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Yes, it has finally happened. I can die happy and peaceful now. The Chloé Susan / Susanna boots are mine now! I went to Amsterdam last Thursday, because I knew they were selling the Chloé Susan boots at De Bijenkorf and at Shoebaloo. I decided to go for black, because well... They're quite expensive, so I wanted to go for a classic and long lasting color.  I got the black with silver hardware ones, because it looks like the black with gold hardware are out of production. Bummer, but these will do just fine too. 

I can already see myself wearing these with skinny jeans, shorts, dresses... I'm convinced I can combine them in multiple ways, which turns them into an investment rather than a season bound item. The boots are inspired by the winklepickers, a type of shoe that became popular in the 1950s and that were mostly worn by British rock 'n roll fans. The winklepickers, on their turn, are inspired by medieval footwear. As a history teacher, I find this all so interesting. Chloé first designed these shoes in 2008 in lambskin leather and they were sold out in no time. Due to that huge success, they decided to reissue them in 2011 / 2012 (but in calfskin leather this time).

I've been wearing the booties non stop ever since I got them and the pictures below were taken in Antwerp. I loved them with these cropped striped pants, while my dad found this one of my ugliest outfits ever, haha.

Anyway, if you're planning on purchasing your own pair of Chloé Susan boots, I suggest you go a size down. I'm usually a size 39, but they almost fell from my feet when I was walking around the store. A size 38 fitted perfectly. I think it's important to know if you're planning to order them online, like here on LuisaViaRoma, which is a highly trusted luxury online shop.

x Krizia

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  1. OOOOOH JE hebt ze!!! Congrats ;) Heel veel plezier ermee. Haha en die papa's toch! ;)

  2. So glad you got the boots you wanted! I really like the studs on them. And like you said, black is a classic :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. I have the same pants, obsessed!


  4. staat je prachtig, very sweeney todd/british rocker! Johnny Depp would approve :D

  5. ik hoop dat dat een bank moet voorstellen waar je zit ;)! amazing! heb lang getwijfeld of ik diegene die in reductie stonden op mytheresa zou kopen! maar vond % eerlijk gezegd niet hoog genoeg! alhoewel ze bijna onmogelijk in sales te vinden zijn. goedkoopste versie heb ik in harvey nichols gezien. was echt verschrikkelijk hoe ze daar opeen gepropt stonden in een hoekje.

  6. ooooo ik snap hoe je je voelt, ik heb na lang uiteindelijk de knoop doorgehakt en de acné pistol boots gekocht! finally they are mine!!!! :)

    geniet ervan!


  7. Yes ! They are amazing ! Love Chloé ! I see the grey too in your last post they look fabulous, but the black is the most pretty ! Love ! <3

  8. Oehhh wow! You've got them! Ze staan onwijs gaaf!


  9. Super tendance ton jean!!! J aime beaucoup!!!

  10. Heeeel mooi! Ik had ook de zwarte gekozen, vind ook dat de hardware op de zwarte laarsjes het best tot z'n recht komen.

    X Savannah - S stands for style

  11. The real deal def. looks more fly than mine :D And this outfit is far from ugly, I love it! Actually on the lookout for striped pants myself, so rock 'n roll!


  12. super! heel tof! leuk te combineren! je vindt ze ook op modemusthaves.com

  13. Wat zijn ze mooi! Heel gaaf!

    xx Riëlle


  14. The boots are really matching to the pants which you are wearing.

  15. Oh! Prachtig!! Grrr(iemand is jaloers;)!!

    xo Judy

  16. Lucky bitch! Deze staan al eeuwen op mijn wishlist ♥


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