Shark Attack Travels... // Day 2: Pompei

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On the second day of my stay in Italy, we visited the historic site of Pompei. I'm a huge history lover (I'm such a nerd) and seeing Pompei was definitely on my bucket list. We took the train to Naples at the Sorrento train station, which stops right next to Pompei. It's about half an hour by train from Sorrento to Pompei and you have to get off at the 'Pompei Scavi' stop.

Right before entering Pompei, you will be swamped by guides who want to show you the historic site. Since there are little to none signs with information about the buildings, etc. in Pompei, this could be a must... But only if you're willing to pay € 100 or more. If you do your research well before traveling to Pompei, you could save yourself a couple of bucks. And that research is very recommended, since Pompei is huge. We spent about 6 hours there and we still hadn't seen everything. And don't forget to protect yourself against the sun, because with little shadow there, you'll get yourself a sunburn before you know it. 

I put some images of Pompei in the vlog, so if you're not a fan of history, you might have to skip some parts here and there. But I decided to narrow it down to only the most impressive things. It was too warm to carry around my heavy DSLR camera, so I left it at the hotel. A video does this place way more justice. I was left absolutely speechless when walking around in Pompei. There's a certain vibe to the place that will make you feel very little and humble. The fact that mankind could create such a beautiful city so long ago, with so little means, just baffles me. 

I really hope you'll enjoy this video! 


  1. I want to go on a holiday seeing this vlog! Thanks for sharing!
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