Shark Attack Travels... // Day 1: Naples + Sorrento

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Hello from sunny Italy! We arrived here two days ago and I have fallen in love with Sorrento already. Every time I visit Italy, I'm so proud to be Italian. The country has a way to capture my heart over and over again. I'm now sitting in my hotel room, after spending the morning at the pool. I finally managed to upload this video, since the WiFi-connection adapts to the Italian way of life sometimes: slow, without a hurry. 

We arrived at the airport of Naples, rented a car and made our way to Sorrento. There was a storm in the evening, but it calmed down after an hour or so and then we went into the city centre to have dinner with some friends from Belgium who happened to be here on a trip as well. Yesterday, we visited Pompei, which was on my bucket list for ages. One of my dreams came true and I couldn't be happier. You'll see all about it in my next video (I don't know when that one will be online... Like I said: slow WiFi). 

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  1. Ik volg alles via snapchat haha, het ziet er echt allemaal wauw uit. Have fun nog daar!


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