Interview // Maasmechelen Village Chic TV

Video by Maasmechelenvillage.com

Remember this post about the Stijn Helsen and Francis Ferent store openings at Maasmechelen Village last month? Well, there's also a video giving perfect coverage of the event and I finally managed to get my hands on it!

You can spot yours truly at 0:12 (the Shark Attack crew arriving #wink), at 1:05 (I should totally practice on keeping a nice face while taking photos, ahahaha) and giving a short interview at 2:59. I'm sorry it's in Dutch, but I'm basically saying that I'm happy about Stijn Helsen coming to Maasmechelen Village and that it's nice to see that they support Belgian fashion designers.

I was wearing a jacket by Alice by Temperley (similar here and here), striped pants by H&M (similar here), a sheer blouse by H&M (similar here and here), bow pumps by New Look (similar here) and a Chanel bag (similar here). 

I'd like to thank Maasmechelen Village for this super fun video!

x Krizia

P.S.: Als je in België woont, vergeet dan niet om aan de Supertrash give away mee te doen!


  1. Amai, jij hebt wel een héél fel accent ;)
    Toffe video!

    1. I know... :'(
      Ik ben van de Limbuuuu-uuuuurg! :D

  2. haha ! Nice :D En jah, Limburgers mogen fier zijn op hun accent ! :p

  3. Limburg has some great shopping facilities, now I just a have the need to go there again any time soon ;)
    Nice video btw ;)

  4. Zo leuk om te zien! Gooo Maasmechels/Limburgs accent!

  5. Haha, dat Limburgs accent komt er leuk door.
    Supertof filmpje, leuk dat ze je filmden, you lucky bastardo!

  6. Heel tof! :-D Leuke kledij trouwens!!

  7. Congrats on the interview! Wish I could understand more of it ;)

  8. Very Limburg accent, didn't expect it :)


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