Who Wore It Best?

Ever since I saw Lily Allen's music video of 'The Fear',
I fell in love with the PPQ-dress she's wearing.
(And not to forget the YSL-heels!)

A while later, I noticed that Peaches Geldof wore the same dress.
Even though I really like Peaches' style, I like the dress more on Lily.

I couldn't embed the video into this post,
but you can find it on YouTube by entering 'Lily Allen The Fear'.

Who do you think wore it best?
Are you Team Lily or Team Peaches?
Let me know!

(Source: Catwalk Queen)


I Love ... Bandshirts.

Hi guys!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts.
School has started this Monday, so I'm busy with organizing my books and some paperwork.

As you may have noticed from my previous posts,
I'm a big fan of printed T-shirts, but most of all shirts of my most favorite bands.
So, I decided to show you the ones I wear most,
since showing them all would take me forever!

One shirt is missing, though.
My The Doors-shirt with Jim Morrison is in the laundry,
but I'll show that one in one of my next posts. :)

I hope you can appreciate these kind of posts.
Let me know which shirt you (don't) like. :)

P.S.: The shirts are so 'wrinkly' because I took them out of my closet
to take some pictures, so you still see the folding lines!

Iggy (Pop) & The Stooges.
One of my most favorite 'songs' is "Punkrock" by Mogwai, where a piece of Iggy Pop's interview
is used. He's talking about punkrock, of course. You should listen to it or search the lyrics,
it's amazing!


Opening Massimo Dutti Flagship Store @ Brussels

Yesterday I was invited to the opening of the Massimo Dutti Flagship Store in Brussels.
I took my dad with me as an invite, since I don't know absolutely nothing in Brussels.
My dad was my personal bag holder / photographer of the evening. :D

After meeting up with Immanuel from Style 4 Guys, we went to the store,
which is located on the Louizalaan, 20.
When we entered the store, a polaroid picture of us was taken, so that we had our own little
'press badge'.

We were given a 50 euros gift card, which I used to buy a military jacket
that I'll show you in one of next posts.

A couple of keywords to describe the party:

Free shopping, sushi, champagne, music, goodie bags & a lot of press and bloggers.

I met a lot of fellow bloggers, which you'll see in the pictures.
Oh, and I almost forgot the gorgeous models who were strutting around in Massimo Dutti-outfits!


P.S.: I'm sorry -again- for the pictures overload. I'm bad at choosing the best pictures. :D

Dress: TOMMY HILFIGER // Jacket: ZARA // Heels: NEW LOOK // Bag: LONGCHAMP


River Island - Part 3

Here's a quick outfit-post on my River Island-purchases.
I'm wearing the shirt you could see in my previous River Island-post,
and the suede / snake skin-wedges I bought with the voucher we were gifted.

They are very comfortable and walk like heaven.
I'm totally in love with them!
They are quite high, but you don't notice it because of the platform-sole
all across your feet.
It feels like you're wearing 'normal' shoes.

What do you think of them? Do you like them or not?

Shirt: NEW LOOK // Leggings: H&M // Wedges: NEW LOOK // Ring: YSL ARTY RING

P.S.: Actually, the credit goes to Immanuel from Style 4 Guys.
He showed me these shoes, since I hadn't seen them myself. :D


River Island @ Antwerp

As you may have read in my previous posts,
I was invited to the opening of the first River Island-store in Belgium.
The event took place in Antwerp yesterday, and it was so much fun!

I took my friend Michel with me, and on our way to Antwerp, it started to rain cat and dogs.
Thank God I had an umbrella with me, but I was wearing suede sandals with high
heels - Not a good idea!
We teamed up with Immanuel from Style 4 Guys and looked for shelter at a local bakery.
Damage: 2 pieces of pie. I couldn't resist. ;)

Lucky for us, it stopped raining when it was time to go to the River Island-store.
When we arrived, we were given a voucher worth 100 euros to spend.
No need to say how happy we were. :D
I bought a pair of wedges, a T-shirt and a brooch. I'll write a post about them later.

My first impression of the store?
Very big! They have tons of different items, which made difficult for me to decide
where to look first.
We drank Cosmo's (we were feeling SO Sex And The City) and ate fish and chips.
The lovely Tiany from Belmodo was the DJ and she did a nice job!
I had the best time yesterday.
You really should visit the store - I'm sure everyone will find something they like!

I also saw Emma from My Fashion Blog again and got to meet Kim from It Girl
for the first time.

A huge 'Thank you' to the people of Oona and River Island for inviting me.
Great job / Well done / It was amazing ...

Tanktop: H&M // Pants: ZARA // Shoes: ZARA // Crystal Bra: EBAY // Bag: BALENCIAGA

P.P.S: Sorry for the picture overload, but I wanted to capture every moment of it!



Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been quite busy the last couple of days.
But since I felt that I hadn't blogged for TOO long, and I didn't have the time to take
some pictures of my outfits,
I decided to do a post about some pictures / looks / celebrities I love and inspire me.

I'll be going to the River Island Opening-party in Antwerp tomorrow,
so stay tuned for the pictures!
And next week I'm invited to the opening of the Massimo Dutti Flagship-store
in Brussels.
I'm so excited and I can't wait!

I would also like to thank you for following my blog, commenting on my posts
and for following me on Twitter.
I really, really appreciate it!


River Island Is Coming To Belgium

River Island is coming to Belgium!
The British brand will be opening their first store in Antwerp.

When? 4th September
Where? Meir 56, Antwerp

And guess what?
I've been invited to the opening party!
It will take place on 9th September. I hope I don't have to work, because a couple
of bloggers I really like will be there too, like Immanuel from Style 4 Guys and Tiany from Belmodo.
I'll keep you updated, of course!

I've been surfing on the River Island-website, and here are some items that immediately caught my eye.

P.S. This is just a very small selection of all the beautiful items River Island has.
So be sure to visit their website to see more, or even better, visit the store in Antwerp!

P.P.S. Andy from StyleScrapbook won a contest and she's allowed to shop an entire year for free
at River Island. Be sure to check out her looks to see River Island-items!