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Meadham Kirchoff S/S '13

I'm still struggling to find a balance between working and blogging. I can't find the time to shoot outfit pictures, since I have to prepare the lessons that I want to teach my students, have to correct tests and so on. Plus, the things I'm wearing to teach aren't that special. Anyway, because of all that, I only find myself browsing for inspirational pictures like the one above -- for now. I'm positive that, once I've found my way into the teaching world, I'll be back into my old routine. I hope y'all will still be here with me. 

Looking at the picture above, I kinda want to slap myself for not buying that emerald statement necklace at Zara a while ago. I loved it, was holding in my hands while doubting... And I decided to leave it there, because I thought I wouldn't wear it that much. Of course, it's sold out now. It popped up on tons of blogs in no time. But I'm still keeping my eyes open, searching for another pretty statement necklace. If you have any advice on where to find them, do let me know! The mix between bold and casual is absolutely perfect. 

I found this picture while browsing on Tumblr. You can follow me here if you want. Leave me a comment with your Tumblr-profile too. I love to discover new profiles. New profiles = new inspiration!

x Krizia


  1. you're welcome ;) en heb net hetzelfde gedacht ivm de zara ketting hahaha great minds think alike zeker? ;) de grappige pulls heb ik al in overvloed nu nog DE statement ketting vinden, als het even kan voor een zara prijsje :)

  2. nice post!


  3. Lovely inspiration pic, the necklace looks beautiful.

    Hope your teaching is going well :)



  5. You'll find out how to organize yourself, don't worry about that. It took me some time to find some balance too. The hardest being dealing with time at home given that you work much more at home than the hours you have to teach. If I managed, you can do it too!
    As for the clothes, I usually wear the ones that I don't really like or very basic mix and keep my more special clothes for me: parties or blog events. Though... Sometimes, I like to do me some pleasures and wear some I really like on my workday. It's the same, you'll slowly find your way through all that! The nice part is that you surely have more time to dedicate to your blog than if you had another job. Inconvenient: you don't chose your day off so sometimes, you have to let some really nice events for others.

    1. Aww, thank you! That's probably the sweetest comment ever!

  6. That necklace is...crazy, but I like it :D! I'm also trying to find a balance between school, 2 jobs, a boyfriend, friends and blogging. Days are too short. I hope you'll find your dream necklace.

    XxX A.

  7. cool blog, gorgeous necklace!

    please visit my blog... and follow if you can, assoon as I reach 100 followers on the blog and the facebook page, Ill be doing a cool giveaway. ;D check it out.


    facebook: www.facebook.com/fashionandstilettos

  8. I just moved in the region few months back, in Maastricht more exactly, and of course the first thing I did when I got here was to search for fashion bloggers in the area, since I'm also one and I love networking. I have to say, shame on me for not finding your blog earlier. :) I really enjoy it! Keep up the good work :P



  9. Het begin van een nieuwe routine is altijd moeilijk, maar ik weet zeker dat het na een paar maanden weer helemaal oké wordt, dat je er vertrouwd mee wordt en dat je op den duur weer meer tijd over hebt om te bloggen!
    Over het statement necklace op de foto: echt een geweldig exemplaar. Ik kocht er vorig jaar in de sale een super leuke voor slechts 3€, maar ik wil graag nog een ander exemplaar, dus van zodra je weet waar naartoe voor een mooi exemplaar, dan hoor ik dat ook graag ;) !

  10. I'm speechless!


  11. That statement necklace is not only awesome but also beautiful!!
    You are right. You will find your balance between working and blogging.
    It just takes some (adjustment) time. You can do it! ;p



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