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Hi everyone! 

Here are some random shots from the past days, to show you what I've been up to lately. I've got some exciting projects coming up concerning Shark Attack, so stay tuned! Some hints? Well, here are a couple of key words: contests, events, a project with two other Belgian bloggers and a give away. 

I would also like to thank you for your constant love and support. This couldn't nor wouldn't be possible without your help and I feel blessed to have the best readers ever! 

x Krizia

I finally got my hands on the September issue of Vogue Paris, covering the gorgeous Charlotte Casiraghi whom is also known to be member of Monaco's royal family. Let me get this straight: I'm not a big fan when it comes to royalty, but I'm willing to make an exception for the Grimaldi's / Casiraghi's. It seems that they're more outgoing and open-minded than most royal families out there. Infidelity? Sure. Marrying multiple times? Why not. Illegitimate children? Of course. They're human, they make mistakes and they're not afraid to admit it. That's what I like about the Monaco clan. And, if I'm being completely honest, I have to admit that I had (okay, still have) a crush on Charlotte's brother Pierre. These pictures were shot by Mario Testino (no need to explain who he is) and they're just a sneak peek to a stunning and glamorous photo set. And I just love the Chanel-jacket and denim shorts combo! 

Some jewelry I got at Forever 21. With only one hour to spend at the store (and taking pictures for the blog), I decided to go for the accessories. I saw similar necklaces at Fashionology, but never ordered them, so I was glad to find these at F21.

My F21 and Hermès-bracelets. I love the edgy vs. classic-effect.

I finally finished the entire L.A. Candy-series, written by Lauren Conrad. They're easy, yet fun to read, especially when you're on a holiday or have nothing to do. Plus, the books give you a clear view on how reality shows aren't that real at all sometimes.

Just 3 words: Best. Dessert. Ever.

Since the bill of my Blackberry-subscription was getting ridiculously high, I decided to pull out my old Samsung again too. Why? So I can text and call with my Samsung, on which I don't have any subscriptions and I can use my Blackberry to check my emails, use Twitter, surf on the Internet ... I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it definitely was necessary.

I'm working on a give away, so stay tuned!


  1. Wat zit er in de chanel tas?? :) Ik heb de 3 LC boeken ook net gelezen (op vakantie) En idd het is echt fijn om te weten hoe het er achter de schermen aan toe gaat. Door die boeken ben ik The Hills beginnen kijken.

  2. @ Lippylash: Iets voor een give away, je zult binnenkort zien wat! :D

  3. ooh, ben benieuwd wat de give-away wordt!Iets van chanel kan nooit slecht nieuws betekenen!
    Btw de F21 accessoires zijn prachtig!

  4. Ik ga die kettingskes ook nog gaan halen, zijn echt leuk ^^

  5. Het eerste boek van de L.A. Candy series ligt al klaar om me in september te vergezellen naar Turkije ;-). Ik ben benieuwd! En ik ben ook heel benieuwd naar de give-away..

    xoxo, Steffi

  6. Beautiful bangles.=) Oh I really want to read those books.


  7. Oh my that dessert is insane!!!!!! i am drooling

  8. Fun blog post :D Nice accessoiries you bought at Forever 21, really like that edgy bracelet vs classic effect as well :D And cool system you invented with your two phones, haha, but at least it works for you so that's good then ;) :P

  9. Hele leuke shots! & ben benieuwd naar die samenwerking met de bloggers :) klinkt goed! Mooie juwelen ook van F21! xx

  10. ben benieuwd naar de give away!!! xoxo Sarah


  11. Die Franse Vogue heb ik ook gekocht en de shoot is echt PRACHTIG! En ben benieuwd naar de give away van Chanel :D

  12. Supermooie juwelen van Forever21, ik kan niet wachten om ook te gaan :D

    xo Eline - On high heels you're closer to the sky

  13. Wauw, supermooie accessoires van F21! Wist niet dat ze zo'n mooie dingen hadden (de accessoires van F21 in Brussel vond ik nogal 'kitscherig')

  14. Nice accessoires van F21! En hmmm, benieuwd wat er in die Chanel tas zit! :) Ook benieuwd naar je komende projecten etc.

    X Sarah

  15. jaloers op je kettingen van forever, heb die nog niet zien hangen in brussel, net zoals die mooie luupaard shoenen die ik al op verschillende blogs heb zien passeren, kgeraak niet in antwerpen momenteel met mijn stage enzo, jammer. straks toch eens gaan piepen in die van Brussel! Ook erg benieuwd naar het project en de give away (do i spot some chanel??) kisses

  16. Jaloers op je Hermes armband! De nieuwe met studs past er super bij!

  17. I have the same Samsung phone, comes in handy when my BB isn't cooperating haha! Love the accessories, big chance I'll bring home that same bracelet ;)

  18. Great post. I like it!



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