New // Prada Sunnies

Say hello to my new Prada-sunnies from the Minimal Baroque-collection!
I know, most of you will already be tired to see these sunglasses, since they're all over the Internet / blogs. I've been in love with them ever since I saw them in the ads and campaigns, but I couldn't find them in my home town. While I was shopping in Maastricht, I finally found them, but I didn't buy them since my sister kept telling me I looked like Willy Wonka. Today, I was shopping with my mom in Genk, when I saw them again. I literally spent an hour in the store, debating on the pros and cons, ignoring my mom's laughter every time I tried these on. That's when I thought: 
"What am I waiting for? I like them,  I want them, I'm the one who has to wear them so I'm gonna buy them. Nevermind what everyone will think." 
Afterwards, even my mom admitted they aren't that bad once you get used to them. I also tried the famous white and blue-glasses, but those didn't suit me at all. These will do just fine, though. They're much more wearable, but still have that extra something.

P.S.: It's now also known that Versace will design a collection for H&M. I'm not the biggest fan of these collaborations, but from what I've seen, I find myself curious to see more. On the other hand, I'm still not sure if I'm willing to wait in line for hours. Wait and see, I guess.


  1. Ze zijn echt mooi!
    heb ze onlangs gezien bij iemand op straat, heeft een WAUW effect.
    Zeker geen willy wonka!



  2. Good thinking girlie! Let's hit the summer! Seems like you're more than ready! ;-)

  3. Ziet er super uit!
    Ik vind ook dat de bril in dit kleur veel mooier is :D minder opvallend x

  4. Ik wil ze ook, ma int zwart. Mijn ma had ook zo'n "kijk wat een zonnebril" vandaag :)

  5. So jealous!!!!!
    I'm trying to save up for a pair of the minimal baroque collection but my plan is failing miserably =P

  6. Ze is prachtig :D Goed dat je je niets aantrekt van wat anderen zeggen. Ik durf te wedden dat het je geweldig staat

  7. They are so stylish and will make look HOT ;-)
    Good choice my dear !

    xoxo from another fashion lover in Brussels

    Céline Mademoiselle

  8. Ik heb die ook gepast, maar toch niet gekocht! Maar ze zijn heeeel mooi :)

  9. Congratulations on such an amazing find! I am unable to spot these anywhere in my city!

    Cute blog!! This is my first time here, shall we exchange follows?



  10. I love the sunglasses :] Im so glad you decided to get them! I always get criticsm from people who dont understand fashion where I live(its so annoying) but my reply to them is always "Youre not the one wearing this. I am. So, only I have to like it. And I do. So, it really doesnt matter what your opinion is on this." Sounds kind of harsh, but sometimes people just get that they dont know what you like.
    You did a great job on deciding to get them. They are beautiful!
    :] Have a great week!

  11. Ziet er super uit, meid!

    Liefs, Valerie

  12. those are the most smashing glasses ever! although i love the Fendi ones too. i have seen them in white but i love this color so much more! it will look smashing, hit of the day girl

  13. Please post some modeling pics! I saw these on fashionata too and absolutely love them!

  14. WAW! Heerlijk gewoon, j'adore PRADA!

    En H&M + Versace: FABULOUS duo right?!


  15. Wow, thanks for the sweet comments, everyone! :D
    I'll take some modeling pics ASAP! Maybe tomorrow if I find the time.


  16. Awesome sunglasses :D I'm sure they suit you good! :)

  17. OH MY GOSH. These glasses. My #1 lust this season!

    Lela London - Fashion Blog

  18. Maakt niet uit als je ze veel ziet of niet, ze blijven prachtig ;-)
    ben er zelf ook zot van!!

  19. can't wait to see you wear your prada!
    xoxo Sarah


  20. hij is echt perfect! leuk dat ie zo subtiel blijft (in tegenstelling tot die wit-blauwe)

  21. Heel erg mooi! Vind t cool dat ze mooi rond aan de voorkant zijn, en zo apart aan de zijkant. heel gaaf!



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