Money VS Budget // Miu Miu VS Zara

In the Money VS Budget-category, we search for affordable options on runway items. However, we look for items that were inspired by the runway, not copied. We respect the designers, the brands and their creativity and do not support identical knock offs in any way.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen that I already added the Zara ballerina to my shoe closet. I'm planning to move in with my boyfriend ASAP, so expensive shoes aren't going to be my priority for a while. Aah, the perks of being a grown up, lol. I've been eyeing the Miu Miu ballerina's for quite some time now, but I went for the Zara ones instead; they're a great interpretation of the real deal. I'm thinking about buying ribbons as well, so I can have a little DIY project.

My sister and best friend hate them, my mom and boyfriend think they're cute and my dad... Well, he tries to keep himself out of things. What do you think? Sound off in the comment box below!


You can get the Miu Miu ballerina's at My Theresa; the black ones are sold out, but they have many other options. And you can find the budget ones on the Zara website.


  1. They have a bit more hardware than I usually like for shoes, but they do look cute! You will definitely rock them :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I agree, they might nog be everyone's cup of tea! :D

      x Krizia

  2. Chic style, love this shoes.
    Pretty photos!
    Darlene | http://www.somoda.no

  3. Bijna identiek gelijk, THANKS voor de tip! :-)


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