Beauty // Dolce & Gabbana 'Sicilian Jewels' Collection, Part I

Holy Mother and Joseph! I ain't turning into a religious soul now, but that was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the Dolce & Gabbana 'Sicilian Jewels' collection. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are taking the terms 'lipstick' and 'shades' to a whole new level. Aren't these colors to die for? And, before I forget... They're limited edition, which makes me even more anxious (because I need them, all of them).

The 'Sicilian Jewels' collection exists out of four colors, inspired by the luxurious gemstones amethyst (purple), ruby (red), emerald (green) and topaz (yellow). The designers got inspired by the jewels of their native Sicily and have been working with these materials on a steady basis. We all still remember that outrageous F/W '13 RTW runway collection, don't we? I know that these colors might be too much for most people - except for the ruby one, maybe - but how cool would it be to wear them during a Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve party? I'm thinking: an all black outfit and the hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. Make those lips pop, baby! You could even add a touch of eyeliner for an extra dramatic look. 

What do you think? Amazeballs or even too much for a crazy, YOLO night out?

The Dolce & Gabbana 'Sicilian Jewels' collection is limited edition and will be available from 1st November. 


Outfit // Seeing Red

Finally, I managed to post this outfit! It was supposed to be online by noon, but the quality of my pictures were reduced to pure crap (pardon the language) while uploading them in Photobucket and Blogger. I've been noticing it for a while now - just check my previous posts - but it was really bad this time. Luckily, my fellow bloggers gave me tons of tips and advice, giving me the chance to fix the problem. Thanks, babies! Can you see the difference?

All of these problems and frustrations made me see red; to those who didn't study English in college: it means 'being angry'. We had to study tons of these expressions by heart and it looks like I did a nice job, since I still remember (most of) them. I thought it was the perfect blogpost title and it also matches my new jacket I received from Me Paris. It's a French brand and all the clothes are made in France. Even though most of the clothes aren't my style, this jacket totally is. I love the red and black pattern! The colors are perfect for fall and the pattern is a nice change from all the tartan prints popping up EVERYWHERE. Like seriously, I can't handle tartan anymore... 

Jacket: Thanks to ME PARIS // Blouse: ZARA // Leather Trousers: H&M // Shoes: CHLOE // Lipstick: RIHANNA FOR M.A.C. 'RIRIWOO'


Shark Attack Loves... // Valentino Combat Boots

 photo ValentinoCombatBoots_zps8588fe41.jpg
Help me, I've got a new crush! I was surfing the net, checking up on my favorite blogs, when I stumbled across these babies. Aren't they the most perfect combat boots ever? I love how Valentino has found the perfect balance between edgy and feminine; check out those flower details. Italians sure know how to treat the ladies right. 

Whenever I see a certain item, images of how I can combine it start flashing before my eyes -- no joke. With these boots, I could already see myself wearing them with skinny jeans and leather trousers during winter and with shorts and dresses during summer. Sounds like a great investment, right? Right?

I immediately started checking the online shops and found them at LuisaViaRoma. If they're Valentino, you just know that they come with a certain price tag. However, I never expected them to be a whopping € 1150. Talk about bursting someone's bubble big time! It will take me forever to get that cash together, they'll probably be out of stock by then.

However, my 24th birthday is coming up - on 5 November to be correct - so it's time to put my wish list together and tuck it into my dad's coat pocket without being seen. I mean... I'm turning 24! I have a phobia of growing older; I'm not kidding, I could burst into tears just thinking about it. That being said, I need to be comforted big time and these boots are perfect for that. 

You can find the boots on LuisaViaRoma here.

Picture via OhMyVogue.com


Outfit // Shirt Dress

 photo 48a2946f-043e-4309-bca0-61c69802e252_zps663a9d4d.jpg
Even though it was freezing, raining, terribly windy and we shot these pictures in about 5 minutes, I just had to show you my newest purchase! You all know my love for the Belgian label Filles À Papa by now, so when I found this FAP shirt dress at 60 % off, there was no doubt I had to take it home with me. You gotta love stock sales! 

I probably got pneumonia for shooting these pictures, but I was too excited about this purchase. Why? It's sporty and a bit boyish, but still elegant and easy to combine. Score! Another way of wearing it? I'm thinking about black skinny jeans, a tank top and this shirt over it (unbuttoned).

While we were shooting these pictures, my neighbor pulled up the driveway and yelled: "I love your pictures, but you have got to change the background!" I hear you, woman! I'm definitely going to work on that, I promise. 



Outfit // Who Dares Wins

 photo DSC04087_zps7ac30a5d.jpg
Who dares wins... Even though it might sound as the biggest cliché ever know to man, we can't deny the fact that it's actually true. Accepting a challenge, you might not always get the result you hoped for, but the experience you'll get out of it will make you a winner one way or another. So get out there, do what you think is best, try out new and different things. Live. 

I love the combination of the chic skirt and casual shirt -- that rhymes, by the way. I also decided to wear my Acne Pistol boots again, to add an edgy touch to the look (and because my ankle is giving me a hard time again, no high heels for now). I got the shirt at Jeurissen in Hasselt; I always pay them a visit when I'm in the neighborhood. You can find the best brands there, such as Carven, MSGM, Markus Lupfer, Alexander Wang, Filles À Papa... Definitely a hotspot to visit if you happen to be in Hasselt. 

T-shirt // FILLES À PAPA // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: ACNE 'PISTOL' BOOTS


Video // Isabel Marant Pour H&M Launch Party

Last night, one of the most anticipated events took place in Paris: the launch party of the Isabel Marant pour H&M-collection. The event was attended by tons of celebrities, it-girls, bloggers, models, press and journalists such as Alice Dellal (love her!), Freida Pinto, Audrey Tautou, Alek Wek and Betty Autier (best known as the blogger behind Le Blog De Betty). 

Looking at the venue and decor, Isabel Marant wanted to take us back in time, to a Paris in the early 90s -- that's when she debuted her clothing line, quickly settling into the fashion bizz. Pubs, souvenir shops, supermarkets... It might sound strange, but they were all part of the decor. Here's what Isabel Marant herself had to say about it:

"We wanted to present the collection in a casual, relaxed setting, not as an extravagant red carpet show. Because that's how I look at my work: I design for everybody and am inspired by the world around me. That's why it was the obvious choice to choose for a city as the background. And it had to be Paris, because this city is in my DNA."

I guess she's still Isabel from the block. I love the idea behind the whole launch and how, despite her enormous success, still seems to be very down to earth. Anyway, the collection was presented by a group models dancing through the event and by all the celebs attending, of course.

On my wish list? The embellished jacket (worn by Freida Pinto in the video), the oversized coat (worn by Audrey Tautou) and the leather trousers. I hope that I don't have to work when the collection will hit the stores -- a problem that I had to deal with every time a collaboration hit the H&M-stores. Fingers crossed! 

What about you, guys? Will you be waiting in line? And what are your favorite pieces?

The collection will hit 250 selected H&M-stores around the world on 14 November. 


Outfit // Slip On

 photo DSC03882_zps1005ffda.jpg
Forget what I said in my previous outfit post: we're not experiencing an Indian summer. An Indian day might have been more appropriate, but who cares, since the sun and warmth have disappeared. When I looked out my window this morning, I could already feel the gloominess creeping over me (we're close to Halloween, hence the horror movie kinda talk). This kind of weather is synonym to comfy outfits -- for me. Even though this outfit is very comfy, I kinda like these shots, especially the close up ones. I really have an issue when it comes to selecting pictures for my blog and trying not to overdo it. 

I decided to give these Givenchy slip ons another try. Don't let the comfy look fool you: these hurt like hell. While wearing them, you're heels are about to be brutalized and cut open. Anyway, they're too pretty to be ignored and I payed quite some cash for them, so I decided to put some patches in them (especially around the heels) and they're much more comfortable now. I kept the rest of my outfit simple, so that these babies will get the attention they deserve.

As for the hair: I decided to put some mousse in it and to curl the ends a bit. I'm no hair specialist at all, but I thought the result was kinda okay to shoot. And as for the jeans: I stocked up on these, so be prepared to see them glued on my legs permanently. They're perfect. 

Shoes: GIVENCHY // Jeans: H&M // Blouse: H&M // Bag: VALENTINO thanks to Verso // Lipstick: RIHANNA FOR M.A.C. 'RIRIWOO'


Money VS Budget // Valentino VS Michael Kors

 photo CollageValentinoMK_zps7ca98ea4.jpg
The idea for this Money VS Budget-post came to mind when I was carrying around my Valentino 'Rockstud Trapeze' bag (the one pictured above) and I saw someone wearing the Michael Kors 'Selma Studs Saffiano' bag (also pictured above). The Valentino was gifted to me by the ever so sweet people at Verso, but I can imagine that a whopping € 1390 isn't the obvious option for everyone. I think the Michael Kors one is a perfect replacement. 

What do you think?

* Get the Valentino 'Rockstud Trapeze' HERE
* Get the Michael Kors 'Selma Studs Saffiano' HERE.


Outfit // Magic

 photo DSC03857_zpsf8fbfcd6.jpg
We've been experiencing and Indian summer here in Belgium -- 22°C, yay! I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear this adorable blouse for the first time. I love how the bunny-in-the-hat-print screams 'cute' and the transparency adds some 'sexy'. Plus, the back adds another unexpected twist. Even though the Converse sneakers aren't the exact same color as the blouse, I think they still go well together. What about you, guys? 

The jeans are my new love. My body shape makes it incredibly hard to find well fitting trousers. So when I found these super skinny jeans at H&M, I was over the moon. I think about buying some more of these, just in case H&M decides to take them out of the stores. 

And last but not least: I'm so sorry for the never changing background. I'm relying on my mom as my photographer and as a working woman, she doesn't always have the time to go to a nice location to shoot. Nope, I'm not one of those bloggers with an awesome photographer boyfriend, but I think my mom does her job equally well. 

You can find the blouse here and the dress version on the Belgian web shop Munt Fashion here

Blouse: Thanks to SUGARHILL BOUTIQUE // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: CONVERSE ALL STARS thanks to Size.co.uk // Lipstick: RIHANNA FOR MAC 'RIRIWOO'


Outfit // Golden Linings

 photo DSC03688_zps89acae42.jpg
Black and gold, my favorite combo. I stumbled upon this blouse during a shopping spree in Antwerp; I love how it's clean and simple, but with that extra touch. As for the wedges: they were hidden in the back of my closet for too long. They still make my heart beat a tad faster every time I take them out again.

I don't have much to say today. I've been the laziest couch potato for the past 3 days, catching up on Pretty Little Liars' most recent season to refresh my memory. The new episode is coming up and I'm so freaking excited! Who's with me?

Shirt: SANDRO 'Eclipse' // Bag: CHANEL // Leggings: H&M // Shoes: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA X H&M 


New // Converse All Stars 'Ox Maroon'

 photo DSC03637_zps0cd48f61.jpg
Please welcome the newest pair of shoes in my closet: Converse All Stars in 'Ox Maroon'. I can already hear you think: "*Yawn* All Stars, big deal." Anyway, when I was allowed to choose a pair of sneakers on Size.co.uk, I didn't hesitate for a second and immediately clicked these babies home. Kudos for the website's customer service: after a mix up with the size - I accidentally received a pair sized too big - I immediately got sent a new, right sized pair just a few days after. No hard questions, suspicious behavior or extra fees: I emailed my problem and it was solved, simple as that. I rarely order online myself, since I'm always too scared of my order going missing or ordering something that doesn't fit, but I must admit that the awesome service took some of my doubts away. To see their Converse All Stars-collection, you can click here

Shoes: CONVERSE ALL STARS thanks to Size.co.uk


Beauty // M.A.C. 'All Fired Up' + Personal Lipstick Routine

 photo IMG_3566_zps6245a95b.jpg
Like I say at the beginning of every (rarely occurring) beauty post: I'm not a beauty blogger. As much as I would love to focus on beauty more often, I just don't know which blush has a perfect pigmentation or which lipstick has a blue undertone. 

Anyway, what I do know is that I can't live without lipstick and that I'm rarely seen without. When I was still in high school and college - the good times - I used to wear bright red lipstick to my waitering job. Apparently, it was a big shocker since all of my colleagues would say something about it, but for me, it was (and still is) an essential. After reading that waitresses wearing red lipstick were more likely to get a tip, I was even more convinced of my choice. ;) 

I recently decided to try out some other colors than the usual red and meet my favorite non-red lipstick: All Fired Up by M.A.C., which is part of the 'Retro Matte'-collection. It has a darker pink / raspberry kinda color with a - surprise! - matte finishing touch. I prefer matte lipsticks over shiny ones but it can be tricky to apply without a decent preparation. It sounds as if you need to go through a 20 steps routine - which is not true - but believe me: it's not about only applying the lipstick.

My lipstick usually stays on for hours straight, a thing that has caused quite some admiration among the colleagues I was telling you about before. I get asked about 'my secret' all the time and I thought, why not share it with you? Can I inform you that my lipstick routine isn't a big deal and that I don't really do anything that wasn't known before? Just trying to avoid disappointment here...

P.S.: The earrings are from River Island and reminded me of the Dolce & Gabbana A/W '13-collection: over the top, in your face, totally kitsch and loving it! 

So, to find out my how-to-apply-lipstick-routine, just click below. *drumroll* 


Outfit // Oh Crêpe!

 photo DSC03513_zps2ef488fc.jpg
October's first outfit post is finally up! I love October and can't wait for Halloween to arrive. I think that I'll dress up as Eric Draven a.k.a. The Crow this year. Leather pants? Check! White shirt? Check! All I need is black lipstick and I'm all set. Who / What will you be this year?

I found this T-shirt at H&M and I had to explain the 'Oh crêpe / Oh crap'-meaning far too many times. Is the hidden joke so hard to understand? Anyway, new items are meant to be worn, so here you go. It seems as if the shoes have shrunk two sizes -- pain! And the cap is the perfect accessory for that extra touch; and to cover up a bad hair day. At first I thought it would be too much with a slogan on the shirt ànd on the cap, but I'm really digging the result. Casual chic, loving it! 

x Krizia

Vest: TIANY KIRILOVE FOR VERO MODA // T-shirt: H&M // Shoes: MANGO // "Boss" Cap: FILLES À PAPA


New // FAP & Mango

 photo DSC03464_zps2c0e01b2.jpg
Hey guys,

yes, I'm still alive. I came down with a major cold and decided to take a time out to recharge my batteries again. Having a cold didn't stop me to do some shopping, though. ;)

The cap is by Filles À Papa (FAP for short), one of Belgium's fast up and coming labels and one of my favorites; originality, leather, sequins and a touch of rock 'n roll... Just the way I like it. My dad got it for me, I guess he was trying to make a statement with the Yes Sir-slogan, lol.

The shoes were a great find. I got them at a Mango Outlet-store for only 10 euros. #Score I'm usually not a fan of white shoes, but these remind me of the ones my mom wore on her wedding day -- I'm kinda corny and cliché from time to time. Since I rarely wear white, I'm curious and excited to see what combos I'll come up with to make these babies shine. Let's hope I'll pass the test.

I already posted some pictures of me wearing my new items on Instagram -- My username is Krizia_S.
For those who haven't seen them yet, just click below! 

P.S.: Have I told you that I'll be going on a trip to Paris with my best friends in two weeks? I'm sooo excited. Paris has a special place in my heart, I've fallen hard for the city. Let's hope I'll be able to shoot some Parisian outfit pictures. 

"Boss" Cap: FILLES À PAPA // Shoes: MANGO