Fashion Show // Burberry Prorsum RTW S/S 2010

Christopher Baily has done it again...
I absolutely LOVED the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 RTW Collection. The colours, the drapery, the fabrics, the pouffy sleeves and shoulders on the trenches, ... - I love it!

Watching the trenches, I just realised that my Burberry trench is nothing compared to the beauties in the show. Although, some of the trench coats could rather be called 'trench dresses'. Speaking about the dresses, they make me long for summer even more! They're so cute and lady-like, my only concern is that my body would not have the right proportions to be wearing such draped dresses and that those soft pastel colours would not be right for my skin tone. And I'm still not sure about the socks-in-sandals-look...

Click below to see 'some' of my favourites.


Fashion Show // Vivienne Westwood F/W 2010 Menswear

I really liked Vivienne Westwood's menswear fashion show at the Milan Fashion Week. The models looked like homeless people - cute homeless people, that is.

Vivienne wanted to send out a message to the world saying that if we don't do something to stop the climate changes, millions of people of the next generation will be homeless. She talked about the earthquake in Haïti as an example, saying that she knows that it's a disaster caused by nature, but that there will be more to come if the climate keeps changing like the way it is changing right now.

And she's right, whether we like it or not! It's nice to know that Vivienne uses her 'influence' to make people aware of what's going on with our planet. She's always been one of my favourite designers, due to the fact she designed outfits for the Sex Pistols (one of my favourite bands), but I love her even more now!

Another thing I like about Vivienne Westwood's shows, is the fact that the models can have some fun while being on the runway. You'll see some examples in the video, like the two models who run into each other and look like they're about to fight. I also posted 'some' of my favourite outfits of the show.
It's a big post, but I think that isn't so bad, since the show contains a meaningful message!


Fashion News // Stella McCartney & Alice In Wonderland

Seems like Tim Burtons upcoming movie on 'Alice In Wonderland' is even causing Alice-mania among our beloved designers.

Stella McCartney designed some jewelry based on Lewis Carroll's most famous story, of which you can have a first peek at a bracelet and necklace decorated with charms on the picture above. The necklace ($ 495) and the bracelet ($ 395) will be available next month at Stella McCartney stores all over the world. 

They're cute, but I would not spend my money on them.
I'd rather save up some more and buy myself these gorgeous wedges she designed Mary Kate Olsen is wearing on the cover of Elle magazine. If they're still available, though... I love them! I found some similar Marni-wedges, but these McCartney's are still on top of my list.


Video // Lara Stone For Louis Vuitton

(Source: Grazia)

Here's a video my sister found. It's a behind-the-scenes-video at Louis Vuitton, during the photoshoot with Lara Stone for the Spring 2010 campaign. It's nice to see that they aren't using a size 0-model, but a real woman with curves. I think Lara is beautiful, she has something mysterious. I love this campaign way more that the one with Madonna. And Mr. Jacobs is looking as gorgeous as ever!


Shark Attack Loves... // Men With Birkins

I guess Victoria Beckham isn't the only one who's into Birkin bags.

Check out Marc Jacobs and Pharrell Williams with their very own babies. I mean... How cool is this? No way these men would ever give you a lecture for spending too much money on bags!

And by the way...

Dear Mr. Pharrell Williams... 
The Hermès Birkin bag was NOT made for you to step on. Please take your feet off that beautiful treasure or hand it over. And you can take that grin off your face, we can see for ourselves that you're holding two Birkins at the same time.


Outfit // Burberry Trench Coat

About two days ago, my sister and I decided to get a break from studying, since we both have exams after the Christmas holidays, yuck! Which better break is there than to go shopping???

We stopped by at Burberry and it was one hell of a madness! I really don't get why people only buy the Burberry items with the famous 'square print'. They have so many other beautiful items without the print... We stopped at the 'trenches-section' to have a look. I wanted to try a powder pink trench first, but even though I loved the colour, it wasn't a colour you can combine with a lot of outfits easily. Since my sister has a sandy couloured Burberry-trench, it was out of the question that I would get one in that colour... - (To see her trench, click here.) People tend to think that we're twins a little too often, so I didn't want to give them another reason to think that.

So, I decided to try on a black trench, since it was the only other colour I liked. I wasn't sure at first, but my sister persuaded me to get it. It think she's hoping I'll let her wear it too. ;)

I'm defenitely in love with it now! It's really warm and fits perfectly - a basic piece everyone should have and totally worth the money. I've also posted a picture of the trench itself, so you can have a better look at the details. The length down by the knees is the only difference, mine's shorter.

Hat: H&M // Scarf: H&M // Leggings: H&M // Boots: MORGAN // Bag: CHANEL