What's In My Bag?

I always love to read other bloggers 'Whats in my bag'-posts,
and I decided it was time to write one myself.


Let Them Eat Cake

Well, this isn't a fashion post, but I really wanted to share this with you.

Yesterday, a friend and I went to a 'How To Decorate A Cake-class'.
We had so much fun, I'm thinking to do this more often!

Here's our cake in progress.
The left part is mine, and the Christmas-part is my friend's part.
Do you like the result???

P.S.: These pictures were taken with my Blackberry, so I'm sorry if their quality
isn't that good.

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Purple Rain

Hi guys!

The sun was shining today, but it wasn't very warm,
so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take out my Burberry-trench coat again.

I love total black outfits with one killer item,
and I tried match my outfit with my purple Balenciaga.

By doing this, I matched two of my best investments ever:
the Burberry-trench coat and Balenciaga-bag.
Both aren't that cheap, but totally worth their money.

My mom made these picture, and as you can tell, she isn't the best photographer. :D
I had to cut some pictures to make them better.
But I'm glad I had someone who wanted to take some pictures,
since the ones I take myself aren't that much better. ;)

Trench coat: BURBERRY // Pants: LEVI'S // Wedges: RIVER ISLAND // Bag: BALENCIAGA

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Give Away: Just Cavalli Black & Gold Ring - CLOSED

Hi everyone!

I'm very proud to announce Shark Attack's first give away!
Since it is the first give away, I decided to surprise one of my readers with
something extra special.

If your a frequent reader of my blog,
you should know that I absolutely love big, chunky rings.

That's why I decided to give this gorgeous Just Cavalli Black & Gold Ring.
I have the same ring, and I absolutely love it.
That's me wearing my ring in the last picture. :)

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The competition is open to readers of ALL NATIONALITIES!

I'll announce the winner on my birthday, THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER, and I'll use Random.org to
select the winner.

I hope you like the give away! :)
Good luck to each and every one of you.





Even though it was raining like hell today,
I'm still not ready to wear my winter clothes.

Today, I decided to play around with this 'Sonia Rykiel for H&M'-dress,
which I've never worn before.
I decided to wear it as a top, since it looked too much as a sleeping dress otherwise.
I'm thinking to wear my crystal bra underneath, the next time.

What do you think about the result?

Dress worn as a top: SONIA RYKIEL FOR H&M // Bra: SONIA RYKIEL FOR H&M //
Leggings: H&M // 


Feature: Aureta's Blog

Well, it isn't really a 'feature',
but I was mentioned by one of my most favourite bloggers of all times: Aureta Thomollari.
You can imagine that I'm so happy about it. :)


Some Girls Have It All, Don't They?

Judging by looking at the pictures, do I really need to say more?

* The body.
* The hair.
* The clothes.
* Gossip Girl a.k.a. fooling around with Nate. (I'm a Chuck-lover, but Nate isn't that bad either.)
* Multiple Vogue-covers.
* The "I'm best friends with Anna Wintour"-thing.
* Getting Christian Louboutin to name a pair of shoes after you, just because you liked them.
* ...

Two words:


P.S. I decided not to add any more photos of Blake Lively than these, so I could keep that little bit of self-esteem
I had left after Googling her.

P.P.S.: Excusez-moi for the lack of (outfit) posts. I've had a lot to do for school,
but I'll be having quite some free time soon. Very soon.


Today, I'm wearing ...

Hi guys!

Here's a quick outfit post I wanted to share with you.
I've been working on my thesis most of the day,
but took some time to snap some pictures.

Since it was quite sunny today,
I decided to wear this colorful blouse I bought at Zara a while ago.
I'm not ready for winter yet.
In fact, I keep wearing these type of outfits until it really gets TOO cold.
I don't even have a lot of winter clothes, something my mom forces me to buy every fall.
(And in which I fail big time!)

Now I'm off working for school again.
Have a nice Sunday!

Xoxo, Krizia

Blouse: ZARA // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: ZARA


Shark Attack's First Anniversary

I can still remember being at school last year.
I had a 4-hour break, so I decided to check my emails.
And then, all of the sudden, I started with Shark Attack, right there in the library.

My sister and I talked a lot about other blogs we liked,
and also about the idea of starting one ourselves.
I must admit that I was scared in the beginning,
not knowing what to expect.
But I'm glad I took the decision to start with Shark Attack,
since it has been an amazing year so far.

I would like to thank all my followers for the sweet comments
and your support.
Every comment brings a smile to my face, and really makes my day.
That's the reason why I try to reply to each and every one of you in my comment box,
because without you, I'd be nothing.
I'm thinking about doing my first give away, but I'm still figuring out what I'd give you, guys.

Here are some pictures of my favourite memories throughout the year.


I Love ... Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

While everyone is talking about how Chanel or Burberry never fail to impress them when
they show us their new collections, I can't agree more.

But another designer that never fails to impress me - personally - is the
wonderful Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.
I already did a small post about him HERE, but when I saw his Bambi / Disney-inspired
collection, I just had to write another post.

I'm a huge Disney-fan, as some of you may already know, and I literally went
ballistic when I saw this collection, especially about the Bambi-pumps.
They're absolutely A-DO-RA-BLE!

I know Jean-Charles de Castelbajac may not be everyone's cup of tea,
but I love him.
What do you think about his designs?


Alexander McQueen: Samsonite Black Label

When I woke up this morning, there was a surprise waiting for me.
(Those who follow me on Twitter will already know what it is.)
Apparently, my dad stopped by this morning - while I was still sleeping - to drop
this 'Alexander McQueen for Samsonite Black Label Boarding Bag'.
Since I'm not really going on a holiday by airplane,
I could also use it to store my laptop or books when I go to school, don't you think?
Or maybe I should go on a holiday... *sigh*

Well, I am going to Paris from 11th November - 13th November, so it isn't that bad. 
Too bad I couldn't make it there for Fashion Week.
I'm still excited, though.

What are your favourite places in Paris?
Restaurants, (vintage) shops, ... I'd love to know!
I've been there with school once, but now I'll be able to go where I want.

P.S.: You can follow me on Twitter by clicking HERE.