Win // 2 x 'Outlander' Verrassingspakket

This give away is only for my Belgian and Dutch readers.
There will be more international give aways soon! 

Heb jij tijdens deze donkere wintermaanden ook enkel zin om onder een dekentje te cocoonen? Dan ben je niet alleen! Ik doe deze avonden niets liever dan vanuit mijn zetel naar een goede film of serie te kijken. Als ik een leuke serie ontdek, hou ik meestal enkele avonden na elkaar een heuse marathon, met als gevolg dat ik om de X aantal weken alwéér op zoek ben naar een nieuwe serie. Na misdaadseries zoals Narcos, The Killing en The Following, was ik nu wel toe aan iets totaal anders. En dat heb ik nu ook gevonden! Maak kennis met Outlander.

De serie Outlander is gebaseerd op de bestseller 'De Reiziger' van de auteur Diana Gabaldon. Volg de Engelse verpleegster Claire, die na haar terugkomst van de slagvelden in WO II weer met haar man herenigd wordt. Tijdens haar tweede huwelijksreis loopt ze door één van de oude steenkringen op de oude Britse eilanden en komt ze ineens in het Schotland van 1743 terecht, dat door een oorlog en gevechten tussen de wilde Highlandclans wordt verscheurd. Terug in de tijd geworpen door krachten die ze niet begrijpt, komt Claire in een wereld van gevaarlijke intriges terecht én wordt ze van spionage beschuldigd. Door omstandigheden wordt Claire gedwongen om met een vogelvrij verklaarde Highlander te trouwen en wordt ze verliefd om hem. Ze ziet zich opeens verscheurd tussen twee mannen in totaal verschillende tijdsperiodes, waardoor haar leven en haar hart in gevaar komen.

Outlander heeft drie Golden Globes nominaties op zak, waaronder die voor Beste Drama. Om jou ook kennis te laten maken met deze super spannende serie, geven Shark Attack en Sony 2 Outlander verrassingspakketten weg! Ja, ja, twee pakketten betekenen dus ook twee winnaars! In beide pakketten kan je de volgende items vinden:

* DVD Seizoen 1 / Volume 1
* DVD Seizoen 1 / Volume 2
* Een speciale collector's item tas
* Het boek De Reiziger van Diana Gabaldon, aangeboden door Uitgeverij Boekerij. Dit is het eerste deel van de best selling boekenserie waarop de serie gebaseerd is.

Zin om je kans te wagen? 
Laat dan onder dit artikel een comment achter met je naam en email adres. De twee winnaars worden op dinsdag 5 januari 2016 via mail gecontacteerd.

Onder dit artikel vind je ook nog foto's van de prijzen en de trailer van het eerste seizoen, dus neem zeker nog een kijkje. Ik wens iedereen alvast veel succes en heel fijne feestdagen! 

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New // Fendi Bag Bug

First of all: merry Christmas! I wish you all the best in the world and hope that all of your wishes come true. And I hope that you got to spend the holidays with all of your loved ones. Lots of hugs and kisses for all of you!

Meet Marshmellow, my new best friend. I got to know him at the Fendi store in Rome, but we didn't  get to hang out until Christmas. I was eyeing these bag bugs for a while now and got to choose one as a Christmas present. They are one of those love or hate items, I know. Anyway, Marshmellow and I are besties already and he and my Boy are inseparable as well. 



Shark Attack Loves ... // O'Rèn #TEAMBELGIUM Collection

If it glitters, it's a yes. If it represents your teeny tiny - but awesome - country as well, it's a double yes! You may have heard of Belgium for its waffles, French Belgian fries and national football team, but let me introduce you to the newest kid on the block: O'rèn. The brand has already conquered the Belgian fashion scene with their first - but quickly sold out - collection and just recently dropped a follow up, called #TEAMBELGIUM.

O'rèn knows not to change a winning team and decided to stick with their well known sequined parts and slogans. The #TEAMBELGIUM collection is a mix of old and new slogans, plus some other novelties such as the shopping bag, the baseball T-shirts and the ripped jeans. The sequined sweaters are perfect to add a casual chic touch to your look!

This collection is selling out quickly once again, so if you want to snatch an item in time for the holidays, I suggest you make your move now.

Which one is your favorite?

For more info, prices and selling points: www.o-ren.be

© Images: O'rèn



New // Céline 'New Audrey' Sunglasses

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I added another pair of sunglasses to my  collection. I was eyeing a pair of Céline sunnies for quite some time now and when I went on a citytrip to Rome with my family over the weekend and spotted this pair of gorgeous sunnies at the Céline store, I was sold in a heartbeat. However, adding another pair of big, black sunglasses to my already bulging collection was something I had to think about first.

My rule: if I still love them on the last day of my citytrip and they're still available (they were the last pair of this model), I'm going to get them. So, I returned to the store during my last day, asked for them, was told that they were still in store and decided to get them. In the end, they are a classic pair of sunglasses that will last a lifetime. Or that's what I tell myself, hehe. 

These are the Céline 'New Audrey' Sunglasses and I'm guessing they are a renewed take on the original, highly coveted Céline 'Audrey' sunnies, even though I'm not 100 % sure. Anyway, purchasing something that has been inspired by Audrey Hepburn is always a great purchase in my book. All I have to do now is wait for that winter sun to shine. 




Outfit + Win // #HRCBrusselsFashion T-Shirt Campaign

Hi guys! 

Those who follow me on Instagram, might have gotten a little hint that I did a photo shoot in collaboration with Hard Rock Cafe Brussels! Together with Dorothy and Luigi, I was chosen to be one of their fashion ambassadors and was given the challenge to style their iconic T-shirt in three different outfits: a party outfit, a festival outfit and an outfit that I'd wear to work. Those who follow my blog definitely know that I love myself a fine dose of rock 'n roll, whether it's in my personal style or in my taste of music. Challenge accepted! 

We were invited to do a photo shoot at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels and it was so much fun! The crew was amazing and truly welcoming, we got food and cocktails (always a plus in my book), we got our make up done and we got to work in the most relaxed atmosphere, with some of my favorite songs playing in the background. Oh, and I also got to prepare a surprise for you, guys!

The campaign focuses on the iconic Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt: the logo itself was created by Alan Aldrige back in 1971, a celebrity artist who's best known for his work with The Beatles. They first wanted to choose the colors red, white and blue to complete the logo, but they decided not to because   it would become an American overload. The world famous T-shirt itself was created in 1974 by accident. The Hard Rock Cafe in London (which was the first one to open) sponsored the local football team and created the T-shirts for the football players. The extra T-shirts were returned to the cafe and were then given away to loyal customers. The T-shirt became such a great hit among the public, that Isaac and Peter (the Hard Rock Cafe founder's) decided to sell them, which was a golden move. Reports say that at one point, more people would show up to buy a T-shirt rather than to sit and have a bite. Today, the retail section makes approximately 40 % of the Hard Rock Cafe business.

And like I said: I have a surprise for you!

One of you has the chance to WIN a dinner for two at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels! Here's what you have to do:

1. Upload an outfit of you wearing your favorite Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt. It could be a T-shirt from HRC Barcelona, HRC Rome, HRC Amsterdam ... It's up to you! 
2. Tag @HRCBrussels and @Krizia_S in the picture and / or in the description, so that we can find your outfit.
3. Use the #HRCBrusselsFashion hashtag.
4. Make sure you can go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels for the dinner.

I will announce the winner on 20th December 2015 on my Instagram account! 

Be creative and don't hold back! I can't wait to see all of your entries and to pick my favorite outfit. For now, I leave you with some of my favorite pictures that were taken during the shoot.

Good luck!


Christmas Tip // www.luxedy.com

November has come to an end, which means that we officially can kick off Christmas season! I'll be playing Last Christmas by Wham on repeat starting today, which is my yearly tradition. Unfortunately, December (to me, personally) also means that dreadful experience of finding the perfect Christmas presents. I'm the worst at it: I always start my search way too late and I never have the inspiration to come up with something unique or original.

Luckily, my search got a little bit easier when I bumped into Luxedy quite some time ago: my personal online hotspot whenever I want to buy one of my girlfriends something pretty. The website is stacked with gorgeous and affordable jewelry. I recently got these adorable Juli Dans Jewels bracelets and I love them! My wardrobe mainly consist out of black clothing and the bracelets add the right pop of color to my outfits. 

The Rigid Clover bracelet (top) is my favorite and is perfect to give to your girlfriend, mom, sister ... for Christmas. With a clover symbolizing good luck, it's the perfect lucky charm to give or receive. Another fun thing to know: all of the Juli Dans Jewels are gold-plated with 18 carat gold. 

Have fun shopping! 

Info & Details:

For more gifting inspiration, visit the Luxedy website.
To shop Juli Dans Jewels, click here.
To shop the Rigid Clover bracelet, click here.