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Hey guys!

Time to show you a new feature, but guess what ... This time it's not me who got featured, but my sister Tiffany. She got featured on Ella And Louise, one of my favorite fashion blogs runned by Kim, Patricia and Marijs. 'The Story Of Her Shoes ...' I guess the title says it all. My sister talks about some of her favorite shoes and the story behind them. Let me tell ya, my sister's crazy when it comes to shoes. My favorite story is the one behind her Isabel Marant Willow sneakers. I'm not going to tell you what it's about, though. You can read it yourself HERE. Oh, and did I mention that I'm dying over her Louboutins in the first picture?

Do you have a crazy story about one of your pair of shoes? Did you spend your entire budget on a pair of boots, almost leaving you homeless and foodless after buying them? Or maybe you stalked every store in the country in order to find those perfect pair of pumps? Do share your stories in the comment box, I can't wait to hear them! :D

I'm on the hunt for a pair of booties right now, without any luck (for now). If you're a follower on Twitter, you might have an idea of which booties I'm talking about. You still don't know? Well, just click below...

Here they are... My babies... The Chloé Susan Boots. Being the 'rock chick' (haha) that I am, these are just perfect. Sienna Miller has them in red, but they also come in cream and green. Too bad they also come with a $ 1000 + price tag. Just a teeny tiny too much for a student like me. Unless there's some generous sponsor / sugar daddy who wants to donate them to me. Don't worry, they'll get the best home - or feet - possible. I'm a size 39, just mail me on the email address you see in the top left. Hehe, a girl can dream, right? 

So, what to do? I've searched Ebay already, but for the amount of money they're asking there, I could buy a brand new pair. So, Ebay's not an option. Asking my daddy for money is not an option either, since he'd kill me for spending so much money on a pair of shoes. Saving up... Well, that COULD be an option, but it would take me quite some months. I only work in the weekends and being a student, I don't own tons of money. Plus, I'm also trying to save up for a new designer bag and that's not working out too well either. I'm sure that the Susan boots will be sold out very soon, just as when Chloé launched them the first time in 2008. So, again, what to do?

I remember seeing similar shoes on Chiara's blog. She got them at Sacha, a store which you can find here in Belgium and in the Netherlands. So, my fellow Chloé Susan Boots-lover Kim and I almost stalked the poor people at Sacha for these shoes and guess what... They told us they should be in stock again very soon. Wanna see which one's I'm talking about?

Not too bad, right? The real deal is always better, of course, but these will do just fine until I magically win the lottery soon. 

What do you think of them?
Yes or no?

x Krizia

P.S.: A lot of you asked a better picture of my tattoo, so here it is. :)



  1. Love the inspired version - good way to get the look at a nicer cost!

    I love the story behind getting my Balenciaga sandals - got them on sale for $400 I couldn't believe it! Went on a trip and met a friend, we walked past a store to find out they were having their super secret once a year sale the next day! We were there bright and early buying up the shoes, haha. Was perfect timing, and I was so happy as I've always liked the shoes but $1800 is much too much. $400 is so much better!


  2. Yes off course !
    I will deze schoenen al sinds lange tijd :)
    Maar tot nu toe vond ik nergens een mooie lookalike.. misschien toch maar sparen voor op een dag de real-ones te kopen :)

    Wil ook al lange tijd een tattoo maar geraak er maar niet uit op welke plaats van mijn lichaam.. Heb jij er ook zo lang over gepiekerd ? :)

  3. wow sasha stocking them again?!!! da moet ik in t oog houden :)
    en u here link werkt niet :)
    u tattoo is great

  4. oh en zara heeft voor t moment gelijkaardige maar dan zonder de gespen

  5. Haha ik hoop echt dat ik ze ga kunnen kopen bij Sacha, I want them so bad :)
    En ja 875 Euro voor de real deal is momenteel toch ook wat teveel voor mij, jammer!

  6. Ze zijn inderdaad echt prachtig!! Ik heb ze onlangs ook bij een andere winkel gezien (damn waar was dat nu weer) en ze trokken er super hard op en waren 150 euro denk ik. Je tattoo is echt super!

  7. the booties with the golden studs are gorgeous xo

  8. Those are gorgeous booties... I also believe that the story of shoes tells a lot about someone too

  9. So cool! Gorgeous Loubs, I can see why she was chosen!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  10. Nice booties :D And that tattoo suits you so well, beautiful! :)

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