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Hey guys,

yes, I'm still alive. I came down with a major cold and decided to take a time out to recharge my batteries again. Having a cold didn't stop me to do some shopping, though. ;)

The cap is by Filles À Papa (FAP for short), one of Belgium's fast up and coming labels and one of my favorites; originality, leather, sequins and a touch of rock 'n roll... Just the way I like it. My dad got it for me, I guess he was trying to make a statement with the Yes Sir-slogan, lol.

The shoes were a great find. I got them at a Mango Outlet-store for only 10 euros. #Score I'm usually not a fan of white shoes, but these remind me of the ones my mom wore on her wedding day -- I'm kinda corny and cliché from time to time. Since I rarely wear white, I'm curious and excited to see what combos I'll come up with to make these babies shine. Let's hope I'll pass the test.

I already posted some pictures of me wearing my new items on Instagram -- My username is Krizia_S.
For those who haven't seen them yet, just click below! 

P.S.: Have I told you that I'll be going on a trip to Paris with my best friends in two weeks? I'm sooo excited. Paris has a special place in my heart, I've fallen hard for the city. Let's hope I'll be able to shoot some Parisian outfit pictures. 

"Boss" Cap: FILLES À PAPA // Shoes: MANGO

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  1. I agree with Malena, loving that cap!

  2. YES, yay for the shoes! Je gaat daar veel plezier van hebben denk ik, ik zie je ze helemaal dragen hoor!


  3. The shoes are awesome!


  4. stunning cap!!


  5. Replies
    1. Yes, there's a Mango outlet store in Liège!

  6. Cool cap and shoes and enjoy your trip to Paris dear!
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    Feisty Fox Diaries

  7. Ik heb onlangs ook een tof paar schoenen van mijn pa gekregen! Looks like we have equally cool dads! :-)

  8. Love both of these, but THOSE SHOES! SO CUTE!

    Carina Hsieh



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