress

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: Krizia_S), you know that I was invited to the presale of the Balmain x H&M collection. Ever since the collection hit the Internet, I knew that the emerald green dress would have the top spot on my wish list and I luckily managed to get my hands on it. The cleavage might be too much for others, but I absolutely love it!

These pictures were taken during a quick morning photo shoot, after showing my haul to my mom and sister. After receiving nothing but positive comments, I couldn't wait to share them with you either. Other, better outfit pictures will be online ASAP! I also got some other goodies from the collection, which you can see on my Instagram (username: @Krizia_S).

So, are your ready to join the #Balmaination tomorrow?

Dress: BALMAIN x H&M 


Beauty News // Ariana Grande For MAC Viva Glam

Say 'bye bye' now, Miley! Another teen idol has been selected as the ambassador of the MAC Viva Glam campaign and it is none other than Ariana Grande. After launching her own perfume not too long ago, this is her next step in (beauty) world domination. I have to admit that I'm not much of an Arianator; I'm not a big fan of her music or her shoes, but I must admit that she has one hell of a voice. Just take a look at her performance during the American Music Awards 2013. I am, however, a big fan of this MAC collaboration. 

Do you want to see what I mean?
Click below to see more! 

The Ariana Grande MAC Viva Glam collection will be available from January 2016.
Every cent of the sales will go to those who are suffering from HIV / AIDS.

© Images: MAC


Beauty // Nivea Essentials Micellar Water

Micellar water: a skincare product that never tickled my fancy too much, until I read some more info on it. What does it do exactly? Why is everyone so stoked about it? I tried various options and I have to admit that I also stepped into the micellar side. Nivea recently expanded their micellar water skincare range, so I thought it would be fun to write an article about it and to look deeper into the buzz.

But first things first: What is micellar water about? What does it do?

"A micelle is a particle that exists out of oil molecules that are dug into water. It works as a magnet and attracts tallow and impurities. At the same time, it hydrates the skin, keeping it balanced and nourished. Thanks to this technology, make up and imperfections on the skin will be removed in a very effective way. Micellar water cleans and purifies the skin without dehydrating it and makes the skin look fresh."
- Nivea

*This post contains PR samples*


Fashion // Balmain x H&M Official Lookbook

Okay, okay... I know what y'all thinking: another post about Balmain x H&M? I'm sorry, but I'm completely obsessing over this collection and since I documented every single news about it on the blog, the official lookbook has to go up on here as well, right? What is there left to say, other that I'm in love with almost every single piece? I'm definitely trying to get my hands on the emerald green dress and the jacket in the picture above (when are they going to publish the prices???), but so much more is catching my eye. I still haven't made my permanent selection and it's driving me crazy, since I'll definitely go bankrupt if I'll buy everything that's on my wish list. 

Anyway, I love lookbooks, since they give you an idea and inspiration on how to combine all the items. Only less than a month left! 

The Balmain x H&M collection will hit selected stores worldwide and online on 5 November 2015.

© Images: H&M

Beauty News // MAC x Zac Posen Coming In February 2016

My bank account has barely recovered from one MAC collaboration or they are already announcing another one. Next in line is none other than designer Zac Posen, whom I've always loved for his tasteful, feminine en graceful designs. I remember that I wrote one of my very first blogposts about him; which definitely shows, since I only wrote two lines, lol. A newbie in the blogging world, you can tell. 

MAC x Zac (hehe) go way back together; here's what they both have to say about the collaboration:

After dazzling women with his modern but timeless designs on the runway and red carpet for 13 years, New York designer Zac Posen presents his debut colour collection for MAC.

"Over the past 15 years I have learned a great deal from MAC about beauty. Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand and I have always wanted to create a make up collection to complement my designs and brand. It was only natural to work with MAC to create my first ever signature collection. I wanted to keep it luxurious, a little mysterious and clean with a large dose of star wattage. "
- Zac Posen

"Zac Posen has been a part of the MAC family for over 15 years, as we've been supporters from his very first collection in 2001. Zac's classic designs and deft hand in draping, textures and overall femininity evoke a kind of throw-back glamour that still feels modern. This collection is the perfect encapsulation of both of our worlds, with something sophisticated and sexy for every woman out there."
- MAC Senior Vice President / Group Creative Director James Gager 

It looks like to collection includes:

- three lipsticks 
- a six shades eyeshadow palette
- an eyeliner
- a mascara
- a blush / bronzer palette
- a finishing matte powder
- a blush brush (try saying that 10 times in a row)
- a kabuki brush

Judging by the colors in the eyeshadow palette and the one lipstick that is visible in the picture (see it after the jump), I'm kinda bummed that they didn't release the collection for the holidays. I think that the eyeshadow palette is perfect to create a stunning look for Christmas or New Year's Eve. That being said, I absolutely love this collection and I'm putting the eyeshadow palette, the eyeliner, the finishing matte powder and maybe both brushes on my wish list. 

What do you think about the collection? Sound off in the comment box below!

The MAC x Zac Posen collection will be available in selected stores and online in February 2016

© Images: Temptalia.com and Chicprofile.com


Fashion News // Complete Balmain x H&M Collection Leaked Online?

Could it be? Rumor has it that a certain Kathryn Swartz Rees posted the entire Balmain x H&M collection on her Instagram account. Who is this mystery woman? And how did she get the pictures in her possession? So many questions and no answers. I legit can not deal with this. Anyhow, I decided to take print screens before the account and / or pictures might magically disappear. You're welcome.

If the pictures are real (H&M has yet to confirm), this is going to be one hell of a collection: jewelry, bags, shoes, dresses, trousers, T-shirts, jackets, coats and even earphones. If you want to close this shopping spree on a positive note, I suggest you all better start documenting and start putting your ultimate wish list together. This collection is right up my alley and my brain is already blocking: since I want it all, what will make it to my ultimate wish list? Again: CAN. NOT. DEAL. WITH. THIS.

The Balmain x H&M collection will hit selected stores worldwide and online on 5 November 2015.

Click below and see both the (rumored) women and men's collection for yourself.

© Images via Kathryn Swartz Rees' Instagram. Collages by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog.


Personal // Instagram & Snapchat September 2015

I'm a little late with this post; I had a busy couple of days with wedding and parties, but here's my recap of September on Instagram and Snapchat! You can follow me on both by adding me; my username is Krizia_S. I can't wait for Halloween this month. Who's excited as well?


Money VS Budget // Dior VS Zara

It's been a while since the last Money VS Budget post, but when I saw these black patent ankle boots with translucent heel at Zara, they immediately reminded me of the boots starring in the Dior Fall '15 fashion show. I couldn't find any prices on the Dior boots; they weren't mentioned on their website. So I guess it's best to visit a Dior store if you want to go for the real deal. 

For more info about the Dior boots, go to their website or to your nearest Dior store. 
You can shop the Zara boots on their website.

© Images via the Dior and Zara websites. Collage by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog.


Fashion News // Balmain x H&M Reveal Official Campaign

Sorry for the Balmain x H&M overload, but I'm just dying over this collaboration here. Balmain's Creative Director Olivier Rousteing released the images of the official campaign on his Instagram-account, in which we also can finally catch a glimpse at the men's collection for the first time.

And surprise, surprise (or not): the campaign stars Rousteing's close friends and favorite topmodel squad, also known as Jourdan Dunn, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The Balmain x H&M men's collection is shown by models Hao Yun Xiang and Dudley O'Shaughnessy. Can we please take a moment to appreciate the striking resemblance between O'Shaughnessy and Rousteing himself? Both have the same bronzed skin, full lips and they sure as hell have one hell of a cheekbone game going on.

On my personal wish list? The emerald green dress, the draped mini skirt, the dress Kendall is wearing in the picture above, the black jacket with white pearls, the black and red fur jacket, the waist belt and the embroidered silver clutch. However, judging by the price tag of Gigi's dress, I have a feeling that this collection will cost a small fortune, so I'm obliged to narrow the list down to an absolute minimum. The drama! The horror! All I can do now is drown in self-pity and wait for the official summary of every single item and its price tag. 

Balmain x H&M will launch on 5 November 2015 in selected stores worldwide and online.

What about you? Thoughts? Wish list?
Sound off in the comment box below! 

© All images via Olivier Rousteing's Instagram 


Shark Attack Loves... // Anecdote

It's hard to accept that fall and winter are coming, but since I'm stuck to the couch with a huge cold, I think it's time to (very) slowly say goodbye to my easy breezy clothes. Finding and wearing winter clothes that I like have always been an issue for me; they make me feel trapped, make me feel claustrophobic and I just really do not like all the brown shades overload once the F/W collections hit the stores.

That's why I was very, very happy to discover Anecdote: a Dutch brand that caught my attention immediately. They're all about clean silhouettes, the perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine, the ultimate basics... Anecdote works with tons of wool and a touch of silk, linen, cotton and denim, so the items are definitely worth the investment. Too bad that I can't find the black booties on their website, because those babies are going onto my wish list as well. Off topic: how insanely gorgeous is their model? It makes me want to dye my hair in a heartbeat.

Anecdote is only available at their store in Amsterdam (perfect excuse for a citytrip) and on their website. I opt for more selling points ASAP!

Info & Details:

Wolvenstraat 15
1016 EM Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Beauty News // Sophia Loren For Dolce & Gabbana At Age 81

SophiaLorenDolceGabbana1 © Dolce & Gabbana Instagram 

If I had to name one Italian fashion label that never neglects its roots, it would be Dolce & Gabbana, without a doubt. The designing duo has shown their love for their Italian / Sicilian roots in multiple collections throughout the years and they continue to do so for their beauty line as well.

At the age of 81, Italian Academy Award winning actress Sophia Loren is the new face of the Dolce & Gabbana Beauty campaign. Growing up in an Italian household, I also grew up with Sophia being the epitome of Italian beauty, class and grace. Dolce & Gabbana created a limited edition lipstick in Sophia's honor, which comes in a golden tube with her autograph engraved on it. It also comes with a beautiful, collector's item worthy, box (see it in the second picture below). Here's what the duo has the say about the lipstick:

"More than just a lipstick, Sophia Loren N°1 is a loving tribute from Dolce & Gabbana to Sophia and all women. The colour makes it truly unique: a bright cherry red created by the designers with Sophia Loren to enhance the deep pigmentation of her lips. It's her red, it's her signature."

After letting Italian actress Monica Bellucci star in their campaigns for years, Dolce & Gabbana went for another mature, voluptuous woman -- breaking the pattern of the classic topmodel image: young and preferably without too many curves. I can only encourage Dolce & Gabbana's view on this and for showing us that beauty can be found in all ages and shapes.

The lipstick was released only yesterday, but I wish you good luck on getting your hands on one (if you're planning to). I've read that the lipstick is already sold out in most places.


Review // MAC 'The Matte Lip'

When MAC announced that they would launch a line of 20 matte lipsticks, called The Matte Lip, I was literally over the moon. With The Matte Lip, MAC decided to put shades from previous, temporary collections into the permanent collection and also created new shades, both Matte and Retro Matte. And other shades were already part of the permanent collection before The Matte Lip was launched.

I saw them online, but hesitated to order them, because I wanted the chance to swatch them and all. I usually only order limited editions through the web. So I went on the hunt for The Matte Lip in stores, without any success. If I had the luck to find them, most shades were already sold out. I had given up on them for a while, but then I finally found them at a MAC counter during my recent citytrip to Zaragoza, Spain. And most shades were still available! Three of them came home with me and I decided to review them for you.

Find out more below. 


Fashion News // Gigi Hadid Wears Balmain x H&M

GigiHadidBalmainHM © Image: H&M

After Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid is the latest of the pack of supermodels to join the #HMBalmaination. She was spotted wearing a Balmain x H&M dress at the Harper's Bazaar Icons party in New York City on Wednesday night. Combined with wavy locks and black strappy sandals, Gigi looked absolutely flawless.


Event // Urban Decay Comes To Brussels!

If you can't see the video, click here.
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Urban Decay has finally landed in Belgium! They opened their shop-in-shop at the ICI PARIS XL on Rue Neuve in Brussels and I attended the event yesterday. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to vlog again, so I hope you like this video!

Urban Decay at ICI PARIS XL
Rue Neuve 123
1000 Brussels


Review // MAC x Giambattista Valli

They're here! After waiting anxiously for 3 days, my MAC x Giambattista Valli order finally hit my mailbox yesterday. Meet Charlotte (left), Tats (centre) and Eugenie (right), the ladies that immediately caught my eye as soon as the campaign pictures were launched. I couldn't not write a review about it, so here we are!

Click below to see it all.


Personal // Instagram & Snapchat August 2015

August was all about sun, festivals, family and friends. Highlights were the perfect spa day and the fact that I got to see Linkin Park at Pukkelpop festival. I was a big fan of them as a teenager, you know, going through that I-Think-My-Life-Sucks-But-It-Doesn't-Really phase. If you like Linkin Park, be sure to watch the Snapchat video at the end of the post. If you don't like them, I suggest you skip the last part of the video, hehe.

If you'd like to see more on Instagram and Snapchat; my username on both is Krizia_S.

P.S.: For those who had their first day of school today, I hope you made it though the day and had a fun time! 


Review // Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette 01

"Four matte shades of brown and grey enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, allowing for a combination of elegant looks that take eyes from day to night, Silk powder offers pH balancing and protective qualities."

Dr. Hauschka has always been a 'familiar yet still unfamiliar' brand for me. I've heard about it from time to time when I was undergoing treatment for my skin, since it's known to be a great brand for sensitive skin, but I never got around testing it. Which is probably also why I didn't know they have cosmetics at well. When I received some goodies to try, I was more than happy to find out more about the Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette 01. My eyes are super sensitive and I wear contacts, so it was time to put Dr. Hauschka's philosophy to the test.

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. 


Beauty // MAC & Giambattista Valli

It's almost here! MAC teamed up with Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli for a line of exclusive lip products and I finally received all the deets and prices in my inbox. As a devoted MAC lover and wanting to support my Italian roots every time I get the chance, I just had to share all the info with you, girls.

Curious? Find out more after the jump.

The MAC x Giambattista Valli collection will be available in MAC Pro stores and online on 5th September 2015


Personal // Identity Theft & How I Dealt With It

For the second time in a year, someone has used my pictures to create a fake account on Facebook. I usually don't get bothered by these things - I just make sure that it all gets deleted - but this time, he / she also used pictures of my family and I; which is just too much for me to handle. I'm not sure if using someone else's pictures counts as identity theft, but it definitely felt like that for me. That's why I decided to write this blogpost: to share my stories with you and how I dealt with it. Please note that this has only happened to me on Facebook, so I'm not familiar with this on other social media channels.


Review // Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' Eau De Toilette

"A modern classic, for her seduces with purity, grace and subtlety. Musk, the heart of the scent, is refined by a synthesis of floral notes and hints of soft amber. Sensual and addictive, for her is femininity at its most powerful."

After being hooked on Miss Dior Chérie for years and switching to Giorgio Armani's Si afterwards, I have a new favorite in my perfume stash: Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' Eau De Toilette. During my stay in Italy, my parents and I met up with some friends and one of the ladies was wearing this fragrance. My mom and I were completely hooked and got it as soon as we got to the airport.  I've gotten quite some compliments about it already as well.

Curious yet? Click below to find out more. 

Pictures by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog
Editorial by L'Officiel NL, August 2015 issue


Lifestyle // Jepun Traditional Spa

I love to discover hidden gems in all kind of categories and it's even better when these gems are close to home. Thanks to Relaxy, I had the chance to spend the afternoon at Jepun Traditional Spa in Genk, which is a 20 minute drive from where I live. Relaxy is an online database where you can find the best wellness centers in Belgium. You can search the best options by selecting a certain location, treatment or arrangement of your choice and you can also book via Relaxy immediately. They also offer all kind of deals and last-minute arrangements, which is always a plus.

Relaxy was kind enough to offer Dario and I a wonderful afternoon at Jepun Traditional Spa. We got the best aromatherapy massage known to mankind and got to relax another 3 hours in their private spa. You can find the arrangement here. Curious to find out more? Click below to read my recap of the day! 

Info & Details:

Hasseltweg 413
3600 Genk

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Relaxy.be & Jepun Traditional Spa.

Pictures: Shark Attack - Fashion Blog


Personal // Instagram & Snapchat July 2015

As you may have noticed, it's been a bit silent here for the past month. I decided to take a small break to clear my mind and figure out on where I want to go with my blog. I spent tons of time with family and friends and combined it brainstorming sessions as well. It was perfect to recharge my batteries and I'm full of inspiration and new ideas now.

You can have a sneak peek into my personal life on Instagram and Snapchat; my username on both is Krizia_S. Find some of my favorite pictures and moments of the month of July below. 


Money VS Budget // Céline VS H&M

I spotted this round gold hair clip at H&M and it immediately reminded me of the models' hair during the Céline S/S 2015 show. There are multiple valid reasons why this accessory would be a justified purchase: 

- You don't need major skills in the hair department to nail this look.
- It will make every bad hair day disappear. 
- This look will cost you only 1 minute of your time.
- It's the perfect look for every occasion.
- You will look like a Céline model. Enough said.

I searched the entire web, but I never found any details on if the Céline clip was ever for sale. On another note: the H&M clip could be yours for only € 3,99 / $ 4,99. You can find it in stores or on their website.

What do you think about this look?
Is it something you would do with your hair?

Pictures: Pinterest / H&M
Collage by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog


Review // Clinique Summer Skincare

Aah, summer... The season that I have a love / hate relationship with. As much as I love feeling the sunshine on my skin, I hate all the things I have to deal with in order to keep my skin protected. Even though I'm 100 % Italian, my skin prefers to think otherwise. I'm very pale - Edward Cullen ain't got sh*t on me - and I hardly get a tan. I already made peace with the fact that I will never have a bronze glow and became best friends with the shadow over the years. Tanning beds are not for me either. I just don't have the patience nor the will to lock myself into a cancer spreading box. 

Don't get me wrong: it's not that I go into complete isolation during summer, but I know my limits and I am aware of what my skin can or can not handle. So I do sit in the sun from time to time - I have to soak up some vitamin D - but you will never see me laying in the sun for hours straight. Plus, I also apply sunscreen like no other. My friends like to make fun of my paleness and my sunscreen obsession, but I just don't want to risk damaging my skin for nothing. 

A couple of weeks ago, Clinique sent me some products to try out this summer, including a scrub, a body cream, a face cream and after sun. My trip to Italy and the recent Belgian heatwave gave me the perfect opportunity to try them out.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by a PR company / brand for review purposes.


Fashion // Get Ready For Festival Season

Festival season is upon us and I couldn't be happier. I managed to get my hands on a ticket for Pukkelpop, which is a festival near my home town and which I attend every year. This time, it was a bit harder, though. The tickets were sold out as soon as they were released and I was kinda heartbroken, because Linkin Park will perform there and I was a big fan as a teenager. They released extra tickets afterwards and I was too late again; sold out in 2 minutes and it left me heartbroken even more. And then they released another 1000 tickets and I finally got one! Linkin Park, here I come! 

Even though the festival isn't until August, I'm already brainstorming on what to wear. Each year, I browse through pictures of celebrities that attended Coachella for inspiration. Coachella is on my bucket list big time and I hope to get there one day (soon). This year, it was all about fringe, mini or maxi skirts, cropped tops and tiny cross body bags. I thought it would be fun to collect some of my favorite Coachella 2015 looks and to also show you where to shop them. I tried to limit myself to well known, affordable websites such as Asos, Boohoo, River Island and Topshop. 

Are you planning to attend any festivals this summer? If so, which one(s)?
Happy shopping! 

Pictures: Vogue.co.uk / Dailymail.co.uk / Gastrochic.com


Personal // Instagram & Snapchat June 2015

And here's my Instagram and Snapchat recap from June! I went on a holiday to Italy and spent quite some nights at Baouzza, a pop up club in the neighborhood that only opens in the summer. We also visited the Japanese garden in Hasselt and it's such a peaceful place; I fell in love with it. The Snapchat video is a short one, because I didn't want to bother my readers / YouTube viewers with double images from my holiday. I made vlogs about my stay in Sorrento and Capri, which you can see herehere and here

To follow me on both Instagram and Snapchat, my username is Krizia_S.


Shark Attack Travels... // Day 3 + 4: Pool + Capri

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On the 3rd day of our trip, we decided to take it easy and to spend some time by the pool. I'm not one to sit and spent hours tanning and swimming - I'm more a Dora The Explorer kinda girl -, but I can handle it every once in a while. On day 4, we booked a boat trip to Capri. We initially thought that we would visit other islands as well, but there was some kind of a mix up. Anyway, Capri was so beautiful that we didn't even mind. 

We booked the boat trip at our hotel. If you visit Sorrento, you will notice that there are a gazillion tourism offices where you can book all kind of trips. Try asking at your hotel first. The staff usually knows at least one person who organizes these trips as well and they might arrange a nice price for you. 

First, we had a couple of hours to visit the Capri island itself. Seriously, how cool are those cabs? To get to the city centre or to Anacapri, you will need a cab; unless you love to walk zig zag, uphill streets in the blistering sun. The cab drivers will try to convince you to let him give you a tour through Capri. We did it and it's a nice way to discover the island, but it will cost you about 100 euros. The driver will always set a higher price, so don't be afraid to negotiate. These cabs can carry up to six persons, so you could divide the costs by six. We first stopped at Anacapri, which is located on top and has the best views and scenery. You will find tons of typical, touristic stores with all the local products and souvenirs. We then went to Capri's city centre, which is perfect if you love shopping and have a unlimited credit card. You will find all the luxury boutiques there. 

We then took off by boat again to discover the Capri coast. The Blue Grotto is one of Capri's most famous attractions; because of sunlight passing through an underwater cavity, the water and cave are illuminated by the most gorgeous blue reflection. The entrance fee is usually NOT included in the trip. You will stop near the entrance with your boat, where you have to get into a tinier boat (usually navigated by the locals). They will bring you into the cave, you will get a minute or two to take a picture and then they bring you out. The entrance is very small, which explains the little white boats. A visit to the Blue Grotto will cost you about 13 euros, which you have to pay in cash to the guy that's navigating your boat. I wanted to go into the Blue Grotto, but nobody on our boat wanted to go with me so I didn't go, because I didn't want to let an entire boat wait for me. And now, I totally regret it. Silly me. 

The trip continued and we also visited the Green Cave and the White Cave; both are free and very beautiful as well. We also stopped near the Faraglioni Rocks for a swim,  which you might recognize from the Dolce & Gabbana 'Light Blue' commercial. We saw mountain goats, passed Sophia Loren's house, saw waterfalls and natural pools. Nature is unbelievable there. 

If you're planning to visit Capri, I hope you'll find these tips helpful. The boat trip is something I would definitely recommend you to do. It was such a wonderful experience and I'm positive that even those who don't have a thing with nature will love it. I'm so glad that I decided to film during this trip, so that you can see with your own eyes what I'm talking about. Enjoy! 


New // Miu Miu 'Noir' Sunglasses

A little break from all the holiday vlogs to show you one of my purchases during my stay in Italy: the Miu Miu Noir sunglasses. The Noir sunnies were on my wish list for a long time and when I saw these special edition ones in Italy, I just couldn't help it. The 'caviar' texture, the rhine stones, the shape... They just had to come home with me. The fact that the owner of the sunglasses shop was about 90 years old did help a bit as well; I have a soft spot for old people.

What do you think about them?



Shark Attack Travels... // Day 2: Pompei

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On the second day of my stay in Italy, we visited the historic site of Pompei. I'm a huge history lover (I'm such a nerd) and seeing Pompei was definitely on my bucket list. We took the train to Naples at the Sorrento train station, which stops right next to Pompei. It's about half an hour by train from Sorrento to Pompei and you have to get off at the 'Pompei Scavi' stop.

Right before entering Pompei, you will be swamped by guides who want to show you the historic site. Since there are little to none signs with information about the buildings, etc. in Pompei, this could be a must... But only if you're willing to pay € 100 or more. If you do your research well before traveling to Pompei, you could save yourself a couple of bucks. And that research is very recommended, since Pompei is huge. We spent about 6 hours there and we still hadn't seen everything. And don't forget to protect yourself against the sun, because with little shadow there, you'll get yourself a sunburn before you know it. 

I put some images of Pompei in the vlog, so if you're not a fan of history, you might have to skip some parts here and there. But I decided to narrow it down to only the most impressive things. It was too warm to carry around my heavy DSLR camera, so I left it at the hotel. A video does this place way more justice. I was left absolutely speechless when walking around in Pompei. There's a certain vibe to the place that will make you feel very little and humble. The fact that mankind could create such a beautiful city so long ago, with so little means, just baffles me. 

I really hope you'll enjoy this video! 


Shark Attack Travels... // Day 1: Naples + Sorrento

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Hello from sunny Italy! We arrived here two days ago and I have fallen in love with Sorrento already. Every time I visit Italy, I'm so proud to be Italian. The country has a way to capture my heart over and over again. I'm now sitting in my hotel room, after spending the morning at the pool. I finally managed to upload this video, since the WiFi-connection adapts to the Italian way of life sometimes: slow, without a hurry. 

We arrived at the airport of Naples, rented a car and made our way to Sorrento. There was a storm in the evening, but it calmed down after an hour or so and then we went into the city centre to have dinner with some friends from Belgium who happened to be here on a trip as well. Yesterday, we visited Pompei, which was on my bucket list for ages. One of my dreams came true and I couldn't be happier. You'll see all about it in my next video (I don't know when that one will be online... Like I said: slow WiFi). 

In the meantime, you can follow my trip on Instagram and Snapchat as well; my username is Krizia_S on both apps. 



Money VS Budget // Chloé VS New Look

I've been eyeing Chloé's Drew bag for quite a while now, but unfortunately, my bank account won't allow me to spend 1200 bucks at once. One of my favorite bloggers posted a shop log on YouTube and when she showed her new New Look bag, a new Money VS Budget post was born! As you may know, I only show cheaper items which were inspired on an it-item and aren't an exact copy. And the New Look bag is exactly that, isn't it? Plus, it comes in other fun, summer proof colors as well. 

You can shop the New Look bag HERE and the Chloé Drew bag below:


Personal // Instagram & Snapchat May 2015

Here's a recap of my favorite moments in May on Instagram and Snapchat. To be updated anytime, anywhere, you can follow us on both Instagram and Snapchat by our usernames @Krizia_S and @Dario_Genova.


Event // Opening Primark Hasselt

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Primark has opened their 3rd store in Hasselt and Shark Attack was invited to the official opening!  Hasselt is a 20 minute drive from where I live; it's so nice to finally have an event nearby again. We were welcomed at 8.30 am (the store opened at 10) and there were already people waiting from 6 am. So crazy! We got a tour through the three story store, were shown a video about how Primark tries to improve their employees' working condition in the factories for the best and also got to shop in peace afterwards. The store is packed with everything you'll find in the other Primark stores: clothes and accessories for women, men and children, shoes, make up, interior design goodies ... After the event, Dario and I went to grab a bite in town and we saw people carrying Primark bags everywhere. And I mean: literally everywhere. I think Hasselt made a great move to open a Primark in our province and that it will definitely give the economy a boost. 

I made a video about the event and as I told you in my previous post: I'm still learning. There are many things in this video that I now see could have been better; like taking it easy with the camera and not move too fast. When I'm filming my own tour through the store, I sped things up a little because I was afraid it would become too lengthy. Because of my fast movements and the accelerated speed, things might seem hectic and bumpy. It's definitely something I will keep in mind next time, because I really enjoyed recording and editing these videos, even if I still have a lot to learn. 

Molenpoortplein 5
3500 Hasselt

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am 'till 7 pm. 


Event + Win // Book Launch 'On Top' By Anna Nooshin

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"Who run the world? Girls!" Dutch blogger, entrepreneur and co-founder of  NSMBL, Anna Nooshin, has published her own book called On Top. The book is filled with tips and tricks on how to gain more success (both online and offline) and how to bring out the very best of yourself. The tips that are given are all linked to a personal experience in Anna's life and she isn't holding anything back in her book. Childhood, jobs, business, love, boyfriends... It's all in there! My favorite part is where Anna talks about the 'quarter life crisis' and that it's all fine not to know what to do with your life when you're in your twenties. I have that same exact feeling right now, so it's nice to know that I'm not alone with fears and doubts about it. When I was reading her book, all I could think of was: "OMG, that's so true!" or "Hey, now that sounds familiar!". Everything was just so recognizable, I love it. 

Anyway, On Top was launched in the Netherlands a couple of weeks ago and now, the book is being launched in Belgium as well. To make Anna feel welcomed in her neighboring country, an event was held at the LN Knits pop up store in Antwerp. It was a night filled with good drinks and food, chill music, fun people and great reading matter, of course. We all got a copy of her book and had the possibility to talk to her and to take pictures with her. Despite her major succes, Anna is sweet, kindhearted and humble. I put together a short video about the event, so that you can have an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm still trying to get a hang of this vlogger thing, so please forgive me for my awkward giggles and all that. 

Make sure to keep on read after the jump, because I have a surprise for my Belgian and Dutch readers! 


Outfit // Purple Louis V.

A simple black and white outfit with a touch of color to give it that extra something; that's what I go for when I don't have any inspiration or want to take it easy for the day. My mom picked up the Louis Vuitton scarf during our trip to Amsterdam and with purple being my favorite color, I just had to steal it from her. I'm not sure if I draped it the right way, though... And I'm sorry for wearing my Boy bag again, but it literally goes with everything. Dario already asked me if and when I will wear one of my other bags again, but I can't part from the Boy just yet. #drama

Anyway, a couple of fun, blog related events are coming up. Tonight, I'm off to Antwerp to attend the launch of Anna Nooshin's book 'On Top' and tomorrow, I have to get up super early to attend the exclusive press preview of the new Primark store in Hasselt. Dario is coming with me both times, which is always super fun! You can follow Dario (Dario_Genova) and I (Krizia_S) on Snapchat to see all of our adventures together.

I know that I usually include information on where to shop my looks, but the website that I work with isn't functioning properly. I'll fix it as soon as everything's working again! 


H&M T-shirt // NEW LOOK skirt // ADIDAS sneakers // CHANEL Boy bag // LOUIS VUITTON scarf // TOM FORD sunglasses


Fashion News // Balmain x H&M Is Happening

It's official: a Balmain x H&M collaboration is totally happening! Balmain's Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, dropped the bomb in an interview during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas after which H&M took twitter to confirm the news as well. They even launched a new trending hashtag: #HMBALMAINATION. Joining Olivier were top models Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner, both wearing looks from the future Balmain x H&M collection. 

Jourdan wore a see through blouse and a satin red skirt, which was obviously inspired by Balmain's Fall / Winter 2013 runway collection (and which I wrote about here). Kendall wore a black jacket with white beads, which has been one of Balmain's signature looks for a while now. Both the skirt and the jacket have gone straight on top of my wish list! 

The Balmain x H&M collaboration will launch in stores on 5 November 2015 (my birthday!) and will include women's and men's clothes, along with shoes and accessories as well. 

Picture: Fashionista.com


Outfit // Paradise Cities

Remember this dress by Sugarhill Boutique? When I was cleaning out my closet a couple of weeks ago, I found the matching blouse hidden underneath a pile of clothes. The weather gods pleased us with tons of sunshine the past couple of days; the perfect opportunity to wear this blouse for the first time. The collar and print are too adorable: I've been lucky enough to have visited Paris and New York already, which means that I have had the chance to see the Eiffel Tower and the Statue Of Liberty with my own eyes. However, the Taj Mahal in Agra and the pyramids in Gizeh are still on my to visit list as well. 

As for the ripped jeans: I've been living in them for the past two months. They are very high waisted, which is perfect for my figure. The Chloé sunnies had been tucked away into one of my drawers for way too long and my Boy bag by Chanel has been glued to my shoulder ever since I got it. Let this be a warning, because you're going to see this fella a lot in the time to come. The Chanel sandals are also making a debut on the blog, but I didn't take a close up shot of them due to my irrational fear / phobia / disgust of feet. You can have a detailed look at them here


SUGARHILL BOUTIQUE blouse c/o // H&M jeans // CHANEL sandals // CHANEL Boy bag // CHLOE sunglasses



Review // Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

Clinique rings in spring and summer with the launch of their Pop Lip Colour + Primer collection: 16 gorgeous, popping colors with built in primer that will provide your lips with a beautiful color and will nourish them at the same time. The colors are divided into the Nudes, the Tawnies, the Pinks and the Violets, so everyone is set to find at least one favorite! 

The ever so sweet and kind ladies from Clinique sent me a Tawnie to review and I got another Tawnie and a Pink myself, which I will write about as well. But first, here's an insight to what Clinique has to say about the Pop Lip Colour + Primer


A full lip color with built in primer that provides dramatic lips and comfort immediately. It contains shea butter and murumuru butter.


* A deep, long-lasting color with a hybrid formula of lip color and primer, all in one. 
* Guarantees a perfectly smooth and precise application, every time again. 
* Does not dehydrate the lips and gives a creamy, silky smooth finish. 

COVERAGE: Full coverage
FINISH: Silky smooth 

I could live without any make up product for the rest of eternity, but my lipsticks and I are inseparable. For a while now, my bestie Dario has been wondering how many lipsticks one could possibly have (TONS! A LOT!), but I feel that a good lipstick can upgrade even the simplest of outfits; you'll never see me without. Since I always wear matte lipsticks (they dehydrate the lips like a mofo, though), I was curious to see and most importantly feel the difference. Plus, the lipsticks are Made In Belgium. Yes, in my tiny country! #proud #highfive

Are you as curious as I am? Click below to find out more. 

The Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer collection is now available in stores ($ 18 / € 22,20).

P.S.: To share your popping moment, you can use #CliniquePop on your social media. 

This product was sent to me by a PR company / brand.
This does not affect my opinion in any way. 


Shark Attack Loves... // Primark Summer 2015

Now that summer is almost upon us, my inbox is exploding with the press releases of the newest summer collections. One of them caught my eye immediately... the Primark Summer 2015 collection! Since the nearest store is about an hour drive away from here, I don't go shopping there very often; which I always regret, because I see tons of cute Primark stuff on other blogs. That's why I'm thrilled to say that a Primark store will open in Hasselt, close to my home town, very soon! 

Anyway, it's time to go back to the main topic of this blogpost. Primark's summer collection is divided into two themes: Desert Dreamer (imagine a bohemian girl living in the 70s) and Ibiza Surf (aka the cutest beach wear I have seen in a long time and very Ibiza proof indeed). Fringe, lace, colorful prints... Primark had some themes in mind and went for them 100%. For the moment, there's nothing I can do other than crossing my fingers and hoping that the store in Hasselt will open soon and that I will be able to score my favorite items. Or I might have to plan a trip to Liège after all.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite images and looks of the collection on the blog; it's always fun to discover (and hopefully score) a wish listed item or to get inspired for this summer, isn't it? My favorite items is the brick red dress in the picture above, the white lace see through dress, the black fringed skirt and top and the gorgeous playsuit with lace 'wings'. Love! 

© Images: Primark Press Office


Personal // Instagram & Snapchat April 2015

A new month is upon us, so it's time for a recap of my favorite pictures of last month. As promised, I also added a video with my favorite moments on Snapchat at the bottom -- hello, new addiction! If you want a live update anytime and anywhere, you can follow my bestie Dario and I by looking for Krizia_S and Dario_Genova on both Instagram and Snapchat.


Review // Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mono Eyeshadow In '07 Caftan'

About the Couture Mono eyeshadows on the Yves Saint Laurent website:

"Yves Saint Laurent presents all day wear and the highest chromatic power, now in 16 iconic shades. No crease, no migration, only intense color pay off that makes a statement. Available in matte, satin, metallic and shimmer finishes. Presented in an elegant gold compact with two applicators - a foam tip for blending and a brush for precision - ensure effortless color control. "

I'm not the best when it comes to applying eyeshadow - I usually go for some mascara and eyeliner - but I do follow a lot of beauty bloggers. So, I've managed to pick up some tips here and there and when I received a gem from the Couture Mono collection by Yves Saint Laurent, I thought it was time to put these tips to use. Want to know more? Click below to see my review and an eye look that I created. 

EYESHADOW: Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mono '07 Caftan'

The Yves Saint Laurent Couture Mono collection is now available in stores ($ 30 / € 28,35 - 2,8 g).

This product was sent to me by a PR company / brand.
This does not affect my opinion in any way.