Trip // Paris


If you don't see any updates on the blog, my Twitter or my Facebook page for the next 3 days, don't panic! I'm going on a 3-day trip to Paris. Yes, I know, it's the third time I'm going there this year. This time I'm going with my friend Hille, so it should be fun. :D

The last time I was in Paris, I bumped into Baptiste Giabiconi a.k.a.  Karl Lagerfeld's muse. I'm secretly hoping I'll see him again, but I'm not really counting on it. ;) So, I leave you with this picture of his handsome self and of me with my bra shining through. I tell you, a printed bra and taking a picture with flash isn't a good combo. I should have known better, shame on me!

See you in a couple of days!

x Krizia

New // Marlies Dekkers


A while ago I received an email of the PR representative of Marlies Dekkers asking me if I wanted to meet up with her since she was staying in Belgium for a while.

I bet you've already heard about this famous Dutch lingerie brand - Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga ... were already spotted wearing a Marlies Dekkers-item.

I was very honored being invited, so of course, I said yes! I met up with Puck, the PR representative, in Antwerp where we started our meeting with a quick lunch. Afterwards, we went to the store where I got more information about the new collection. I then had the honor and opportunity to try on my favorite set in the store and take it home with me. I must admit that I've never worn a Marlies Dekkers-item before, so I didn't really know what to expect. The saleswomen at the store were very helpful and helped me with searching the right size for me. The bras are very comfortable and also very 'supportive' for you ladies who have a little extra on the chest! 

If you're in Antwerp, I suggest you to have a look in the Marlies Dekkers-store. I'm sure you'll find your taste, since they have a wide range of choice. Plus, the saleswomen are friendly and helpful, something I find very important.
The address of the store in Antwerp is:

Marlies Dekkers
Nationalestraat 39
2000 Antwerp

For more selling points you can have a look at the website HERE.

To see which set I've chosen, you can click below!


Event // Oona Press Days


Yesterday I went to the Oona Press Days with my friend Hille. After a big detour, thanks to the navigation system, we received the warmest welcome at Oona. 

After a yummy lunch, the event started with a very interesting meeting with the people of Groupon, who told us more about the company. I must admit I never heard of it before, but I'll definitely check it out now! It's difficult to explain what Groupon is actually about, but to put things short: it offers you discounts on various items, but their main focus is to give you a nice experience above all. On the second picture you can see a summary of the main focus of the company. 

When the meeting ended, we had a look at the showrooms. Here are some pictures of my favorite collections: River IslandEscadaForever 21 and Essentiel. Hope you like them!

P.S.: I had some problems uploading my pictures, so I couldn't put them all online. So sorry! I'll try to fix it ASAP.

A big thank you to the people of Oona for having me! 


Outfit // Bolero


Don't you love finding items in your closet again which you completely forgot about? This bolero is one of those items and when I found it again this morning, I immediately chose an outfit for it. Tonight, I'll go to Oona's press days with my friend Hille and it seemed the perfect opportunity to wear the jacket. I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple, since the jacket is quite an eye catcher itself.

Of course, you can expect a full report of the press day I'll attend tonight!

x Krizia

Bolero: H&M // Dress: ZARA // Shoes: NEW LOOK // Bag: CHANEL


Outfit // Hippie


Shorts and Minnetonka-like boots during summer, it's one of those combo's you either love or hate. I love it, obviously, giving a nice bohemian summer look. Totally in love with this blouse too, which looks warm and heavy, but is actually soft and light.Now I'm off to enjoy the last sunny day (according to the weather man) and to do some shopping with my mom!

x Krizia

Blouse: H&M // Shorts: PIMKIE // Boots: SASHA // Bag: BALENCIAGA // Rings: YVES SAINT LAURENT


Random // On Our Way


Picture by Kim from Ella And Louise

I totally love this picture Kim took of Afrodite and I. While I'm hearing more and more stories of rivalry between bloggers, I haven't experienced it myself or between the Belgian bloggers in general (yet). While I'm absolutely aware that this might change, I now have the feeling that we're on our way to become friends instead of enemies and I'm hoping it will stay that way. Like they say: a picture says more than a thousand words and I love the story behind this one.


Outfit // Easter


Hi everyone!

First of all: Happy Easter! What did you do today? I spent the day  with my family, eating a lot, which is typical for Italian families. The weather was, and still is, great and decided to take out this dress my aunt gave me as a present. I love the details on the neck, which remind me of the dresses the girls used to wear in Ancient Rome. This afternoon I'll have my first interview via Skype. I never did it before, so I'm curious to see how it will go!

Enjoy your day!



Outfit // Flashy


As promised, an outfit post with my new See By Chloé-sandals. Again, an all white outfit. Why? I have a low blood pressure, so I 'm not really allowed to stay in the sun for a long time and it seemed better to wear white instead of black during that extremely sunny day yesterday. So excusez-moi for the repetitive white outfit!

On the other hand, this simple outfit seemed the best to wear with these flashy shoes. You don't want to look like a clown, right?
So, what do you think?

Tanktop: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: SEE BY CHLOE // Nailpolish: CHANEL PULSION


New // See By Chloé Pink Sandals


Since I find feet the ugliest part on someone's body (and mine too), I rarely wear sandals. But when I saw these hot pink rubber sandals by See By Chloé at Maasmechelen Village for only 50 euros, I couldn't resist leaving them there. They look orange on these pictures, but I took some outfit shots (which I'll show you in the next post) and there you'll see their real color.

Enjoy the sunny day!

x Krizia


Outfit // Elizabeth Hurley-event


Here's an outfit post of what I wore to the Elizabeth Hurley-event before I'm off to work. Nude and white always work out well for me - I love that combination. The Steve Madden-pumps are getting less painful every time I wear them. I walked on them most of the day. I'll show you my new shoes tomorrow! 

Now I'm off to work. I'll answer the comments on my previous post ASAP! Thank you all once again for all the love and support you're giving me throughout this journey!

x Krizia

Blazer: H&M CONSCIOUS COLLECTION // Tanktop: H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: STEVE MADDEN // Bag: BALENCIAGA 


Event // Opening: Elizabeth Hurley Beach Boutique


As you can tell, I attended the opening of the Elizabeth Hurley Beach-boutique at Maasmechelen Village. It was the first of three pop-up stores to be opened (and the only one in the Benelux) - the other ones will be opened in Wertheim Village and Fidenza Village next month.

After getting my press card, I teamed up with Afrodite and Kim for a quick lunch at The Foodmaker. We then took off to the boutique, which was already very crowded outside. You can see my pictures after the jump, but I have to warn you that they aren't the best pictures ever! 

P.S.: I'll show you my outfit in my next post.


Outfit // In Bloom


The sun shining, everything around you in bloom ... Could it be more perfect? When I saw it would be a great day, I immediately took out my red pants I showed you in my previous post. What do you think? As for the location: we shot these pictures in a hidden park I never knew existed until my mom told me about it today. I'm wearing the same top as in my previous outfit post - bad blogger - but I loved it combined with these pants.

Jacket: BERSHKA // Top: SONIA RYKIEL FOR H&M // Pants: H&M // Shoes: RIVER ISLAND // Bag: CHANEL

P.S.: My best friend Hille started her own blog too. You can check it out HERE and if you like it, show her some love! 


New // Three + One


I did some shopping at H&M today - three jeans and a nude colored blazer. The blazer is from the Conscious-collection, I'm totally in love with the soft colors. As for the pants: they're made out of a very thin and light fabric (perfect for summer) plus they fit perfectly. I always have trouble finding a good pair of pants, so I immediately bought these in three different colors. I can't wait to wear the red ones!

I wish you all a great evening!

x Krizia


Outfit // Unexpected


Today, I had to work - hence the messy hair - from 11 am 'till 7 pm, but since there wasn't much to do I got to quit at 2 pm. I didn't think I'd be able to post anything today, so this was a fun yet unexpected change of events. It gave me the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather we had today. While many people think it's kind of hoochie to show your bra through a transparent blouse, I think it's pretty nice if you wear it the right way.

I've been wearing my Steve Madden-shoes a lot lately, so I can get used to them and I have to say they hurt less compared to the first time I wore them. As for the faux fur tail I added to my bag: I bought it at a H&M in Paris and I love the edgy contrast on the classic bag while my mom hates it. I guess it's one of those love it or hate it things.

Enjoy your Easter holidays!

x Krizia

Blouse & Bra: SONIA RYKIEL FOR H&M // Pants: LEVIS // Shoes: STEVE MADDEN // Bag: CHANEL // Faux Fur Tail: H&M


Random // In The Morning


Waking up early when you have the chance to sleep in isn't that fun, but it has some advantages too. When I sleep in, I sleep until 9.30 am at the latest. I'm not that type of person to sleep in until 2 in the afternoon. There's so much you can do during that precious time and I don't like my days go to waste due to being lazy and not wanting to get out of bed.

Today was one of those days: I had the chance to sleep in, but was already awake at 8 am. This gave me the chance to clean the house bit - and making my mom happy - and check my favorite blogs and websites at ease afterwards. After I did all that, I took out my camera and tried to take some pictures of, well... Nothing special, basically. This is what happens when I get bored. :D

Here are some random pictures taken during the morning, and since my photographer was out working, I did an attempt to take some 'outfit' pictures myself. So excusez-moi for the crappy pictures!



Outfit // Spring Is In The Air


Hi everyone!

Spring has definitely come out today: sun, a nice breeze, birds chirping ... The weather often affects my mood and therefor also my outfits. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear this flower-printed blouse and my Steve Madden nude pumps. And honestly... They hurt like hell! I hope it will get better after I've worn them a couple of times, 'cause they're too pretty to not wear them! 

What are you going to do on this perfect day?
Unfortunately, I have a lot to do for school. :(
Enjoy the lovely weather!

x Krizia

Blouse H&M // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: STEVE MADDEN // Bag: BALENCIAGA // Ring: YSL


New // Suède Pumps by Steve Madden


Finally, I can show you the Steve Madden-pumps I chose last Saturday during the blogger meeting. As 
you can tell from the picture above, instead of my craving to go for black, I opted for these nude / light 
grey & old pink-mixed pumps. It's difficult to tell which color they really are and the pictures aren't doing 
them justice either! 
To see more, you can click below!

I've also added another feature of me and Cindy during the Steve Madden-event. This time, the picture 
was taken by the lovely Kim from Ella And Louise. The video is made by Pema from Vogue Moment, which 
shows a nice summary of the event! Can you spot me? :D


x Krizia


Event // Blogger Meeting

Yesterday, I met up with a bunch of bloggers in Antwerp. It was so much fun! Stéphanie from Style Laboratory designed a contest, testing our beauty and fashion knowledge. We were able to win some 
goodie bags, so there was a competitive, yet friendly and funny atmosphere hanging around. I think I 
drove my group crazy with the sentence: "We must win, 'cause I won't settle for less!". We ended up 2nd, 
by the way!

We stopped at River Island and Steve Madden, where I picked up my free pair of shoes. I'll show them 
tomorrow. Because of the busy day, I didn't manage to take some outfit pictures, so sorry for that! 

To see more pictures of our activities throughout the day, you can click below. :)

(Above) From left to right: GillesHanneJelkaManon, Me, HilleRoxannePetraStamatiaSofieLishaStephanieStéphanieImmanuelMaaike and Sophie.


Feature // Style Today

Apparently, I've been featured on Style Today twice -- Thank you!
The first time, I've been featured for Look Of The Day without even knowing it. (1st picture) 
The second picture was taken at the Steve Madden-opening yesterday. 
Notice the almost identical outfits? :D

Again, a big thank you to Style Today for featuring me!