Outfit // McQueen On Denim


Hi guys!

How have you been doing?
Sorry for the lack of absence on the blog, but I've been busy working the entire week. As for today's outfit, I wanted to spice it up just a bit more by adding my new McQueen scarf, which is a different shade of blue. I like the contrast, what about you? 

As I'm writing this post, my heart's racing like crazy. I did an interview for a regional newspaper the day before yesterday and they're coming over to my place for a small photo shoot in about 20 minutes. I've never done this before, so wish me luck! Oh, and the fact that I have a major cold doesn't help me to cool my nerves either. Perfect timing, I must say! 

*The photographer arrives and I'm almost fainting as I hear the doorbell ringing.*

Okay, I've just had my photo shoot and it went amazingly well. I guess shooting in a well known environment does wonder for the nerves. I can't wait to show you the result. If I'm not mistaken, the issue will be published on 10th March. I'm sooooo excited! 

x Krizia

Scarf: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN // Denim Shirt: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: RIVER ISLAND // Belt: PIMKIE


Random // Deep Devotion Collaboration & More


Hi guys!

How have you been doing?
I've spent my week working, answering tons of emails and collaborating with brands. I can't tell you about all of them just yet, but I can reveal two of them. :)
I received the bag in the picture above from the recently launched Belgian web shop called Deep Devotion. I wanted to create an outfit with the bag and my Chloé wedges - since they go perfectly together - but the weather and some personal obligations changed the plans. I really like the bag. It's roomy and spacey, which is always a plus for someone like me who puts all her crap in her bag and also has a shoulder strap, so that my hands are free while shopping. Deep Devotion has such cute stuff, going from bags and clothes to jewelry. You should definitely check it out.

Plus, I have a surprise for my Belgian readers...
Shark Attack - Fashion Blog teamed up with Deep Devotion and the sweet Natasja gives a - 20 % discount on all items for my Belgian readers. Natasja and I wish that we could give the discount to all my readers from all over the world, but since she still is a student herself and she launched her web shop just a couple of months ago, I hope you will understand that it is kind of difficult for the moment. But don't worry, there will be a lot of surprises for my national AND international readers in the future!

Hoe kunnen jullie de - 20 % kortingscode gebruiken?

- Plaats de items die jullie graag zouden willen kopen in het winkelmandje.
- Klik daarna op de knop 'Winkelmand', die jullie links op de website zien staan (onder de categorieën-lijst).
- Vul daarna de code SHARK in het vakje naast 'Kortingsbonnen'.
- En... Tadaaaa! 20 % korting op je aankoop!
- De code is geldig tot 31 maart!

Happy shopping en laat me zeker wat weten als jullie iets gekocht hebben!

Do you want to know what else has been going on concerning the blog and the fashion flavored part of my life? Then just click, click, click below ...


Help // Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers: A/W 2012

Photo: Themarantphiles.com 

Okay, I really need your help, y'all!
I'm thinking about ordering the Isabel Marant Willow sneakers for the Autumn / Winter 2012 collection. Since the closest store ordering and selling them is a one hour drive away, I emailed them to see if I could get any images from the new collection. Unfortunately, they weren't allowed to email me any images, but they did give me a list with all the colors that are available to order.

Now, since a list of colors is something totally different than a set of images, I decided to Google the collection and came across this sneak peek picture. Since my style is kinda 'rock-ish' with a lot of dark colors, I'm thinking about ordering the grey / anthracite ones -- the fifth pair from the left / the fourth pair from the right.

So, what do you think? Are they worth the money?
If you happen to have a pair of Willow sneakers, please share your 'experience' with them in the comment box. Are they comfortable? Do you think you made an investment buying them? 
Just spill it, sister!

x Krizia


Outfit // Pop Of Color

Today's gloomy weather 'inspired' me to add a pop of color to my outfit. I think my new Alexander McQueen scarf does a great job. Other things that inspired me for this outfit? Michael Jackson, my mafia infected Italian blood (just kiddin') and maybe - just maybe - Clémence Poésy in the picture I posted in my previous post. My mom kept complaining that my eyes weren't visible because of the hat, but I kinda like the effect. :) 

As for the shoes ... Did I already tell you how much I love them? I just found out that my friend Tiany from Belmodo.tv has found a pair of the real Chloé Susan boots in New York and I'm freakin' jealous! I'm probably gonna scream / faint / ... when I'll see them on her. 

x Krizia

Hat: H&M // Scarf: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN // Blouse: TIANY KIRILOVE FOR VERO MODA // Pants: Thanks to VERO MODA // Shoes: SACHA


Girl Crush // Clémence Poésy

Photo: Tumblr.com

I'm totally hooked on Clémence Poésy for the moment. Remember Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter) and Eva Coupeau (Gossip Girl)? Well, that's her! I love her hair, her natural look, her personal style: simple, with a 'tomboyish' touch. She's currently the face of the G-Star RAW campaign and I'm expecting to see more of her in the future. I could harass you with an overload of pictures now, but I'll just let Google to that for me. The picture above is one of my favorites, so I'll share that one with you. :)

x Krizia


New // Hey Chloé, you two look alike.

Jup, they're mine! Well, not the actual Chloé Susan boots (which I talked about here), but these lookalikes by Sacha, which will do just fine too. I'm not really the type to buy lookalikes / knock offs - Ugh, such an ugly word - but lets face it: € 850 for a pair of shoes is quite some money, especially if you're a student 
and you don't have a steady job. 

So, after stalking the people at Sacha on Twitter - with Kim as my shoe hunter in crime - we got THE tweet today: the booties are back in stores! As I was running to the Sacha store in Hasselt, Kim was on her way to the store in Brussels and we both managed to get our hands on a pair. I spent the last 15 minutes taking pictures of the shoes and staring at my feet, so I'm already warning you ... Be prepared to see them on the blog a lot. I'm already seeing a leather-overload-outfit in my mind. Aaaah, I'm so excited! I think I'm going to love them even more when they're totally worn off, giving them a vintage look. It's the same with my Acne Pistol boots. While my mom is always telling me that I have to clean them and protect them with black polish, I like the I've-already-had-these-shoes-for-20-years effect. 

Being perfectly aware of the fact that many will hate these shoes, I have to say that I absolutely love them. They fit perfectly with my rock 'n roll mind and soul and I feel so bad ass wearing them. The buckles make noise while walking and I feel like one of those villains in the movie - You know, when they zoom in on the feet while they walk very slowly to let everybody know: I'm here!

Okay, my fantasy is taking over again, so I'm going to stop babbling before y'all go mental. I'm curious to hear your opinion about them. 
What do you think? 

x Krizia

Booties: SACHA


Personal // Blogger Friends


© Ü

Going to events also means tons of press people being present. Bloggers, (fashion) magazine editors, reporters, camera crews ... Having all of them there, results in a feature from time to time. This was no different being present at the Tiany Kirilove For Vero Moda presentation and the 25 Years  Kipling party, which were both held on the same day.

I love these pics, because the press managed to capture my favorite (blogger) friends and I all together. 
Click on their names to be redirected to their blogs. 

x Krizia


Outfit // Army Green

As some of you may have read on Twitter, I went to the hairdresser - Forced by my mom. She said my hair was getting too long and literally ordered me to get my hair cut. Well, I must admit she was right. So, voilà, my new hairdo. What do you think about it?

These pictures were taken at my grandfather's place. I think it's a nice change of scenery for once. I opted for a casual outfit today, since I'm not really doing anything. I stole this parka from my sister's closet. She never wears it.

The boyfriend's waiting impatiently, so I gotta run!
Enjoy your weekend!

x Krizia

Parka: H&M (Old) // Blouse: PIMKIE // Pants: Thanks to VERO MODA // Shoes: ACNE PISTOL BOOTS


Event // Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda - Part 2

Remember when I went to the Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda presentation the first time?
Well, the Fall/Winter 2011 collection was such a success, that Vero Moda teamed up with Belgium's prima fashionista Tiany Kiriloff again. The presentation of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection took place at the Belmodo HQ yesterday and I must admit that I like this collection way more than the first one. Wanna see some party pictures and images of the collection?
Just click below. :)


Details // A la Blair Waldorf

A few detail shots of my outfit for two events I'm going to today: 
Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda and the 25 Years Kipling Party.
As some of you may have read on Twitter - or are a big fan of Gossip Girl - I decided to base my outfit on my beloved Blair Waldorf. She's my favorite character on the show. I wanted to wear a headband with a big bow to make it 100 % Blair proof, but being the organized person that I am, I can't find it anymore. 

I gotta run now - such a busy day, but I'm loving it - so I leave you with a few shots I took in 2 minutes time. I'll show you pictures of the events, of course. Can't wait to see all of my blogger friends again. It's been too long!

x Krizia

Blouse: ZARA // Brooches: H&M // Skirt: H&M // Flats: CHANEL // Bag: CHANEL // Bracelet: HERMES


Feature // Ella And Louise

Hey guys!

Time to show you a new feature, but guess what ... This time it's not me who got featured, but my sister Tiffany. She got featured on Ella And Louise, one of my favorite fashion blogs runned by Kim, Patricia and Marijs. 'The Story Of Her Shoes ...' I guess the title says it all. My sister talks about some of her favorite shoes and the story behind them. Let me tell ya, my sister's crazy when it comes to shoes. My favorite story is the one behind her Isabel Marant Willow sneakers. I'm not going to tell you what it's about, though. You can read it yourself HERE. Oh, and did I mention that I'm dying over her Louboutins in the first picture?

Do you have a crazy story about one of your pair of shoes? Did you spend your entire budget on a pair of boots, almost leaving you homeless and foodless after buying them? Or maybe you stalked every store in the country in order to find those perfect pair of pumps? Do share your stories in the comment box, I can't wait to hear them! :D

I'm on the hunt for a pair of booties right now, without any luck (for now). If you're a follower on Twitter, you might have an idea of which booties I'm talking about. You still don't know? Well, just click below...


New // Alexander McQueen Scarf

Hi everyone!

Since I passed my exam, I decided to treat myself to a little something (Always a good excuse). I was shopping at Obsis - Fashion Point in my home town, when I saw this colorful razorblades printed by my beloved Alexander McQueen. I already have a one of his famous black and white skulls printed scarves, so I thought it would be nice to get a totally different one. This grim weather has been getting on my mood lately, so a bit of color can't hurt. It's perfect to spice up an all black outfit.

P.S.: Never mind the last picture. I need to learn how to fold a scarf in some nice ways.



Beauty // Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

As you all know, I'm not into beauty blogging, simply because I never use new products. I tend to stick to products I've been familiar with for years -- It's just a habit I've had for a long time.

I've been using Clinique for years now and their products have never disappointed me. So, I thought it would be nice to introduce you a new product I've started to use just a week ago: Clinique's Moisture Surge Intense; perfect for those who have a dry skin. You have to apply the crème after you've applied your daily moisturizer -- I use Clinique's Moisture Surge. For those who have a really dry skin in most places can apply the Moisture Surge Intense on the entire face. If you only have dry skin on certain places - like me in the T-zone, for example - I'd advise you to only apply it on the dry spots. The crème has been tested on allergies and is 100 % perfume and oil free. 

I'm very happy with the result. My skin feels soft and while the dry spots used to be visible before, you don't see anything anymore now. I'm happy I tried this product out, especially with this cold weather, which seems to dry out my skin even more.

Do you also have a dry skin? Which products do you use for it?
Don't hesitate to share it in the comment box below.

x Krizia


Outfit // Finally

Hi everyone!

So, I finally managed to wear my Isabel Marant Renell pants, of which I already gave you a sneak peek here. I had to tailor them first - they were a bit too big - and I also had to find a suitable sweater and belt to wear with them. Can you believe that I didn't have a simple, black belt until yesterday? 

Well, everything's solved now, so my mom and I decided to take some outfit pictures this morning. These pants are very low-waisted, though. I really have to watch it when I want to sit down. ;) 

Sorry for the cramped poses, by the way... But as you can tell from the snow, it's literally freezing here in Belgium. I'm literally counting for Spring to arrive.

x Krizia

Blouse: PIMKIE // Belt: PIMKIE // Jeans: ISABEL MARANT // Shoes: NEW LOOK // Sunnies: PRADA