Outfit // Happy Newyear!

Tonight I'm going to party at a friend's house. We didn't feel like going out, because of the bad weather and because it's all too expensive! I didn't want to pay 30 euros to go to a club where there are way too many people and where I'm not able to move. So we decided to get some food, some drinks and just hang out together and maybe play some Singstar. I hope everyone will survive my singing. ;)

Even though we're not going out, it doesn't mean I can't dress up. I decided to wear a Greek-like dress with golden details my aunt got me for my 20th birthday. I really love it - my only fear is that I will loose the golden studs after wearing the dress too often. So I'll only wear it on special occasions. =)

It's not one of my best pictures, but my sister and I had to hurry. I wish I would fit in her dress, I think it looks absolutely beautiful on her! I hope everyone will enjoy the last evening of 2009 and that 2010 will bring you nothing but good things!

Dress: MANGO // Bag: MANGO // Shoes: NEW LOOK


Shark Attack Loves... // Moschino Jacket

... This ridicously gorgeous Moschino-jacket, seen during the Moschino F/W 2009 RTW fashion show. I love the details on the jacket, but I think it is a delicate jacket to wear - I would be so afraid that something happened to it! I would still like to have it, though. *wink*

Lauren Conrad is wearing it too, but as for her, I just want her entire wardrobe.
I absolutely love her style!


Outfit // Merry Christmas!

I'm not a big fan of Tommy Hilfiger, but when I saw this preppy school uniform / dress, I immediately fell in love! I never got the chance to wear this dress before, so Christmas seemed the perfect moment to debut it. Don't mind the tree... My mom started to put the lights in, but after that we were so lazy no one bothered to put some other decoration in it. But I think it doesn't look that bad.

My family is coming over this evening and I'm really looking forward to it! I wish you all a merry Christmas, with lots of food and presents! ;)

Dress: TOMMY HILFIGER // Tights: H&M // Shoes: NEW LOOK


Shark Attack Loves... // Chanel Temporary Tattoos

I was reading Elle when I saw these temporary Chanel tattoos. I know I saw them at the fashion show, but I didn't really pay them that much attention at the time. I think they're kinda cute, though I'm not sure if I would want them myself. I have read that the tattoos available starting from March in the Chanel-stores and they cost 50 euros for a box with 50 tattoos.


Shark Attack Loves... // Jimi Hendrix

I really can't tell you how much I love Jimi Hendrix. Not only do I love his music - But hey, who doesn't? - I also love the way he dressed himself. What I'd give to have a peek in his wardrobe and his jewelry box. Seriously, those jackets are amazing. And as for the jewelry, I am absolutely speechless... I wonder where he went shopping. :)

May you rest in peace, Jimi -- You're still an inspiration to me...
One of my favourite Jimi-quotes:

" I am the one that has to die when it is time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to." 
- Jimi Hendrix


Shark Attack Loves... // Peaches & Pixie Geldof

Peaches en Pixie Geldof have always fascinated me with their outfits. For those who do not know who they are (shame, shame!): Peaches and Pixie are the daughters of Boomtown Rats singer and Live Aid / Live 8 founder Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates.
These girls are one of the few people who can put almost everything on and get away with it. 

Which Geldof sister is your favorite?
Click below to see some of my favorite Geldof-pictures.

P.S.: In some weird way, Peaches reminds me of Lady Gaga. I think they look like each other. Don't you?


Video // Jimmy Choo For H&M Hysteria

Video: Nieuwsblad.be

Yesterday, H&M launched the Jimmy Choo-collection & boy, I'm so glad I didn't wait in line to get some goodies! Why? Check out the craziness in the following video! Since some of you may not understand Dutch, it basically comes to this:

So, they were letting in groups of 20 people at a time and they only had 10 minutes to search and try on the shoes they wanted. Excuse me, but I am NOT ready in 10 minutes. I would rather save up some more and get me a more exclusive pair of Jimmy Choos, with no one telling me how much time I have to choose and try them on!


Fashion Show // Luella S/S 2010

Pictures: Style.com

I was clicking around on style.com , when I bumped into Luella's RTW Spring 2010-show. I don't like all the designs,but a couple off them popped out. Those models look like a cotton candy Pebbles Flinstone, don't you think? And I love their eyeshadow, but a little voice keeps telling me I would look like a total idiot if I would try it out myself.

x Krizia


Personal // Message From Your Sister...

Personal // 20th Birthday

Today's my 20th birthday, and even if it's raining and nearly storming outside, I decided to dress up just a little bit. I'm not going to do very much today, because I have to work for my internship. :(

Maybe I'll have a drink with some friends tonight... I'm having a small birthday party for my family and friends on Saturday.
Pictures will follow later!

Dress: NEW LOOK // Tights: H&M


Outfit // Fashion's Night Out

It's been a while... but I still love my t-shirt!
My sister was in the Big Apple right before the start of the Fashion Week, and she brought me this t-shirt as a souvenir. (Thanks, sis'!) And I must admit that I am proud that Anna Wintour & Sarah Jessica Parker (and so many others) were seen wearing the same shirt. Who wouldn't be?

P.S.: I have a four-week-during internship coming up, so I won't be able to post so frequently as usual... *sniff*

Shirt: GIFT // Jegging: ZARA // Bag: CHANEL


Shark Attack Loves... // Zac Posen Belt

Picture: Grazia NL

I was watching the falling leaves outside of my window, when it reminded me of this Zac Posen belt I saw in a magazine recently. I think it's absolutely beautiful! Now all I have to do is find out how much this baby costs. 

x Krizia


Video // A Fly On The Wall At Chanel Backstage

Always wanted to know how things are heating up backstage at a fashion show? Then check out this video at the Chanel Spring / Summer 2010 show I found yesterday. Model Nastya Karzan pinned up a spy cam in her hair (I think), to show us the goodies at Chanel backstage. I think the spy cam's in her hair, because you see them fixing her hair in the beginning. Seeing all those people in front of you when you appear on the catwalk... I think I would faint!


Shark Attack Loves... // Gianfranco Ferré Golden Heels

Picture: Grazia NL

... those Gianfranco Ferré shoes! I nearly got a heart attack when I saw them. I swear, my feet are made for those beauties!

x Krizia


Outfit // Faux Furrr

Faux Fur Vest: H&M // Belt: GUCCI // Shoes: MANGO // Bag: DOLCE & GABBANA // Legging: AMERICAN APPAREL


Shark Attack Loves... // MJ On The Runway

Even after his death, the King of Pop still is an inspiration to many. I spotted this dress at Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and, even though I'd look like a total clown, would wear it in a heart beat.


Shark Attack Loves... // Nicholas Kirkwood

I was surfing around some fashion sites, when I instantly fell in love with Nicholas Kirkwood. The British fashion / shoe designer, who also designed for Rodarte, knows what women want... Seriously! He's a gift from God. And I actually wouldn't care if his shoes shouldn't be comfortable. I would squeeze my feet in those cuties somehow!

Check out his masterpieces below... And try to keep your jaw locked. To be honest, I couldn't!

Shark Attack Loves... // Kate Moss a.k.a. Catwoman

Wow, I absolutely love Kate Moss' outfit! There are few people who can pull this off, and of course, Kate's one of them. This woman's just a fashion chameleon, and I'm totally loving it.


Fashion Show // Alexander McQueen S/S 2010

I was watching Alexander McQueen's S/S 2010 fashion show & I was absolutely stunned. This isn't fashion anymore, it's simply art. The models don't even look like they're human. They're so beautiful. As for the shoes: come to momma!

McQueen is my king...


Personal // Nice To Meet You ...


Hi everyone!

After surfing on other fashion blogs for hours, I decided to create one myself. I'll share everything that interests me fashion wise: personal outfits, new purchases, brands / collections / items that I love ... I'm not going to annoy you with my continuous rambling, so I'll let you discover Shark Attack yourself. ;)

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x Krizia