New // Balenciaga City 'Raisin'

Yesterday, I went to Antwerp with my mom and my sister. I did not have the intention to buy anything special, or something I wanted in particular, but somehow I managed to get home with my first Balenciaga City-bag!

We entered a store that sells Balenciaga-bags and I was fascinated by the different colours they had there. My sister already owns two Balenciaga's, but I never really thought of getting one myself since I had been addicted to my Chanel 2.55 and my Dolce & Gabbana handbag my dad got me last summer.

But when I saw those coloured Balenciaga's, all lined up next to each other, I heard a little voice in my head saying: "Look at how cute they are. You know you want one, admit it."
And the little voice was right. First, I wanted to buy a black one, but when I had the bag in my hands, I realised that black is just black, and that I already had so many black or dark coloured handbags.

I decided to get a raisin/purple coloured one instead, since grass green and bubblegum pink is not really my style. Here's a picture of my bag - I promise to get some better pictures, but I have a 2 week during internship coming up which takes most of my time! :(

Picture: www.l-envie.blogspot.com


Outfit // Valentine's Day

I hope you all have some nice plans for Valentine's day. I'm going out to have dinner with my BF, so I decided to put on a new dress I bought yesterday. I found this dress at New Look and it reminded me of Luella's S/S 2010 heart-shaped dresses. I made a post about the show.

Dress: NEW LOOK // Shoes: MANGO // Belt: GUCCI // Bag: CHANEL


Shark Attack Talks... // Photoshop

My sister sent me this article earlier with the headline:

'Before' photo confirms Photoshop at play in Madonna's Louis Vuitton campaign.

I really started laughing when I read the article. I don't think anyone needs a before photo to know that Madonna was photoshopped. Even a 20-year-old would look as fake as Madonna does, being retouched like that! And I know that every photograph that makes a campaign or front cover of a magazine has been retouched, but this is just too much.


Outfit // New Shoes

My sister and I were shopping when I saw these Versace shoes. I'd seen them a couple of times before, but I wasn't too sure about them. I was afraid I would never wear them because of the colour and print.

As I used to do before, I entered the Versace store to look at them once again. I now noticed that they were being sold at a very good price, so I decided that it was some kind of sign and I bought them. I must admit that they are a bit painful to walk in, but beauty is pain, right?

Dress: ZARA // Shoes: VERSACE // Bag: DOLCE & GABBANA