Christmas Tip // Make It Yours With Kipling

Christmas is just around the corner and every year, I struggle with finding the perfect gifts for my friends and family. Can your relate to this as well or are you the perfect gift hunter? If you are, please share your tips and tricks! Anyway, this year, the struggle wasn't as real as it used to be, thanks to Kipling.

Aaah, Kipling. Such nostalgia! The brand has been around for decades and is still going strong. I can still remember my first Kipling bag in primary school - a baby blue one - and you basically felt like an outsider if you didn't have one. And not to forget the anticipation to find out the name of the monkey on your keychain. I love these memories! I'm currently working a store which also sells Kipling and it's still one of their top selling brands. 

The brand has been renewing and reinventing itself over the years and is now launching the Make It Yours project, which gives you the opportunity to personalize Kipling bags and accessories. Choose your favorite color and font so that your purchase becomes yours and yours only. I chose ART M travel bag in Alaskan Blue and personalized it with my name in white, so that it pops from afar. The bag's perfect to use when traveling, to go to the gym or to take with you for a sleepover. 

I absolutely love this initiative and it's the perfect opportunity to gift your best friends or family with something super personal and customized! 

If you're interested and happen to live in Belgium, you can go to the following address and Make It Yours:

De Keyserlei 58
2018 Antwerp


H&M sweater // H&M jeans // UGG boots // KIPLING Art M bag c/o

* This post in collaboration with Kipling



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