Beauty // M.A.C. 'All Fired Up' + Personal Lipstick Routine

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Like I say at the beginning of every (rarely occurring) beauty post: I'm not a beauty blogger. As much as I would love to focus on beauty more often, I just don't know which blush has a perfect pigmentation or which lipstick has a blue undertone. 

Anyway, what I do know is that I can't live without lipstick and that I'm rarely seen without. When I was still in high school and college - the good times - I used to wear bright red lipstick to my waitering job. Apparently, it was a big shocker since all of my colleagues would say something about it, but for me, it was (and still is) an essential. After reading that waitresses wearing red lipstick were more likely to get a tip, I was even more convinced of my choice. ;) 

I recently decided to try out some other colors than the usual red and meet my favorite non-red lipstick: All Fired Up by M.A.C., which is part of the 'Retro Matte'-collection. It has a darker pink / raspberry kinda color with a - surprise! - matte finishing touch. I prefer matte lipsticks over shiny ones but it can be tricky to apply without a decent preparation. It sounds as if you need to go through a 20 steps routine - which is not true - but believe me: it's not about only applying the lipstick.

My lipstick usually stays on for hours straight, a thing that has caused quite some admiration among the colleagues I was telling you about before. I get asked about 'my secret' all the time and I thought, why not share it with you? Can I inform you that my lipstick routine isn't a big deal and that I don't really do anything that wasn't known before? Just trying to avoid disappointment here...

P.S.: The earrings are from River Island and reminded me of the Dolce & Gabbana A/W '13-collection: over the top, in your face, totally kitsch and loving it! 

So, to find out my how-to-apply-lipstick-routine, just click below. *drumroll* 

1. I always scrub my lips using an old, soft-haired toothbrush. This will remove all the dead skin from your lips and believe me, that dead skin shows when you're wearing lipstick -- especially matte ones. You can find tons of easy peasy recipes to make your own lip scrub or you can find them in stores. Please don't use body or face scrubs. They're usually too strong and harsh and can even damage your lips.

2. When I apply my foundation, I usually put some on my lips too. It's the perfect base and will make your lipstick last longer.

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3. I then use this transparent lip balm by Kiko, which can also be used as a primer. I guess there's no need in explaining that a primer is essential to keep your lipstick on as long as possible.

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4. Lip liners are the holy grail to color inside of the lines -- or lips in this case. I always use a lip liner to outline the sides of my lips. The sharp tip will allow you to work more precisely and will make it easier to apply the lipstick inside of the lines. They're also easier to remove if you make a mistake and are the perfect tool to complete and touch up your lips. This color is called More To Love and is also from the 'Retro Matte'-collection.

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5. Lipstick time! I guess there isn't much to say on this step. The lip liner from step 4 should make it a lot easier to apply your lipstick. I usually also use a tiny brush to apply my lipstick, but that's up to you to find out what you like best. 

6. Don't forget to 'bite' into a tissue (removes all that's too much) and to put your index finger into your mouth, pout your lips, and pull your finger out. This might sound strange, but there's nothing worse than having lipstick smudged all over your teeth. This simple gesture will make sure that ain't happening.

If you have some tips of your own to share, please do! 
I'd love to learn more about beauty and make up. 


  1. Dit loopt wat gelijk met mijn routine :D
    mooie lippenstift ook :)


  2. That's a good routine! I don't wear lipstick so often, but I love the way it looks, I want to but one in a dark purplyish shade
    Abigail x

  3. Ik ben jaloers - jij staat fantastisch met felle lippen!

  4. love your earings and your lips!


  5. Nice tips!! I'm not a beauty expert as well, but love to read when one write about it :) xo

  6. I really like the lipstick but I'm not sure if I'd dare to wear it out haha! :)

    X Valérie

  7. Mooie kleur! Gave oorbellen draag je ook :)


  8. Hey Sweet! Love the Pink lip-Color


  9. You look very beautiful, this colour is perfect on you.
    Mafalda ❤

  10. These products look so incredible! That lipstick is stunning – I love the color.

    xo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com

  11. Prachtige kleur van lippenstift, staat je ook perfect.

  12. adorable!!!

    I follow you now girl
    keep in touch

  13. adorable!!!

    I follow you now girl, keep in touch

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  15. Whhaaaaa those earrings TOTALLY D&G NEED TO HAVE THEM! Loved that Dolce collection also the lace dresses and the crowns were to cool!


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