Shark Attack Loves ... // Choupette At The Beach

Karl Lagerfeld's pet cat is without a doubt the most fashion kitty in history: from Vogue covers and editorials to multiple nannies and iPads, Choupette has it all. Now that Karl has dedicated an entire beachwear collection to her, Choupette has yet another big achievement to add to her already impressive resumé. 

It's been raining cats (lol) and dogs here in Belgium for the past couple of days, so this cheerful summer collection was a nice welcome into my mailbox. I'm loving the bold, colorful prints and anything with kitties on it will do for me, so that's always a plus. Luckily, we have a Karl Lagerfeld store in Antwerp, so I can't wait to stop by ASAP. I won't be able to leave for a holiday with my boyfriend until September, but I think I'll already add some items to my closet already.

Find out my favorite items and their prices after the jump.
What are your thoughts on the Choupette At The Beach collection?

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Kitty Ears Cap: € 45
Bikini: € 145
Bag: € 195
Espadrilles: € 175

Ice Cream Sweater: € 155
Choupette T-Shirt: € 115
Bag: € 155
Striped T-Shirt: € 99


  1. Omg dat box tasje is zo schattig!

  2. Awwe, this is such a cute collection!! Love the kitty print :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  3. Of course I'm gonna need all of this...

    Such a pity my bank account won't agree with me! ;)


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