Wanted // Part 3

Most of you will probably be tired of seeing the Yves Saint Laurent Arty Rings all over the Internet, but I could look at them forever. Already owning the dark blue and light blue Arty Rings, I thought I'd be more than satisfied... But I'm not. The new collection of Arty Rings hit the (online) stores, and I've fallen head over heels for this dark red beauty.

I love big, chunky, gold jewelry and the fact that this ring looks like it comes from an ancient treasure makes it even better. You'll probably think I'm crazy, since I already own two of them but to me, these rings are one of those items of which you'll never have enough. My dad's probably going to kill me for buying another one, but knowing myself, I won't be able to resist. All I have to do now is save up some money... And not to forget that my birthday is coming up soon! I can't believe I'm turning 22 on the 5th of November, but I'm trying not to think of that too much.

What do you think? Yes or no?

x Krizia

Picture: myfashdiary.com


  1. i know what you are talking about, i have seen the new collection on net a porter and yes, they are divine! oh girl, just go for it

  2. YES! It is a beautiful piece of jewellery! In fact I might buy this ring myself if I find a job :).
    I will turn 24 the 4th of november.

  3. Echt een mooie kleur. Lijkt wel kolkende lava ofzo! Cool!

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Ik ben echt ook verliefd op de artsy ringen maar heb er zelf nog geen!! Deze rode is echt prachtig! Go for it!

  5. Definitely YES! These rings will never go out of style and the red looks super gorgeous!

  6. Definetly YES! Ik ben ook fan van grote ringen, maar mijn collectie is niet zo uitgebreid als ik zou willen ;-)

  7. Great blog!!!!!!

    kisses Elle


  8. yes absoluut yes! ik ga volgend weekend nara parijs en hoop hem daar te kopen in lafayette

  9. YES!! Ik kan er ook naar blijven kijken :)
    Ik ben net hetzelfde met juwelen, ik hou ook van grote gouden items :)



  10. Yes yes yes!! These will never be out of style, looove them! Too bad I have to go to Paris to get one, since NaP doesn't carry the colors I want :') Roadtrip? :D

  11. Hoe kan je nu ooit genoeg krijgen van zulke prachtige ringen!! Voor my blijft het voorlopig slechts een droom om er zo eentje te bezitten! Deze rode is echt prachtig!
    Go for it! zou ik zeggen!!

  12. Heel mooi, doen! Prachtige steen bij deze, maakt m toch weer helemaal anders, niet?

  13. Yeah it's gorgeous! And yes you should get it.

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  14. Ik zeg ook ja..... Je bent er helemaal gek van!!!! x

  15. I love those rings too, I say buy yourself a present : )

  16. I completely understand you! Actually, I think you can't ever have enough of any sort of clothing. There's always that one piece that would make your look a bit more perfect.

    And about the ring, it's one of my favorites too. The red one is Gorgeous!

    x Jonas


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