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Here are a few lessons in dip and dying (or just one): if you dye your hair a lot, you should know that blue and purple will turn into grey in no time. It has happened to me already and I'm loving it. But I'm quite sure that some aren't too fond of grey hair, so don't say I didn't warn you, children. So, now my hair is a mix of the bright pink that survives the longest, grey and a little bit of violet, baby blue and mint green in between. It already got me 'My Little Pony' as a nickname... And I'm loving it! 

My mom wanted to take some shots to see my D&D's evolution (I know, totally crazy) and we decided to do one of those overly girly, 'spontaneous' photo shoots. Even though she told me to feel free and pose however I wanted, I could secretly tell she wasn't too fond of the suicide gun and middle finger poses. Hah, sorry mom! I decided to put the pictures together in a GIF, liked the result and here you are. As for the shirt... What more is there to say? 

Shirt: Pimkie

x Krizia


  1. You are so. Freaking. Badass. I looove it! xoxo

  2. amai idd al heel veel verminderd! Maar zo vind ik het ook wel leuk!

    Nathalie - http://curls-and-bags.blogspot.com

  3. I looked for your hair at UPR but was disappointed you couldn't make it :-( Really hope to meet you one day! I was so looking forward to seeing you and your new hair!! It looks really great on you! xxx

    1. Aww, I was disappointed too! Something came up and yeah, you know how it goes. That's the problem of living on a 1,5 hour drive from Antwerp. It's not like you can say: "Hey, let me drop by for a little while after I'm done."
      It's too far. :(
      Anyways, I hope you had fun! And I really hope we'll meet each other soon too!

  4. Lovely your blog! :)

    Im now following u, if u want visite my blog*

  5. mijn vriendin zegt altijd: Kim, geen vreemde kleuren in je haar! de reden is dat ik kort haar heb en dan moet het ontkleurd worden! dat betekent dat ik naar huis zou gaan met stekels op mijn hoofd! but i love your effect lady, en super dat je veel kleuren hebt gebruikt, echt een nice effect

  6. J'aime le photos!!!Super!:)

    Angela Donava

  7. Love the gif! Shame your hair is fading a little, but it still looks really good!


  8. gespot op she.be! het is iets minder opvallend met dit grijs maar ook wel cool

  9. Haha, wel het grijze misstaat niet. Blijft roze echt het langst? Dat durf ik misschien nog wel aan.

    x Lotte

  10. Love the hair, love the shirt! Rock 'n roll, gurl :)

  11. noo! het blauw was net awesome! al is grijs ook best wijs!

  12. HAha, fabulous! Love the GIF <3 Think it looks great with grey too, you're still my rockstar for doing this!

  13. Wow! Like your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super

  14. My little pony is cool!
    En dat dat grijs geworden is is ook mooi :)

  15. love your hair ! I had mine with blue endings, but now it's just ombre :)

  16. Voor Rock Werchter had ik ook dipdye gedaan met roodbruine semi permanente haarkleurverf. Het is nu geel geworden :p But I love it!

  17. yep, ik heb ook blauw gehad en dat werd eerst paarsig/lila en toen grijs. Best cool! roze blijft sowieso echt JAREN in je haar, just so you're warned :D

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