Crystal Bra

A couple of days ago,
I received my crystal bra, which you've probably already seen on Hanneli Mustaparta.
I'm very happy about it, even if the sequins and embroidery is very delicate.

To make sure I wouldn't look like a hoochie or something,
I decided to keep the rest of my outfit very simple.
I used a H&M-top, which lets the upper part of the bra peek through. 
What do you think about the result? Yes or no?

I ordered my bra on Ebay - for the first time in my life- and the payment and shipping 
went smoothly and without any problems.
To order the bra, you can click HERE.

Crystal Bra: EBAY // Blouse: H&M


Inspired By Hermès

After having my re-sit last Friday, and working the entire weekend,
I finally have a day off and time for a new post!

After seeing my sister's post about Hermès' J'aime Mon Carré,
I got inspired by the many pictures of the Hermès scarf.
My sister owns a Hermès scarf, and when she bought it, she also got a set of cards
with instructions to fold your scarf in multiple ways.
I tried the 'Carré Bandeau', using my scarf as a headband.

I didn't use my sister's scarf, I think she would kill me if something happened to it.
So I decided to use my scarf from H&M, which has the same measures as a Hermès one.
The red lipstick is Rouge Allure from Chanel.

Scarf: H&M // Ring: YSL ARTY RING


Mix Of Memories

Since I don't have much time to take some outfit pictures, due to my re-sit,
I decided to show you some pictures of my most favourite memories and of people
who are closest to me.

I hope you can enjoy posts like this.
Let me know what you think!

x Krizia

That's me at age 4, I think. I love the floral dress mixed with Converse All Stars. :D


Inner Cheerleader / Sandy

Hi guys!

After a day of studying for my re-sit,
I decided to do an outfit post anyway.

Today, I was trying to channel my inner cheerleader - Giving it a personal touch, of course.
Or maybe it belongs in the 'Olivia Newton John / Grease Girls'-section.
I love that movie ! I still have a crush on John Travolta as Danny Zuko.
I also love the clothes and outfits the girls (and boys, too) are wearing.
What I would give to step into the TV and transform into Sandy. :D

So, if you notice a lack of updates the couple of days, blame it on school!
I'll try to update as much as possible, though.
I'm back off to studying.

See you later!

x Krizia

Shirt: MONDO FUTURO // Skirt: H&M // Wedges: MARNI // Bag: CHANEL


Key To Style-contest @ Maasmechelen Village

Hi guys!

I've got some interesting new for you.
Since you may already know (or not),
I live in Maasmechelen, where also Maasmechelen Village is located - it's
an outlet shopping centre with brands such as Versace, Karen Millen, BCBG Max Azria, ...
Well, it doesn't hurt to promote my little hometown once in a while, does it?

Maasmechelen Village is organizing the 'Key To Style' - contest,
where you can win a cheque worth a 1000 euros, which you can use to pick out your wardrobe for fall.
Now isn't that nice?
And it's not only for the girls - your boyfriends can enter too! 
The contest will be running from the 12th of August until the 12th September, which is TOMORROW,
so get your *tuut* to Maasmechelen!

It's very easy to enter.
When you buy something in one of the 95 stores - which I'm sure you will - you will get a 'key'
with a personal and unique code on it.
Then, you have to go to the Key To Style-website and you will know immediately if you've won.
Yes, that's all you have to do.
So no one will come up out of nowhere when your shopping at Maasmechelen Village,
almost forcing you to enter the contest. :D

And I don't want to hear a thing about you not having any time,
because Maasmechelen Village is also open on Sundays!
Maybe you could do a shopping trip?
Hasselt, Antwerp and Brussels are also easy to reach by train or by bus.

And guess what ... I work at Grand Café Cellini at Maasmechelen Village!
So if you're hungry after a day of shopping and you stop by at Cellini,
there might be a chance that I will be your waitress. :D
(I will be present after the 20th of August - since I have to study for my re-sit 'till then. *sigh)

Hopefully I'll see you guys there and... Good luck!

P.S.: Since I was having trouble with downloading a nice picture from the
Maasmechelen Village-website ... Here's a picture of my sister and I in MMV,
when we were visiting the Sartorialist-exhibition.



Here's another bag that's making her first debut on my blog:

The Longchamp Legend-bag.

It was my first 'designer' bag and it was a present from my mom.
She bought it for me on a trip to Lille. 
I remember I had a hard time choosing between this bag and a red Valentino-bag,
but I'm glad I chose this one - You can never go wrong with black. 

The shape reminds me of a doctor's bag,
it's just too bad that the bag isn't that steady anymore as it used to be.
The shape has grown out of it a little.
And I must admit that the bag itself is already a bit heavy to carry, you grow arm muscles carrying
this bag and everything in it for an entire day! :D

Kate Moss has the same bag - As you may know, she was and still is Longchamp's
muse (and now also their co-designer).

I've always been an 'I love gold'-girl.
But when I saw this shiny, silver tank top, I immediately fell in love.
I love the 'wrinkly' effect.
I bought some matching ballerina flats too.

P.S.: Now you can see how terribly short my hair is. 
I still have to get used to it! :(

Tank top: RUE BLANCHE // Jeans: H&M // Flats: ZARA // Bag: LONGCHAMP LEGEND



As you may tell from one of my previous posts,
my sister gave me the Chanel-tattoos when she came back from New York City.
I absolutely love them, but I still haven't found the right opportunity to wear them.
To say I'm not sure when to wear them, might be better.
Are they too much to wear on a daily basis?
Seriously, my imagination and creativity are letting me down big time.

So, here's a question for you, guys.
When would you wear the tattoos?
Would you apply them just to go shopping?
Or when you have to go to a party or fashion event?
Or maybe somewhere else?

Let me know, I'm dying to hear your ideas.
If you have the tattoos yourself and you have already worn them,
send me a link of the picture, I would like to see how you applied them!
I will show you my personal result as soon as I've figured it out.

x Krizia


Going Classic

Hi guys!

I got to quit early from work today, since there was nothing to do.
It gave me to opportunity to wear the new jacket I bought yesterday.
It's a classic, black jacket - to me, an item everyone must have in their closet - with 'puffy' shoulders.
To avoid looking like a total clown, I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple.

I'm wearing a Dolce & Gabbana-bag, the Miss Marylou-bag to be more specific,
and I really should wear it more often.
It was a gift from my dad when we were on a holiday in Sicily last summer.
I can still remember passing by the store.
The bag was stalled out, with a spotlight pointed at it, and I immediately fell in love.
My dad needed to be convinced a little bit more, but I managed in the end. ;)

Sorry for the terrible quality of the pictures.
My photographer a.k.a. my sister isn't home during the week and my mom isn't the best photographer,
so I have to take pictures of my outfits myself.
But I really have to buy a decent camera, 'cause this just ain't fun anymore!
Since I didn't manage to take a nice close-up picture of my bag, I decided to look for one on the Internet.
Mine's more dark brown, though.

P.S. As you may have noticed, I cut my hair a couple of days ago - and I totally regret it!
I told the hairdresser to only cut a little piece off, but as you can tell from my previous post,
she didn't manage at all.
I look like a 12-year-old now!

Jacket: ZARA // Jeans: H&M // Shirt: H&M // Ankle Boots: NEW LOOK // Ring: YSL //