Christmas Tip // Make It Yours With Kipling

Christmas is just around the corner and every year, I struggle with finding the perfect gifts for my friends and family. Can your relate to this as well or are you the perfect gift hunter? If you are, please share your tips and tricks! Anyway, this year, the struggle wasn't as real as it used to be, thanks to Kipling.

Aaah, Kipling. Such nostalgia! The brand has been around for decades and is still going strong. I can still remember my first Kipling bag in primary school - a baby blue one - and you basically felt like an outsider if you didn't have one. And not to forget the anticipation to find out the name of the monkey on your keychain. I love these memories! I'm currently working a store which also sells Kipling and it's still one of their top selling brands. 

The brand has been renewing and reinventing itself over the years and is now launching the Make It Yours project, which gives you the opportunity to personalize Kipling bags and accessories. Choose your favorite color and font so that your purchase becomes yours and yours only. I chose ART M travel bag in Alaskan Blue and personalized it with my name in white, so that it pops from afar. The bag's perfect to use when traveling, to go to the gym or to take with you for a sleepover. 

I absolutely love this initiative and it's the perfect opportunity to gift your best friends or family with something super personal and customized! 

If you're interested and happen to live in Belgium, you can go to the following address and Make It Yours:

De Keyserlei 58
2018 Antwerp


H&M sweater // H&M jeans // UGG boots // KIPLING Art M bag c/o

* This post in collaboration with Kipling


Beauty // Cocooning With Nivea & Labello

Fall is going on full force in Belgium right now and also winter is coming slowly but surely. Dry and tight skin and hands, busted lips, a running nose... The drastic change of weather is an attack on your skin, which needs to be taken care of appropriately with an adapted routine. I recently discovered some new products that I added to mine.

Nivea released a couple of products to get through winter with a baby soft skin. The area round my nose and my legs always get super dry and are definitely the biggest problem during this time of year. I decided to share some of my new favorites with you, in hopes of making your winter struggles a little bit easier.


* The Nourishing Natural Oil Shower Oil (200 ml) sells for € 4,29.
* The Care Cream sells for € 3,49 (100 ml) and 4,49 (200 ml).
* The Labello limited edition neon lip balms sell for € 3,59 a piece.

© All images by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog
© This post contains PR samples.


Life // Things To Know Before Moving In Together

After spending almost 27 years at my safe haven - aka home - I decided it was time to leave the nest and move in with my boyfriend of 1,5 years. A logical step, but still a big one. Sure, we spent all of our free moments together and yes, we went on that much feared first holiday -- because you know, "that's when you really get to know each other". Even though you are indeed together 24/7, moving in a house or apartment is slightly different than going to the beach and sipping cocktails for a week. My boyfriend and I moved in last weekend, and here are the top 5 things I think you need to know.

1. Where are you going to live?

My boyfriend used to live 20 minutes from here, so the first big question was: will I move to him or will he come this way? Since I already bought a house before we met and it would spare him 20 minutes to get to work , our decision was easily made and he moved to my hometown. 

If you both live and work in the same place, you'll probably know the answer to this question immediately. But if one, or both, of you work somewhere else, it might be more practical to move somewhere in between. On the other hand: some people find it difficult to be away from family and friends. Have a thorough, deep conversation on this subject before you move on to anything else. Be clear and tell each other what you want (and especially what you don't want).


Beauty // M.A.C. Liptensity Lipsticks

Meet M.A.C.'s new lipstick line called Liptensity, created in collaboration with Maureen Seaberg. While M.A.C. usually makes an appeal to celebrities to work with them, they now asked a tetrachromat to help them out. Not sure what I'm talking about? Don't worry, I wasn't either at first. 

A tetrachromat is someone with "the genetic ability to see up to 100 million hues imperceptible to the average naked eye" -- in other words: someone who sees 100 times more colors than the average person. With the help of Maureen Seaberg and the High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments technology , M.A.C. was able to create a lipstick line of 24 unseen, intense colors. 

Someone told me that they have a matte finish - insert angel voices singing - so I can already predict surviving on water and bread after being able to make it to the M.A.C. store again. To see all shades and their names, click below.

Do let us know which one is your favorite! 


The M.A.C. Liptensity collection is now available online and hits stores in October.
They sell for € 25 each.

© All images by UPR/M.A.C.


Review // Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products

MAKE UP LOVERS REJOICE! Anastasia Soare aka Anastasia Beverly Hills has finally set foot on Belgian soil with her world famous brow products. After reading about her in tons of magazines, seeing her all over TV and the Internet, us Belgians can now finally jump on the bandwagon as well. Curious on where you can find Anastasia Beverly Hills products in Belgium? Keep on reading! 

Anastasia's career was launched way back in 1990, when she had to replace a friend in a famous beauty salon in Melrose Place. With tons of clients coming back for her brow treatment, she decides to start her own business and rents a space in the salon. After opening her very own salon in 1997, gaining the 'brow guru' status and appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show, her popularity skyrockets -- literally. As of then, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Madonna and many others, find a way to her salon. 

As if an A-list clientele wasn't enough, Anastasia also created the unique and patented Golden Ratio method: she studied bone structures, hair structures and facial proportions to create the perfect brow for everyone. She developed 5 stencils based on simple measuring points, giving you the chance to discover the perfect eyebrows for your face and structure. 

I received a couple of her best-selling products to try out: the Brow Wiz, the Perfect Brow Pencil and the Brow Powder Duo. If you're planning to order some products online, but you're in doubt about which color to choose, go to the Great Beauty bar-website and find out which color will suit you best with the 'Choose Your Shade' scheme.


* The Brow Powder Duo (2 x 0,8 g / 0,030 Oz) sells for € 29,90.
* The Brow Wiz (0,085 g / 0,0003 Oz) sells for € 28,90.
* The Perfect Brow Pencil (0,95 g / 0,034 Oz) sells for € 28,90.

All products are available at Planet Parfum or on the Great Beauty Bar-website.

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Shark Attack Travels // Crete 2016 Instalooks


ZARA dress // ZARA wedges

I've been a little MIA lately, since I spent the last 10 days in Crete with my boyfriend (who is making his blog debut in this post, hehe). Since we both worked full time for over a year, we wanted to go on an ultimate relax holiday, so I didn't want to bother him or myself with taking pictures using my big, heavy reflex camera. I did ask him to take some pictures of my poolside and evening looks, which I posted on my Instagram account and decided to do a little recap post here on the blog.

Which one do you like best?


Money VS Budget // Miu Miu VS Zara

In the Money VS Budget-category, we search for affordable options on runway items. However, we look for items that were inspired by the runway, not copied. We respect the designers, the brands and their creativity and do not support identical knock offs in any way.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen that I already added the Zara ballerina to my shoe closet. I'm planning to move in with my boyfriend ASAP, so expensive shoes aren't going to be my priority for a while. Aah, the perks of being a grown up, lol. I've been eyeing the Miu Miu ballerina's for quite some time now, but I went for the Zara ones instead; they're a great interpretation of the real deal. I'm thinking about buying ribbons as well, so I can have a little DIY project.

My sister and best friend hate them, my mom and boyfriend think they're cute and my dad... Well, he tries to keep himself out of things. What do you think? Sound off in the comment box below!


You can get the Miu Miu ballerina's at My Theresa; the black ones are sold out, but they have many other options. And you can find the budget ones on the Zara website.


Review // Clinique 'Pop Matte' Lipsticks

Well, here's some news that definitely made my day: Clinique launched two new lipstick lines and they're both matte! I present you the Clinique Pop Matte Matte Lip Colour + Primer and the Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer. Where most matte lipsticks dry your lips, both these formulas promise to nourish and hydrate them.

I received a couple of lipsticks to review for you, so if you're curious to see how they look on me, click below to read more! Don't forget to share your Pop moment with the #CliniquePopMatte hashtag.


The Clinique Pop Matte Matte Lip Colour + Primer is available in 16 colors, of which 8 in all Clinique selling points and 16 exclusively on www.clinique.be and at Inno for € 21 each.

The Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer is available in 8 colors in all Clinique selling points and on www.clinique.be for € 21 each. 

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Shark Attack Press // Sjiek Magazine

You'd think you get used to seeing your face in a magazine, but it's still so surreal every time again. This time, I got featured in Sjiek magazine, to talk about my favorite sweater along with other bloggers. Fall is coming slowly, but surely, so it's always nice to get inspired on what to wear when temperatures will drop a bit. That's why I decided to translate the article for you. Interested to read what it says? Read more after the jump!


FILLES A PAPA sweater // ZARA leather pants // ADIDAS STAN SMITH sneakers // CHANEL BOY bag

© Article by Elspeth Jenkins & Picture by Liesje Reyskens.


Review // Makeup Revolution London 'Golden Sugar' Ultra Blush Palette

Ever since I received the 'Golden Sugar' Ultra Blush Palette by Makeup Revolution London, I've been dying to show it to you. Don't let the palette's name fool you, because this gem contains more than blushes only (think: highlighters, blushes, bronzers). Plus, it's super affordable as well. I absolutely love to discover new products that do their job and on which you don't have to spend a fortune.

I almost didn't want to review it, because I found it too pretty to use, but here I am with a new beauty post! Curious to find out more about the palette and to see the swatches? Click below for more eye candy. 

The Makeup Revolution London 'Golden Sugar' Ultra Blush Palette is available at all Di-stores in Belgium and sells for € 7,95.

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Review // Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

People who know me, also know that I'm a huge Kardashian / Jenner fan and that Kylie is my favorite of the bunch (if you're here to give me hate about it: I do not want to hear about it, thank you) -- I even considered getting them lips done for a second, no joke. So when Kylie announced that she would be launching her own make up line, and a lipstick line as the very first, my heart literally stopped. I desperately tried to get my hands on them for weeks, only to find out that I was too late and they were all sold out.

That's when I started to follow several Instagram-accounts who kept an eye on restock times and posted the exact hour for each time zone. If you're interested: KylieLipKitUpdates and LipKitByKylieUpdates are my favorites. I was having a drink with my best friend and randomly checking my Instagram-feed, when I saw a post announcing that the Kylie Cosmetics restock would happen in half an hour. After 10 minutes of intense explaining on why I needed the Kylie Lip Kits in my life and begging my best friend to bring me home (not sorry, it was one of those now or never moments), I was sitting in front of my laptop and desperately clicking the refresh button for the next 15 minutes. The restock happened at the exact time they promised it would and I anxiously clicked Mary Jo K, Posie K and Kourt K home. They were my top 3 favorites from the beginning and I wanted to see the quality of them first, before ordering other shades as well. I quickly got a confirmation mail that they received my order and also got a tracking code, giving me very detailed information on the location of my package. They took about 2,5 weeks to get to me and I had to pay a 36 euros custom fee, which is a lot, but I didn't really care. 

After two weeks or so, I happened to check KylieCosmetics.com for no particular reason and I saw that they happened to have restocked again. Skylie and Freedom were already sold out (bummer!) and after telling my mom (and myself) that I just had to order again -- because what are the chances, right? -- I purchased Dolce K, Koko K and Reign. Plus, I also ordered another Posie K for a friend of mine. Again: confirmation email, waiting 2,5 weeks and my babies were home! This time, I had to pay 40 euro for customs, though. I guess it's something to consider if you have to order Kylie Lip Kits from Europe, or outside the U.S. in general, as well. 

I've read about people not getting their complete order or having troubles with the shipping, but I'm dead honest when I say that I have no complaints what so ever on this matter. Everything was handled correctly and I'm very pleased with their service.

Curious to find out what Reign, Posie K, Koko K, Dolce K, Mary Jo K and Kourt K look like on my lips? Click below to find out!

For more info, go to KylieCosmetics.com


Beauty // Summer With Clinique

After weeks of grey and rainy weather, summer will finally hit Belgium this weekend! Since my skin is sensitive and well... super pale, I'd better take some precautions. I get sunburned very easily and  rarely get a tan, unless I sit in the sun for hours, which just isn't worth it for me. My dermatologist told me that my skin isn't damaged by the sun on several occasions and I'm planning to keep it that way.

Clinique sent me the perfect starter kit to be safe and hydrated this summer! 

The Mineral Sunscreen Fluid For Face SPF 50 (30 ml) sells for € 25,95.
The Mineral Sunscreen Lotion For Body SPF 30 (125 ml) sells for € 25,95.
The Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (50 ml) sells for € 27,00.


Beauty // Nivea Silk Mousse

Nivea Silk Mousse
Busy bees at the Nivea HQs, since the skincare / beauty brand is launching yet another range of skincare products: the Silk Mousse. You can choose from three alternatives, all containing silk extract as the main ingredients, which is know for its hydrating and smoothing qualities. It provides the skin of essential proteins and creates a protecting barrier against dehydration. And last but not least: silk extract is full of antioxidants and amino acids, which looks after the renewal of the skin cells. The skin absorbs it quickly, giving it a silky smooth feeling.

Curious to find out more?
Read below, after the jump.

The Nivea Silky Mousses (200 ml) sell for € 3,99 each.

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Review // Apaisac Biorga Skincare

Since my skin has the need to be a total nightmare sometimes, I'm always open to try some new  products. Even though certain products from the well known skincare brands did their job well, I try not to let a familiar sounding name limit me in trying new things. That being said and the fact that I don't have that much experience with pharmaceutical brands, I was very curious to try out these two Apaisac Biorga goodies.

The Apaisac Biorga products were developed for dry skin, sensitive skin and skin that is being treated dermatologically. Dry skin? Check! Sensitive skin? Double check! Dermatologically treated? Luckily, no. Other than the usual pimples that decide to show themselves unexpectedly, anytime, anywhere, I also have some red spots on my cheeks that seem to come and go from time to time. And the skin on my legs is insanely dry, which I'm trying to control by applying moisturizing body cream on a daily basis.

Curious to find out more?
Read more after the jump! 

The Apaisac Biorga skincare products are available on the Newpharma website.

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Shark Attack Loves ... // Vans x Nintendo Princess Peach Sneakers

I'm a 26-year-old on paper, but I'm still a kid by heart. I still remember purchasing my first pair of Vans, the well known black and white checked slip ons, in my early teens and getting mocked at school for wearing them -- only to see 5 others wear them as well a week later. And after all those years, Vans still hold a special place in my heart with their comfort and fun prints.

The last pair of Vans that I got were the ones with the Disney princesses print and I now have my eye on another royal lady: Princess Peach. Vans collaborated with Nintendo and created some fun pairs with prints going from Donkey Kong to Legend Of Zelda, but growing up, I was completely hooked on Super Mario Bros. Weren't we all secretly wanting to be a princess with some dude trying to save us? Forget him being a plumber for a living. Just kidding! 

I'm usually not a fan of pink, but I'm willing to make an exception for the adorable pair of sneakers in the picture above. Combine them with a simple tee and a pair of black skinny jeans and you're ready to go. Or well, at least I am. 

The Princess Peach Vans sell for $ 65 / € 74,99.
To find out more about the Vans x Nintendo collection, click here.

© Image by Vans.com


Shark Attack Loves ... // NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing

Give it to Olivier Rousteing and he'll turn it into gold. Ever since the prodigy took the lead at Balmain, he has been dressing the biggest celebrities non stop and also managed to squeeze a sold out Balmain x H&M collection in between. This time, Rousteing is collaborating with Nike / NikeLab and even though the collection isn't available yet, it is set to be a bestseller once again.

For the NikeLab collection, Rousteing worked with nothing but black and gold; the black because it's timeless and chic and the gold because it symbolizes victory. Being a big football lover, it was this particular sport that became the main focus for the collection.  One thing's for sure: football players never looked this good. In this post, I limited the images of the collection to my two favorite items. However, we all know that Olivier is extremely active on Instagram, so check out his Instagram account for tons of images or check out this video on the Nike website. 

What do you think about this collab? Sound off in the comment box below!
Meanwhile, you can find my two top items after the jump.

The NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing will be available on the Nike website and in selected NikeLab stores, starting from 2nd June 2016.

© Images by Olivier Rousteing Instagram and NikeLab


Review // MAC x Brooke Candy

I solemnly swear that MAC isn't paying me to write about their lipsticks, but I can't resist all their collabs. MAC and Brooke Candy are collaborating for the second time and I ordered some goodies online. Even though her collection goes from nail polishes to eyeliners, I 'only' got two lipsticks and a lip pencil. The two lipsticks I got are Witching Hour and Doowop and the lipliner is called Night Crawler.

To read more and see the lipsticks on my lips, click below.

Doowop and Witching Hour sell for € 21,50 and Night Crawler sells for € 17.
All info and prices available on the MAC website.
The MAC x Brooke Candy collection is still available online in Belgium.


Trend // Boxer Braids

Boxer Braids 1
I'm not one to follow the trends, but you know I'm a huge Kardashian / Jenner-fan (don't hate, okay?). So when I saw Kim and North flaunting their boxer braids on Instagram, I had to try them myself. Boxer braids are - hence the name - popular with female boxers when they're about to step in the ring and beat the shit out of somebody: no locks of hair clenched to your sweaty forehead or blocking your view and the braids look fierce as well.

There are various takes on this hairdo, but I decided to go for the classic boxer braids first (see above). Did I mention that you get a facelift for free? Getting the braids isn't painless, especially if they start pulling on those baby hairs, but I received so many compliments. Plus, it's the perfect alternative for those who'd like to try something different, but aren't willing to go drastic at once.

What do you think about this trend?
Sound off in the comment box below!


Review // MAC x Charlotte Olympia Lipsticks

Some of you might be tired of the MAC overdose on the blog, but I just can't help it. With every collaboration launched, they nail it once again. When I heard that designer Charlotte Olympia was up next to create a MAC make up collection, I knew it would be good. Trying to prevent myself from going bankrupt, I only purchased the lipsticks (even though her collection contains make up brushes, eyeliners, mascaras, nail polishes and much more); they are red and matte, what more do I need?

It's time to meet Leading Lady Red (top), Starlett Scarlet (middle) and Retro Rouge (bottom).
Which one is your favorite?

The MAC x Charlotte Olympia collection is still available online in some regions, so hurry if you want to get your hands on some goodies as well! 

© All images by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog


Win // Duoticket voor 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2'

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 INT Artwork 70x100
* This give away is only for my Belgian readers.*

Ik herinner me nog goed hoe, toen het eerste deel van My Big Fat Greek Wedding in de cinema speelde, mijn papa me er naartoe sleepte om de film te zien. Mijn beide ouders zijn volbloed Italiaans, dus er waren heel wat raakpunten tussen de Griekse familie in de film en onze eigen familie: groot, luid, traditioneel, zeer patriottisch, soms een tikkeltje te bemoeizuchtig ... En ja hoor, ook wij hebben verschillende familieleden met dezelfde voornamen. Zuiderse mentaliteit, denk ik? Zelf heb ik wel altijd tegen mijn ouders gezegd dat ze niet moeten verwachten dat ik één van mijn kinderen naar hen ga vernoemen én dat ik hen niet kan verzekeren dat ik met een Italiaanse jongen ga trouwen (het ziet er naar uit dat dit ook niet gaat gebeuren, aangezien mijn vriend voor de volle 100 % een Belg is). Gelukkig zijn mijn ouders, zeker in vergelijking met de rest van onze familie, best modern en ruimdenkend.

Na het succes van My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is het nu tijd voor het tweede deel. Toula en Ian worstelen met de nog altijd grote, luide, traditionele, patriottische en bemoeizuchtige familie van Toula, met het spannend houden van hun huwelijk en met hun tienerdochter die worstelt met haar Griekse afkomst. Wanneer blijkt dat Toula's ouders, door een fout van de priester, nooit officieel voor de Griekse kerk getrouwd zijn, is het tijd om de hele familie weer bij elkaar te halen om een Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 te houden. 

Vanaf 30 maart speelt de film in de zalen en Shark Attack - Fashion Blog mag, in samenwerking met Entertainment One, een duoticket aan één van jullie weggeven! De tickets zijn geldig tot 20 april en mogen in een cinema naar keuze gebruikt worden. Zin om je kans te wagen? Dit is wat je moet doen om deel te nemen: 

- Wat is er bij jou in de familie of in jouw geloof typisch tijdens een bruiloft? Wordt er dan iets speciaals gegeten? Is er een typische dans dat op elke bruiloft aanwezig is? Het lijkt me leuk om dit eens van verschillende mensen te horen. Laat een reactie achter in de comment box hieronder.
- Laat ook je naam en email adres achter, zodat ik je gemakkelijk kan contacteren.

En dat is het! Ik maak de winnaar op 1 april 2016 bekend (en nee, het is geen grapje) en zal hem / haar persoonlijk via mail contacteren. 



Review // Clinique Pop Collection

Personal note:

I started writing this post, but for the last couple of days, I didn't have the strength and energy to finish it. The country I was born and raised in, my beloved Belgium, my teeny, tiny country, was attacked by terrorists. Dozens of people were killed in the attacks, hundreds are still badly injured. People who were coming home from a trip full of memories or were about to take off to make one. Some of them might have even saved money for years to finally be able to go on a holiday. People have lost their daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle or best friend. My heart is aching; not just for the attacks in Belgium, but for everyone affected in whatever attack all over the world. I refuse to be filled with anger towards certain religions. I live in a multi-cultural town and come from a multi-cultural family, I wasn't raised like this; I have family members who origin from Turkey, Morocco, Italy, the USA, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. I refuse to judge and point fingers. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected. We can not, we must not let hate rule. #PrayForTheWorld #StopTerrorism 

The original post:

Spring officially landed in Shark Attack's HQ (which is actually just my kitchen table, but it sounds so cool) with the new Clinique Pop make up collection. Consisting out of lipsticks, lip glosses and eyeshadows from subtle neutrals to popping shades, the Pop collection seems to have it all. I received three products to try out and I'm more than happy to share my thoughts with you.

Info & Prices:

Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer               € 22,75
Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer        € 22,75
Clinique Lid Pop                                                        € 21,30

Available from mid-March and on the Clinique website.

© All images by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog
© This post contains PR samples.


Beauty // Current Favorite Beauty Products

Sorry that I've been kinda MIA lately. I finally found a full time job and I'm still struggling to find the perfect balance between blogging and working full time. If you have any tips, please drop them in the comment box below. Plus, there's something else I wanted to mention... Make up, and beauty products in general, is something that I'm growing into more and more each day and is something I also want to focus on for the blog; next to the usual fashion posts. I hope you all can appreciate it! 

In the past couple of weeks, I received tons of new goodies to try out. Not all of them were a match with my skin, so I decided to collect my top 5 favorite products and share them with you. What are your favorite beauty products at this moment?


Shark Attack Loves ... // Choupette At The Beach

Karl Lagerfeld's pet cat is without a doubt the most fashion kitty in history: from Vogue covers and editorials to multiple nannies and iPads, Choupette has it all. Now that Karl has dedicated an entire beachwear collection to her, Choupette has yet another big achievement to add to her already impressive resumé. 

It's been raining cats (lol) and dogs here in Belgium for the past couple of days, so this cheerful summer collection was a nice welcome into my mailbox. I'm loving the bold, colorful prints and anything with kitties on it will do for me, so that's always a plus. Luckily, we have a Karl Lagerfeld store in Antwerp, so I can't wait to stop by ASAP. I won't be able to leave for a holiday with my boyfriend until September, but I think I'll already add some items to my closet already.

Find out my favorite items and their prices after the jump.
What are your thoughts on the Choupette At The Beach collection?

© Images: Unlimited PR


For The Boys // Axe 'Find Your Magic' Collection

A slightly different beauty post for today... Every now and then, people (and especially the male species, including my dad) ask me why I don't write about subjects that boys / men would like. I'm guessing the fact that I'm a woman might have something to do with it. But when AXE sent me a beauty box filled with goodies for my boyfriend, I thought I'd give it another try. They started a new campaign with a powerful message I strongly believe in. Curious to find out what it is? Just keep on reading!

AXE started the Find Your Magic campaign to get rid of the traditional macho man and to focus on each man individually. According to them (and I find it true myself as well), each man has something to be proud of, whether it's the brains, the eyes, a hobby or another personal asset. Study has shown that 'only' 20 % of the women fall for the stereotypic macho and that other women prefer a man who is confident and isn't afraid to show his strong points -- which doesn't necessarily needs to be a six-pack. AXE wants to trigger men to be proud of everything that makes them so special as an individual. So, to cut things short: confidence really is the key, boys and men! Go on and find that magic.

AXE created a new range of beauty products, giving men the tools to develop their own personal style to the fullest. The new range is based on three different styles: Urban, Adrenaline and Signature. Each style contains a anti-transpirant deodorant, a daily fragrance, a shower gel and hair products. I will show you my boyfriend's box and also focus on the other styles, right after the jump.

Ladies: show your boyfriend, husband, best male friend, father, brother ... that you love him just the way we are and spread this powerful message. Single boys and men: stick to your beliefs and who you are; women dig that whizz.


Win // Filmticket 'The Choice' + Make Up Set

*This give away is for my Belgian readers only. There will be more international give aways soon!*

Om het Valentijnsweekend goed in te zetten, hebben Shark Attack en Entertainment One de handen in elkaar geslagen om een leuke give away te organiseren! Vanaf 17 februari 2016 speelt The Choice in the cinemazalen, een film die gebaseerd is op het gelijknamige boek van Nicholas Sparks. De auteur schreef eerder al bestsellers als The Notebook, Dear John en Safe Haven.

In The Choice volg je het leven van Travis (Benjamin Walker), wiens leven drastisch verandert wanneer hij zijn nieuwe buurvrouw Gabby (Teresa Palmer) ontmoet. Travis en Gabby worden smoorverliefd op elkaar; een beslissing die niet zonder consequenties blijft, waardoor het koppel voor enkele moeilijke keuzes staan. Verder ga ik niet te veel verklappen! Je kan in het einde van de artikel de trailer vinden, waarin je alvast een voorproefje van de film te zien krijgt.

Lijkt deze film je wel wat? Dat komt dan goed uit, want wij geven aan één winnaar / winnares één filmticket en een make up setje cadeau! Het filmticket is vanaf 17 februari (de releasedatum) 4 weken geldig. In het make up setje, waarvan Artdeco zo vriendelijk was om deze beschikbaar te stellen, kan je een mascara, een concealer en een oogschaduw primer vinden. 

Wat moet je doen om aan deze win actie deel te nemen?

1. Wat is het meest romantische dat jou tot nu toe ooit is overkomen? Laat een comment achter met jouw meest romantische herinnering en ik kies er de leukste uit.
2. Vermeld in de comment ook jouw naam en email adres.

Zo simpel is het! De wedstrijd eindigt op 15 februari om middernacht. De winnaar / winnares krijgt op dinsdag 16 februari een mailtje van mij in zijn / haar mailbox.

Alvast heel veel succes!

*Deze blogpost is in samenwerking met Entertainment One en Artdeco*


Beauty // MAC x Zac Posen Collection

Leave it to MAC to keep on creating collections that will crash my bank account every time again. This time, the beauty brand teamed up with fashion designer Zac Posen to launch a collection consisting out of products for the face, eyes and lips. They also included two make up brushes.

The collection comes in a matte packaging with the designer's name written on it in gold letters. Super classy and an instant eye-catcher in your make up stash. 

Here's what all parties had to say about the collaboration:

"After dazzling women with his modern but timeless designs on the runway and red carpet for 13 years, New York designer Zac Posen presents his debut colour collection for MAC. From the iconic packaging to the square-handled contour and buffer brushes that boast the designer's mark, every loving detail that Posen adorns on the female form takes on a new shape for the face."

"Over the past 15 years I have learned a great deal from MAC about beauty. Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand and I have always wanted to create a make up collection to complement my designs and brand. It was only natural to work with MAC to create my first ever signature collection. I wanted to keep it luxurious, a little mysterious and clean with a large dose of star wattage."
- Zac Posen

"Zac Posen has been a part of the MAC family for over 15 years, as we've been supporters from his very first collection in 2001. Zac's classic designs and deft hand in draping, textures and overall femininity evoke a kind of throw-back glamour that still feels modern. This collection is the perfect encapsulation of both of our worlds, with something sophisticated and sexy for every woman out there."
- James Gager, Senior Vice President / Group Creative Director 

For all images and prices, see more after the jump.

The MAC x Zac Posen collection will be available online and in selected MAC stores from 27th of February.

© Images: MAC


Beauty // Bumble & Bumble 'Full Potential' Collection

Ever since I was 12 years old, I have been dyeing my hair. It all started with a pink dip and dye after seeing Beyoncé in Destiny's Child's Bootylicious video and it never stopped since. I continued with dying my hair from blonde to brown, from brown to black, adding snow-white locks in between, going back to blonde, adding a pink / purple / blue dip and dye again, going brown again and now blonde again -- and I'm pretty sure that I forgot a couple of hairdos along the way.

My parents never stopped me for experimenting with my hair and clothes, something that I've always been super grateful for. My hair, on the other hand, is not so grateful. Dyeing means damaging and that's exactly what I've noticed along the years: split ends, hair loss -- just weak and damaged hair altogether. Since I'm not planning on going bald any time soon, one of my resolutions for 2016 is to invest more in hair care. 

I bumped into the Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Collection and it immediately caught my attention. Apart from the brand's insanely cute name, this hair care collection contains Hair Preserve Blend: a technology that functions as a liquid bandage for the hair. The hair is being nurtured and at the same time, the hair's elasticity and strength are taken care of as well. The result? Thicker and more voluminous that doesn't break. The formula also contains special UV absorbers, which protect the hair against damaging UV rays. Everything my hair needs, basically. The collection contains a shampoo, a conditioner and a booster spray.

I can't wait to get my hands on the Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Collection! Have you already tried their products? And what did you think about it? Sound off in the comment box below, I want to read all about it.

Info & Prices:

Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo               € 32,40
Full Potential Hair Preserving Conditioner          € 35,90
Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray      € 57,50

Now available in the Bumble & Bumble hair salons and Bumble & Bumble selling points. 


Shark Attack Loves ... // River Island Spring '16 Pink Jacket

Winter doesn't exist in my book or closet. Never has, never will. So ever since the snow has (unfortunately) reached Belgium since a couple of days, I've been mentally skipping winter and all synonyms involved by already browsing for possible spring or summer collections. Doing so, I bumped into this amazing baby pink / black jacket by River Island.

The color palette, the half leather / half suede (?) parts, ... Loves it! Owning about a dozen black leather jackets, this one would be a welcomed change into my wardrobe. I can already see myself pairing it with a simple tee, black skinny jeans or leather pants and a pair of big, black sunglasses -- y'all know the girlie thing isn't my style. Thoughts?

Available from February 2016.


© Image: River Island


Personal // David Bowie (1947 - 2016)

I was planning to review some new MAC lipsticks today, but when I woke up and looked outside, I knew that it was going to be useless. It's a dark, gray and gloomy day -- and got even darker, grayer and gloomier when I checked the news. "David Bowie passed away of cancer at the age of 69." I was kind of hoping that it would be some kind of hoax, but unfortunately it wasn't. One of the most revolutionary, iconic faces in music and fashion history is  no more.

Bowie has been one of my idols for a long time -- some people might still recall me proclaiming that I hoped that someone would punch me in the eye so that I could have "David Bowie eyes". One of my first blogposts featured a David Bowie T-shirt (and some very bad posing, or just very bad everything, as well). Apart from his brilliant music, Bowie also taught me that there are no rules in fashion. Always a couple of steps ahead, he wore the most insane outfits, make up and hairdos, and actually got away with it. And please, let us not forget that he managed to create the sexiest mugshot ever made (look above). 

I decided to create a small post with some of my favorite Bowie-pictures, just to remind myself (and hopefully others) the insane legacy that he left behind. 

R.I.P. David Robert Jones / David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust / Hero

© All images via Tumblr



Outfit // Golden

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: I posted a new outfit. I know it's been forever, but I wasn't feeling too comfortable in my own skin for quite some time and also had a gazillion brainstorming sessions about my blog and which direction I'd like to take it. See it as a fresh start for the new year, which started very well for me already: I was invited to give a lecture about my blog to a group of college students. I'd never done such a thing before and it was kind of a big deal for me, but it all went well, thank God! I also dyed my hair blonde. My dad hated it, so I decided to go even blonder. You know me, always such a rebel, lol.

As for the outfit: I'm usually not a fan of winter clothes, but when I spotted this asymmetric turtleneck sweater dress at Zara, I decided to give it a try. Plus, it's the perfect match for my new Chanel booties that I finally got to wear. The golden touches give it the look a little extra. I hope you're not tired of my Boy bag yet, because I'm still totally in love with it. Oh, and I'm kinda digging the gloomy vibe in the pictures as well.


ZARA sweater // BALMAIN x H&M necklace // CHANEL shoes // CHANEL 'Boy' bag // FENDI bag bug 



Review // MAC x Dita Von Teese Lipstick

As I announced earlier, MAC and Dita Von Teese collaborated for a second time: first Dita being the Viva Glam spokesperson in 2006 and 2007 and now giving her the chance to create her own MAC lipstick, which is called Von Tease. Luckily, I managed to get my hands on this highly coveted - but unfortunately sold out - lipstick and decided to review it for you.

I'm not sure when I became a fan of Dita, but I think it must have been around the time that she married Marilyn Manson, of whom I was a big fan starting from my early teen years. It was her that made me comfortable of and in my pale skin and it was also her that shaped my love for pitch black eyeliner and red lipstick. Dita never misses a beat and always looks impeccable, you can Google it if you don't believe me. Oh, and she always does her own make up!

© Images by Shark Attack - Fashion Blog