Outfit // Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter, everyone! Here's a quick outfit post of what I'm wearing today. I got inspired by Blair Waldorf for this one and my dad said I look like Snow White. I'm calling it the Blair White / Snow Waldorf outfit. The flamingo print makes me long for summer even more.

Ain't got nothing special planned today. Going out for dinner with the family tonight, even if I'm 100 % convinced that one should only eat Easter eggs today. What are you doing to celebrate?

x Krizia

Blouse: Flamingo Blouse thanks to SUGARHILL BOUTIQUE // Skirt: H&M // Headband: H&M

P.S.: For more information about Sugarhill Boutique in Belgium you can send an email to showroomlabels@gmail.com.


Outfit // Sorbet Heart

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"Guess who's back? Back again." Sorry, ever since I found out that Eminem is coming to a festival near my home town this summer, I've been singing rapping his songs non stop. Even if I'm more into rock / punk music, I used (and actually still am) to be a big fan of him. I woke up at 8 a.m. to make sure I got pre-sale tickets and I succeeded! 

Well, I have been a bit absent on the blog, that's why the first sentence of this post seemed kinda appropriate. The bad weather had me a bit down, which is strange, 'cause I'm usually the last person to complain about that. Plus, my eye infection came back in full force again and there was a point where my eyes couldn't even handle daylight anymore. I've been doing a bit better now, but my eyes are still bloody red. Thank God for big sunglasses. 

When I woke up this morning, I saw the sun shine. Even though it's still freezing outside, those rays of sun gave me an energy boost. I decided it was time to wear some pastels. Yes, me, the queen of black and leather, is wearing pastels. Nature works in strange ways, doesn't it? My mom and I got in a little argument over this outfit, because she was convinced I would get pneumonia in no time. I also took my Chanel espadrilles for a quick little spin outside. They've been in my closet for way too long now. 
Spring, I'm ready for ya! 

x Krizia

Blouse: Thanks to SUGARHILL BOUTIQUE // Pants: H&M // Shoes: CHANEL // Sunglasses: PRADA


Shark Attack Loves... // Candy Paint LA

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Persian design prodigy Melody Ehsani - her designs are seen on Rihanna and Beyoncé, just to name a few - teamed up with blogger Aureta Thomollari (whom I had the opportunity to meet, see more here) and nail art professional Yoko Sakakura for, what I call, one of the best collaborations I've seen so far: Candy Paint. Being in love with nail art and design, they decided to open up a nail salon inside Ehsani's jewelry store in Los Angeles not too long ago.

I'm following Candy Paint on Instagram ever since they created an account and am always squealing with delight when they upload a new bash of their work. From cute and simple to something that's more 'in your face', there's nothing that the super talented team at Candy Paint can't do -- just imagine Little Mermaids, Hello Kitties, ice creams and tons of Swarovski crystals. Or how about nail wraps from Melody Ehsani's collaboration with NCLA?

With the Atlantic in between, making an appointment will be rather difficult, but I will definitely make one if I ever plan to visit LA. However, if you're a fan of nail art, I highly suggest to follow them on Instagram. It never hurts to soak up some inspiration, especially with spring and summer around the corner, right?

I made top 15 of my personal favorites and I'm dying to hear which one you like most!

Candy Paint LA
424 1/2 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90036

You can follow Candy Paint on Instagram here.
You can follow Shark Attack on Instagram here.

All pictures are courtesy of the Candy Paint LA Instagram profile.


Money VS Budget // Jil Sander VS Zara

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The Jil Sander F/W 2012 Men's Collection was one of my favorites - black, leather, what's new? - and the leather lunch bag was one of the items that caught my attention from the very start. Today, I was browsing the Zara website and I stumbled upon a similar version - at the women's section - and a new Money VS Budget-post was born. 

I'm definitely going to keep an eye on the Zara version, since - surprise, surprise - the Jil Sander one is sold out at Mr. Porter. Who knew so many men buy designer items online? I found the women's version at Luisa Via Roma, but the one pictured above is my all time favorite.

What's your opinion? Yay or nay?
I'm kinda bummed I'm not in (high)school anymore. I have a feeling this item would've sent me straight into the popular group. 

Get the Jil Sander women's version a.k.a. € 480 HERE.
Or go for the budget friendly version by Zara a.k.a. € 25,95 HERE.


New // Balenciaga Glove Sandals

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Yes, another pair of shoes. But I had to buy them, I just had to! I went on a shopping trip to Maastricht with my parents and one of the stores we always visit is Kiki Niesten, which has the best selection when it comes to Balenciaga, Céline and Chloé. 

And what's even better: they have an outlet - Kiki 2 - across the store with discounts up to 70 %. Needless to say that the outlet is on top of our 'To Shop'-list too. When I bumped into the famous 'Glove' sandals by Balenciaga at a 70% discount AND in my size, I knew I would be sorry if I didn't get them. After convincing my dad that I really did need another pair of shoes in my life, I decided to go for it.

Just imagine them combined with a pair of skinny jeans, a dress, a skirt... They go with everything, right? Right??? Timeless classics to the core, yes! 

You can get them on My Theresa in white, nude or hot purple here


New // Liberty Necklace

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Ever since Carrie Bradshaw wore a customised name necklace in the Sex And The City-series, it quickly became an it-item. It's cute, it's something personal and it's the perfect way to remember someone's name if you, like me, have some trouble with that. #OopsieMoment

A while ago, I got an email from Mijn Naamketting, a Dutch website which designs and sells customised name necklaces. They're hosting a month dedicated to women and they were looking for empowering women -- that's how they called it. Me? Empowering? I'm quite honored, I must say. They asked me if I would like to be gifted a necklace with one of my favorite words. The word had to represent what it means for me to be a woman and a blogger. So, here's the story behind the word I've chosen... 

Liberty: the condition of being free from restriction or control. The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.

That's what I believe in. I've always been a free spirit, looking for new ways to test my limits. It gave my parents quite some headaches and ulcers, but I'm 100 % convinced that the best way to learn about life is to live it to the fullest, mistakes and failures included. Being a woman, I often hear people say: "That's different, because you're a woman." God, how I detest it when people talk like that. As a teenager, I kept playing Christina Aguilera's song 'Can't Hold Us Down' over and over again. The cliché that men are allowed to do more than women, purely based on their gender, should be banned for all eternity. 

What it means to me as a blogger? Easy peasy. The fact that this is MY blog, MY personal space, that I can wear what I want, write about what I want... That's what I love most about blogging. No restrictions, no limits. Hell, I can even publish 10 blog posts a day if I want to. There's no one that can tell me what I can or cannot do and padapapapaaaa... I'm loving it! Sorry, lame McDonald's-moment. See? This is exactly what I mean with the above. I can even write about lame McDonald's-moments if I want to. 

Now, just out of curiosity... Which word would you pick to represent yourself as a woman (and blogger)?

x Krizia


Outfit // Denim Touch

 photo DSC00714_zps3c1ec3f1.jpg
After feeling sorry for myself and my eye infection, I decided to stop wallowing and get back to outfit shooting again. As you can probably notice, it hasn't healed just yet, but at least I don't look like the Hunchback Of Notre Dame anymore. I don't really have that much to say... This weekend was rather emotional. They closed down the place where I worked for 5 years yesterday and saying goodbye to one of the best teams of colleagues in history was rather hard.

Anyway... I love the high waist / cropped pants combo with my Chloé boots - that you're probably already tired of. Just another outfit with the typical rock 'n roll touch that I love and for some reason, I immediately associated this outfit with London. I guess the British rock 'n roll culture is rooted in my heart big time now. It was time to take out my Stella McCartney Falabella bag again, which was a graduation gift for my mom. Being a firm believer of investing in designer bags: if you're looking for the perfect casual one for every day use, I'd highly suggest the Falabella. 

P.S.: I love this pink Stella McCartney Falabella Python wallet - as seen in You Magazine - and couldn't help but think how awesome the black and pink combo would be.  #Love

x Krizia


* This post was written in association with Harrods. * 


Money VS Budget // Kourtney Kardashian VS Krizia Schiavone

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I was watching one of the new episodes of 'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' and I couldn't help but wonder if Kourtney Kardashian might read Shark Attack - Fashion Blog...
Lol, just kidding. It was too funny not to post about it. Blue turban, the same Prada Baroque-sunnies... Talk about a déjà vu-moment! Sorry, I just had to. Little inside joke. I love the Kardashians, no joke. Khloé is my favorite K, though. She's fun, open minded and easy going. Kourtney, on the other hand, breeds some damn adorable kiddos. Mason is such a handsome little boy! 

The next 'Money VS Budget'-post will be a serious one again. I promise.


New // Chloé Susan Boots

 photo DSC00652_zps7d6ecc3d.jpg
Yes, it has finally happened. I can die happy and peaceful now. The Chloé Susan / Susanna boots are mine now! I went to Amsterdam last Thursday, because I knew they were selling the Chloé Susan boots at De Bijenkorf and at Shoebaloo. I decided to go for black, because well... They're quite expensive, so I wanted to go for a classic and long lasting color.  I got the black with silver hardware ones, because it looks like the black with gold hardware are out of production. Bummer, but these will do just fine too. 

I can already see myself wearing these with skinny jeans, shorts, dresses... I'm convinced I can combine them in multiple ways, which turns them into an investment rather than a season bound item. The boots are inspired by the winklepickers, a type of shoe that became popular in the 1950s and that were mostly worn by British rock 'n roll fans. The winklepickers, on their turn, are inspired by medieval footwear. As a history teacher, I find this all so interesting. Chloé first designed these shoes in 2008 in lambskin leather and they were sold out in no time. Due to that huge success, they decided to reissue them in 2011 / 2012 (but in calfskin leather this time).

I've been wearing the booties non stop ever since I got them and the pictures below were taken in Antwerp. I loved them with these cropped striped pants, while my dad found this one of my ugliest outfits ever, haha.

Anyway, if you're planning on purchasing your own pair of Chloé Susan boots, I suggest you go a size down. I'm usually a size 39, but they almost fell from my feet when I was walking around the store. A size 38 fitted perfectly. I think it's important to know if you're planning to order them online, like here on LuisaViaRoma, which is a highly trusted luxury online shop.

x Krizia