Event // Stiletto Bloggers Run - The Real Deal

(Picture by Elien) 
Left to right: Kim, Myself, Hanane & FarahKimAfrodite & Tiany Kiriloff.

Hi guys!

Yes, I'm still alive after the Stiletto Bloggers Run! First of all, I would like to congratulate Hanan from Fashion Fabrice for winning the Run! Respect, you were so fast I couldn't even believe it! You totally deserved it.

Secondly, I'd like to thank the following people for all the support, laughs and lots of love:

My sister Tiffany, her boyfriend Koen, my cousin Tony, Hille, the Belmodo-crew, Kim # 1, Kim # 2, AfroditeHanan & Farah and Gilles.

I met up with all the bloggers and had a drink to calm ourselves a bit. Afterwards, we went to the Fashion Museum of Hasselt to get our shoes inspected and to get our registration number. The director of the Fashion Museum gave us a short briefing, explaining the rules for the last time. After the briefing, we had to 'catwalk' pass the judges so that they could choose the 'Best Dressed'-contestant. Then ... It was time for the real deal: the Run *scary music*. First, we got our feet and shoes taped together so that our shoes wouldn't fall off while running. We all lined up, waiting for the 'Ready? Set? GO!!!'-tune by our hostess Tiany Kiriloff.

I must admit that I really underestimated the run and especially the 300m distance. And I also now realize that my condition is way below zero and that I need to exercise again ASAP. Nevertheless, I really had a lot of fun. Plus, I'm also glad and relieved that none of the bloggers fell. We went to get a drink with all the bloggers and the Belmodo-crew after the Run, re-living the funniest and most memorable moments of the day.

And last but not least, I'd like to thank YOU, my readers, for all the supportive and sweet comments on the blog, Twitter and Facebook! You're the best!

They've also shown the Run on the Belgian news! Although it's in Dutch, you can see some great images of us bloggers running together. Can you spot us?

To see the video, click HERE.
To see more images and a self made video, you can click below.

Receiving some pep talk from Hille.

Nervously waiting to show the jury our outfits.

Tiany Kiriloff entertaining the crowd.

And we're off to the jury!

Not really used to a crowd of people staring and camera's in my face... =D

My taped in feet & shoes. 

During the run. Nevermind my stupid face. I'm really not used to run, ha. :D

After the Bloggers Run I immediately changed to flats and relaxed with my family and friends while watching the other run.

Kim resting after the Run.

After the Run, we went to get some drinks with the bloggers and Belmodo-crew. On the picture above you see Gilles' girlfriend (whose name I didn't catch), Gilles and Kim.

From left to right: Kim, Patricia from Belmodo, no idea, no idea, no idea and Tiany from Belmodo.

Tomorrow I'll show you the pictures Gilles took during the Run! He was our personal photographer of the day and his pictures are also slightly better than mine. He really captured all of the action, so stay tuned. :D

And now *drumroll*... My first video made with iMovie. My sister filmed a few moments and I decided to put it all together. Too bad it wasn't quite possible to film a lot and the quality isn't that great either, but I hope you like it... As for the song (The Fear by Lily Allen), it was the only song in my iTunes-list I found somewhat appropriate for the video. Spare me, I'm only a beginner. I'm also thinking about buying a small camera, so that I can film on events.


  1. Hahaha :) superleuk filmpje! Je hebt dat goed gedaan hoor :) 't was superleuk alleszins gisteren, my fellow stilettorunner :)

  2. Leuk artikel! Kan jammergenoeg de film niet afspelen, mijn laptop mankeert geheugen om dit nog te kunnen doen (snel nieuwe kopen dus) :-(
    Had jullie gisteren al op het nieuws gespot, en dan natuurlijk ook nog vrijdag op de RL en Dagshow, wat een busy (tv) week hé! ;-)


  3. Oh superleuk! My god, ik start echt zo onnozel! Ik had da echt ni verwacht haha :p

  4. Wat leuk!!! En stoer dat je hebt meegedaan.

  5. love the red tape! Matches your jeans! Wish I could have been there! Looks like so much fun (and I am not talking about the running). Hey look at the paparazzi!! Smile girl. It looks like it was so exhausting! But oh the fun!! Hmmm it looks like a false start??? Loved the video

  6. OOOOh wat leuk om te zien!
    En je was nog zo goed vertrokken ;)


  7. U did a great job ^^ Nice to see the video!

  8. Zo leuk, ik zou het echt niet kunnen en zoveel volk dat er op stond te kijken :P chapeau!

  9. tis leuk om dit verslagje te lezen. ik krijg zo de kriebels om zelf te lopen :) (zal toch ooit eens moeten meedoen aan zo'n stiletto-run). En zo goed dat er geen gewonden gevallen zijn! :)

  10. Respect! Want ik zou echt gevallen zijn denk ik :D
    Leuk filmpje ook!

  11. Super gedaan toch! :) Volg al een hele tijd je blog, en heb je zondag live in actie gezien! Top!
    Ben blij dat jij de Limburgse blog-trots hoog houdt! Keep up the good work!

  12. Great photos, so smart to tape your shoes, hehe :D Respect to you and the other bloggers for running on high heels, wow, just wow :O Cool video by the way :D

  13. Very Funny, amazing and original video.


  14. Oh wow! This is so great! Good job running, & great idea with the tape! You don't want those heels to fly off : ) What a cool event

  15. Fabulous!! I love these pics. Congrats on the stiletto run.. I think you did great. :)

  16. HAHAHA that looks like painful fun.
    Lol the red tape, they match your jeans (which I reallyyy like btw)


  17. this is cool!
    thanks for the sweet comment!

  18. @ Stefaniepie: Ooh, dank je wel voor je lieve comment! *bloos bloos* Wat tof dat je er was! Dan heb je me ook halverwege zien stoppen? :D

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!
    I'm glad you liked the Stiletto Run.
    My muscles are so sore right now!

  19. This is fantastic!! What fun and what a turnout!! Congrats!! Thank you for the post!

  20. At least you dared to run! I am a pussy haha!
    Good luck on your History exam!!!

    x. christin

  21. Jullie zagen er allemaal fantastisch uit! Volgend jaar wil ik er zeker bij zijn, als toeschouwer of als "runner", dat valt nog te bekijken... :D

    Had je geen ontzettende last van je voeten erna?


  22. @ Girlonamission: Mijn voeten deden eigenlijk geen pijn, de spieren in mijn lichaam daarentegen... Had wel fel spierpijn de dagen erna. :D En je moet zeker eens meedoen, is echt tof!


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