Review // Giorgio Armani Sì Eau De Parfum Intense

"Accomplished. Audacious. Glamorous. An empathic "yes" to these emotions, to taking chances and to having it all. Sì Eau De Parfum Intense accentuates the sensual and elegant facets of the Armani woman. The duality of extremely seductive blackcurrant neo jungle essence, with just a hint of silky freesia, and a timeless chic intense chypre accord. A fragrance of passion, softly powerful, assertive and unmistakably feminine."
Armani Beauty

After wearing Miss Dior Chérie for years, my mom literally forced me to try a new fragrance. So, after spraying and sniffing - literally - a dozen of fragrances and almost passing out, I decided to go for the Giorgio Armani Sì Eau De Parfum Intense. This perfume is a reinterpretation of the Sì perfume that launched in 2013 and is represented by actress Cate Blanchett.

I thought it would be fun to close up on my new buy and to write a review about it. Christmas is just around the corner, so it's always to get inspired for some gifts just one last time, isn't it? 

Here we go!

The perfume bottle comes in a super soft pink / beige / peachy kinda packaging with an image of the bottle itself printed onto it. When you slide the outer packaging off, you will find another one which actually contains the perfume bottle. On the second packaging, Sì is printed in golden letters, along with the designer's name in black (as you can see in the pictures above, obviously).

The perfume bottle itself is quite heavy, which might be an issue if you carry your perfume bottles in your purse. It's made out of solid glass and has, again, Sì and Giorgio Armani engraved onto it. The part that contains the perfume is pitch black, which I personally love. I just simply adore the black and gold details. However, you won't be able to see how much perfume is left because of this, which could be an issue as well for some people. The tap is a black, asymmetric ball which reminds of some kind of gem in a way.

Of course, it's always fun to know which notes have been used to create a certain perfume, so I did my homework and collected them for your:

* Top notes: cassis, blackcurrant, mandarin, bergamot, freesia
* Middle notes: May rose, neroli 
* Base notes: patchouli, vanilla, ambroxan, woody notes

In my opinion, this scent is perfect for this time of the year, as it is quite heavy. It took some getting used to compared to Miss Dior Chérie, but I'm very happy with my choice. It's also perfect to wear to a party or an event during the evening. Fans of the stronger, heavier perfumes will definitely love this one. 

Giorgio Armani Sì Eau De Parfum Intense 30 ml, € 61,20
Giorgio Armani Sì Eau De Parfum Intense 50 ml, € 80,80
Giorgio Armani Sì Eau De Parfum Intense 100 ml, € 108,80

In Belgium available at Ici Paris XL


  1. Seems lovely! Maybe this is one for my wish-list!

  2. Ik ben grote fan van dit parfum, vind het zo goed!
    Leuke en interessante post!


  3. love this parfum, very nice fragrance :)


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  4. Dat gaat bij deze op mijn Christmas wishlist. ;)

  5. Love this parfum:)
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  6. Oh, the Original Armani Si is on my wishlist,
    but this one sounds awesome as well!

  7. mmm so curious about this scent!
    I love the Si so, I guess I gonna love this too


  8. Like a lot the design of this fragrance, I think it will be a great gift!
    You have a very nice blog dear and I will be glad if we follow each other?
    just let me know and I follow back!
    Have a sweet day!


  9. I haven't tried this one but it sounds so lovely....maybe another xmas wish! Xx

  10. It fragrance must be beautiful! Need to try it out!



  11. I love this parfume!

  12. Hmmm, je hebt me benieuwd gemaakt. Denk dat ik binnenkort eens ga snuffelen bij de Ici Paris!

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  14. I haven't tried this perfume yet. I really like the packaging. Great post.


  15. Ik vind dit best een goeie geur maar voor mezelf verkies ik een minder commerciële geur.

  16. Dit is echt een topper! Ik ben zot van de geur! Mooie post <3
    New post on my blog, love, Lima <3


  17. Hier hoor ik zoveel positiefs over, ben heel benieuwd!

  18. Interesting bottle design, being all black in the centre! Like you noted, would be hard to tell when you're running low on it or what the level is. Maybe it's so you'll buy more just to never run out, haha!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Away From The Blue

  19. Prettige feesten! En wat een mooi flesje eigenlijk..

  20. I love that scent!!


  21. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to try it. Hope to hear more from you.


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