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Persian design prodigy Melody Ehsani - her designs are seen on Rihanna and Beyoncé, just to name a few - teamed up with blogger Aureta Thomollari (whom I had the opportunity to meet, see more here) and nail art professional Yoko Sakakura for, what I call, one of the best collaborations I've seen so far: Candy Paint. Being in love with nail art and design, they decided to open up a nail salon inside Ehsani's jewelry store in Los Angeles not too long ago.

I'm following Candy Paint on Instagram ever since they created an account and am always squealing with delight when they upload a new bash of their work. From cute and simple to something that's more 'in your face', there's nothing that the super talented team at Candy Paint can't do -- just imagine Little Mermaids, Hello Kitties, ice creams and tons of Swarovski crystals. Or how about nail wraps from Melody Ehsani's collaboration with NCLA?

With the Atlantic in between, making an appointment will be rather difficult, but I will definitely make one if I ever plan to visit LA. However, if you're a fan of nail art, I highly suggest to follow them on Instagram. It never hurts to soak up some inspiration, especially with spring and summer around the corner, right?

I made top 15 of my personal favorites and I'm dying to hear which one you like most!

Candy Paint LA
424 1/2 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90036

You can follow Candy Paint on Instagram here.
You can follow Shark Attack on Instagram here.

All pictures are courtesy of the Candy Paint LA Instagram profile.

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  1. They have amazing designs! I absolutely adore the galaxy nails.

  2. Zeker niet allemaal mijn ding, maar nr. 3 en die koraalkleur met de glitter zijn wel heel mooi!

  3. super awesome nails!!



  4. Wow, nr 4 is super!!


  5. oh wow!! Love the details!!
    I see so many of these on instagram haha


  6. OOoh zoveel leuke designs!!! Ik ga mss eens een afspraak maken voor deze zomer!!

  7. Such amazing nail designs! The ice cream one is too cute! :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Aww, The Little Meraid is definetely my favorite!


  9. The Little Mermaid one is so cool ♥


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