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You'd think you get used to seeing your face in a magazine, but it's still so surreal every time again. This time, I got featured in Sjiek magazine, to talk about my favorite sweater along with other bloggers. Fall is coming slowly, but surely, so it's always nice to get inspired on what to wear when temperatures will drop a bit. That's why I decided to translate the article for you. Interested to read what it says? Read more after the jump!


FILLES A PAPA sweater // ZARA leather pants // ADIDAS STAN SMITH sneakers // CHANEL BOY bag

© Article by Elspeth Jenkins & Picture by Liesje Reyskens.

You know Krizia Schiavone (26) from Maasmechelen from her blog Shark Attack, sharkattackfashionblog.com.

Where it all began: "I was about 13 or 14 years old when I bought my first sweater... We received Large magazine in our mailbox every month: a catalogue from which you could order skate- and metal clothes. I was crazy about the TV program Jackass back then, so I ordered a sweater with the Jackass skull on it."

Top favorite: "My favorite is this one designed by Filles à Papa: I bought it at Jeurissen Couture in Hasselt a couple of years ago. The Tomboy-slogan reflects my personal style: casual chic and a tad boyish. I rarely wear pink or other bright colors, I almost never wear jewelry and will choose sneakers over heels in most cases."

Tips from a sweater expert: "I combine it in different ways: preferably with a pair of tight, leather pants and sneakers, but for a night out, I would trade my leather pants for a leather pencil skirt so I can find the balance between my feminine and tough side once again. If there's a party, I'll also wear heels. Plus, I look at celebrity sweater fans like Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie for inspiration."

Designer for a day: "If I had the chance to design my own sweater with a fitting slogan, I'd go for my love for food; something like Can't talk, eating. Looking at my personal mindset and personality, it would be Rebel by heart. And judging my not always appreciated humor, I'd go for Queen on the front of the sweater and Peasants on the back."


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