Money VS Budget // Nicholas Kirkwood VS Zara

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When I spotted these colorful lace-up sandals at Zara, I immediately thought of the Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto-collaboration. It's clear that Zara's designers took inspiration from the collection - laces in the front, zipper in the back, cut out shapes plus the black and white pattern - but it's not an exact copy. Just the way we like it, right?

* Shop the Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto shoes here
* Shop the Zara shoes here.

P.S.: Als je een schoenenliefhebster bent, moet je zeker eens Zotopschoenen.be bezoeken! De ideale website voor alle shoe lovers


Personal // Instagram (Random)

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It's been a while since I've done a post like this one, so there's some Instagram overload going on here. If you'd like to be updated of all the things I do on a daily basis, you can follow me here (@krizia_s).

My sister got me this Dior-necklace in the picture above. Isn't it just perfect for spring and summer?


Outfit // Space Bound

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Ain't got much to say today. Spring finally decided to show its pretty face yesterday and it was the perfect opportunity to take my new Balenciaga glove sandals for a quick spin. Actually, all my B-pieces fit together perfectly - or at least for me - so that's how this outfit was created. I added my mom's necklace for a little bling and that's about it. 

I'm not going to bore you with some useless writings, so have a nice day, y'all! 

x Krizia

T-Shirt, Shoes & Bag: BALENCIAGA, Pants: COS, Sunnies: TOM FORD thanks to Verso, Necklace: SWAROVSKI


Outfit // California 66

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I got this shirt at the new Sandro and Maje store at Maasmechelen Outlet Village, which has become my new favorite store in town as soon as I walked in. Two of my favorite brands at a major discount? It can't get better than that.

This shirt has 'summer' written all over it, with the number referring to the historic Route 66. You know, the route that starts in Chicago and goes all the way to Los Angeles? It's been a dream of mine to go on a road trip through the USA and even if it's still a dream for now, I hope I can make it come true some day. In the meanwhile, this shirt will do just fine. I'll be going on a 10-day trip to Italy in a couple of weeks to visit some family and go back to the place where I used to spend every summer. It's been 10 years since the last time I've been there, so it's needless to say that I'm excited. Plus, I might be going to Santorini this summer with some friends, so things are looking good so far.

I paired this shirt with my favorite leather jacket that I've worn to death (it used to be pitch black when I bought it) but that I just can't say goodbye to, some fake diamond earrings to bling things up, my purple jelly flats and my purple Balenciaga bag. Matchy matchy, but not too much.

x Krizia

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Leather Jacket: BERSHKA (Old) // Shirt: SANDRO // Jeans: LEVIS // Jelly Flats: KARTELL // Bag: BALENCIAGA // Earrings: H&M


New // H&M New Icons Vest

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First of all: thank you all for the get well wishes! I've been doing much better and the sun has been shining on full force for the past two days. It finally starts to feel like spring. The perfect opportunity to go out for a while. 

Ever since I saw the New Icons-collection by H&M, I couldn't wait for it to hit the stores. Let's just say that I loved about 95% of the entire collection... The one item that really caught my eye, though, was the embellished vest worn by top model Joan Smalls. Reminds me of Balmain in a way. I had a feeling it would be up on many blogger's wish lists and when I got sick right during the launch of the collection, I already gave up hope. 

Anyway, I went to Maastricht for some 'getting better'-shopping (there's always an excuse to go shopping) and had the luck to see this baby as soon as I walked into H&M. #Score


Shark Attack Loves... // Balenciaga Golden Branch Tiara

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I came down with a fever and a throat infection, forcing me to stay in bed / on the couch for the past 2 days. With too much time and too little things to do, I decided to go on a research on my wish list items. Meaning: Googling pictures, drooling all over them, looking up stores and prices...

The same went for the Balenciaga headbands, famous from their S/S '13-runway show and probably my favorite pieces from the entire collection. I knew they had to be in stores by now, 'cause I'd already seen one of my favorite bloggers, Evangelie, wear one. So I quickly went on the hunt for the Golden Branch-version, as seen in the pictures above and below. I love history, I love mythology and this headband reminds me of Pan, the Greek god of the woods. 

Already imagining the possibilities, I went looking for the price tag that comes with this beauty. It's Balenciaga, so it can't be cheap... But I never ever expected it to be a whopping € 1,385 ($ 1,815) when I stumbled upon it. Buying it won't be an option any time soon and even if it was, I'd rather buy myself a new Balenciaga bag.

 photo Balenciaga_zpsc0ccb8c5.jpg


New // Vans Inspired Givenchy's

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Oops, I did it again... I stopped by at Shoebaloo again, saw a nice pair of shoes again and bought them again. I've been a fan of Vans ever since my first years in high school - and that's a long time ago now, boohoo - and even though these slip ons by Givenchy aren't a collaboration with Vans (like Kenzo did), they sure are inspired by them. 

When I was in my second year of high school, I decided to buy the classic black and white checked Vans. When I wore them to school for the first time, people stared at me as if they'd seen a ghost. Checked shoes? Oh hell, that was a no no at that time, or so it seemed. Two weeks later, about a dozen of other people were wearing them. I'm not saying I'm a trendsetter, but that's how it goes around here in my little home town: one starts something, the others follow. 

I only wear my old Vans to festivals now, since I've worn them to death. But when I saw these babies by Givenchy, I got a bit nostalgic. Plus, the colors and patterns are too cool. Imagine them with a pair of skinny jeans or with a pair of shorts. They're also a great option to wear for when it's still too cold to wear my Chanel espadrilles

You can get the Givenchy sneakers here,

P.S.: My mom hates them.

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P.P.P.S.: My sister is selling her Marc Jacobs 'Ursula Bowler' bag, which is known from the campaign with Meg White from the White Stripes. If you're interested, you can have a look at it here.


Fashion News // Marilyn Manson One Of The New Faces Of Saint Laurent Paris S/S '13

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When Hedi Slimane was appointed as Yves Saint Laurent's new creative director, he immediately made it clear that big changes were going to be set in motion. First, he startled the entire fashion bizz by changing the iconic Yves Saint Laurent name to Saint Laurent Paris. Fashionistas / fashionistos (is that even a word?) were weeping, screaming that it would be the end of an era, started Twitter rants, hell, they almost started a petition to stop this from happening.

The storm around Hedi Slimane for Yves Saint Laurent Saint Laurent Paris seemed to be nothing but a little breeze for the past few months... Until now, that is. You see, Mr. Slimane never lied about his admiration for the 90s. Remember his F/W '13 RTW-collection? The models came strutting down that runway as if they'd attended a Nirvana-concert just a few hours before. And don't they (still) say that the 'grunge scene' was on it's highest when Kurt Cobain's pretty face was still among the living aka during the 90s? 

Anyway, for the brand's S/S '13-campaign, Mr. Slimane didn't even think to get it-girl and now it-model Cara Delevingne, whose pretty blue eyes and massive eyebrows seem to stare at you from literally everywhere.. No sir, he decided to hire some big ass grunge stars from the good old days. Courtney Love is one of them, you know, the twat that married my beloved Kurt -- Just kidding, I absolutely love her music. Then we have Kim Gordon, one of Sonic Youth's lead singers. The band started in the 80s, but had a leading position in the grunge scene before Nirvana took over. We also see Ariel Pink, best know for his psychedelic music.

And last but not least - and he is what this seems to be all about - to join the campaign: the one and only Marilyn Manson. Shock rocker, genius, artist, freak... He has been called many names. I am a fan, stood front row for 9 hours straight at a festival just to see him play (no eating, no peeing) and am jealous of the fact that he was married to Dita Von Teese. Just like the others, he was on his best during the 90s. And just like the others, his pretty face is staring at you from the Saint Laurent Paris S/S '13-campaign. Dark eye shadow, dark lips, black leather jacket... Nothing new here, but (judging by people's startled reactions) definitely something new in the fashion world. 

Just like Hedi Slimane, Yves Saint Laurent was quite a rebel himself. He was the first to use black models during his runway shows and created tuxedos for women (big shock in 1966), just to name a few. That being said, fashion experts think that this campaign could be the end for Hedi Slimane's career and maybe for all of Saint Laurent Paris. I'm not sure what to think about this one. I love myself some rebels. I was stunned when Nicola Formichetti chose Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy to model in MUGLER's F/W '11-campaign. Androgyn model Andrej Pejic walked for Jean Paul Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week in 2011, doing both shows: menswear ànd womenswear. That's what I like about the fashion bizz. It keeps evolving, changing and there's always room for something new (most of the time).

On the other hand, I can understand those who would've loved to see Yves Saint Laurent's legacy and authenticity been carried on 'till this very day. I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this one. A big hit or a big no no?

x Krizia