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I love to discover hidden gems in all kind of categories and it's even better when these gems are close to home. Thanks to Relaxy, I had the chance to spend the afternoon at Jepun Traditional Spa in Genk, which is a 20 minute drive from where I live. Relaxy is an online database where you can find the best wellness centers in Belgium. You can search the best options by selecting a certain location, treatment or arrangement of your choice and you can also book via Relaxy immediately. They also offer all kind of deals and last-minute arrangements, which is always a plus.

Relaxy was kind enough to offer Dario and I a wonderful afternoon at Jepun Traditional Spa. We got the best aromatherapy massage known to mankind and got to relax another 3 hours in their private spa. You can find the arrangement here. Curious to find out more? Click below to read my recap of the day! 

Info & Details:

Hasseltweg 413
3600 Genk

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Relaxy.be & Jepun Traditional Spa.

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We were welcomed by the Jepun personnel and they are the sweetest. They offered us a welcome drink and gave us a form we had to fill in about our massage. Do you wear contact lenses? Is there a special area they have to pay special attention to? Do you have low or high blood pressure? I was never asked these questions in a spa before, so it was definitely a plus for me (especially since I wear contact lenses, have low blood pressure and have some lower back problems). 

We started the treatment with a relaxing foot bath / treatment and continued to our one hour massage. We had the chance to pick out our own massage oil, which you can see in the first picture above. Dario picked out Harmony and I went for Bali Spice. The girls then ask you how you want your massage: light, medium or hard. We went for medium, but I do have to say that it's still quite intense. If it's your first time getting massaged and / or you are squeamish about pain, I definitely suggest you go for the light massage. For me, medium was perfect; but then again, I do love a somewhat 'rough' approach when it comes to massages. The girls massaged us from head to toe -- literally. I have massive respect for them; I can't imagine the strength and energy you have to come up with to massage someone for an entire hour. 

They then prepared us a bath with milk, vanilla and coconut to relax in for about half an hour. We could wash of the massage oil, but our skin still felt amazingly soft and had the most subtle, sweetest scent.

Important note: Please keep in mind that you will have to undress yourself completely before getting your massage (which is why I didn't take more pictures of our massage, hehe). You do get a pair of panties and are covered up during the massage, but they will see you from time to time. Personally, I don't have a problem with people seeing my breasts, especially if it's part of their job and they have probably seen a gazillion pair of boobs before mine. But I can imagine that not everyone is comfortable with this, so it's an important thing to keep in mind. You can also skip the massage and only book the 3 hours of private spa instead.

We were then given a tour through the private spa where we would spend the next 3 hours. The owner has travelled through Thailand and Indonesia for an entire year to master all the massage techniques and to get inspired by the Asian culture in general. The spa is surrounded by bamboo, palm trees and Buddha statues, giving you the feeling that you're actually in a magical place in Asia. I absolutely loved this; I even have a Buddha statue in my front yard myself. All the statues are for sale as well! 

Outside, you can find tanning beds, a heated pool and a bubble bath with a flatscreen TV. They even have a barbecue, so that you can have a little pool party with your friends during the summer. Both the pool and the jacuzzi were very clean. The pool had the perfect temperature so that we could swim at ease, without having the feeling that we were stepping into a pool with ice cubes. This was definitely a plus for me. To have a dip in the pool or relax in the jacuzzi while watching TV, without any other people around, is the best feeling. 

Just like on the outside, you can find everything you expect from a spa on the inside as well. The inside area is the perfect place to lay down, close your eyes and to doze off for a minute. The relaxing beds in the first picture above are heated and are the best to read a magazine and dry up a little bit after taking a dip in the pool or bubble bath. The corner near the fireplace, piled with super soft cushions, will make you pass out in no time. I can't imagine how cosy it must be during winter. There's also a sauna and a Turkish steam cabin, which were clean and intimate, yet big enough for both of us stretched out all over the place. You also get a private shower (both a regular shower and a rain shower) and a corner to give your feet a nice scrub.

Also present, but not photographed because of 'enjoying myself too much' are the private bathroom and the minibar. I love how the Asian them in present in the inside interior as well. 

Below, you can find more pictures that Dario and I shot during the day:

I would definitely recommend Jepun Traditional Spa to everyone: they are clean and hygienic, they offer great and friendly service and the surroundings will make you feel as if you're traveling in Bali or Thailand. If you live in Belgium, make sure to check Relaxy to find the best spa experiences of your choice!


  1. Deze spa heeft net dat beetje extra door het mooie interieur! En dat privé gedeelte vind ik wel een pluspunt. Super badpak trouwens!

  2. Leuke post, je maakt me echt nieuwsgierig haha! :) En leuk badpak! X Minale

  3. This place looks so relaxing! Great pics :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  4. Deze plek ziet er zoo heerlijk uit en wat een mooi badpak draag je! :)
    x Frederique


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