Personal // Instagram September 2014

I usually post my articles about my Instagram-snapshots on the first of each month. But since I'm laying on the couch in my PJ's all day (not feeling too well), am not about to experience something worth Instagramming about and am bored as f*ck, I thought it would be fun to publish this post already.

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Give Away // The Simpsons & MAC "Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad"

Hey everyone!

Here we are with an exciting give away again! Shark Attack - Fashion Blog is giving one of you the chance to win the Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad from the highly anticipated The Simpsons & MAC collection. The quad contains four gorgeous colors, from a bright baby pink to a darker blue.

I had the opportunity to attend the launch of the The Simpsons & MAC collection at the MAC store in Antwerp (read the report HERE) and got myself some goodies, such as a blush, one of the lipglosses and the eye quad pictured above. I'm sure that most of you are wondering why I'm giving it away after buying it, so here we go:

When I saw the first press releases, I immediately fell in love with the Marge's Extra Ingredient Quad. So, at the event, I just had to get my hands on it. As soon as they told us that the collection was available for sale, I rushed to one of the saleswomen and told them that I wanted the quad. I was afraid that it would be sold out in a heartbeat, which is why I didn't take the time to take a proper look at it. 

For the past couple of days, I've been wanting to create a look with the eye quad. But, after having the chance to look at it decently, I came to the conclusion that the colors just aren't exactly my thing, especially the blue one. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a gorgeous quad, but I have the feeling that (except for the bright pink) the colors would look better on someone else. It's just a shame to leave this quad hidden in a drawer somewhere, only taking it out to use one single color from time to time. And, since I know that not all of you had the chance to purchase something from the collection AND since my blog will turn 5 years old in October, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate this special birthday as a gesture of my appreciation.

So, that's the story behind it. I still have a blush and a lipgloss from the The Simpsons & MAC collection (which are both approved 100%, lol), so it's OK. I do want to make clear that I purchased this quad myself (so it is not a press sample) and that I never used it (not even for swatches). It really is brand new.

Enough with the babbling! Here's what you have to do to win:

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The give away is open worldwide and will end on Thursday, 25 September 2014. I will announce the winner on my Facebook-page.

Good luck!

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Event // Cartier 'Hommage Aux Icônes'

Cartier has always been a brand that represented mystery, luxury and the finest form of craftsmanship to me. I first got acquainted with the brand when I was studying the life of the late Grace Kelly for a history assignment, whom was a loyal fan of the jewelry house and wore their pieces on multiple occasions. The second time that the house of Cartier caught my attention was when they published their iconic advertisements, using baby panthers instead of models. I love cats; they're mysterious, agressive yet graceful and I've owned them my entire life. And recently, Erin Wasson, one of my favorite models, became the face of the Cartier La Panthère fragrance campaign.

Whenever my parents, sister and I would cross a Cartier window, we would stop and stare at all the beautiful jewels displayed. Each of us would point out and discuss their favorite pieces and every time we would take off again, I would walk around in a daze for just a little bit longer, dreaming of all the beauty I just witnessed. In a way, Cartier always seemed like something unreachable.

So when I received an invitation from the Cartier store in Brussels, asking me if I would like to discover pieces of some of their most iconic collections, I was over the moon -- literally. When I arrived at the store, I got the warmest welcome and was told that we were allowed to touch, photograph and try on everything we wanted. Talk about a dream come true!

It took me forever to edit these pictures and to prepare this post, but I'm so excited to share them with you. Be prepared for a jaw dropping, Cartier overdose!

P.S.: Be sure to keep on reading, because I saved the best for last.

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Event // The Simpsons & MAC

Yesterday, I was invited to discover the highly anticipated collaboration between Marge Simpson and MAC at the renewed store in Antwerp. I decided to be there super early so that I could get my hands on my favorite goodies from the collection.

If you visit my blog on a regular basis, I don't think that it's a secret that I'm a big fan of The Simpsons; just click here and here to find out what I'm talking about. So can you imagine my excitement when I discovered that Marge Simpson was there to personally introduce her collection? Just add drinks, bites (DONUTS!) and fun people all together and you know that it is set to be a fun night.  

I will show you my purchases from the The Simpsons X MAC-collection in a future post, in which I will talk to you in detail about them -- swatches and all. But for now, I'm going to leave you with some pictures I shot at the event. I hope you like them!

I would like to thank Melanie and MAC for the invite, I had a blast!

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Shark Attack Video // Shoplog H&M / Zara / MAC

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Just a quick video to show you some goodies that I got at H&M, Zara and MAC. Do let me know which item is your favorite by leaving a comment in the comment box below. I'm so curious!



Beauty // Nivea Creme Care Line

Nivea lovers rejoice! Aren't we all familiar with their world famous round, blue tin? The blue tinned cream has been around since 1925, so I'm guessing we all had it around the house at one point. My earliest memory about it dates back to when I was little and my grandmother was still alive. She used to keep the cream on a shelf on her beauty table and would apply it to the dry spots on her skin or to keep her hands moisturized. Whenever she would hug me - which happened on a daily basis - I would smell that famous Nivea scent and it's still one of my favorites 'till this day. It brings back so many memories.

Now, Nivea knows they have a top product in their possession and decided to take it to the next level: they created a new line called 'Creme Care' - consisting of a Bath Creme, Shower Cream and Cream Handwash - and incorporated that famous cream scent into the products. With ingredients such as Eucerit, Provitamin B5 and Hydra IQ, Nivea focuses on some key elements of the skin: the care, recovery, elasticity, protection and hydratation (to name a few).

To find out more about the Nivea Creme Care line, click below.

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Shark Attack Video // Uzuma Juice Diet Challenge

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If you follow me on Instagram (@Krizia_S), you probably will have seen that Uzuma asked me to try out their green juices. One juice is the same as about one kilo of fruit and vegetables and thanks to a special bottling process, they can prolong the expiration date without affecting the juice. All of the information is on their website, so I'm not going to bother you with technical details, but I thought it would be fun to film some parts of the challenge.



Outfit // Foulard

Some quick shots of what I wore for meeting up with my friends to do some drinks. I ordered this foulard / scarf / whatever you want to call it on Asos a while ago and never got around to wear it; until now. My friends compared me to a dog, a farmer AND asked me if I had a hickey that I wanted to hide, but I think it adds a little extra touch to the look, don't you? The Balmain-shirt is a recent purchase and even though I usually don't like big logos on my clothes, I think this one's cute. It has some cool details on the shoulder, which I forgot to photograph. Oopsie.

Before I forget: I'm sorry for not looking into the camera very often in these photos. If you don't pose right while wearing this scarf (a.k.a. looking straight into the camera), there will be some major double chin alert. Or maybe I just have one, that's possible too.

Jacket: BERSHKA // Shirt: BALMAIN // Pants: LIU JO // Shoes: GIVENCHY 'FOULARD' VANS // Sunnies: RAY BAN // Foulard: ASOS



Personal // Instagram August 2014

Here's a recap of my month of August. If you want a sneak peek in my life behind the scenes, you can follow me at @Krizia_S.
If you're one of my followers that had to go to school today, I hope you all had a great day!